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The report of City Administration Chapter on City Administration Activity for 2009

Nikolay Shubin's performance, Administration Chapter of the city district "Obninsk City" on 2/2/2010

   Dear deputies of City Assembly!

Deals that we put to ourselves for 2009, assignments of Kaluga region governor are executed.

Social and economic Obninsk City development can be named steady, positive. City has carried out of all financial obligations for City dwellers. We have kept workplaces and have provided stability on labor market. In our economic policy, we have supported real sector of economy, business, and innovations in all urban spheres. Major overhaul of apartment houses, development of urban engineering infrastructure have been invested. Administration worked purposefully at all levels of authority.

Today there are results, owing to teamwork of deputies and Administration, owing to support of the region Governor.

The budget

At 2009 City Administration was possible to overcome decrease in tax incomes, what has allowed to finish 2009 with the city incomes in the sum of 2 billion 161 million rubles. In comparison with 2008, the increase has made 10.9 %.

Own incomes have grown to 10.7 % (1 billion 462 million rubles or 67.7 % from all incomes). The city has carried out of all account obligations. The incomes of other levels of budgets were equaled to 699 million rubles. It is on 11.5 % more, than at 2008.

The main result: all budgetary obligations are executed. The budget under charges is executed in volume of 2 billion 218 million rubles. Growth to a level of 2008 has made 109.6 %.

The budget not only has provided social functions, it became the budget of development. Our budget has been focused on the result. Own investments in the form of capital charges, including charges on major overhauls, have made 580 million rubles, it is on 22.5 % more than at 2008. The weight of capital charges in total amount of charges has made 26.1 %.

Deficiency of the budget at 2009 is equal 57.4 million rubles. We have extinguished deficiency, have organized work on reception of additional incomes and have essentially saved on expenses from an account part of the budget.

I wish to thank dear deputies for teamwork. It has allowed entering into 2010 with the means guaranteeing steady financing in the beginning of year.

 The administration daily and individually worked with large payers of taxes and tax inspection.

The assignments of the Governor for 2009 contained 27 parameters on all parties of the city life.

Parameters, except for what crisis has influenced are executed all. For the first time for many years in Obninsk, a level of birth rate began to increase. Sadly, but the death rate is still high. It means, that a healthy way of life - a theme for our further work. Repair of roads, stacking sidewalk tiles, repair of engineering communications and an accomplishment of city are executed with excess of planned targets.

At 2009, the city became the winner of the Second All-Russia competition "Best municipal formation".

It does not mean that all well and perfectly in all control links. We know the lacks and we solve them.

The commission on budgetary and tax discipline sped up the work. The 32 sessions are lead, 233 heads have made the report on the work. Result: debts under taxes in the sum more than 24 million rubles, and on a rent - more than 7 million rubles - are extinguished.

The economy of budgetary funds at purchases of the goods, works and services at 2009 was equaled to 100.6 million rubles (per 2008 the economy of the budget was equaled 16.3 million rubles). Such increase in the budget became possible owing to the electronic tenders.

The management of municipal property was carried out productively.

Incomes of municipal property sale have increased for 111.3 %. At 2009 the 32 ground sites, on 17.1 hectares have been sold to proprietors of the objects. Means from the ground sale has been received for the sum 22.1 million rubles, from them in the city budget 17.9 million rubles. According to the Plan, the seven objects of municipal property have been sold to private investors. Incomes have made 43.1 million rubles, in view of the action sale. In particular, after many proceedings the property and the actions of "Anniversary" hotel have been sold.

There is beginning of the work on sale of the premises rented by business. On December the premise of the area 460 sq. m to the address of: Obninsk, Lenin street, 28 ("Furniture" Shop) has been sold at the price of 15.0 million rubles.

The sale of municipal property is a good income during crisis. The sale of municipal property at 2009 has made 17.4 % from incomes of the city budget; it is on 1.3 % more, than at 2008.

The basic source of incomes there are taxes, therefore manufacture, employment and the salary in the city are important for us.


The pessimistic forecast about decrease in manufacture on 20 % has not come true. The volume of manufacture has remained the same, as at 2008. In Kaluga region, the volume of manufacture was equaled to 86 % from last years. At separate branches, there was a decrease in manufacture: in manufacturing building materials, metal designs, rubber and plastic products. Lesser degree - in chemical manufacture, in manufacture of foodstuff.

The total volume of production, the executed works at 2009 is equal to 15 billion rubles.

Administration has worked hard for creation of new manufactures. Now "LTM" Open Company (manufacture of front plates) has begun work among the new enterprises, last enterprise in Municipal Industrial Zone. All enterprises of the Municipal Industrial Zone have made production on 2.7 billion rubles (18 % from the city volume).

At 2010, Korean "Lotte" confectionery factory will begin work. The annual increase to the city volume of industrial production will make 1.5 billion rubles.

For the information: the total amount of the scientific and technical and industrial works executed by the city institutes at 2009, is equaled to 6.2 billion rubles, it exceeds on 17.3 % a level of 2008.

In City, the scientific sector borrows in the lead position - 21.1 % from the general employment at the enterprises - 10.7 thousand people (9.2 thousand people are borrowed in City institutes and 1.5 thousand people - in small enterprises) from 50.7 thousand people.

City confidently keeps the status of the scientific city.

At 2009, the 42 organizations entered into a scientific complex of the city. The 25.4 % from working at the enterprises work there. Under the federal legislation, this share should be not less than 15 %. Cost of their funds should be not less than 50 % of the cost of all city funds, except for housing, municipal and social spheres. At 2009, the weight of funds of the research-and-production enterprises was equal to 62.5 %.

The share of these enterprises taken together profit (it is almost 60 billion rubles) is equal to 22 %.

The city does not render direct financial support to these enterprises, but improves their finance position. The State Centers of Science have 70 % a privilege under the ground tax. The three industrial enterprises have constructed the new manufactures in Municipal Industrial Zone.

City Administration advances innovative projects of the scientific enterprises at various government levels. In the city budget of 2010, we have put in pawn 5 million rubles on creation Nano- center together with RusAtom State Corporation.

Status of the city of science gives incomes in the city budget. At 2009 due to federal means 141 million rubles is received. These means are used on development of an engineering, social and innovative infrastructure.

More than 40 million rubles is spent for a zone of innovative development on Red Dawns Street where office and industrial premises are under construction.

We count, that this zone becomes the second large investment project sold in the city. Works above the project have begun at 2006. In this project, 54.6 million rubles are already enclosed.

For support of small innovative business, "Obninsk Business Incubator" is created. On April 23, 2009 after reconstruction and repair, the opening of new business-incubators took place. The 19 companies, on 123 workplaces are here.


Despite of the negative tendency in employment, the situation on a labor market cannot be named crisis. At reductions at the large enterprises, as a whole the balance of a supply and demand remains stable.

For decrease in intensity on labor market, The Decision of Obninsk City Administration "About the organization of public works in Obninsk at 2009" was accepted.

Almost 41 million rubles has been spent from means of the regional anti-recessionary program for indemnification of charges on payment of social activities.

The center of employment has concluded the agreements about joint activity with 20 organizations.

The 2566 person from 20 enterprises have taken part in public works. The greatest quantity of people was from "Signal" factory, "Natural product" factory, "New Building Systems" factory.

There are no mass lay-offs in the city. The rate of unemployment makes 0.79 %.

Wages, pension

The standard of townspeople well-being remains to the highest in Kaluga region. The wages - maximal on the value in region - make a basis of the townspeople incomes.

Average wages have exceeded a level of 2008 on 6.2 % and there were equal to 17,775 rubles. At the large enterprises, it is 21.0 thousand rubles, on small enterprises - 13.6 thousand rubles.

According to Pension Fund at 2009, the average monthly size of pension was equal to 5503 rubles, the increase at 24.8 % concerning 2008.

The consumer market

At growth of the wages on 6.2 %, the pensions on 24.8 %, increase in commodity turn is estimated in 11 %, volume of public catering in 9.5 %, volume of paid services in 20 %.

The six new trading enterprises have begun work at 2009, new premises after "Central Department Store" reconstruction, "House for the House" shop repair, and the six public catering enterprises have opened, and the 12 consumer services enterprises have begun work at 2009. Network operators of retail trade performed work.

The 540 sq. m trading areas per 1000 inhabitants, that is above norm on Kaluga region in 2.9 times.

Trade still has good dynamics. On this background, the old trading booths have been dismantled. Now 19 booths remain from 149.

Investments and construction

The financial crisis has mentioned investments and construction much more. At 2009, the volume of investments will make 3.85 billion rubles against 5.28 billion rubles at 2008. Actually, construction was reduced in 2 times (2.4 billion rubles against 4.0 billion rubles at 2008).

Within this year the 98 sanctions to construction were given out, the 310 objects were under construction in City territory.

The 87 objects are put in operation, including:

· 2 multiroom inhabited houses on 402 apartments;

· 41 individual apartment house;

· 28 civil objects;

· 16 linear objects.

In addition, such large objects are put in operation, as:

· Welness center in 51 micro district;

· Fitness-club of "City-club" Open Company in 32 micro district;

· The administrative case of "Rukki Rus" Open Company;

· An office building of "Huntsman-NMG" Joint-Stock Company on Kiev highway.

The construction of The Sports Entertaining Center on 55 thousand sq. m. in 51 micro district comes to the end.

Layout of "Belkino" low floor construction zone of 44.2 hectares is developed and approved.

The layout of "Zarovrazie" residential area is developed and approved. "Zarovrazie" project - assumes the complex building of Obninsk new area with all infrastructures: social, household and cultural parts. This project is realized in common by "Russian House" group and "MosStroyInvest - Kaluga" Joint-Stock Company. The total site area is equal about 114.6 hectares.

A lot of cars are the city problem: 250-255 cars per 1 thousand inhabitants. Today more than 12 thousand cars from almost 28 thousand ones are no provided by garages.

At 2009, two parking places on 340 places and multilevel parking (garages) on 254 places are put into operation.

At 2010, the construction of multi-storey parking in 55 micro district on 480 places and boxes in Kabitsino area on 90 places will be finished.

The construction of multi-storey parking on 650 places in 51 micro district; multipurpose garage complexes and multi-storey parking in Kabitsino are planned.

These all will exclude a parking of machines on lawns, in prodrivings.

Housing construction

The reduced demand from the population has negatively affected on the development of housing construction. Nevertheless, at 2009 the volume of the constructed habitation has been made more than 35 thousand sq. m. It is on 8.6 thousand sq. m. above the level of 2008. Weight of individual house construction - 27.7 %.

Administration tries to stimulate the demand in habitation market.

Within the limits of national project "Accessible and Comfortable Habitation - To Citizens of Russia" we take all measures for supplying of population with habitation. The 2624 persons stand in a queue as requiring. The 180 families for the year have improved the living conditions within the limits of various programs. It is in 2 times more, than at 2008 (97 families).

The program "Young Family Supplying with Habitation" for 2002-2010 is realized. The 18 families have got social support for a total sum of 14 million rubles, 53.4 % from them - means of the city.

Besides the right to buy individual apartment houses in Kabitsino area is given to young families under the preferential fixed price within the limits of the regional target program "Accessible Habitation in Kaluga Region for 2006-2010". At 2009, the six young families have bought houses in Kabitsino using of a social payment.

For two years within the limits of the municipal program "Habitation on Credit for 2007-2016" the 38 families have bought habitation, 4.1 million rubles are spent.

Living conditions of the citizens living in shabby and emergency houses are improved: the 40 families from four houses on Komsomol Street move to separate apartments in the new house.

The house construction for veterans of Great Domestic war on Shatsky Street is stood by. The 40 veterans have concluded agreements about the construction of one-room apartments and four ones have bought habitation in the market. Veterans will be lodged till May 9 of this year.

The charges on social sphere have made 1 billion 291 million rubles (58.2 % from charges of the budget). It means, that the budget is social focused. Wages and all municipal extra charges, which have grown in comparison with the last year, despite of crisis, in 1.2 times, were paid without a delay. Social payments are provided too.


We provide ones with places in preschool establishments. Within the year, four groups in kindergartens were open in addition. The 21 groups of short-term stay on 500 children work. The 4663 children are visiting the kindergartens. However, the turn in 350 places while exists. Major overhaul and even return of buildings for preschool organizations will be made. Really, at 2010 we shall borrow repair of a kindergarten on 80 places on Komsomol Street.

There is highest level of the general education in Obninsk, Kaluga region. Average score on Russian in the city above regional on 3.3 items; on mathematician it is on 2.1 points above. The 12 graduates have received hundred points. The 47 medalists are among graduates. The 84 % of graduates have acted in higher educational institutions, 2/3 from them study on budgetary places.

We have provided ALL schools with a hot food. For this purpose 19.2 million rubles has been spent, including from the regional budget 4.5 million rubles, from the city budget 14.7 million rubles.

We continued repair of educational organizations. From the city budget, 35.4 million rubles are directed on repair of educational institutions. From them 24.7 million rubles have been spent for school repairs, on the repairs of kindergartens - 10.7 million rubles.

There was an opportunity to repair the equipment of special cabinets: physicists, chemistry, and computer science.

All municipal educational establishments have been provided by complex safety system. For this purpose from means of the city budget 3.7 million rubles were spent.

Children summer holiday is organized better: 90 % of pupils had a rest in summer vacations.

For 2009 within the limits of "Education" project to 378 class teachers were paid 4.5 million rubles. The three teachers of the city, winners of competition have received encouragement at a rate of 100 thousand rubles everyone.

Culture and art. The youth policy

Obninsk keeps the informal status of "Cultural Capital" region. More than 2.2 thousand cultural mass actions have been lead, third from them for children till 14 years; more than 300 actions have been lead for veterans and pensioners. Half from them has been calculated to all ages, including youth, considering, that 2009 was Year of Youth.

More than 2200 townspeople actively prove, participating in amateur collectives (63).

This year 80 actions for youth has been lead (for comparison of 69 actions per 2008). Number of participants was equaled to 4000, spectators more than 30 thousand.

On December 2009, the decision of Administration about creation "Obninsk Youth City Centre" was accepted. The center will settle down on Marx 62, the staff now is formed, repair work are spent.

Physical training and sports

Propagation of a healthy life way, construction of sports objects, playing sports involve the increasing number of the townspeople. Today in physical training, more than 20.0 % from number of the townspeople is engaged. We, certainly, cannot stop here: we shall propagandize a healthy life way.

It is very important to achieve victories, results in sports. It is very important us to distract children from street.

At 2009, Obninsk was in the center of the Russian and international sports events. The 580 competitions by various kinds of sports have been lead. Among them: volleyball – Maximum League Championship of Russia, beach volleyball - Championship of Russia, All-Russia competitions on cross-country race, the international tournament on art gymnastics, the international tournament on chess and other kinds of sports.

Our young football players participated in 20 competitions of various levels and have borrowed 11 victorious cups. As a result, at regional competitions children became champions of Kaluga region in all age categories.

Obninsk is recognized by the most visited city of Moscow zone where football matches are spent.

Young sportsmen have reached greater successes in sports and art gymnastics.

Annually in the city the competition for children with the limited opportunities are spent. For development of winter kinds of sports 11 ice courtyards on school territories are organized, the city sports palace serves eight from them.

Ski lines and mountain-skiing complex have been prepared. From January till March, 2009 more than 30 thousand person has visited the city stadium.

It is result of our trainers and teachers work.

Social support of the population

Social support of the population, especially during economic difficulties, remains to priority in Administration activity. Huge loading lays down on Department of social protection through which about 50 kinds of various grants and social payments are appointed.

The means of 134 million rubles. (52.5 % from total amount of financing) have been directed to 40 enterprises giving privileges on payment of habitation and municipal services according to federal, the regional and local legislation.

The population very painfully reacts to delays in the payments, mistakes in calculations. Therefore, it would be desirable to report, that more than 121 million rubles (47.5 % from total amount of financing) are paid immediately. These are grants to the citizens having children, indemnifications on payment of habitation and municipal services, monetary payments instead of the lost privileges, material aid in various vital situations, social payments and various surcharges to pension.

Per 2009, we have lead huge work on reception of privileges. The database of preferential categories of the townspeople has been prepared. Since January 2010, accounts on payment of municipal services will be exposed in full.

During 2009 the 19662 persons have submitted necessary documents, 18138 documents are processed. Reception of documents has been organized in five items and spent in target and holidays. Is expected, else 1.5 thousand will submit the documents on reception of privileges.

From January 27, 2010 the payment of monetary indemnification are already begun.

Within the limits of the program "Accessible City», the payments of material aid in connection with anniversaries (birthday and anniversary of wedding) were made. Permits to elderly citizens in "Signal" sanatorium and to orthopedic, orthopedic enterprises stood out. The invalid apartments were equipped with technical means. The volume of means within the limits of the target program has made 8.1 million rubles.

Our businesspersons deserve special gratitude. Under our initiative in 36 city shops and fuel stations, the realization of food and automobile fuel with the extra charge of 10 % is made.

Production of bakery for the sum more than 140 thousand rubles is realized free of charge. The realization of "social" bread is organized and adjusted.

For 2009, "Fund of Social Support of Population" has assisted 4546 citizens for the sum 9 million 49 thousand rubles.

Structural division "Fund of Social Support of Population" - Rehabilitation Center for Children "Trust" - served 1836 person.

The municipal enterprise "Center of The Social Help to Family and Children "Mercy" for the year has accepted 175 minor children. The 10923 persons are served at all. From 5/1/2009 on the basis of Center, round-the-clock phone of the emergency help for children and families with children has started to function: 9-09-75. During work of phone at 2009, the references from 45 citizens have been received.

Public health services

The city cares of townspeople health services. Extra charges are paid to medical workers. The additives are equal of 45 % from the salary. The sum paid from the city budget to medical workers at 2009 is equal to 44.7 million rubles (at 2008 - 30.0 million rubles).

The salary of medical workers in comparison with 2008 has increased for 30 %. The doctor average salary is equal to 22 thousand rubles, the assistant medical personnel - 15 thousand rubles, the ancillary medical personnel - 10 thousand rubles.

We have completely solved the medicine problems. The 9572 townspeople have the right to preferential medicines. These are 9.1 % of the population.

For free-of-charge medicines is spent 25.2 million rubles. The 69 million rubles is spent in view of federal means.

"Health" - the national project. The number of workers of Clinical hospital has increased on 110 persons, including for 25 doctors. Monetary payments to the medical personnel of a primary part are carried out in due time and in full: 11.0 million rubles is paid to the ancillary medical personnel, 2.4 million rubles - to the first aid personnel.

The hospital has bought new unique equipment: computer tomography, the equipment of a magnetic nuclear resonance, 15 ambulances, including five - in the first help branch.

The 25.4 thousand inspections on AID-infection is lead.

Inoculations against flu have made 117 % from the plan. The vaccine against A(H1N1) flu is received on November. In the city, any death has not occurred because of this flu.

Additional prophylactic medical examination is executed on 100 %; the profound medical survey of harmful trade workers is executed on 105 %.

The help to women during pregnancy and sorts is carried out in full (for the sum of 15.5 million rubles).

Housing municipal services

There are 1124 inhabited houses in city. Multiroom apartment houses make 52 %. The 13 operating organizations offer services on management of them, from them 12 - private and one - municipal.

Charges of the budget on housing municipal sphere at 2009 have made 585 million rubles (26.4 % from a total sum of the budget).

The condition of an available housing is those, that it demands huge efforts from the city management and from each inhabitant.

Only for major overhaul from the city budget is spent 10.4 million rubles.

We have involved Assistance Fund means for major overhaul of 43 apartment houses (at 2008 the six apartment houses was repaired). They were 90.4 million rubles; and from the local budget 7.9 million rubles and 5 million rubles - means of proprietors. A total sum - 103.4 million rubles. These means have yielded good results:

· repair of facades for the sum of 16021.7 thousand rubles has been lead in 4 houses,

· repair of engineering systems for the sum of 48930.2 thousand rubles has been lead in 22 houses,

· repair of the roofs for the sum of 26212.8 thousand rubles has been lead in 23 houses,

· replacement of six lifts by the sum of 12275.3 thousand rubles has been lead in five houses.

At IV quarter, 2009 we have issued the third application for 19 apartment houses in the sum of 31 million rubles.

City Administration contains the cost growth of the supplying enterprises and, accordingly, reduces charges of the population on service payment.

At 2009, the payment for premises and for municipal services has made 120 % from level of 2008.

Thus, an average payment for standard 2-room apartment on area 54 sq. m on three persons in Obninsk stands below on 15 % - 29 %. The difference makes from 500 rubles up to 1100 rubles.

We have organized the work of enterprises providing with heat, water, gas so that failures in work were not. Major overhauls and reconstruction are lead under the schedule. Emergencies did not arise. Ones operatively reacted to references of the townspeople.

Due to stable financing the works are performed: revision and repair of heating systems, washing of heating ones, change of armature (latches, gates), change of the worn out pipes, repair entrances, basement and attic doors, repair of roofs, repair of socles, hermetic sealing of interpanel seams.

The faecal collector is under construction, clearing constructions are reconstructed.

 The 365 million rubles are spent, including federal, regional and city means.

At 2009 in construction of the faecal collector the 130.5 million rubles are spent, the 117.2 million rubles - in clearing constructions.

Today light exposure of the city is finished to 81.6 % from normative.

We cannot finish for 1 year all of work, but are assured, that for 4-5 years the main streets and domestic territories would be shined enough. The reconstruction of networks is spent with replacement of mercury lamps on sodium lamps to raise quality of illumination. In the past year, 190 fixtures are in addition constructed. In view of replacement by new economic lamps for a year of the 360 fixtures have been established. The reconstruction of illumination on Lenin Prospectus, Korolev Street on a site from Lyashenko Street up to Marx Prospectus.

Accomplishment. Roads. Gardening

The 194.1 million rubles have been spent. From them: on the road repair and construction - 124.4 million rubles; on reconstruction of electric networks - 7.65 million rubles; on the basic means - 5.4 million rubles. The 160 thousand sq. m of the roads have been repaired for the sum more than 119 million rubles.

For last years - 2005-2009 - about 75 % of the main city roads has been capitally repaired that has allowed to pass at 2009 to repair of quarter travels in 7 city micro districts(22, 27, 29, 32, 38, 40а, 52).

At 2009, public works have been organized on clearing the city rest zones from dust, bushes: on Aksenova Street, Bondarenko Sq., "Eternal Fire" memorial, territory behind school №4, in 27 micro district - Guryanov St., 5, 29 micro district Square, Moscow Street.

More than 100 subotnik has been leaded, in which more than 31 thousand person have taken part. The 84 illegal dumps have been liquidated. Landing of trees, bushes and colors was made; competitions on flower and landscape registration were spent.

The total area of green plantings in view of especially protected natural territories makes 1436 hectares or 33 % from all the city territories.

On March 2009, City Administration decision creates Commission on Green Planting Protection. The Commission must to solve the necessity of green plantings cutting down.

For 2009, the organizations and the enterprises have transferred into the city budget 3.25 million rubles for cutting down. This money is spent for purchase of a landing material.

We put a problem: City zones which many years were not cleaned and have been transferred to city in the started condition, to put in order, provide safety for townspeople rest.

At 2009, Obninsk has taken an honorable second place in "Most Arranged City of Russia for 2008" competition in the second category of cities.

The city has taken part in regional "Most Arranged Municipal Area" competition for 2009; results are brought at January 2010. The result - 1 place.


The 14 enterprises carry out passenger transportations in the city. Minibuses of "Gazelle" type serve the townspeople on nine city routes; city big buses supplement routes of movement.

Teamwork with transport inspection, tax inspection, militia, mass media, and public has given positive changes.

For the period before construction of new traffic intersection, the movement scheme of buses and fixed-route taxis on Railroad Square is reorganized. It has improved landing and landing of passengers, the traffic regulation, has provided the sanitary order. The transport rest is organized. Carriers without budget mean execute all listed works.

 The amount of fixed-route taxis is reduced from 619 up to 380.

The three buses are bought at 2009. A movement regularity of buses: on the city routes - 97 %, on suburban - 99 %. About 80 % of passengers are preferential categories. At 2009 the enterprise has transported 12548 thousand person, has executed 146088 flights.

City Department on Extreme Situations, the law and order

At 2009 Extreme situations was not in territory of the city. Rescuers left on 816 incidents.

The 68 person were rescued.

Since 2008, the uniform dispatching service functions on duty. The quantity of references in this service has increased in two times. Work is organized on the basis of mobile number "112".

· Video system of supervision in "Titanic" - "Iceberg" area (51 micro district) has been entered;

· Video system of supervision in Railroad Station has been entered;

· City voluntary security team has continued work.

The general solving of the crimes has made 53.4 % (at 2008 - 51.9 %).

The information under references of citizens

At 2009 the 893 references of citizens have acted.

The references concern municipal, housing and household problems: 24.4 % and 25.1 % accordingly. Besides the situation with social security and social protection still disturbs citizens: 17.4 % from the general number of references.

To solve all questions at once is not possible. The references of citizens (3678), especially collective, and also invalids and participants of Great Domestic war were considered on personal receptions and with departure a place. Such checks per 2009 have been lead 426 (or 47.7 %).

It is one more real step to City Administration and information availability.

Additional opportunity became page in Internet:

Problems of 2010

As Governor of region has told: "Working today, always to think of the future". We proceed from this principle at statement of problems for 2010. They the following:

· In conditions of economic instability, the performance of the city social obligations is especially priority

· In spite of the fact that it was possible to provide stability on labor market at 2009, at 2010 the problem of preservation of workplaces still will be priority

· Social habitation, additional places in kindergartens, modernization of the municipal infrastructure, and the program of energy savings - all these important projects demand significant budgetary investments. It is necessary for us to increase essentially incomes of the budget, at least to double, for development of social complex and housing municipal services. The budget of 2010 does not give us the answer to these questions. Nevertheless, 2010 can become very important at Obninsk participation in projects of federal scale. Our problem to join in realization of projects together with our strategic partners "RusAtom", "RusTechnology", "RusNano", "Federal Medical Biological Agency" State corporations. Obninsk is the partner for federal departments in realization of investment programs of federal scale. Creation of the center of nuclear medicine, realization of the research reactor project, creation Nano- center are those projects, which will define Obninsk development on long-term prospect

· To provide carrying out of the actions devoted to the 65 anniversary of Second World War Victory

· In the city accomplishment to finish major overhaul of roads and to repair domestic territories up to 30-40 % from total. The next 2011-2012 to finish an accomplishment of all domestic territories and repair all travels

· To construct electric power station capacity of 21 MWt (under "Techno park" project) due to what it will be contained growth of tariffs for the electric power and safety and reliability of the city supply is provided by electricity

· To continue repair of municipal housing sphere with a priority of works on construction of faecal collector, reconstruction and expansion of the city clearing constructions

· To realize the investment project on creation of innovation development zone, with engineering infrastructure for it to provide accommodation of innovative manufacture

· To carry out obligations on execution of the budget, including all charges on investments

· To provide financial, organizational and technical actions for decrease in criminality, especially teenage

· To address in Kaluga region legislative assembly the initiative message concerning the offensive policy on legislative basis against slot machines and Internet-clubs.

The most important: not own positive estimations, but opinion of our inhabitants, and all together, and each of them.

Only because of interaction with the deputy case, it was possible to reach accounting parameters and to not be afraid to incur such obligations.




· What dynamics of the budget profitable part is?

· On what own incomes depends?

· Where and how to search for additional money?

· How to consider deficiency?

· What its real rod is?

In the analytical clause we shall try to talk about the budget of coming year - yesterday, at the next official City assembly session, its key parameters were once again discussed. In fact, it is a question of City prospects development.

What budget may be? Even no specialists heard: it can be social, and it can be development budget. If there are every possible payments of social character - extra charges, surcharges prevail, privileges, etc. in structure of charges - that is a social variant of the budget.
If money is spent mainly for development - repair of roads, creation of an engineering infrastructure, development of new territories, etc. it is the budget of development.

It is clear, that a certain mix clauses in practice turns out - it is necessary to think about extra charges to state employees, and City construction major overhaul. The question only is in what proportions this division is made. Moreover, any extreme measure is bad.

What turns out in Obninsk? Economic realities are those, that for 2010 the strongly pronounced social budget prepared. Money was not provided on any significant development simply. Why?


At once, we shall tell, that presented below figure will be specified. For today, for example, there are no exact data about investments from the federal budget on scientific city theme - they will be ready only to May. In addition, surcharges on houses major overhaul - we shall receive them at the beginning of February.
 Nevertheless, tendencies are obvious. The main tendency is an increase in a share of own incomes in their general structure: if at 2007 they were less then half of means, at 2010 - 71 % (!) of incomes.
 In other words, own incomes play the first role now.
 What occurs to own incomes? Schedules speak about it.

At first sight, dynamics of budgetary incomes gain reminds a saw - peaks alternate with failures. Actually, all is natural.
 For example, it is well visible, that at 2006 the budget incomes gain has reached unknown size - plus 33 % to last year's level. Further - it is even more: at 2007 - plus 50 %! Then - falling. Moreover, in fact the crisis is still far. With what did it connect?

Let's recollect, the federal legislation has changed at 2005. A lot of taxes and tax collections have been transferred to a local level. The reason of jump at 2006 is here to you! In addition, the growth at 2007 is connected with stage-by-stage input and specification of the specified taxes and tax collections. Well, and later this resource has appeared settled - it could not provide a former gain any more and that began to decrease: 23 % - 2008, 4 % - 2009. At 2010 the negative gain of the incomes, otherwise, it will be falling - 11 % for the first time is predicted. Planned growth of the incomes is negative: if we will trust it, even at 2012 we shall not leave on a today's level of security.

Based on such forecast the decision makes: there is no opportunity to increase wages for municipal workers, and to add financing for the municipal organizations.

Therefore, we have received a problem. On the one hand, the role of the own incomes us has sharply grown for us. On the other hand - traditional sources of their growth are settled. In addition, the way out is dictated by the life: City administration should concentrate the main attention to strategic search of new increase in the budget incomes.


However, actually not all is so bad, as can seem from the analysis of the schedule. First, as already it had been spoken above, some correction on the investments from federal and regional budgets will be made. Secondly, the scarce budget was always planned, and it was executed, as a rule, with proficiency.

It is not difficultly to count charges. It is much more complex with incomes: for example, this year because of crisis the administration assumed that the tax to incomes of physical persons will decrease. However, the average wages have increased in City, and this forecast was not justified. In other words, Administration adhered to conservative policy. However, the insurance has appeared superfluous.

However, City can involve additional means for the charges. In addition, some urgent charges have been considered in the budget project. However, them to have been revealed at sessions of committee under the budget, the finance and taxes. The sum - 61 million ruble.

It is a question about 30 million rubles on repair of an available housing. 20 million are necessary for clearing constructions: otherwise, we shall not receive federal financing in the same volume. The same it is possible to tell about a covering for stadium "Trood" and athletic fields. These are all elements of the budget development. City can allow itself them, it presumes to itself given more reason budgetary policy, especially in management of deficiency. It has resources, and it is not necessary to underestimate the deficiency artificial.

It is not unique conclusion. Annual fluctuations of the budget deficiency speak about bad quality of forecasts. At last, for today, we do not have normative design procedure of deficiency in view of contingencies, and it is necessary. Certainly, drawing up of the main financial document - a problem extremely complex. Moreover, in view of transition to three-year planning it became immeasurably more labor consuming and multifactorial, than before. In addition, serious work of experts should be estimated.

However, at such city as Obninsk, budgetary process should reach higher level.

( from 12/25/2009)




    Obninsk has a strategy of development the nearest 20 years - officially, it was declared at joint session of advisory council of “RusAtom” corporation and the advisory council at the region governor. The basic thesis: By 2030, City of a science should become the leading world scientific and innovative center. Similar plans will demand significant capital investments. Except for money, the new areas will be necessary. In strategy, the question on expansion of City borders is already declared. According to the document, Obninsk needs to increase the territory at least by 13000 hectares. How these grounds will be used? Not for garages and cottages, and for strategic projects: regional university, the claster formation center, the nuclear medicine center. City strategy has the history. City Assembly deputies from movement «Territory of Innovative Development» (TID) spoke four more years back about necessity of this document development. Long time it was postponed. Now has left so, that Obninsk simply has no place to disappear - the Kaluga region has already worked the way of development till 2030 where Obninsk borrows key positions. Development of strategy - one of few examples when Obninsk did not go ahead of region.


This year for Obninsk economy has stood out complex, however, as well as for all country. Analysts gave unfavorable forecasts. However, the majority of them were not justified. So, in City expected serious decrease in wages. It has not occured: the average salary for a year even has grown - on 6 %. However, this parameter is blocked with inflation, which even on official data makes 8 %. In Obninsk crisis has begun with building branch. However, it already starts to get out of the failure. In City this year two multiroom houses: in 38-th mkarea more than 13.5 thousand sq. m. and on crossing of Belkino and Lenin Streets almost 13.2 thousand sq. m. are put into operation. Besides the input nearby 8.5 thousand sq. m. of individual habitation is planned. For comparison - at the past year 27 thousand sq. m. have entered. Many other things of branch, despite of crisis, worked with an advancing of last year's parameters (chemical manufacture, a science, manufacture of ceramics). 30% growth of energy consumption is noted. It is necessary to note, that many enterprises, especially large, were at extremely hard condition: the some ones now do not send from a crisis.


The Techno Park planned in Obninsk, most likely, will not receive federal budgetary funds. Mass Communications Ministry of Russia has prepared the project of the governmental decree changing the document accepted in December 2007 «About Granting Means of the Federal Budget on Techno parks Of High Technologies».

According to the new project, alongside with several other Russian techno parks, the object in Obninsk where it was supposed to place Techno Park on two platforms a total area of 60 hectares is excluded.

In scales of the country at 2010, five techno parks should receive from the federal budget in total 1.5 billion rubles. Earlier it was planned, that such financing will make 2.3 billion rubles and twice more objects will receive it.

As Elena Lashkina, the press secretary of the Ministry of Communications, has informed the decision to stop financing of half of Russian techno parks, including Obninsk, was accepted at session of the commission «in connection with their unavailability to delivery of documents and normal work».


The year graduates and their parents have gone through the real stress - in February the rules of reception in high schools have exchanged. Obninsk graduates operate in conditions «approached to fighting», and, nevertheless, they have shown quite good results. Obninsk children have handed in all subjects very well: mean scores on English, chemistry, Russian and many other subjects have been above the results in the region and the country. Results of examination have allowed 67.4% of graduates to get on budgetary places; it is on 12.8% more, than in the past year. In total in high schools 84% of the children left school have got, they are 661 people from 772. From them 57 pupils now study in the most prestigious educational institution of the country - Moscow State University.


In Obninsk, the average and large enterprises have survived all, but they had to "pay" the considerable price - factory "Signal", IPPE, Physical Chemical Institute, a part of other scientifically research institutes passed on four and even 3-day's working week. The rate of unemployment at 2009 in Obninsk changed from 0.5 up to 0.9%. It could be above, if not public works owing to which nearby 1000 person have found full or partial employment. "Public men" have put in order some City wood zones, having cleared them from a dead wood and underbrush.


More to a quarter of Obninsk population is a subject to the next stage. Privileges on housing municipal services since January 1 will replace with money. First inhabitants will receive monetary indemnification, and then the receipt with 100%-s' sum of municipal payments. Like the essence of process is clear. And mistakes of the last years when to the population have offered money instead of privileges for a medicine and transport, it would be possible to avoid. It has not turned out. First exempts were shocked with the extensive list of necessary documents. There and then responsible persons have given comments: it is not so obligatory to hand over them. Though toward the end year the corresponding decision have cardinally copied: the exempt all the same is obliged to give all bales of papers. The monetaryzation result: thousand exempts about New year, most likely, will not have time to pass procedure. It means that at least they will be compelled to pay for January under accounts completely, under the full program.


The virus of year can be named pork flu. The panic around of it in Obninsk, as well as everywhere, has appeared more strongly the threat. However, this excessive fear has forced to be mobilized physicians and City authority. In our City, the medical company has begun before usual and has been executed on 100%. And when the wave of virus infections nevertheless has approached, they have amazed children. To prevent the further diseases, City authorities have prolonged autumn school vacation for a week. As a whole the threshold of disease has been exceeded then in 4.3 times. However, А/Н1N1 flu ill had appeared a little - them to be revealed about ten. As completely quiet conditions has become complicated one moment. Forcing of fear mass media has generated a panic among the population, which has cleared chemist's counters from flu preparations. Until now many medicines does not suffice - them buy up literally immediately after deliveries.


In the evening on March, 23rd the region has unexpectedly plunged into outer darkness - because of flooding on substation “Peaceful” the transformer has failed. In houses water delivery at once has stopped, the water drain has ceased to work, batteries have started to cool down, and lifts have stopped. Among the population the present panic has begun: people tried to phone native, in all emergency services … At this time in Clinical hospital №8 physicians "manually" rescued of two newborns: they were on devices of artificial ventilation of lungs, without a reserve feed - the generator some years as are broken! As it was found out later, the electricians knew about a malfunction and possible failure. Here only nobody has warned usual people, and in this occasion squall of criticism has fallen upon official structures. After the electricians and authorities have assured, that have drawn conclusions, have considered defects, and in the future will inform the population. Moreover, to a maternity hospital, at last, the generator has repaired.


For the spring, i.e. on half a year forward, elections to Obninsk City Assembly are transferred though its powers end only in the autumn. There are many explanations to this decision: wishes of party in power, economy of means, maintenance of interests to the procedure of elections at the population, interest of separate persons, etc. However, in Obninsk with carries of voting date «on forward», you will surprise nobody - such happened, and the big public resonance in City it was not observed.


Some weeks patients of Medical Radiating Centre of science polyclinic have been compelled to show intimate details of a life and health before video cameras: in cabinets have established «security TV». It has mounted for May holidays in conditions of full privacy in cabinets of the gynecologist, the proctologist, the surgeon. In a polyclinic spoke, as if chambers have established with the purpose of shadowing doctors – they should not take money. It has improbably revolted patients: who and how will provide safety of medical secret if it is broadcast on TV, let even "security"? It is paradoxical, but the management of a polyclinic the presence of chambers obstinately denied - a pier, it only the fire signals system. The national newspaper has lead own investigation, has involved experts and mass media. Scandal has got serious scales. Only after it, the management has disposed to remove chambers. Dismantle was same sudden, as well as installation: Once in the morning doctors, having come into the cabinets, have not seen chambers.


Though negative economic conditions have affected any Obninsk inhabitant, they have not made the townspeople harder. The level of incomes fell, but the charitable help did not become less.

Sponsors and philanthropists, who cooperated with Fund of Population Social Support, have kept the sizes of the help, not anybody cut down it, and nobody began to save on mercy. As a result everyone who addressed there for the help in treatment, have received this help. At 2009 public charitable actions, which have captured practically all-urban population successfully passed. For example, «Each crumb in palm»: one kopeck from any bought roll of Obninsk grain combine went to special fund and as a result every month one of needed families received the real help - a washing machine, a gas cooker. One more charitable action «We shall collect the child to school» has helped to collect in school more than 100 children from few provided families.


The city authority has forbidden in Obninsk concert of the Belarus rock group «New Jerusalem». The reason became the anonymous (!) letter in the mayoralty in which affirmed, that «New Jerusalem» - «mobile religious sect». City Administration could not ignore this «signal of the public» in any way, for the reason, that «the concert should take place on May, 9th when the public order and absence of any social intensity are important for inhabitants of Obninsk as never». Musicians and organizers of a concert did not hide, that their belief concern to evangelical church - to one of branches which in Russia is not forbidden. However, in ours City "guarding" tendencies recently prevail. In Obninsk Boris Moiseyev's concert already cancelled twice. Now the representatives not title faith have got «under distribution».


Inhabitants of former military station Belousovo-2 in Zhukov area on the skin have felt, what to be serfs: area administration has recognized their houses emergency and has sold small town together with the ground and people to a private “SberStroy Invest” concern. The company is engaged in construction of budgetary houses in Kabitsino Olympic village - they have decided to move fifty inhabitants of Belousovo-2 to here. Someone with pleasure has agreed with the offer and has moved. However, not all have wanted to change a residence: there were people who quite suited their today's apartments and the repair made in them at own expense. The central telechannel "Russia" has become interested in destiny of military station. However, regional authorities have declared a plot of federal journalists’ provocation and from the intention to move inhabitants to Kabitsino they did not recede. Now dispute between inhabitants of small town and area administration proceeds in courts. Part of houses has already recognized not emergency and now inhabitants prove that the transaction on sale of small town is illegal.


From the middle of spring City drugstores began to release many medicines strictly under recipes. And like from the formal point of view all is correct: if the medicine is included into the special federal list - it is necessary to show the recipe. However, the list includes quite habitual medicines soothing, Viagra and Riboxine: many pharmacists sold them simply so. Public prosecutor's check has put the end to it: militia make control purchases, have fined executives. Heads of drugstores have decided to take advantage of the situation, by means of newspapers have tried to press through the line - checking only have done much harm to people, and doctors will not cope with turns behind recipes. As a result, the panic has begun: people have rushed to buy medicines in drugstores for the future - pharmacists marked an unknown agiotage and profits were silently pleased. And time has shown, that the problem any is not present.


Crisis has forced to refuse of Ice Palace construction in Obninsk. And in fact, about it spoke loudly and long enough. And in parallel cost of this sports construction on one thousand spectator places grew. First it was required 260 million, then 320, then figure hardly was has not grown up to 400. Ice Palace dream already began to seem extremely dear, but here Ruukki Company has proposed to City, which it was impossible to refuse: it undertook to construct Palace within 11 months for 225 million. Crisis has crossed out all plans. Clause of Ice Palace construction in City budget has been cancelled. Now in Obninsk nobody recollects it. In addition, in Kaluga this year the construction of similar object went, and the ice arena of 5 thousand sq. m. total area has been put in operation before autumn. It costs 278 million rbl.


130 thousand sq. m. of roads and 14.2 thousand sq. m. of sidewalks have been repaired at the year. 75 million rubles is spent for these. And, past year City central streets have repaired; now domestic prodrivings were under repair. So the main Russian trouble became in Obninsk on orders less sensitive. As if to repair of sidewalks, some inhabitants showed discontent: instead of putting dear stone blocks, better roads would be made. However, the matter is that the stone blocks are received free of charge: they have been presented to our city by Kaluga region Ministry of the Accomplishment.


Firm "Ecodolye-Obninsk" has cut down some tens hectares of a wood near Belkino for construction inhabited area. Trees have been cut down based on the conclusion «VologdaLesProm» which experts have recognized the wood of patients. However, when edition of the national newspaper wished to be acquainted with the document, it has been given neither in City Administration, nor in "Ecodolye-Obninsk" firm. By the way, from the point of builders’ view, they have not destroyed the wood, but «vegetation». However, in stacks of well visible logs - some trunks rotten, and others, and it are a lot of them, quite healthy. Really, are there around of Obninsk few empty fields? However, for last years already the second wood is destroyed under construction of habitation in City.


To three great Obninsk kinds of sports - to football, volleyball and swimming - at 2009 the boxing was added. Alexey Egorov, Obninsk boxer became the champion of the Europe among young men. For all Kaluga region history it is while the highest achievement in boxing. Football players have pleased also - Club "Quantum", having debuted at leaving year in group A of III leagues at championship of Russia has borrowed there 7 place. If to consider, that in City command there is no legionary, it is the big success of "Quantum". The female volleyball command continues progress. This year volleyball club "Obninsk" has achieved the right to play at group A of the maximum league, and now acts excellent - a command is on 2-nd place. Nikolay Skvortsov, Obninsk outstanding swimmer has reminded of itself in second time gained gold medal of the Europe championship on the distance of 200 m in butterfly stile. And Sergey Fesikov in the combined relay race for the first time became the champion of continent.

(Newspapers "Rush hour" № 38 from 12/11/2009 and "ng-region" № 50 from 12/25/2009)



   The European network of business support (Enterprise Europe Network - EEN) unites about 250 regional consortia rendering the integrated services for business and innovations, including services on informing, cooperation support, internationalization of the enterprises, transfers of knowledge and technologies.

«Gate to RuBIN» is new scale project for the Russian innovative organizations in a new and largest European network of business support (Enterprise Europe Network - EEN). This project is the first example of Russian scale participation in European business and innovative networks.

The purpose of «Gate to RuBIN» project - assistance for business cooperation between small and average companies, the scientific organizations of Russia and the European Union, with the purpose to develop their business.

Within the limits of the Project «Gate2RuBIN» Consortium together with the regional centers - participants of Russian business innovative network (Russian Business Innovation Network - RuBIN) gives following services in three directions to Russian small and average enterprises, scientific organizations:

Direction A         Services on informing, establishment of business cooperation with the European partners

  • Granting the information on the Russian and European legislation in the field of enterprise activity, programs and the politician of the European Union and the Russian Federation in the field of business support, opportunities and requirements of European Union markets;

  • Assistance in search of potential business collaborates in view of needs of Russian and European companies;

  • The help in the establishment of contacts between Russian and European firms, carrying out of negotiations;

  • Data distribution about Russian companies and their intentions on the establishment of business ties with the European partners through a special database «Business cooperation»;

  • Other services (for additional payment): investment, administrative, legal and other kinds of consulting for the enterprises.

Direction B       Services on transfer of innovations, technologies and knowledge, directed on expansion of technological cooperation

  • Rendering information support (including about operating programs and the open competitions in support of innovations, transfers of knowledge and technologies);

  • Revealing and the description of technological potential (offers) and/or the technological needs focused on search of European and/or Russian partners;

  • Granting counter descriptions of technological needs and offers (including European) and finding of European/Russian partners;

  • The organization of primary contacts between Russian and European partners;

  • Negotiating for the conclusion of the contract;

  • Other services: development of business-plans, protection of intellectual property, the organization of participation in exhibitions, including foreign, etc. services.

Direction C     The help to the companies in pilot programs of European Union

  • Rendering information support and consultation by rules of participation in 7-th Frame program (7FP);

  • Preparation of inquiries and search of European/Russian partners for participation in 7FP (including for search system CORDIS);

  • The Description of programs in the established format convenient for the further work;

  • Involving business in programs of Fund of assistance to develop the International Federal Programs (consultation, the help in preparation of applications);

  • The contacts with points on 7FP and on support of Russian companies in 7FP.

Financing for regional firms, organizations and collectives, is carried out by Fund of assistance to business and regional authority.


Nikolay Shubin has handed over keys from three new buses

   On December, 28th, 2009 Nikolay Shubin, Chapter of Obninsk Administration has handed over to drivers keys from three new buses. A total cost of new machines - 14 million 200 thousand rubles. New buses will transport passengers on City and suburban routes.

All buses are made on Likin automobile factory with use of import accessories, including the automated box of transfers and the engine.

Thus, one of machines is equipped by special adaptations for transportation of invalids. By means of platform, falling up to the ground invalids can drive in the bus where fastenings for fixing invalid carriages and devices of communication with the driver are stipulated.

Except for this bus, on City roads the bus with the raised capacity and the bus of suburban purpose will go also.

Handing over keys to drivers of new buses, Nikolay Shubin, Chapter of Administration has wished them professional successes and has noted importance of their work for City dwellers.

Last years in Obninsk, a lot of attention was given to transport problems. For five years 22 new buses for the sum about 70 million rubles have been bought, the schedule of movement is adjusted, roads are repaired, movement of fixed-route taxis is organized. However, as Chapter of Administration has emphasized, work on transport development, including the bus quantity increase will be continued.                                                                             (


Session of Advisory Council on the Regional Policy of State Corporation "RusAtom" and the Advisory Council at Kaluga Region Governor on development of as City of Science

   11/26/2009 At session the questions of perspective city development and northeast area of Kaluga region were discussed: construction of Nuclear Medicine Center, creation of educational methodical and experimental institute of professional skill improvement of the medical organization personnel, the using IPPE as bases for scientific researches on nuclear power and other plans.

In opinion of participants, Obninsk should be as much as possible effectively used for the decision of a priority state problem - formations of a new technological platform of nuclear power. IPPE’s scientific achievements in development of new generation reactors on fast neutrons with the closed nuclear fuel cycle define an in the lead role of this enterprise in actions of the federal target program «Nuclear Power Technologies of New Generation for 2010-2015 and for the Period Till 2020». Building of some new scientific objects here, including industrial and research reactors on fast neutrons can be expedient. According to Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga region Governor, Obninsk - the young city and has been obliged by the birth to atomic engineering, today we can give concept «City of Science» the concrete maintenance.

Construction of the Nuclear Medical Center in the city will promote also to the status of Obninsk as scientific city of a world level. Thus the significant role is allocated not only to research works, but also development of an educational system: opening in Obninsk of the institute of professional skill improvement of medical branch workers, including nuclear medicine, training of the Russian and foreign experts in close cooperation with world centers of science.

As Nikolay Shubin, the Chapter of Obninsk Administration has emphasized in the performance, Obninsk takes a worthy place in strategy of Kaluga region development as the basic resource of regional innovative development.

In view of plans participants of session have made a decision to support the documents of strategic and territorial development of northeast of the Kaluga region and Obninsk city.

The press-service of Administration of city


Company "PEAK-WEST" hands over the first multi-storey apartment house in Obninsk

   11/26/2009 The handed over house has five 10-storeyed sections where 180 comfortable 1-2-3-room apartments are placed, and on ground floor - office premises.

Architecture and town-planning management of Obninsk Administration gives the sanction out to input of the new house in operation. To an apartment house # 8 located in micro district # 38 has been given the post address: Obninsk, Kurchatov Street, # 72.

Construction of the given house is closely connected with first shop on manufacture of modular monolithic frame housing construction on the basis of an industrial active - Open Company «New Building Systems» in Obninsk; in fact this high technology has been used at the house building. According to a management of "PEAKS" group companies for realization the large-scale developing projects in regions the group is measured to use houses on system of modular monolithic frame housing construction which differ in high parameters of efficiency, meet modern requirements to habitation owing to which "PEAK" in a condition to realize the program of accessible and comfortable habitation in many cities of Russia.
 Nikolay Shubin, the Chapter of Obninsk Administration in congratulatory speech has noted, that owing to such construction the city becomes more and more comfortable for residing. He also has congratulated the future tenants on house warming and has wished the further successes to the company-builder.

Alexander Bolkhovitin, Minister of Construction has in turn hoped, that, despite of complex economic conditions, "PEAK" company will carry out of all the obligations taken on and will continue construction of habitation in Obninsk.

Sergey Kanaev, the First Vice-president of "PEAKS" group companies has told, that in the second quarter of 2010 the second apartment house also located along Kurchatov Street will be put in operation. In parallel with it the third 17-storeyed house already is now conducted, future commissioning is planned for the first quarter of 2011.

The press-service of City Administration


The Guarantee Fund Which Renders the Services of the Guarantee to Small Business They to Take Bank Credit Are Created and Work

   11/24/2009  City Administration brings to businessmen, that the regional target program «State Support and Development of Small Business in Kaluga region for 2007-2009» has created guarantee fund in the size of 109 million rubles. The fund gives the guarantee for Kaluga region small business when they take the bank credit.
 Small business registered in the Kaluga region, borrowed in priority both social branches of economy and paying wages not below the living wage established in the Kaluga region can use this service. (


Obninsk Was Visited by Delegation of Serbia

   11/24/2009 The Serbian businessmen and politicians into which number Chedomir Zivcovir, mayor of Vrshats city (administrative edge Vojvodina) and Milomir Miyatovir, the general director of Khemofarm Company Obninsk Branch, have met Nikolay Shubin, the chapter of Obninsk Administration.

The questions interested visitors have been discussed during the meeting: experience of Obninsk techno park creation, a measure on support of the innovative enterprises and conditions for work of foreign investors.
 Nikolay Shubin has told to members of delegation about features of Obninsk as City of science and the programs for assistance to development of small and average business, including - about created in Red Dawns Street to a zone of innovative development.

Milomir Miyatovir, the general director of Khemofarm Company Obninsk Branch has shared the operational experience with regional and city authority, gave it a positive estimation.
All participants have remained are happy with results of the meeting which, in
Chedomir Zivcovir’s opinion, becomes the long cooperation beginning of the Serbian business with the Kaluga region.

The press-service of Administration of city


Marina Oganesyan Has Solved the Housing Question by Means of «Habitation on Credit» City Program

   The Municipal «Habitation on Credit» program has started 11/24/2009 in Obninsk at the spring of 2008. Its essence consists that employees of educational establishments and the clinical hospital # 8, requiring improvement of habitation, can issue the hypothecary credit, percent on which will be extinguished from the city budget.
 As have shown the first results, the offered way we shall carry out in practice: owing to the program at 2008 18 Obninsk families have successfully solved the housing problems. From them three families have concluded the contracts
on construction of the new one-room apartments, one family has bought the ground area under individual construction, and other families have got habitation in the secondary market: 3 - three-room apartments, 7 - two-room, 2 - one-room. Two families have decided to get rooms: one in a hostel, and another - in a municipal apartment.
 Into number of happy new settlers Marina Oganesyan, the teacher of physical culture from lyceum "State" has entered with the daughter – Lusine, senior pupil who also is going to become the teacher.

By the way, at 2009 the program continues the action. And, despite of crisis, number of the townspeople, wished to take advantage of its opportunities, was not reduced: during the companies at the beginning of year 37 applications have acted to Administration. And the greatest activity was shown by the teachers who have given of 17 applications. Except for them, participants of the program the seven doctors, four art workers and nine large families have decided to become also.

The press-service of Administration of city


To Joint-Stock Company "ObninskPowerTech" - 10 Years

   11/23/2009 Innovative Company "ObninskPowerTech" is included into the first three of manufacturers of electro technical laboratories to Russia and is the unique Russian serial manufacturer of the original equipment for service of power cables with isolation from polythene. The enterprise also specializes on development of the unique electric drives intended for operation in heavy conditions. In this segment Company "ObninskPowerTech" has managed to enter into number of leading enterprises of Russia too.

For reached successes A.Bakeev, the general director was awarded with the Certificate of Kaluga region economic development ministry and the Certificate of Obninsk Administration honor.

Congratulating a management and employees of the company with the holiday, Nikolay Shubin, the chapter of Administration has wished them the successes in realization of plans on the further development of innovative business.

The press-service of Administration of city


In Obninsk the Savings Bank Has Selected Large Object of the Real Estate for Debts

   11/19/2009 Even the summer of 1990, group of the businessmen incorporated in «Union of Сo-operators», has received the construction «Houses of the Businessmen». They planned to construct a 4-storeyed building to hand over it under offices. A part of the house even have erected from strengthened walls - for bank. A building have constructed quickly enough, by 1993. It remains very little to finish the house. But Alexander Livshits, one of the main investors of the project (the owner of the cable television network “Litana” first in city) has immigrated to the USA. On the house almost 10 years the big announcement hung, that the house is on sale, but buyers were not.

At 2007 the enterprise "Fort-SB" headed by Michael Pakhomchik, known Obninsk businessman was owner of the house. And construction at last has renewed. Michael Evgenevich has conceived grandiose to measures of our city the project - office center of A category with all corresponding infrastructure - conference halls, meeting rooms, restaurants, winter gardens. Reconstruction cost 200 million ruble.

At October 2008 office center has put in operation. But the investor could not return the credit taken in the Savings Bank. And the bank as it is done in similar situations, has made a complaint for a building which now is transferred to its possession. In Obninsk such large object of the real estate the area nearby 11 thousand sq. m. is repaid to bank for the first time.

Many objects of construction in Obninsk are under slow rates construction, and at any moment their construction can stop. Construction of the biggest city trading complex (more than 50 thousand sq. m. has renewed.) on Marx St. First it planned to finish by the end of this year, now at February of 2010. It is necessary to execute still very much great volume of works.

Construction of "Tennis Krasnorutskikh Academy» which is conducted exclusively on private money has renewed. Because of problems with financing construction some months stood.

With construction of a trading complex on Red Dawns Street near “Mihalich” shop the “Nartech” firm tests serious financial problems. The contractor, the Russian-Austrian civil engineering firm, has applied a method of digging of a foundation ditch new to Obninsk, preliminary having constructed on perimeter a wall that the ground did not creep away. Then the customer had problems with credits, and the building site is empty some months.

In housing construction there are companies which did not stop to work. For example, “Mosoblstroy” and "Peak-West". And here construction of micro district «Solar Valley» near to the children's center "Eureka" has not begun. The symbolical first stone has been incorporated more than year back, at the autumn 2008, at participation of Anatoly Artamonov, the governor. On 12 hectares it was promised to erect modern micro district from several multi-storey houses and a kindergarten. But large building company "SY-155" which declares that enters into three of the largest builders of the country, probably, had serious problems which do not allow working in Obninsk. Though an available project of a lay-out and the ground in the property give the basis to assume, that at the best in a year-two construction will begin. The same history and with 55-th micro area. While only the parking place which is well visible from Marx's prospectus there is under construction, - it will put in operation before the declared term. With housing construction in that area it is necessary to wait.                                            (



   On September, 1st, 2009 the city population was 105.6 people. The rate of unemployment for November, 18th, 2009 is equal of 0.7 %, and does not exceed 1 % from the beginning of year. Economic activities - scientific researches and development (21.1 %), the industry (including processing manufactures) - 18.9 %, wholesale and retail trade - 14.1 %. 54 % of workers of all enterprises and the organizations of city participate in these three kinds of activity. On results of 2009 the city income of realization of the goods, production, works and services is equal 59.65 billion rubles, that to a level of 2008 makes plus 2 % of.

The volume of the scientific and technical and industrial works executed by the large and average scientific organizations of city at 2009 corresponds 5.83 billion rubles that on 7 % exceeds a level of 2008. The volume of production, the executed works of industrial character at 2009 is equal 12.5 billion rubles. Expected slump in production 20.5 % of concerning 2008, decrease in the actual prices - 9.6 %. At 2009 3.85 billion rubles is equal to the investment into a fixed capital. Concerning 2008 of the enterprise and the organization have reduced volume of own investments almost in 2 times that is connected with reduction of profit.

At 2009 the wages are equal 92.3 % from 2008. Its decrease was not observed since 1998-1999. Nevertheless, the nominal size of monthly wages will exceed a level of 2008 on 6.2 % and is equal 17 thousand 775 rubles. The monthly size of pension is equal January-September of this year 5 thousand 340 rubles, that on 24.4 % above 2008.

The profit of the enterprises and the organizations at 2009 is predicted in quantity 1355 million rubles or 52.3 % by 2008, and losses - 263 million rubles. The maximal decrease in profit in it to year is observed on the industrial enterprises which make 47 % from city volume of profit.

At 2010 the number of the townspeople will increase up to 105.8 thousand people. With growth of manufacture number borrowed in economy will be equal 51.6 thousand people at 2012. The maximal increase is expected in trade, public catering, construction, industrial production, financial activity. The annual increase in city proceeds will be equal 2010-2012 of 120 %, 116 %, 118 %. Scientific and technical and industrial works in the large and average scientific organizations of city will increase at 2010 up to 6.3 billion rubles, at 2011 - up to 7.0 billion, at 2012 - up to 7.8 billion rubles. As a whole the science in view of small enterprises will keep in the lead position in employment of the population.

Since 2010 positive dynamics of industrial production, and at 2011-2012 - stable growth of parameters is possible. Reduction of investments into a fixed capital at 2010 will be equal 8.8 % from 2009. At 2011 decrease on 0.5 %, and at 2012 - growth of investments on 5.1 % is predicted.

Growth of wages in 1.5 times concerning 2009 is in the long term predicted; the wages at 2012 will be equal 108.4 % from 2009.
At  2010-11-12 growth of profit and decrease in losses of the enterprises and the organizations is predicted. The profitable industrial enterprises at 2010 will be more than 59 %, at 2011 - 64 %, at 2012 - almost 65 %.

The budget of city at 2009 will be equal under incomes 2 billion 202 million rubles, that more than on 13 % above a level of 2008. Incomes of the budget in comparison with 2005 will increase in 2.6 times, charges - almost in 2.8 times. Charges will be equal at 2009 2 billion 309 million rubles. About half of charges of the budget are spent for the salary to workers of budgetary sphere, including on municipal extra charges, for preservation of the staff. 

The strategic priorities certain by the basic directions budgetary and a tax policy of Obninsk for 2010 and the scheduled period 2011 and 2012 are put in a basis of the budget of city on prospect. The aggregate profit of the budget for 2010 will be equal 1 billion 939.3 million rubles (without taking into account means of regional and federal budgets). The income of the city budget is planned for 2011 in the sum 1 billion 978 million rubles, for 2012 - 2 billion 159.6 million rubles.

Still in the budget two local taxes will act: the ground tax and the tax to property of physical persons. The profit tax of the enterprises will be equal to the specification - 5 %. The tax to incomes of physical persons - 34.9 %. The tax to the made income - 90 % and the tax on the simplified system of the taxation - 100 %. The State Tax which acts in the local budget - 100 %.

Charges on 2010 will be equal 2 billion 9 million rubles, for 2011 - 2 billion 59 million rubles, - 2 billion 224 million. In the budget on 2010 - 2-12 years are planned for 2012 decrease in deficiency. At 2010 - deficiency will make 70 million rubles, at 2011 - 81 million, at 2012 - 64 million rubles. The size of deficiency corresponds to requirements of the budgetary code.

Still priority there is charges on formation, public health services, culture and sports - more than 60 % from charges. As a whole the budget will allow to finance a social complex, municipal economy and other duties of city.

The press-service of City Administration




10 million rubles is used within the program limits at 2009. Efficiency of the program is equal to 90%. 20 from 25 program participants realized opportunities of the program.


Within the limits of the program it 3 million rubles from planned 5.6 million ones is spent within the limits of the program. Two companies have already passed as a result of which tens doctors, teachers and other workers of social sphere have celebrated house warming. Now from the program means the percent under the credit taken by the program participant is paid. City Administration suggests interest rate repayment to replace with initial payment.


The program exists since 2007. For this time the city antinarcotics commission coordinating work of law enforcement bodies, public health departments and formations is created. Work with teenagers from so-called risk group is spent. Summer holiday, time employment, tourist meetings, actions «Youth against Drugs» will be organized. For 2009 the region governor decision execution about pupils testing for the drugs using is planned.


The program exists since 2007. At 2009 within the program limits 43 work veterans have a rest and correct for health in "Signal" sanatorium due to the city budget. Ramps at social objects of city are built. The program is completed; term of its action has expired. The new program according to wishes and offers prepares.


The program uses the federal budget means. Nearby 17 million rubles will be spent up to the end of the year. The work bears fruit – at the summer, 2008 teenage criminality decreases on 10%. Video observation system with the uniform coordination and observant center is planned to create.


115.5 million rubles is spent under the program. 25 million from them – means of the city budget.


More children began to go in for sports. At school #13 the teachers' meeting devoted to this theme has passed.


The program does not work. 6 thousand rubles is spent from planned 12 million.                                                                             ("Obninsk" № 147 (3221) from 17.11.09)



   The city budget of 2010 will be reduced in comparison with the budget of 2009 approximately to 12%. The first reading of the city budget will pass on December, 1st, 2009. According to Obninsk vice-mayor on economy: «Reduction of industrial production volumes at 2009 in the Kaluga region is equal to 10%, in Obninsk - 20%. Factories "Ruukki" (the building industry) and "Signal" (the state defensive order) have especially lowered volumes of industrial production. The volume of housing construction in Obninsk has fallen to 47% (in region average on 20%). Investments in comparison with 2008 have decreased on 16%. At inflation of 9.6% the salary has risen on 6% and makes average 17.7 thousand rubles on city. At the large enterprises – 21 thousand rubles (?), on small – 12 thousand rubles (?).The further reduction of housing construction and investments is planned. Growth of industrial production on 4% due to Korean sweets factory input at 2010 is possible. Because of the input new capacities at Samsung and Nestle factories in Vorsino there will be labor outflow. The salary will grow average on 10%, but not for state employees».

The chief of Obninsk finance administration has told that at 2010 the total amount of incomes is planned at a rate of 1.93 billion rubles that approximately on 12% is less than at 2009. Charges will be reduced too - to 13%. But in this forecast investments on Obninsk development as scientific city, grants for major houses repair and reconstruction of the clearing constructions are not considered. If these investments will be made of the federal budget, «decrease in charges will not occur. The budget 2010 will keep the social orientation. All obligations to the citizens, stipulated by legal certificates, will be executed».

Under the city administration forecasts to reach a level of incomes of 2008 budget will be possible not earlier than 2013.                                                                            (Ng-region № 44 from 11.13.09)



The Joint-Stock Company "Obninsk Gaz Service" existing since 1993, has developed the project of multi-storey garages in Kabisino. According to Vladimir Rudnev, Director of Joint-Stock Company "Obninsk Gaz Service" new garages are calculated on 300 machines, have servicing deport with a sink and trunk service. The price of one warm garage with a ceiling of 3 meters in height is equal to 450 thousand rubles. Under construction of new garages 1.2 hectares of the ground are allocated. The termination of construction – IV quarter of 2012.                                                                       (Ng-region № 44 from 13.11.09)


The Houses Construction: Year After Collapse

   10/22/2009 As the experts believed, Obninsk building branch leaves crisis.

The date of world financial crisis is not known by anybody. Crisis has reached our region later. At 2008 on the October region governor advisory council on accessible habitation there are unpleasant figures here: habitation in Obninsk will be entered one quarter, than it is planned for 2008 - instead of 100 thousand squares only 27 ones have been named.

October of 2008 year. Only for a month the credit rates have flied up from 10-14 % annual up to 25 % and above. Neither usual people, nor the companies do not aspire to invest more in construction with the purpose of resale and reception of the income. The people, ready to get habitation for itself has sharply decreased. The hypothec credit became much more difficult to receive, it is not too clear, that will be with personal incomes – the conversations on universal reduction of the staff. The collapse. The building doomsday.

The analysts spoke, that the soap bubble of the real estate at last has busted, that the prices for habitation tomorrow will fall off, referred to even figures - nearby 25-30 thousand rbl. for square meter. The analysts referred that building materials will be cheaper, demand will decrease.

How such the forecasts were justified? It is impossible to find habitation at the price of 25 thousand roubles for square meter. This week Anatoly Artamonov, the governor has told about the regional market of the real estate literally the following: «The prices have fallen very little, but demand has stopped». Two or three months back he called citizens to buy habitation under the today's prices - «they any more will not be low».

But the economy is obstinate also it will not be corrected by the instructions. One year ago market prices for the Obninsk real estate made 63-70 thousand rbl. for square meter, today they have decreased on the average - up to 55-60 thousand. Speech about the price of 25-30 thousand roubles in the market does not go.

To a word, one year ago we have suggested the building companies to act with the estimation of a situation. Contrary to forecasts of analysts they have declared: falling of the prices for habitation construction will not be. Other script will come true: the companies stopped the construction, having kept a high price level - the construction economy does not allow "to fall" considerably. In conditions of inaccessible credits and absence of money at the population only such succession of events is possible. This script has happened past year.

The today's diagnosis

October of 2009. Builders speak: the market has quickened. However, they do not build illusions and do not expect the last rates of habitation construction. Though the statistics is optimistically enough.

At 2009 in Obninsk two multiroom houses will be commissioned. They are the house in 38 microdistrict on 180 apartments the area more than 13.5 thousand sq. m. (the builder "PEAK-WEST") and the house on crossing of Belkinskaya and Lenin Streets on 224 apartments a total area almost 13.2 thousand sq. m. (the builder "SMU"Mosoblstroy”). Besides the input nearby of 8.5 thousand sq. m. of individual habitation is planned in settlements Peace, Obninsk, Belkino, etc. For comparison: the builders have entered hardly more than 31 thousand sq. m. per 2006, nearby 76.5 thousand sq. m. per 2007, 27 ones per the past one.

Past year instead of 100 thousand square meters of habitation they have constructed only 27 ones. The year break was sharply reduced: instead of 43 thousand under the plan there are 35 ones here. And in comparison with the last year - even growth.

Today on one Russian on the average it is necessary 20 sq. m. of habitation. To a word, in the West this specification above: in Norway - 74 sq. m., the USA - 70, Germany – 50, in the countries of the East Europe - 35. To leave on the European level, the country should enter within 15-20 years 210 million sq. m. of habitation. Proceeding from it, the government of the Russian Federation had been developed the long-term program till 2020 according to which every year it is supposed to enter 80 million sq. m. of habitation. But the available housing grows old. Thus, in the country there is a huge demand for the real estate.

Today in Obninsk with the population of 105 thousand people the available housing makes nearby 2.2 million sq. m. that is hardly above statistics on the country. Within the limits of the long-term program the input of habitation should make 1 sq. m. on one inhabitant of the country. For our city - 100 thousand square meters of habitation. At 2007 we have not sufficed up to this figure a little.

The situation in the market of habitation on the autumn of 2008 became the extremely astable. Sharp falling of demand has occurred - volumes of hypothec credits have decreased. The credit rates have increased up to 21-23 %. From the beginning of autumn of the last year the prices for habitation have decreased on 10-15 %, the prices for elite habitation have decreased on 20-30 %.

Construction profitability does not allow the prices to fall below, differently it becomes negative. Besides many building organizations have closed the programs. So, ready habitation will be less, and the potential demand is kept at a former level.

At formation of the budget for 2009, despite of all complexities with the city budget, former priorities have been kept. We could finance branch at a level of 2008, and it almost 600 million rbl. The question is, including large programs: granting of habitation to participants of the Second World War, modernization of an engineering infrastructure, repair of schools and kindergartens and other.


For today in Obninsk the ground areas over 100 hectares on which it is planned to construct about 700 thousand sq. m. of habitation are generated under construction multi-storey and low-storey houses. They are northern part of 38 microdistricts, public city centre, 55-th microdistrict, territory near Shatskogo Street, 51-st microdistrict at crossing Belkinskaya and Lenin Streets, Komsomol and Park Streets, settlement Peace, houses in Belkino.

Such facts allow administration, to look ahead with optimism.

(Department of publicize, №41 "ng-region")


Opening of Medical-Diagnostic Centre of Kaluga Branch «Microsurgery of an Eye» by Name of S. Fedorov

   10.15.2009   V. Baburin, the assistant to Kaluga region governor, Y. Kondratyev, Kaluga region Minister of Health, N. Shubin, the chapter of Obninsk Administration and A.Tereshchenko, director of Kaluga branch «Microsurgery of An Eye», the main Kaluga region ophthalmologist.

The works on the organization the Medical-Diagnostic Centre in Obninsk have been lead under A.Artamonov's initiative, the governor of Kaluga region with active assistance of Obninsk Administration. Now, as a result of combined efforts of the regional and the city authority, inhabitants of Obninsk and the next territories can receive the qualitative ophthalmologic help near to a place of the residing.

The Obninsk branch has the hi-tech equipment similar to one that is used in the Kaluga branch: full diagnostic line, laser and classical operational with an opportunity to carry out operation. Leading ophthalmologists of Kaluga region with wide experience of work, among which S. Romanenko, the deputy director of Kaluga branch MNTK, the candidate of medical sciences and P. Володин, the doctor of medical sciences will operate patients.

For today the branch in Obninsk is ready to execute the order for surgery of a cataract on Fund of obligatory medical insurance on 300-500 operations per year. As a whole opportunity of operative activity of branch within a year make about 2000 operations, that is equal to activity of Kaluga regional hospital eye branch.  

As the statistics has shown the ophthalmologic help concerns to the most necessary medical services. Annually 1250 people from Obninsk address for consultation to Kaluga branch, and the number of the people operated there for last 10 years has made 5080 person, including - 526 children.

On behalf of inhabitants of a word of gratitude to address of Kaluga region governor, members of the regional Government and representatives of medical circles were said by Nikolay Shubin, the chapter of Obninsk Administration. He has noted that the creation in Obninsk highly technological medical institution is very important for city. Owing to care of authority, the townspeople can quickly receive qualitative medical aid of the competent experts using the advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases. As a whole Nikolay Shubin has estimated the organization of Obninsk branch as the important event on realization of the actions directed on comfort of residing in Obninsk.

After the end of opening ceremony for visitors the excursion on premises of branch with visiting the procedural cabinet and the operational block has been organized.                                    (


About Programs «Habitation for Young» And «Habitation on Credit 2007-2016»

   10/15/2009   For two years the program of youth habitation works. Already 49 families realized grants - data of Administration housing department for today are those. 28 families have bought the apartments in Obninsk, 10 families have bought habitation in the other cities, and 11 families have constructed own houses, and 7 from them live in Kabitsino.

It would seem, in housing sphere there is a lot of problems here: the municipal habitation is not under construction, turn huge, people take the rights to apartments from the court... But grants at last have put business in the motion, having enabled youth to solve the habitation question. And, by the way, the temp of Obninsk program stands by is considered very well. At the first year 33 families participated in the program, at 2008 - already they are twice more - 66. Now 286 young families participate in the program. They annually are affirmed by region on the reception of social payment. If per 2007 participants at once have received all money the serious turn now was formed. Anyway, Obninsk to be proud, such program works far not in all cities.

Obninsk has incurred the most part of obligations on the program performance. Financing of the program develops of three components: federal money, regional and cities. For two years for grants they spent 30 million. The city has given the most part from them - 14.8 million rub.

Obninsk - one of few cities realizing the municipal program «Habitation on Credit 2007-2016». Families can participate in it irrespective of age. The main thing - that one of family’s member has to work at social budgetary sphere: for example, the tutor of a kindergarten, the teacher at school, the doctor. Also since 2009 in the program large families have the right to participate too. Participants of the program can take the credit for habitation in banks, and the city budget compensates them the rate under the credit.

At the first campaign, at 2008 year, 20 families have improved the living conditions. In total they have got about 560 sq. m. of habitation. The year, despite of complex financial situation in the country, in the program 38 families have taken part, and 15 families have already received new apartments: 5 doctors, 8 teachers and 2 large families. And the people long stood in a queue on municipal habitation.                          (


Obninsk Deputies Will Consider New «Road Rules» for City Fixed-Route Taxis At The End of October

   10.10.2009   «The Rules of The Regular Transportation Organization of Obninsk City Population» are developed at Obninsk Consumer Market Management. According to "Rules", first, each city route will be exposed by Administration on competition. That carrier, who will win in competition, will carry people. And, on one route the work at once two carriers is inadmissible. Secondly, the fixed schedule of movement will be established for the fixed-route taxis. They cannot go, as wish and to wait for half an hour on railroad station waiting when the electric train from Moscow will come. Similar measures as the developers consider, will allow removing not accredited fixed-route taxis from city streets. Thirdly, on city transport card will return the "forgotten" routes, which fixed-route taxis till now ignored: streets Lyashenko, Zvezdnaya, Guryanov.

However, all the questions connected with change or closing of those or other routes will be carried out only necessarily. By results of the passenger stream inspection or in cases of passenger life threat.

It is very important, that the carrier which has gained competition on this or that route has no right to change or cancel routes, train diagrams and tariffs for transportation. They can make offers only. As if to carrier duties in "Rules" there are 14 items are totaled there. At close reading there are usual norms of behavior in a civilized society there, but only on wheels. As "Rules" are made in strict conformity with federal laws and other statutory acts of the Russian Federation, and also, according to normative legal certificates of the Kaluga region and Obninsk.

And still. On the railroad station the order is induced quite decent. Cleanly, any transport crush is not present, the public toilet regularly works, and in the near future for taxi drivers the special room of rest will be equipped. 

Business remains for small - behind unanimity of deputies of City Assembly which will consider and will accept new rules.                      (


Modern Engineering Decisions at Construction of Apartment Houses

   10/12/2009 The seminar with such name took place in Obninsk on October, 09th, 2009. Representatives of the city municipal economy, heads of the operating companies and the building organizations, and also experts of the enterprises making devices for the account of power resources, have taken part in the seminar.

The questions, concerning applications of the modern technologies in housing and municipal sphere owing to which the high degree of comfort in each apartment is reached, and also significant economy of the electric power, water, gas and other resources by tenants were considered there.

Experience of “Mosoblstroy” company which has constructed some apartment houses in Obninsk at which the special electronic and computer equipment is applied has shown, that the means using at management of municipal networks of the houses guarantees to the consumer high quality of housing and municipal services at an optimum expenditure of resources. So, for example, new engineering technologies provide to tenants a number of useful services: regulation of temperature in the premises depending on temperature of external air and its maintenance at a constant level, automatic gathering of the electric power counter indication, uniformity of the apartments heating irrespective of a floor and other convenience. Thus, according to “Mosoblstroy” company, due to competent management of water supply system the water consumption for a year has been reduced by 40% almost here. 

During the lectures it was emphasized, that the modern technologies saving up energy can be partially applied in an old available housing. The operating companies should pay special attention to this question.
 After the end of a theoretical part excursion in the multi-storey house on Lenin Street where
“Mosoblstroy” company representatives have shown the opportunities of modern systems, it has been organized for participants of a seminar.                         


The Second International Forum on Nana Technologies 2009

   10/12/2009    It passed in Moscow from October, 6th till October, 8th. The Kaluga region has been represented with Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, State Centre of science “Technology”, “Obninsk Center of Science and Technologies”.

   At the exhibition the nana structural technologies and materials of clearing systems for liquid radioactive waste and potable water, synthesis inorganic nana powders and nana fibres, the touch ceramics, modified oxide materials with the raised heat conductivity have been presented. Except them our region has shown the projects in which basis there are multipurpose firm electrolyte metal-optical and organic-silicate coverings with high protective characteristics, nana modified coal-plastics with high durability characteristics and other.

The Kaluga region delegation has accepted active participation in the business program: plenary session which was opened by D.A.Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation, the sessions and round tables.

The representatives of the economic development region ministry have held a working meeting with D.V.Krinitski, director of the State Complex “ROSNANA” department on which the questions of the Region Government and the State Complex “ROSNANA” interaction on nana technology development in the Kaluga region were discussed.

It is possible to acquaint with detailed materials of a forum in Kaluga region economic development ministry.                                           (


Museum on The Basis of Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk

   In Obninsk a preparation for creation of the Branch memorial complex on the basis of the first-ever atomic power station are completed. It will be placed on the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering platform.  Now the nuclear reactor is in a mode of a conclusion from operation, and the atomic power station keep as a monument of a science and technics. Owing to the atomic power station Obninsk became known all over the world, the innovations developed at its creation, have laid down in a basis of the atomic engineering. The expanded museum exposition which opens in the station’s building also will tell about it. It is supposed, that the excursion route will borrow about an hour. It provides visiting a viewing platform of the reactor hall and the operational panel premise.

Representatives of the nuclear branch are convinced that the branch requires inflow of qualified personnel and it is necessary to involve employees in it from a school bench - for city important that the youth did not leave from it. Besides the similar centers promote the formation of the loyal attitude of the population to the atomic engineering.
 “The station completely to lead to norm radiating conditions, some more years is required, - Valery Poplavko, The Assistant to The General Director - Chief Engineer speaks. - But in the building where the first atomic power station is placed, the safe route for visitors for a long time is already laid.
 The Museum complex will be opened on behalf of Dmitry Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation as a monument of domestic achievements of the scientific and technical idea. Except for a memorial complex in territory of the regime enterprise the educational center outside the closed zone will be created also.                                               


The First International Forum-Exhibition «Innovations and Technologies 2009»

   From November, 18 till November, 21st the first International forum-exhibition takes place in Moscow in expocentre "Crocus-Expo" «Innovations and Technologies 2009» on which all spectrum of Russian innovative potential will be shown. The forum-exhibition is spent at support of Russian Federal Assembly and Russian Government.

Obninsk City Administration innovative development invites the Obninsk enterprises to take part in the forum.


Emergency Meeting of the Safety Traffic Commission at Obninsk Administration

   08.21.2009   Reports on traffic safety, the buses trouble-free operation, about incidents with the public transport and accepted measures have been heard within the meeting in Obninsk.

Vyacheslav Lezhnin, the assistant to the Chapter of City Administration has reported on participants of meeting the statistical information on the city road incidents and on strengthening traffic safety in Obninsk.


The Administration Decision Approves the Report on Obninsk City Budget Execution for 1 Half-Year 2009

   The report is approved under incomes in the sum 955 573 644 rbl. 03 kopecks, under charges in the sum 918 774 272 rbl. 33 kopecks, with excess of the incomes over the charges in the sum 36 799 371 rbl.70 kopecks.
Charges of Obninsk city budget for 1 half-year 2009 (xls, 36.9 Kb)
Incomes of Obninsk city budget for 1 half-year 2009 (xls, 82 Kb)
Financing sources of Obninsk city budget for 1 half-year 2009 (xls, 40 Kb)


Putin Approved FTP Concept on New Nuclear Power Technologies

(The full text in Russin click here)

   July 30 Prime Minister Vladimir Putin approved a concept of the federal target program “Nuclear Power Technologies of New Generation for 2010-2015 and until 2020”.

According to the directive by the Head of the Government, SC Rosatom determined the state customer for the program, which federal budget financing will amount to RUB110.428bn.

SC Rosatom has been charged to draft the program and submit it for the governmental review.

The concept lists main problems of the Russian nuclear power, including large and continuously growing amount of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, ineffective utilization of natural uranium reserves, as well as potential drop of scientific priority of the Russian nuclear power and competitiveness of nuclear products in the world market.

“The consolidation of efforts on the development of nuclear power technologies of new generation basing on fast neutron reactors and closed nuclear fuel cycle will ensure solving the said problems,” the document says.

At the first stage (2010-2014) it is expected to develop designs of fast neutron reactors with lead, lead-bismuth and sodium coolants and start up process complexes to fabricate uranium-plutonium oxide fuel for fast neutron reactors.

It is planned that in this period a detailed construction design will be developed of a multi-purpose fast neutron research reactor along with a neutrino detector for reactor core diagnostics and a facility to produce dispersed composite materials for reactor applications.

At the second stage (2015-2020) it is planned to build pilot demonstration lead- and lead-bismuth-cooled fast neutron reactors, as well as a multi-purpose fast neutron research reactor MBIR (to replace existing research reactors which have exhausted their service lives).

Also, it is planned to commission an industrial complex for fabrication of dense fuel for fast neutron reactors. In addition, it is expected to complete the construction of a pilot demonstration complex to test closed fuel cycle technologies. This period also includes upgrades at controlled nuclear fusion research facilities and construction a thermonuclear complex Baikal.

A limit (projected) amount of the program financing in 2010-2015 and until 2020 will be RUB128.3bn, the document says.

Of this amount, RUB110.4bn will be allocated by the federal budget with RUB51bn to be spent for research and development and RUB59.4bn for capital investments.

Extrabudgetary sources are expected to raise RUB17.9bn.



   George Ilia Toshinski, project head of Lead-Bismuth Fast Reactors (LBFR), the adviser of IPPE’s general director, Dr.Sci.Tech:
 «The Construction in Obninsk trial power block LBFR-75/100 will allow fixing leading position of Russia in one of nuclear power perspective directions.

The first application for leadership in this area became start-up on an industrial platform of Institute for Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk (IPPE) in December, 1958 of nuclear power installation with lead-bismuth coolant. It intended for nuclear submarines. With such installation it has been constructed eight nuclear submarines and two ground stands-prototypes (on them 12 reactors were maintained).

We have started to engage the nuclear power installations with liquid-metal coolants under direction of A.I.Lejpunski in 1951. Then both at us and to the USA at a construction of reactors on fast neutrons the preference was given to sodium coolant. Sodium allocates heat, than an alloy lead-bismuth better, but burns on air and blows up at contact to water. It has compelled to search for other heat-removing environment for nuclear submarine reactors. The alloy lead-bismuth concedes to sodium in heat conductivity, but is chemically inert and safe in circulation. This circumstance has defined a choice in favor of this coolant at construction of submarines which have gone to a series since 1976. They are better the American nuclear submarines on speed and maneuver abilities and were impregnable for torpedoes.

On the basis of the experience received at operation of Soviet nuclear submarine reactors given type, IPPE’s experts have developed innovative nuclear technology of modular fast reactors with lead-bismuth coolant. In abbreviated form they are named LBFR. They have got a small size that allows making completely them at a factory and to transport by rail. In ready kind LBFR is transported on a platform and it is finally mounted there. Electric power of one unit - 100 megawatt. They can be typed in the further as from cubes down to 1000 megawatt.

Such nuclear installations are unique on the safety because in them there is no internal superfluous pressure. One more important advantage of such reactors - is wide machine-building base for their batch production. Cases are thin-walled here, steam and gas generators - tiny, pumps less complex, than for reactors of other types. As a result, as have shown the design works, the electricity made by modular nuclear stations, can be cheaper. And it is one more plus in competitive struggle in the market».                       (



   8/6/2009   Inhabitants of Obninsk who plans to solve the apartment question, prefer to build individual houses. By the way, their construction costs much more cheaply, than the many apartment houses. Obninsk will be surrounded by areas with low- altitude houses which already now are in a stage of construction: Kabitsino, Belkino, and Zaovrazie …

These areas will give to Obninsk more "patriarchal" kind though, certainly, very much it would be desirable that architectural mistakes have not repeated here: the city does not be decorated, when everyone builds, without building tendencies. It would be desirable any style unity. As to Zaovrazie, it will be micro district with the center in which are planned 7-9-flow apartments, and individual cottages of uniform style will settle down on periphery.

Due time we spoke there is no such concept - city centre in Obninsk. But now in city its central axis - Marx's prospectus is already generated. Along it high-altitude houses with underground parking will be under construction, 55-th micro district will counterbalance the left part of the prospectus. And it will be high-grade city quarter, with a kindergarten and school. And construction of a sports zone opposite to the House of Scientists will finish this axis. The Ice Palace and descent to Protva River will be constructed also. And if to speak about the near future, the big trading-entertaining complex will open in 51А micro district to the end of the year which will architecturally unite adjoining territories and will help to organize the central part of Obninsk.

Our city was planned during Soviet time when it was impossible to expect, that in Obninsk there will be a huge motor-vehicle pool of personal transport. If to look in any court yard, we shall see, that the machines could not be put simply … except for as on lawns. And so should not be. Therefore in the future it would be desirable to see court yard in which there will be enough place for a guest parking. And already now we work above somehow to facilitate the developed situation: the parking in 55-th micro district will be soon put in operation there, the construction of the similar parking begun in 51-th micro district.

That the city became even more comfortable, there should be a plenty of objects of social purpose in it, such, for example, as new fitness-center in Okridzh parkway. On the one hand, it benefits citizens’ health, and from the point of builders view - the parkway has received architectural end. In general there are places which could decorate it in our city, - it is necessary to put into order them only. For example, the area near Institute Gidro-Meteo-Information. Very interesting small architectural forms, retaining walls, a fountain, and beautiful trees are located there. This place could become remarkable vacation spot of our townspeople. The forest belt which settles down from Aksenova Street now represents absolutely unattractive show. Between Institute Meteo Information and the Medical Science Centre of the youth park with platforms for concerts will be constructed. It is an ideal place - any residential buildings, and noise to anybody would not stir. Other park will be constructed in a wood near Kurchatov Street and the Medical Science Centre, the busts of the great scientists worked in Obninsk, will be established there, and also paths will be laid, beds are landed.

In city the work under the national project «Accessible and Comfortable Habitation» proceeds. This year in Obninsk 32 thousand sq. m. of habitation is planned to commission.

Input of apartment houses is planned for the third and fourth quarters of current year. Now firm "PEAK-WEST" conducts building construction № 7, 8 and 10 on Kurchatov Street, in northern part of 38-th micro district. The house №8 will be handed over at September of this year, №7 - at January of 2010, and № 10 - at December. They in aggregate will give nearby 25 thousand sq. m. of habitation. Besides SMU «MosOblStroy» will finish the house construction of the house on crossing Lenin Street and Belkinskaj Street. At the first half-year of 2009 in the city it is already transferred in operation nearby 5 thousand sq. m. of individual habitation. The house construction for veterans of Great Domestic war in area Shatskiy Street is conducted. There are 58 such families in the city.

In total in Obninsk today the ground areas over 100 hectares are given by the area under construction multi-storey and low-storey apartment houses on which it is planned to construct about 700 thousand square meters of habitation.

Behind these dry figures there is very much a greater work of City Administration profile experts and builders, beginning from concepts of building, projects of lay-out, specifications on connection and many other things.

The most problem objects – the clearing constructions and the faecal collector. Their reconstruction demands significant financial assets. The existing collector has been built in 60th years. Naturally, it not only physically, but also is morally obsolete - it cannot accept faecal drains from again under micro district construction. The question of the collector construction has risen very sharply several years ago. The project of expansion and reconstruction of clearing constructions has passed all coordination, has received the positive conclusion of ecological examination. Construction goes to two stages. First we lay a collector from city clearing constructions up to 55-th micro district a modern tunnel method. Then - turn of the second stage - construction of a pressure head collector by the open way.

As to maintenance of the townspeople with potable water, today it is completely solved - construction Dobrin water-fence has come to the end. At the same time, the planned construction rates of new city micro districts, realization of other city investment projects cannot be provided by capacities of water-fences operating in the city. But also this question is close to the sanction. Works on development of engineering-geological researches and the coordination of Zhukov water-fence project are already paid.

 For today the 250 objects of city engineering infrastructure are on the account in Obninsk building complex. Each of these objects has the social importance for comfortable residing our inhabitants. Works on the majority of objects are carried out.

In a zone of innovative construction development on Red Dawn Street of 14 innovative oriented enterprises is supposed. Today the works on a lining of the main highway, the storm water drain, designing of engineering networks are conducted. Certainly, with these enterprises the city will receive new development, including new workplaces will be created.

From civil objects: very large project - a trading-entertaining complex on Marx Street with a total area more than 60 thousand sq. m., prospective term of commissioning - the end of this year. With input of the given object the city will receive qualitatively new service and new workplaces.

Olga Ashvarina, The Main Obninsk Architect                            (


City Administration has declared competition of youth innovative scientific and technical projects

   7/31/2009   Obninsk State Technical University of Atomic Engineering, the Kaluga Branch of Moscow State Technical University of Bauman name, Business-Incubator of Obninsk Center of Science and Technologies at support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Kaluga region spend regional competition. Competition is organized within the limits of the program «Participant of Youth Scientifically-Innovative Competition».

The purpose of the program is to reveal the talented young scientists, capable to offer the innovative project possessing in commercial potential.
 The Selected projects get financial support from Fund for two years at a volume of 400 thousand rubles.

Participants of the project can be not older than 28 years.

Selection of participants is carried out in five directions:

·            Biotechnologies,

·            Information technologies,

·            Medicine and pharmacology,

·            The chemistry, new materials, chemical technologies,

·            Mechanical engineering, electronics, instrument making.

Terms of the competition carrying out - till September, 14th.
 Regional youth session «Power. The person. Progress» (the Second stage of competition) carrying out - on October, 1st.
 The Contact information: Pilnov Gennady Borisovich - chairman of advisory council of competition, e-mail: Phone: +7(48439) 9-58-56. Phone in Obninsk Administration: 6-28-11.       (


Under French Mark

   Development of the Obninsk center of scientific technologies will act on the markets of the Europe, the truth, with the French label in the near future.

The Obninsks have arrived to Limoges right at the beginning of April. Prospects of the further cooperation depend on visit. Obninsk seriously studies idea of occurrence on the markets of the European Union with the innovations. On a plan, in France the joint venture which will be engaged in sale of high technology production with the French label and Russian "ideology" will be created.

Today the rate is made on two installations: one carries out a ultra-violet irradiation of the potato, the second - disinfection of medical waste.
 The ultra-violet irradiation of vegetables in the Russian device has shown very good results-volume of waste was reduced to four fifth. And all because processing of root crops does not put to them harm, but nocuous bacteria and mushrooms are destroyed.

In France recently huge harm to agriculture is put with a tropical bacterium which destroys up to third of potato crop. If one field is amazed by this bacterium, destroy crops on all fields. Therefore the attention of the Frenchmen to Obninsk development is quite explainable.

Through Obninsk installation in French company GROSEP has passed four parties of a potato infected by a dangerous bacterium, now it check in special bacteriological laboratory.
 Besides have irradiated 200 kg of a high-quality potato which have already planted on eight various fields, the result will be known in the autumn.

Obninsk assigns even greater hopes to installations on disinfecting medical waste. They already for a long time have proved in usual, and in very prestigious clinics in Moscow and a number of Russian regions. Moreover, our installations are used in the western countries.

In France clinics pay for recycling from 500 up to 30 000 euros per month therefore our installation even in the worst case will pay back in a year.
 We have agreed to create with the Frenchmen co production. It will be located in France, on microwave ovens there will be a French mark, and the accessories and the know-how - ours.

On passage of necessary certification 7-8 months will leave, and then products will act on the western market. "Updating" of installation on disinfecting medical waste will prepare in parallel. In France they have wished a product which not only disinfects, but also crushes dangerous waste. The nurse puts a package with waste in a tank for disinfection, and then waste act in "meat grinder" which is in the same case of a product.                         (



(Victor Alekseev, Dr.Sci.Tech., the chief of IPPE's laboratory)

Please download Java(tm). Increase in a share of atomic engineering in power balance of Russia up to 30 % to 2020 represents a challenge. What complexities face to Russia and other countries which have staked atomic engineering and how them to overcome?

Business is not only in exhaustion of organic fuel. Resources can appear sufficient on the nearest one hundred years, considering oil under sand, the Arctic shelf and Antarctica. There is one more important circumstance. It will be in unit of time necessary to extract, but, the main thing to deliver up to the consumer such quantity of organic power resources (oil, gas, coal) with which no transport will get up. If to consider the political problems, stirring to transportation (they can be observed in Ukraine, Belarus, at construction of a gas main on a bottom of Baltic sea), and also force-major circumstances (ethnogeny explosions, earthquakes, diversions, etc.), the future power should be under construction to a regional attribute where the transport component and for transportation of fuel, and for transportation of energy to the consumer does not play a main role in maintenance of power safety. Except for the power using local power resources (as a rule, renewed), only the atomic engineering possessing resources on some thousand of years answered such conditions.

However to 2020-2030 from the point of view of a share of atomic engineering in the power generation a little that will change, as these years the mass conclusion from operation of the blocks which have fulfilled the terms will be observed, and the industry practically all countries using the atomic power station, in the specified terms cannot create the equipment and construct power which would exceed a today's level.

Same, in my opinion, concerns to Russia. Perhaps, even in a greater measure as for 1990th the Russian infrastructure necessary for construction of the atomic power station, has been essentially destroyed, personnel maintenance of branch, since builders and finishing employees from applied science, is not enough both by quantity and on quality. The share of atomic engineering in electricity generation to 2030 will make 20-30 %.

If Russia will not be engaged in supply by uranium of the foreign blocks constructed under the Russian projects, domestic stocks with the indispensable purchase of raw material abroad (for example, in Kazakhstan) will be enough for maintenance of PWR-1000 type blocks entered according to plans.

To 2030 there should be some first commercial blocks of the atomic power station with reactors on fast neutrons (BN). It will allow to use, first, the saved up irradiated nuclear fuel from reactors PWR-1000 (partially and from RBMC-1000) for secondary use after its processing (is more exact, regenerations). Secondly, the operating time in active zones of BN reactors of superfluous plutonium is the beginning of a new resource using at which new balances of sharing materials which, finally, will define both quantity, and the nomenclature of new atomic power stations after 2040-2050 will operate.

Do to do the remote forecasts is easier, than to answer a concrete question, how many blocks will be put into operation, for example, in following year? For Russia and the world nuclear industry as a whole the nearest become rather indicative the year or two: whether it will be possible to untwist a huge flywheel of the atomic power station construction and in due time to realize the declared plans or they and will remain on a paper? On preparation of a corresponding infrastructure for normal atomic engineering functioning, according to IAEA, 10-12 years are required. Whether the countries which now amicably declare intentions to build the atomic power station, from the plans will refuse, having collided with inevitable organizational, financial, legal, personnel and other problems?

All the listed difficulties at a construction of nuclear stations together with the limited nuclear equipment potential, especially for the equipment with a long cycle of manufacturing, are not an absolute obstacle. All this has already been in world atomic engineering. The statistics prompts, that at 70ths of the last century 162 power reactors by the general power nearby 120 BnWatt have been built, next decade 176 reactors by the general electric power approximately 190 BnWatt are constructed. And from the beginning of 90ths of the last century till now in commercial operation in the world 19 (!) power units (consequences of failures on Three-mile Island and in Chernobyl) are entered only. Practically 20, and in the USA all 30 years of inactivity! From here there is absence of continuity, both in the industry, and in preparation of qualified personnel for nuclear branch as a whole here.

One more factor which can prevent realizations of arrogant plans, are real long terms of licensing (2-3 years) and constructions (7-10 years) of the atomic power station.

Traditionally slow rates solve legal and financial problems of harmonization of the domestic and international legislation on such thorny questions, as a civil liability for nuclear damage, intellectual property, and insurance of risks. Especially they are actual now at creation of joint ventures, strategic alliances, the international centers with other states, construction of nuclear objects abroad.

In February, 2008 the government of Russia had been approved the General scheme of accommodation of electric power industry objects. The base variant provides introduction in build of 137 BnWatt new blocks up to 2020, thus on a share of atomic engineering it is necessary about 25 % - input of 37 nuclear blocks. In the maximal variant the share of atomic engineering will make about 30 % due to input of 42 nuclear blocks.

Now there is a development of new development Strategy of atomic engineering to Russia. As the purposes such levels of achievement of the total nuclear power units are accepted: 100 BnWatt to 2030 and 300 BnWatt to 2050. At achievement of this nuclear power share in manufacture of electricity in Russia will exceed 30 %.

Natural uranium deposits in Russia are enough for development of atomic engineering on thermal reactors up to 2030. Further mass fast neutron reactor input with short circuit of a nuclear fuel cycle of atomic engineering is necessary.

According to the general scheme to Russia should be entered up to 2012 on one power unit into a year, from 2012 to 2014 - on two power units and, since 2015, - a minimum on three nuclear power units in a year. Total amount of power input from 2009 to 2020 should make a minimum 32 thousand MnWatt. For the same period 3.7 thousand MnWatt of old power will be deduced from operation and then the general nuclear station power of Russia to 2020 will make more than 51 thousand MnWatt. Annual development of the electric power on the atomic power station for this period will grow with today's 150 billion kw-h per year up to 380 billion kw-h per year.

In the first years charges on realization of so scale investment program halve approximately between the federal budget and own means of Rosenergoatom concern. In the further the share of concern’s means will increase, and after 2015 the investment from the federal budget are not provided at all.

Except for serial construction of power units with PWR type reactors of 1150 MnWatt electric power, the program stipulates the input of #4 Beloyarsk power unit by 800 MnWatt electric power with fast neutron reactor (BN-800) at 2012. In opinion of experts, this technology is the future of atomic engineering. Russia and today borrows the lead position in this area, and with input of BN-800 and standing the closed fuel cycle by when after regeneration the fulfilled fuel again comes back in a reactor, Russia, certainly, this leadership will fix. On the basis of experience which we expect to receive on the Beloyarsk atomic power station, it will be possible to speak seriously about plans for development of atomic engineering in second half XXI century

There is curious project of the floating atomic power station by 70 MnWatt power here. The head sample of such station should be stood in Severodvinsk by at 2010. There are bases to assume, this project to have got the big future not only in the Russian North, but also abroad. Except for the electric power, the floating atomic power station is capable to release heat and to be a basis for creation of water-desalinating complexes.

It is necessary to note, that financial maintenance of the program of atomic engineering development about which it has been told above, is not today solving fact of its successful realization. There is the resource maintenance of the program on the first place there. There are needs in experts, maintenance with materials and the equipment there.

The vital issue is an absence of precise, clear policy under the reference from the fulfilled nuclear fuel. If it will not be solved a question with centralized (some centers in the world) long-term controllable storages of the fulfilled nuclear fuel the countries, for the first time started to use atomic engineering in the limited volume, at once have a problem of the fulfilled nuclear fuel saving. Presence of the big number of the fulfilled nuclear fuel storehouses disseminated on the different countries and territories with different geographical conditions without understanding, what to do further with it, increases risk of radiating incidents.

Opportunity to render services on import of the fulfilled nuclear waste without obligatory return of radioactive waste - the greatest advantage of the Russian suppliers of fuel (which, naturally, follows of the Russian reactor project). After realization of the pilot floating atomic power station project Russia can offer the leasing of the atomic power station solving as problem of fulfilled nuclear fuel, as problem of the atomic power station removal from operation entirely (it is not necessary dismantle, deactivation, gathering and burring of radioactive wastes). Such opportunities already involve potential customers from Indonesia, India and even China. In Russia the projects are developed (while only conceptual) the atomic power station of low power (3-10 MnWatt), with integrated design, high safety, easy transportable, which have more than 10 years intervals between overloads, practically do not demand the constant operational personnel. It also attractive enough offer for many countries.

For the serial atomic power stations of type PWR-1000 the Russian suppliers and the Russian projects do not have the basic advantages. There is a rigid competition in this sector of the market.

Construction of the atomic power station is a project in some billions euro cost and long time for return of investments. By estimations of experts, average cost of the established 1 KW power makes more than 2000 EURO and grows fast rates.

Now the companies are interested not simply in the construction, but in the management of nuclear stations, and sale of the electric power. But even means from sale of the end production - the electric power - will not suffice for maintenance of the adjacent enterprises of the nuclear fuel cycle, first of all for safe handling of the fulfilled nuclear fuel and radioactive waste. Without organizational and financial support of the State the atomic engineering development, especially at the initial stage, hardly probably.

Now Russia builds abroad more atomic power station, than any other country. By present time to the customer in China two power units with NWR-1000 reactors on Tyanvansk atomic power station are put in operation, the arrangement on additional blocks on this platform construction is reached. The construction works on Kudankulam atomic power station in India of two power units with PWR-1000 reactors are conducted at the final stage; the negotiations about a construction of additional blocks on the same platform are begun. The works on Busher atomic power station in Iran come to the end. The works on Benbane atomic power station construction in Bulgaria begin. Russia prepares for participation in tenders for the atomic power station construction in a number of the countries, including Belarus, Egypt, Turkey, etc.

By present time the Russian Open Society Company TVEL delivers nuclear fuel in 14 countries for 74 nuclear blocks. In the near future Open Society TVEL plans to leave for the world market with fuel for PWR reactors. In plans of the company to borrow up to 30 % of the world market to 2010. The reliability of Open Society TVEL production has well proved abroad. It is enough to note, that Finland and Czech have made a decision to replace the manufacturer of fuel Westinghouse with Open Society TVEL for Loviiza and Temelin blocks.

On technology of uranium enrichment Russia has a conclusive priority in the world. At the Russian enterprises there is a replacement of the equipment by centrifuges of 8-th generation which has more high efficiency. There is a development of 9th and 10th generation machines. The Americans have gone on a way of creation very much greater up critical, 15-meter machines. Russia has gone on a way of the creation of small machines – half meter order which are completed in the unit from 20 machines.

The international cooperation in branch is inevitable, if we wish to have competitive production further. In Russia even in trial scale the burial place of highly radioactive waste is not realized till now, while in a number of the countries similar objects are already maintained. Us to be what to take from partners regarding the automated control systems of technological processes and the instrument making, separate kinds of the dimensional equipment. So, at the atomic power station construction in China Atomstroyexport closely cooperated with French company Areva and German concern Siemens. Cooperation will be continued and at the atomic power station construction in Bulgaria. There are 4-5 large transnational holdings which divide among themselves the world market of nuclear technologies in the world today as a matter of fact.

Russia has a doubtless priority in the world, - technology of uranium enrichment and technology fast neutron reactors with liquid-metal coolants, it is necessary to give them all-round attention for continuous development in further.



Maxim Akimov - the assistant to the governor to Kaluga region,

Vyacheslav Glazychev - the president of Territories Development Institute, professor of Moscow Architectural Institute,

Anton Finogenov - the assistant to director of “Lengiprogor" Institute,

Eugenie Pashin - the vice-president of city Assembly,

Heads of three regions adjoining territorially to Obninsk, representatives of the Kaluga region government, deputies of city Assembly

Have congratulated city dwellers on Day of city.

Acted have suggested to give a new impulse to development of the northern part of Kaluga region and to create for this purpose Obninsk’s agglomeration.

Territory around of Obninsk - a place of crossing of the different, inconsistent and complex processes connected with migration, change of appeal to individual and industrial building. Various groups of the population see development of this territory differently. In what territorial direction Obninsk should develop? What territories due to? How prompt industrialization and industrial building will affect social and cultural shape of the cities Obninsk, Maloyaroslavets, Borovsk, Balabanov, and Zhukov? Moscow wishes to transfer a lot of the enterprises for limits of the third transport ring. It is necessary to solve, we do not wish to see what manufacture in the territory, what innovations in a science, technologies, formation to us are attractive? Heads of different municipalities should find here a uniform position. It is necessary to search for the compromise in the future development of northern part of area.

The reason of involving of Obninsk and the north of area in process of agglomeration in particular Obninsk as center of new technologies, innovations on the one hand and crisis economic events, outflow of the staff to Moscow with another. Complexity of the given project is in low coordination between municipalities, low state investments, and a territorial disproportion. Where to designate border of agglomeration territory?

In summary Maxim Akimov has suggested the government of area to order development of the Obninsk agglomeration project.


Session of Town-planning Advice the projects of buildings «Belkino» and «Zaroffrazie» to have been considered took place in City Administration

   07.22.2009   The project of residential area buildings lay-out in «Belkino» area has been presented by Svetlana Ilinar, its developer, the chief engineer of the Yekaterinburg design enterprise.  According to project the territory is located on a site by the area of 44.2 Hectares and executed on the basis of the town-planning, the design assignment. The maximal preservation of a wood, and also the future compensatory landings is stipulated. Thus, it is supposed, that the share of green plantings in settlement will make 60 %. The housing estate of settlement provides construction 322 cottages, 40 townhouses and 11 premises. All housing estate concerns to economy class. Consider that the family will consist from 3.7 persons.   Thus, it will be constructed 50 thousand square meters. Besides inhabited and economic buildings the project provides construction of one kindergarten on 60 places. In territory the parking for machines of parents is stipulated.

The second question of Town-planning Advice became representation of the project of residential area « Zaroffrazie», developed «ObninskArcProject» under direction of Vladimir Shkarpetin and A.Travkin.

The general territory of micro district « Zaroffrazie» makes 145 Hectares. 15 % of these grounds will be used under roads.  The residential area will consist of three micro districts of a high-altitude housing estate and eight quarters premises. The territory of the public center and a municipal zone is stipulated. The public center will be divided into 4 parts: a district clinic, a sports complex, trading enterprises and the public center on service for people.   As a whole in « Zaroffrazie» it is planned to erect 259 thousand square meters of habitation where will live 13 143 persons. Engineering capacities now are in stages of development and designing. The question of gas supply from distributive station of village Krivskoe is worked. Electro supply will be from existing substation "Belkino". It will be reconstructed in the near future.                      (

By the way, much to our regret, it is necessary to remind, that tenants of the house on Lenin's street, 144 have not received apologies from Mr. Shkarpetin that owing to its project in an apartment house in a number of vestibules the ventilation passes, concerning to the equipment of uninhabited premises of publishing house "Title". This Mr. Shkarpetin’s project breaks building requirements about division of inhabited and uninhabited territories. For today not all tenants managed to find personal means for elimination of the arisen inconveniences and infringements!


The Volume of The Electronic Tenders Has Increased

   07.20.2009   Today, by means of electronic auctions, began possible to offer business very simple and transparent mechanism of participation in the tenders directly from the offices. Modern technologies in the appendix to electronic purchases have given an essential prize in expansion of information space and paper document circulation that is welcomed by representatives of small and average business.

In total Management of Competitive Policy and Tariffs in the first half-year leads 87 tenders, from them - 40 electronic auctions.

The analysis of the purchases lead by the first half-year shows, that 60.1 million rubles (13.3%) from 450.6 million rubles of the local budget means exposed on the tenders have placed into small business. The economy of budgetary funds received for first half of current year, as a whole has made 76.6 million rubles. Including, from electronic auctions – 4.3 million rubles. In other words, in current year due to the tenders managed to save 17 copecks from each enclosed budgetary ruble. On electronic auctions this parameter has made 27 copecks from each ruble.

All problems of the city socially focused budget are solved by means of purchase at the tenders. Municipal contracts are now concluded and at full speed there is repair work in educational formations. Through the tenders pass 94.5 million the budgetary rubles intended for repair of easting units, sports halls, roofs, engineering systems. Premises for additional groups in kindergartens "Russian", “Muravushka”, "Entertainment", "Altair" are under repair. New textbooks are bought. All is planned to finish works by September, 1st. The tenders are lead and rest of children in rest camps in an average Russia and at coast of Black sea is organized. Within «Accessible City» program limits the electronic auctions for a preferential category of inhabitants are lead.

For city works on its accomplishment have special value. Contracts on reconstruction of external illumination under Lenin's prospectus, contracts on asphalting the roads and avenue to Memorial complex «Eternal Fire», to repair of 60 balconies in apartment houses of an old part of the city and other works necessary for the city are concluded.

Through competitive procedure the companies on performance of the most important and complex objects for the city - expansion of clearing constructions and construction city fecal collector which is conducted at us by unique way - a method underground building, without destruction of an existing infrastructure have been selected.

Average quantity of participants in the tenders counting upon one lot (purchase) – 2.3 men, and in electronic auctions – 3.3 men.
 Positive dynamics of this parameter characterizes growth of the competitive environment on electronic auctions. Municipal competition
«Best Supplier of Year» where winners became representatives of three enterprises of small business has shown results of this competition.

At small business the city gets services on repair of habitation and establishment buildings, delivery of milk and other food stuffs, repair of city roads and territories. Up to the end of year it is planned to increase twice the sum of the small business purchases, and under forecasts it will make more than 70 million rubles.

The geography of suppliers at the municipal tenders which have become by participants of municipal purchases includes, except for Obninsk participants, representatives of the Kaluga and Moscow regions, Moscow, and also Tula, Yekaterinburg, Bryansk and other regions of the country.

Today it is possible to tell with confidence, that small business with pleasure has accepted prepositional it the new form of the tenders - electronic auctions. The system allows eliminating arrangement between participants, and it, in turn, allows fine suppliers to compete to the large enterprises, due to decrease in an overhead charge. Finally is a way to the decision of one of the most urgent problems - optimization of budgetary charges of municipal formation.            (  -  according to Management of Competitive Policy and Tariffs)


In a zone of innovative development in Red Dawn Street the first turn of civil and erection works on a lining of a new road cloth is completed

   07.09.2009   By today on the first site of the new city road, being by Red Dawn Street continuation, the concrete basis is executed and drainage wells are constructed. Under plans of builders – “Stroymontarsh” company, this year here the works will be passed on stacking asphalt and engineering maintenance, including on construction of the storm water drain and installation of illumination system, and also the lining of the concrete basis of the second site will be executed. After end of all civil work which termination is planned for October of this year, the new road will incorporate to already existing highway in Northern Street area.

The total cost of the municipal contract will make 30.5 million rubles, 60 % from which are already mastered.

Here 13 new manufactures will be placed, sites for which will be allocated on a competitive basis. Businessmen are invited to City Administration for discussion of innovative offers.

According to the project in a zone of innovative development construction of office and laboratory-industrial buildings, and also distributive electric power substation is planned. Near to the sites, offered to investors, there is a plenty of operating municipal networks that allows providing new manufactures by all necessary resources. Thus, input of the enterprises in operation becomes already possible from the middle of the next year.                         (


   07.08.2009   According to Obninsk Management of Emergency Measures Ministry last week the development of two projects on creation of video observation system in 51 micro district which was developed together with Obninsk militia, and also systems of operative communication network has been finished. Now development of the second turn of the video observation system on Railroad Station is conducted. Installation of the system on 51 micro district is planned for August, 2009.

By the plan of municipal orders for II quarter of current year on preparation of city educational institutions for school for new academic year the greater means providing great volume of works were allocated. So for school № 9 and gymnasium the means at a rate of 1 971 thousand rubles and 2 922.594 thousand rubles are given for repairs of easting equipments. Also it is planned to execute repair of a sports hall at school № 4, works on reconstruction of heating system in a cellar of school № 10, repair of a roof of school № 16, replacement of entrance group of doors and networks of electro supply in Technical lyceum. In children's preschool "Russians", “Muravushka”, "Entertainment" and "Altair" will be lead repairs of additional groups. Besides the tenders on delivery of food stuffs in municipal kindergartens and initial school-kindergarten № 35 for the second half-year 2009 in the near future take place, the scheduled sum of the order on which makes more than 25 million rubles.

Instead of old gas cookers in eating stuff of the oldest school № 1 will establish modern electric stoves. The eating stuff will be in addition equipped by new kitchen techniques, including - a dishwasher.

As experts of Management of the general education have noted, after end of these actions the school eating establishment begins to correspond to all sanitary requirements.

Besides to the beginning of new academic year at school №1 cabinets of physics, chemistry and computer science will be repaired. A part of works on restoration of school, such as painting of walls of corridors and a ladder handrail, has been executed in June by participants of the labor association organized on the basis of school №1.

Works on Vashutin water-fence, works on reconstruction of external illumination on Lenin's prospectus from Komarova Street up to the prospectus are planned. Works on repair asphalt and concrete coverings of city motorways, performance of works on the covering on avenue to the Memorial complex “Eternal Fire”, installation of safety protections in Komsomol Street, major overhaul of 60 balconies of apartment houses in an old part of city and others are planned.                        (


Expenses of the Obninsk city budget for repair of roads will make about 80 million rubles, 25 ones from which will be spent for restoration of court yards

   07.01.2009   The regional Government gives 10300 square meters of tiles. It will allow to put in order many city territories, including - to update the central avenue in the street Marshal Zhukov from a fountain up to Eternal fire. Asphalt in the street Red Downs from Railroad station up to a sports hall of firm "Technology" will be repaid. This year Kabitsynskaya, Gorkiy, Belkinskaya Streets, motorways: Marx's prospectus - Kabitsynskaya Street and Marx's prospectus - Engels Street will be repaired. This year the works will be conducted not only in streets of city, but also in territories inside of micro districts.


Session of the Advisory Council at the Governor of the Kaluga Region on Development of Obninsk City as Scientific City of the Russian Federation Has Passed in Obninsk on June, 26th 2009

   06.26.2009   Maxim Akimov, the assistant to the Governor of the Kaluga region, has held session. It has congratulated Obninsk citizens on an anniversary - the 55 anniversary from the date of start-up of the First-ever atomic power station and has estimated this achievement of an Obninsk science as «event of a world scale which importance will increase in due course».

Further at session the project «National Innovative System» from a party «Uniform Russia», focused to the aid of the innovative enterprises has been presented and discussed.

The Kaluga region takes leading place among regions of the Central Federal District on rates of social and economic development. Investments at us have exceeded 1 billion dollars. In connection with the reached successes the Kaluga region became the first candidate on participation in this project, and Obninsk the first city where its representation to the public took place.

Victor Zubarev, the lecturer under the project «National Innovative System» the deputy of the State Duma of Russia, a member of Committee of the State Duma on a science and scientific technologies has emphasized, that the system of innovative development existing today in Russia is arranged not effectively.

The project «National Innovative System» provides creation of a network of regional innovative advice, basic territorial zones, networks of professional and business support, system of a professional training. At the first stage it is planned to define 10-15 regional innovative projects and to finish them to logic end.

On results of the project «National Innovative System» presented by “Uniform Russia” the discussion took place. In Maxim Sherejkina's opinion, minister of economic development of the Kaluga region, the unique opportunity to participate in the project focused on innovative systems in scales of the state is given. The ministry will put all resources for support of the project «National Innovative System».

Nikolay Shubin, the chapter of Obninsk Administration has noted that the project «National Innovative System» has special value for Obninsk as basic resource of the Kaluga region. He has told to members of Advice about Obninsk’s innovations, having emphasized reached positive dynamics. In city in 7 times the volume of scientific works has increased and in 7 times the volume of investments into a fixed capital of the enterprises has grown. In city it is kept and has received the further development activity of large centers of science, and also there were a big number of the small enterprises working in innovative sphere. Thus, Obninsk today is prepared as cluster for participation in the innovative project of the Russian scale.

One of serious Obninsk innovative projects has been presented at session of advice by A.Zrodnikovym, general director of IPPE. The project provides the organization of "Center of Fast Nuclear Power Technologies» within the limits of the Russian Federation developed by the Government of the Federal target program «Nuclear Technologies of New Generation for 2010-2020».                     (


Session of the Сommission on Traffic Safety

   6/26/2009 The situation about not coordinated departure from Borovsk area territory to the road bridge through the Kiev highway all over again has been considered. The situation was repeatedly discussed by Nikolay Shubin, the Chapter of Administration and he has charged to understand. The decision of the militia commission it is necessary to cancel the given out sanctions and to remove illegally established traffic signs. It is entrusted to main architect to prepare the project of coordination in similar cases.

One more discussed question - installation of traffic lights in area of trading complexes "Iceberg" and "Titanic". Traffic lights will be established for improvement of a situation with safety of traffic in the given territory. With the same purpose the decision on the equipment of pedestrian crossings in area Gagarin's street and other places is accepted.                               (


The 55 anniversary from the date of start of the first-ever nuclear station

   6/25/2009 The First-ever industrial electric power plant on an atomic energy has been started in operation on June, 27th, 1954 in Obninsk. It became the first in use of a new kind of energy. Its experience has appeared very important by development of programs and projects in sphere of atomic engineering as in our country, and abroad. For all time of operation of nuclear station here there were no cases of a dangerous irradiation of the personnel over the established norms, and the city located nearby was not exposed to radiating pollution above an existing natural background.

Professional work of known Russian scientists I.Kurchatov, D.Blokhintsev has been connected with this project and others, and also many Obninsk people - experts on nuclear power.

Nikolay Shubin, the Chapter of Administration has congratulated the townspeople on an anniversary of the First-ever nuclear station. It has thanked collective of institute and its heads.

For a long-term honest work employees of institute have received awards of “Russ Atom” Corporation.

At session with the report on prospects of development of the Russian nuclear power which future is closely connected with Obninsk, A.Zrodnikov, the director of IPPE institute has acted. He has told that under plans of the Russian Government till 2010 on the basis of IPPE institute the Center of Fast Nuclear Technologies should be created, where scientific researches on innovative atomic engineering will be carried out.             (


   The innovative enterprises of Obninsk are invited to participation in VII All-Russia scientifically-practical conference «Innovative Economy and the Industrial Policy of Region» which will pass within the Russian innovative week from September, 30th till October, 3rd, 2009.


   Modern Building Materials Using at Reconstruction of Houses

6/25/2009 Municipal Economy Complex of Obninsk Administration has acted as the organizer of a seminar. Heads of the city operating companies and representatives of region commercial structures, presented new generation thermal and water isolation materials, have taken part in the seminar. 

As representatives of Kaluga company "Aladdin" have told, the finishing materials made with application nano- technologies, now are successfully used in many cities of Russia and abroad for the decision of municipal problems. 

In opinion of builders of Kaliningrad, processing of a facade and a roof of the house a liquid ceramic heat insulator "Corundum" has allowed to lower thermal losses of a building on 30%, and its use for furnish of walls of cellars and attics has led to disappearance of a condensate and improvement of a climate of these premises.

New materials, which manufacture has begun in Russia several years ago, builders of many cities already actively apply.          (


   The Kaluga region has got on pages of the authoritative British daily newspaper «Daily Telegraph»

At day when Madam Ann Pringl, the Ambassador of its Majesty the Queen of the Great Britain in Russia was visited the region, «Daily Telegraph» correspondents have decided to explain the readers, that such the Kaluga region.

«Yet so a long time the Kaluga region associated with a name of scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky which created rockets”, - writes the edition in clause «This that place in which you can increase the money». Today this region is reputed as one of the most attractive points in Russia for foreign investments, including in the power generation». Plan the brilliant future in the Kaluga region – the edition addresses to the readers.            (


Measures on improvement of townspeople transport service

   06.18.2009    The special attention has been given to the train station area, the overabundance of fixed-route taxis on which created problems as to cars, and pedestrians. By the present moment owing to the reached arrangement between Management of the consumer market and drivers the number of the fixed-route taxis which are simultaneously being at a stop, here is limited up to 5-6 machines.

Also under the joint decision in the train station area the parking of fixed-route taxis for landing the passengers, designated by a special marking is organized. The planned measures will allow organizing better parking of fixed-route taxis and to lower risk of road and transport incidents in this area of city. 

Besides the order is introduced on Bondarenko's area which was autocratically used earlier by drivers of fixed-route taxis for a parking. Now, in coordination with drivers, in these purposes the zone near the industrial platform IPPE, much removed from apartment houses is used.

Bondarenko's area and territory adjoining it, including square, have been cleared of dust by drivers during April.         (


The international scientific and technical conference «Extreme robotics. Nano-, micro- and macrorobots» will pass from September, 28th till October, 3rd. Representatives of Obninsk scientific organizations are invited

   The purpose of conference – development of high technologies and innovative development in a robotics, assistance to the international cooperation in the field of high technologies, attraction of youth in scientific and technical sphere.

Themes of conference:

- Scientific and technical problems of the extreme robotics;

- The theory and methods of technical system designing;

- nano- and microtechnologies in the robotics;

- System components of the extreme robotics;

- System application of the extreme robotics;

- «A Round Table» «The Space Robotics: Tendencies of Development»;

- Youth school-seminar «Adaptive and Intellectual Robots»


  Up to the end of this year process of formation of the Self-Adjustable Organizations (SAO) in building branch which will cancel system of licensing should come to the end.


Condition of Obninsk City Economy at Present

   Interview of Sergey Medov, the assistant to the chapter of Obninsk administration on economic development to the newspaper «New Sreda» 6/3/2009.

On a background of Russia Obninsk looks not bad. Unemployment in Russia has stepped over 10 %. In Obninsk it is less than 1 %. If to compare our city to other cities, there is unemployment at a level of 1.5-2.5 % there.
 As a whole an economic situation stable. But it is necessary to notice, that there are branches which have tested powerful impact of crisis. First of all - building sector. Amounts of works in this sphere were sharply reduced. But, on the other hand, there are branches which work in a former mode.   In spite of the fact that federal scientific programs are reduced to 15 %, the Obninsk science in I quarter in comparison with the same period of the last year has grown on 5.3 %.  Also small growth in processing manufacture - 4.2 %. The food sector and the consumer market have not suffered, but there are problems there. Though experts spoke, that the basic complexities the national economy would have gone through in I quarter, in II quarter position, alas, has not improved. Nevertheless, the city economy grows a little. Obninsk experiences crisis easier, than the country as a whole.

Priority direction for Obninsk there is a creation of a municipal zone of innovative development for small enterprises. The city administration continues work under the given project. Money for designing of engineering networks has given - the technical project is made and soon competition on its performance takes place. 18-20 enterprises is planned to place on sites from 0.5 up to 1 hectares in the zone of innovative development, now there is an official registration of papers there. The enterprises will be selected on a competitive basis. As to Obninsk Techno Park, the program of its financing is reduced this year. But the Kaluga region is no outsider in this federal project. The Ministry of Mass Communications has demanded to make the specified business-plan, and this document has been handed over in time. The biotechnological orientation of Techno Park is kept.

The situation with banks in Obninsk is stable enough.  The failure on crediting half year back, is liquidated. The quantity of given out credits grows, the interest rate decreases. Decrease the Central Bank refinancing rate is expected.  As to the delayed debts, its level has no critical for Obninsk; it’s sharp growth is not observed. The Regional Ministry of Economic Development starts the special program of the help to the small enterprises which have gone in a complex situation. To businessmen who experiences difficulties with repayment of percent under credits, necessary they to have to participate in programs of support and to not be afraid to use budgetary money.

The city target program of support of small enterprises proceeds - for repayment of percent under credits of money are given not only from regional, but also from the city budget.

The new direction - the program of power economy is entered.

To the enterprises focused on export, they will be helped in certification of production.

Past year the program of support of small business has been executed only on 1.6 %. Actually real support is expressed absolutely by other sums. For example, the fund of support of small business past year gave out loans almost on 5 million rbl. This practice proceeds this year. The innovative economy is a priority of city development.

The city budget for 2009 is reduced approximately to 10 %. It has no critical character. On financing of charges the rests of budgetary funds which have remained since 2007 have been directed, in fact then the budget was successful. As a result these means have allowed not only to finance additional charges, but even to create a reserve for current year.

What will be in a future it is a question of the big economy which part we are further.


The delegation of Penza region has visited Obninsk

    5/28/2009 Nikolay Shubin, the Chapter of Obninsk Administration welcomed participants of delegation into which structure have entered N.Lezhikova, the vice-president of the Penza region Government of the Penza area, E.Ryzhov, the assistant to the Chapter of Penza Administration, A.Eremkin, the rector of the Penza State University of Architecture and Construction and a number of representatives of commercial structures.  He has acquainted visitors with last achievements of our city in such areas as a science, economy, construction, formation, culture and sports, and has told about strategy of Obninsk development as scientific city.  Special interest of the delegation participants has caused Obninsk experience in promotion of the "Techno park" project in connection with plans on realization of the similar project in the Penza region.  Participants of the session have estimated opportunities of perspective cooperation between Obninsk and the Penza region, which will promote, in particular, to personnel strengthening of building sphere of our city by graduates of PSU of Architecture and Construction.  By results of the discussion, the participants have stated intention to conclude the memorandum of cooperation in realization of various joint programs.                          (


The Central Institute of Professional Skill Improvement should become the basic methodological center in system of the Russian atom

   5/28/2009 Nuclear branch today sharply requires well-prepared staff, people with fresh ideas. Last decades it lost the staff because of ageing professionals, "brain drains" abroad and in other branches - business, manufacture.  Now, during an epoch of the Renaissance of the atomic engineering, many countries not simply seriously reflect on renewal of the nuclear programs, construction of reactors and development of new technologies, and make arrogant plans. Therefore, the theme of preparation, retraining and training of the personnel is actual, therefore The Central Institute of Professional Skill Improvement has a huge potential for development.

The institute exists more than 40 years, and today from the point of view of preparation of experts and volume of knowledge, which they receive, the institute plays the important role in system of training of the personnel for the Russian atom. In the institute’s arsenal - good educational base, skilled teachers, a wide experience of carrying out of a various level actions. In a word, for today we can make all for improvement of professional skill of our enterprises.  It is evidently reflected with our last year's results. In one and a half time the quantity of listeners has increased, the cooperation with the international organizations was active enough.
Today the institute supports business contacts to such serious structures, as IAEA, EUR Atom.  Representatives of Ukraine, Armenia, Hungary and Bulgaria have taken part in a seminar of the World association of the atomic power station operators - they have discussed questions of technical regulation of safety in atomic engineering.

III Meeting of EUR Atom - Russian Atom was representative also: tens Russian and foreign experts have been involved in several working groups - on reactors of IV generation, safety, and modeling of failures. One action that is more important became the International Meeting on non-distribution of nuclear materials, which passed in institute. There was Professor Gyunter Kessler from University of Karlsruhe, Germany. In Russia this person is perfectly known - many years professor Kessler was engaged in subjects of fast reactors in the Europe. Its book on reactor technology is translated in Russian and today is successfully used as the manual in leading Russian nuclear high schools.

To last of large actions became III Conference on heavy liquid metal coolant - in opinion of experts, they will play the important role in innovative nuclear technologies, allowing to raise safety and to improve economic parameters of nuclear stations. It is the future of atomic engineering.                                    (


Transport for fiber

    5/28/2009 Scientists of All-Union Institute of Agricultural Radiology, using nana technology, have developed the fodder additive for the cattle, efficiency raising it to 10-15 %.  15 liters of milk per day from the cow in the USSR was considered as a normal parameter. Now efficiency of cattle is in many facilities at a former level.  Certainly, there are ways of its increase, and they all over the world are applied many years. Now demand for milk constantly grows. At 2009 they began to buy less milk, but this time phenomenon.

In Obninsk institute have been developed the new fodder additive, which allows increasing milk amount and additional weights by 10-15 %. Actually, it is very impressive parameter. The Preparation is unique; its analogues in the world are not present. It itself represents "huge" molecules of polymers. As the hedgehog drags apples on the needles, and the polymers "drag" on themselves much the smaller size of a molecule of fibers on a digestive path of an animal. The digestive system of the cow original - at its four stomachs, and in the first one all fodder fiber collapses the bacteria living in it. Thus, a part of useful substances of forage it is useless it is lost. In addition, molecules of polymers, drawing to themselves electrostatic forces of a molecule of fibers, "drag" them through the first stomach, and then give them, and those, which have escaped, are soaked up in blood.

Scientists and earlier developed "protection" for fiber, but it were either very dear or toxic preparations, which had restrictions on application. For example, they could not be brought in forage two months prior to slaughter. "Solunat" is harmless - molecules of polymers do not cooperate in any way with an organism, do not render on it any influence, are not soaked up in blood and deduced from it by natural way.  All this has been confirmed by long-term tests of a preparation, which passed in various facilities of the south of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. “Solunat” was given to cows, sheep, even to camels. In addition, in all cases its high efficiency and safety proved to be true. Besides, during tests on dirty from radio nuclides territories of Bryansk region, and also Belarus, it was found out, that the preparation partially deduces cesium from an organism, that is one shot beats two hares - increases efficiency of cattle and relieves them from a radioactive isotope.

Patents - Russian and European, protect fiber polymeric molecules. Economic benefit of “Solunat” is obvious: the single doze costs 3 rbl, and its application increases daily allowances of milk on the average by 2 liters, and liter of milk is sold by 6-12 rbl.                                         (


The municipal Program «Habitation on credit for 2007-2016»

    5/27/2005 As housing problem remains to one of most acute problems in Obninsk it is necessary to win discrepancy of habitation cost to a level of citizen incomes.  To help with improvement of living conditions to separate categories of citizens (to workers of the organizations financed from the local budget) Administration of city will partially refund (compensates) on payment of percent under the credit received for purchase or construction of habitation. The Program which will help to improve social and economic indices of city has been developed, will enable independently to solve housing problems to workers of the city organizations which are carrying out the important social order, will allow to fix qualified personnel and to involve young experts in the organization of city where there is a deficiency of the staff. For today employees of municipal kindergartens, schools, municipal establishments of culture (the list of the organizations is approved by Obninsk city Assembly) become participants of the Program, and at 2009 large families can.

Per 2008 34 applications have been submitted, to all applicants has been enabled to become participants of the Program, i.e. to get habitation by means of the hypothecary credit with the further conclusion with them Contracts on reception of indemnification. As a result, at 2008 18 families have improved the living conditions. Indemnification is charged at a rate of 11 % within 10 years. These 10 years the worker should not leave from the place of work. The sum of hypothecary credits received by participants of the Program, on which indemnification is charged, makes 23.3 million rbl.

Per 2009 37 applications, from them are submitted: 7 applications from medical workers, 17 applications from workers of education, 4 applications from art workers and 9 applications from large families.

The main result of the Program is an opportunity of improvement of living conditions of that citizen category which works in the budgetary organizations and has no opportunity to improve habitation without participation of the city Administration. Realization of the Program has significant social effect.                                (


The ministry of economic development of the Kaluga region spends competition for subjects of innovative activity, on subsidizing of a part of expenses on payment of percent for credits from the Russian credit organizations

    5/26/2009 Competition is spent within the limits of the regional target program «Development of innovative activity in the Kaluga region for 2005-2010». Term of application submission for competition - until July 8, 2009 (preliminary).                         (


The next session of City Scientific and Technical Advice

    5/19/2009 the next session of City Scientific and Technical Advice, which passed in territory of Geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, took place. Here monitoring seismic activity not only across Russia, but also worldwide is conducted.

Director of institute has told about new directions in work of geophysical service. It is seismic monitoring objects of nuclear power, infrasonic monitoring which allows fixing processes in an atmosphere (bolides, the polar lights), seismic monitoring of emergencies at the mining enterprises (failures on mines and so forth), and Seismic monitoring high-altitude buildings. An actual direction of seismological monitoring - city Sochi, capital of Olympiad where the big construction is conducted. In the gas industry, fixing vibrations, it is possible to reveal anomalies on gas mains.

City Scientific and Technical Advice has heard the message on intention of group of private businesspersons to create in Obninsk Park of the Science including square, avenue of a science, the socially business innovative center. They planned to place it in a wood zone of street. Obninsk scientists had an idea to establish here a monument to outstanding Obninsk scientists, but money for this project in cost of 3.5 million rubles was not. Now the idea has received the further development. In area of crossing Korolioff Street and Kurchatov Street is supposed to construct a building socially business centre at 5-6 floors. Investors will give one of floors under needs of a science, including, probably, under an exposition of a museum of atomic engineering. On one of floors the conference hall for carrying out large, including, the international forums will be placed. The top floors will borrow hotel rooms. Avenue of a science, the monument with the conditional name «Peace Atom to the World», and names of the scientists who have brought the contribution to development of peace atom, will be written on a spherical wall. In the middle of avenue, the most significant achievements of an Obninsk science will be shown. In the end of avenue will establish busts of city scientists. The parking for machines and other convenience to visitors is provided. The commercial effect is supposed to be received from tenancy of a conference hall and hotel rooms. Participants of Advice have expressed opinion, that careful economic study of the project is necessary for decision-making.

The first vice-president of Advice A. Sorokin has expressed concern the lost of lead positions as cities of a science. The Obninsk application for financing at a rate of 140 million rubles has been considered in the State government. These means will go on construction of a faecal collector, the others 50 million - on the purpose of innovative development. First of all on the innovative zone construction.                                                   (More detailed look "Obninsk" №65 (3139) from 5/28/2009)


The analysis of the city budget in view of the economic crisis phenomena

   Since 2005 to 2009 the city incomes have increased at 2.6 times and equaled 2,221.5 million rubles. The greatest growth has occurred since 2006 to 2008. For this period the incomes have increased almost to billion rubles. Basically this growth occurred due to the tax to the incomes of physical persons. The salary grew; the incomes of taxes have increased. The incomes of the tax on physical persons make 44 % from all local tax incomes. At 2007 the city budget capital charges have started to grow. For last two years the 9 city target programs have been opened. They are major overhaul of houses, complex preventive maintenance of offences, maintenance with habitation of young families, social support of the poor population and others.

At 2009 the catastrophic problems with the budget will not occur. Social programs, such as: children's grants, pensions, preschool and school education are paid from federal and regional budgets and guaranteed by the state. The question on increasing of these means is now discussed.

There are only 14 cities of a science in the country. Considering the big social and economic status of this phenomenon, it is possible to assume, that Obninsk financing as city of a science will not be reduced. As for the tax to the incomes of physical persons it will be more complex. The income of this tax depends on the size of the salary and quantity of working people. If the salary will decrease, if the quantity of unemployed will increase the income of the tax will decrease.

At 2009 the target reserve up to 25 million rubles is created. It is possible to take the credit in banks for the sum of 100 million rubles. The reserve on a case of increasing of the prices for heat, water and energy is made. The city administration plans to reduce charges on 128 million rubles. We shall not build, likely, Ice Palace which costs 80 million rubles.

To keep the incomes of taxes at a former level, it is necessary to help to the enterprises to keep workers and their salary. For this purpose, probably, it is necessary to reduce some taxes which depend on local administration. Probably capital charges should be "frozen".





   4/8/2009    Obninsk Techno Park will not receive federal money in 2009 because of federal financing reduction. The reason - slow construction and, as consequence, not a recoupment for today. The construction will be frozen without the federal budget means.

Some hundreds millions rubles are invested in Obninsk techno park for three years. The office building is constructed and the project of engineering networks is created. There is settled list of the placed enterprises only for pharmaceutical and biotechnological directions in the Techno Park because of economic instability.

The economic department of Obninsk Administration works above the new concept and business-plan of Techno Park and hopes, that federal means for 2009 nevertheless will be received.



   3/20/2009 Last year 26 thousand sq.m. of habitation have been built in Obninsk - at planned targets of 100 thousand sq.m. At 2009 City Administration plans, that 44 thousand sq.m. of habitation will be put into operation. Today many constructions are frozen. So, the company “PEAK”, according to Victor Vasilevsky, its director has stopped works on five houses in 38-th micro district, the construction is conducted only on two objects - 7-th and 8-th buildings. Firm "Olympus-invest" was switched from town house building in Olympic village to carrying out of communications. The reason is clear: the sales in the primary market of Obninsk now almost zero.

At the same time serious enough financial assets are expected on development of City infrastructure from the federal budget. So, 30 million rbl. will be directed on construction of Southern entrance this year only. Nikolay Shubin, Mayor of Obninsk has emphasized that on city objects it is necessary the local companies to involve in works as much as possible to keep them during crisis and the townspeople borrowed in building branch to provide with work.

The first stage of works on reconstruction of Obninsk clearing constructions - the mechanical clearing and the aerobic stabilizer will shortly come to the end. Then the building complex of City Administration will start a following stage - the corresponding tenders already prepare. Cost of the first stage of reconstruction is equal to 35 million rubles, the second one - 110 million.

For today the clearing - the greatest problem of City infrastructure which brakes input of new objects. The building of additional capacities will raise quality of the drain clearing and to connect the system of drain clearing to new objects.
 Besides in a created municipal industrial zone on Red Downs Street a lining of the storm water drain have been started and preparing for road concreting. Nikolay Shubin has emphasized importance of construction and reconstruction of city objects under the program of the science city and has charged to accelerate passage of documents to the Ministry of Education and sciences of the Russian Federation.


Joint Scientific Project

  Russian firm «New Era» and top-manager Tatiana offer Austrian young scientists the joint scientific project on a theme «Instruction 125 for Astronauts flying to the Moon».

Following questions will be developed and stated in the instruction:

1.          Borders of a modern scientific paradigm.

2.          People actions in conditions when the modern scientific paradigm cannot give the decision of problems.

The organization and carrying out of the project conditions are described below.


Russian Fund of Basic Researches and Austrian Scientific Fund declare continuous competition «ASF_a» (without restriction of submission terms on the period of the memorandum action) joint research projects of Russian and Austrian scientist groups.

(Section 08) Fundamental Bases of Engineering Sciences.

Within the competition limits the researches in common carried out by the Russian and Austrian scientists and representing mutual interest are supported. Competition ASF_a is spent by competition rules of initiative scientific projects (competition "a"). Performance time of the joint initiative scientific project - 3 years. The name of the project should be identical to the Russian and Austrian applications and should not coincide with the name of any scheduled theme carried out in the Russian/Austrian organization and financed from the State budget. The Russian and Austrian scientists - participants of projects on competition ASF_a - preliminary coordinate among themselves the maintenance of the applications. The Russian scientists’ direct applications to the Russian Fund of Basic Researches, and simultaneously with them the Austrian scientists - in the Austrian Scientific Fund.
 All the applications admitted to competitions pass in parallel an independent expert appraisal: Applications of the Russian scientists - in the Russian Fund of Basic Researches, the Austrian scientists - in the Austrian Scientific Fund. Results of competition will be brought two times a year - at the end of June and at the end of November. The projects supported at June of current year, will be financed at current year, and the means allocated for work under the project, should be spent up to the end of current year. The projects supported at November of current year, will be financed at following year.
 The Russian Fund of Basic Researches informs heads of projects through system "Grant-Express Train" about:

Registration of the project and its acceptance to consideration;

Support or deviation of the project.

After the coordination of results the list of the projects, both parties got support, will be published on a site of the Russian Fund of Basic Researches or The maximal volume of annual financing of the supported project from the Russian Fund of Basic Researches makes 700 000 roubles. The decision on finance continuation of the project for the next year will be accepted by results of examination of intermediate reports.


Top-manager Tatiana asks all young men to write to the nearest month letters only on this theme. In subject of the letter to specify «Instruction 125».

Russian experts who know this theme can participate in the project from the Russian side in structure of the firm «New Era». Look and write here:   or



"Kaleva windows optimum combine functional-consumer qualities", - businessman S.D.Lelikov, the dealer of Kaleva Company approves. "The windows are developed in view of specificity of Russian climatic conditions - frosty winters and lack of solar illumination. Lightness, thermal and noise isolation - on all parameters of Kaleva window set the new standard of Russian windows. More than 13 years Kaleva Company is engaged in manufacture, installation and service of high-quality window designs. Kaleva innovative window systems under the qualitative characteristics and reliability are the most advanced in the window market.

Kaleva Company - the winner of the Russian national premium "The Company of Year" also is recognized by "The Leader of Branch" window designs. The premium "The Company of Year" is founded under nursing of Economic Development and Trade Ministry, and also Russian Commercial and Industrial Chamber"

Managers of the project in Obninsk:

Christina - tel. (48439) 9 73 29, 9 07 29

Elena – mobile tel. +7 901 99 55 729

Marry March, 8th, the girls!



   There are two business-incubators in Obninsk. The first one was born within the science city program, it is more senior. The second one of the Obninsk Center of High Technologies has stood by about one year back. The first incubator has got an industrial orientation – the high technology manufacture there will be developed. The second one represents modern arranged office net. Innovations are born here.

There is “Converse Filter” office engaged development of filters for the dairy industry here.

“OmiTech” Company develops the microwave installation for recycling medical waste. All over the world the disinfecting technologies are complex and expensive. Obninsk’s microwaves – effectively solve the problem, save power and exclude manual skills.

“AtomEcoTransfer” develops systems of clearing of any liquid clearing – from water up to the excited environments. It is the super innovative company introducing nuclear industry technologies in other branches.

“LT-Programming” - is the IT-company.

There are a number of the service companies. They release residents from accounting, personnel and other office problems. The center of collective devices and equipment using allows conducting scientific researches in the field of ecology, to spend tests of products. There are Regional Exhibition Center and Innovation Project Center here. Their experts will help to choose an exhibition, to organize participation, to prepare an exposition, to let out promotional materials. The Centers help to select perspective innovative projects, state an economic estimation, and help with resources attraction. Experts on finance attraction are well familiar with programs of the innovative enterprises support, vencher and other funds. Classical growth term in the business-incubator – three years. A following step of innovative business – is the innovative techno park. But it is in the project. (Is more detailed in the newspaper «New Environment» # 3 (17) from 2/11/2009)


Nikolay Shubin's, the chapter of Obninsk administration report about activity of City Administration for 2008

The last 2008 became for us and Russia especial. At March we have chosen Dmitry Medvedev, the new President of Russia who has visited our city with official visit some days ago. The new Government of the Russian Federation is generated. The Kaluga region headed by Anatoly Artamonov became the leader in the Russian Federation on rates of economic development. The governor of the Kaluga region supports the major projects of our city, as scientific, educational and socially-focused city. These are projects on creation of the nuclear medical center, medical university, Techno Park, the project of nuclear stations with a reactor of IV-th generation, construction of southern entrance into the city. The city has risen on a new step of the development. But there was a serious test the last year. World financial crisis has brought time inconveniences and problems.

Below I shall stop on performance of the problems put by the city, deputies and the Governor of our area.

Not all managed the conceived plans to be executed in full.

The budget

At November, 2008 we have collided with insufficient receipts of tax incomes. Knowing, that the first quarter and especially January were always complex, we have been compelled to solve two major problems:

1.          To carry out of all earlier obligations taken on financing the concluded contracts, municipal payments, wages.

2.          To create a reserve for the first quarter, for a case of lack of acting incomes of current 2009.

Now, having lived one month in real conditions of changes in sphere of economy and the finance, we understand that this decision was correct.

Development of the city economy within last 4 years has allowed to finish 2008 with increase in a profitable part of the city budget up to 1 billion 948 million rubles. In comparison with 2007 the increase has made 8.8 %.

Own incomes have grown on 22 % (1 billion 282 million rubles), incomes of other levels of RF budgets have got 625.6 million rubles.

The volume of incomes to a level of 2007 has got 115 %; own incomes have done 135.2 %.

Incomes of the whole budget are executed due to performance and one over receipts practically by all kinds of taxes.

The city budget under charges is executed in volume 2 billion 25 million rubles. Growth to a level of 2007 has got 126.6 %.

It was socially focused:

On financing of social sphere it is directed over 60 % from total amount of charges. We managed to increase at 1.4 times charges of the budget on payment of wages to workers of budgetary sphere. Caring of strengthening social security of mothers at a birth of the child, pensioners, including them to pay for housing services, the city budget helped, increasing at 4.3 times a level of 2007.

Obninsk was included into winners of the 1st All-Russia competition "The Best City in Management Sphere of The Public Finance", spent the RF Ministry of Finance among 183 cities.

Publicity and transparency of the budget execution: executions of municipal orders exclusively on a competitive basis. At 2008 880 municipal contracts as results of competitions, auctions and the electronic tenders are concluded.

Growth of the participant quantity at the open auctions confirms development of a diligent competition at the conclusion of the municipal order.

As a result of the lead tenders it is saved 16 million 318 thousand rubles. And now the major problem for 2009 is full transition to the electronic tenders.

Certainly, all budget changes became consequence of that huge work which is spent in city on strengthening economy.

Results of social and economic development

City development at 2008 was carried out within the limits of uniform economic and innovative Kaluga region policy. Despite of an adverse economic situation at the country and at the world, practically all parameters of social and economic city development have been executed, as we to take obligations past year - to pass a 10-milliard boundary of industrial production: growth rate of industrial production has got 115 %, and the manufacture has reached 11.6 billion rbl.

Industrial production last 4 years has grown almost at 2.8 times by 2004.

8 enterprises of city provide 40 % of city industrial output:  Joint-Stock Companies “Signal”, “Huntsmen", Techpro”, “Obninskorgsynthesis”, “New Building Systems” and others.

Every year the share of production made at the enterprises of a new Municipal industrial zone increases. 7 enterprises provide with work almost 2 thousand persons. The shipped production is estimated at 1.4 billion rubles. It’s already 12 % from city volume. One more enterprise is expected stands by at 1st quarter - a factory on manufacture of front plates by the Finnish company "LTM" that, certainly, will provide additional tax revenues in all levels of the budget and additional highly paid workplaces.

City average wages have grown to 29.7 % and have made 16.9 thousand rubles, at "large and average" enterprises – 18.9 thousand rubles. 31.8 % growth to a level of 2007.

Incomes growth of city dwellers to be true the development of the consumer market proves. So within a year the sales volume through the retail trading network confidently grew and stood by 15.2 billion rubles, that’s on 40 % more last year's one, and it’s on 20 % more in commodity weight.

Volumes of public catering and paid services to the population have grown.

7 new shops of a total area 1.2 thousand sq. m. have opened. 2 enterprises of a feed on 240 landing places have done.

Demographic parameters have not worsened. The city population for January, 1st, 2009 has put 105.5 thousand persons. Last years the level of birth rate stably increases, and more than 1300 persons have estimated advantages and have chosen Obninsk as a constant residence.

Number of economically active population has grown on 1400 persons (58.5 thousand person), and number borrowed at the city enterprises has risen on 400 persons and puts 51.2 thousand.


The total amount of the executed scientific, technical and industrial works on the large and average scientific city organizations is equal 4.5 billion rubles; 11 thousand 450 scientists and science officers have provided a gain of 20.4 %.

Financing of city scientific sphere has equaled 2.44 billion rubles of the federal budget that is on 11.1 % more to level of 2007. The volume of investments into a fixed capital in a science has made 400 million rubles.

Investments into a fixed capital, construction

Work with investors, decrease in administrative barriers were reflected in volumes of investments into a fixed capital: on results of year they have exceeded a last year's level at 1.2 times and have made 5 billion 212 million rubles.


All the specified measures till January, 2009 have created significant safety factor, a wide choice of a trade and a place of work. The main priority of the city Administration work should become maintenance of legitimate rights and interests of Obninsk inhabitants in questions of employment.

Number of officially registered unemployed for December, 31st, 2008 has equaled to 298 persons (for December, 31st, 2007 - 306 persons). The rate of unemployment has got 0.51 % from an aggregate number of economically active populations. The given parameter while remains constant since 2001. It is less than an average one in Kaluga region and All-Russia one (Kaluga – 0.4 %, Kaluga region – 0.7 %).

The stable situation at the city labor market speaks the city Administration to support of businessmen last years. In the Municipal industrial zone of city there were new enterprises and is already created about 2000 new workplaces.

We continue a policy of new workplace creation in economy: at December, 2008 between the Government of Kaluga region, Obninsk City Administration, Kaluga Region Development Corporation and the Russian representation of Korean company "LOTTE" the Cooperation agreement for factory construction on confectionery product manufacture has been concluded. The volume of investments is estimated in 85 million dollars. About 500 highly paid workplaces are planned to create.

We hope, that it will be substantially easier to Obninsk to solve questions of employment owing to creation in Vorsino, Borovsk area, the new modern enterprises on which already many our townspeople today work.

In total for 2008 Urban Service of Employment has put on the account as 5551 persons looking for work. 4434 persons (80 %) have found work. Despite of the number vacancy reduction in November-December, 2008, the number of vacancies remains at a high level - 1.1 thousand.

Per 2008 16 fairs of vacancies have been lead. At 2009 the fairs will be weekly spent. Fairs of vacancies for invalids and pensioners are not forgotten. And for a payment of minor citizens during free time from study the city budget incorporates 1 million 206 thousand rubles.

Anti-crisis actions

The commission on the operative questions, created by City Administration, should decide - to find the main mechanisms of economy support, small business protection, the rights of workers at the concrete enterprises during time economic difficulties.

At 2008 the Commission on strengthening budgetary and tax discipline, the control over tax and other obligatory budget payments has continued the work. We had heard 130 organization heads and individual businessmen: after that additional 12.9 million rubles were listed in budgets of all levels.

The economic situation in the city remains stable, the enterprises managed to avoid mass lay-offs, the wages are paid to workers in due time.

The special attention is required to small business

Support of small business is solved within the limits of the city target program "Assistance to development of small business in Obninsk for 2007-2009". Per 2008 on support of this economy sector 5 million 495 thousand rubles and 4.9 million rubles from City Fund of Small Business Support has been directed from the municipal budget.

In city more than 2100 small enterprises work. Number working on small enterprises has got 21.5 thousand persons, and the production volume of small enterprises will make 30.4 billion rubles (from 55.8 billion rubles).

The share of small business in city parameters is equal more than 50 %.

Considering importance of small business, we, despite of the budget reduction, are measured to realize the innovative city project along Red Dawns Street there minimum of 13-14 new innovative enterprises will be enter. On this platform already at the past year the works on 11.3 million rubles from the planned 30.5 million rubles were executed. Additional means from the federal budget will be directed there this year - we have agreed about it with the regional Ministry of economic development. It means that at 2010-2011, at least, 600-700 workplaces and 20-30 new manufactures will be there.

Architecture and construction

City development provides not only economy growth, but also architectural and building decisions.

At 2008 the Administration and city Assembly have considered a number of City transport and inhabited infrastructure projects.

The technical project for the general plan development is prepared. Amendments to "The Rules of Land Tenure and Building" are approved.

Due to own municipality means the project development of a lay-out territories, programs and concepts for creation of harmonious population life is lead. The public center planning (zone I, a zone II) are approved. Within the realization limits of the national project "Accessible and Comfortable Habitation - To Citizens of Russia" the concept of small number floors buildings in village Belkino is approved. Auction on the right of the given site rent for complex building is lead. We shall construct the new comfortable micro district supplied by a necessary social and engineering infrastructure. We have considered offers of regional Advice on realization of the priority national project "Accessible and Comfortable Habitation - To Citizens of Russia ".

The project of residential area "Zaovrajie" according to the new general plan is created. The project of 55th micro district lay-out is developed and approved.

We pay attention to inhabitants’ remarks on imperfection of roads in railroad area. Here we are waited with changes too: materials for reconstruction of the railroad areas are prepared. Combining this work with the beginning of southern entrance construction, the city will receive the complex decision on this territory development.

There are 296 objects in a stage of construction in the city, from them:

·            Multiroom apartment houses - 12;

·            Individual apartment houses - 179;

·            Civil objects - 83;

·            Industrial targets and objects of power - 22.

All urban services: architecture, power, a water supply canal have got greater loading, sometimes don’t make a lot of the engineering specifications. But everyone understands that it is necessary to create conditions to City development, to provide with habitation, communications. Therefore every year more decisions in a property complex, economy and the finance appears.

At 2008 104 objects were put in operation, for the needy population the apartment house on the Komsomol Street we today to have visited is accepted in operation.

Housing question

Money of municipality actively participates in the federal target program "Dwelling" for 2002-2010 (subroutines "Maintenance with Habitation of Young Families") and the municipal program "Maintenance with Habitation of Young Families in Obninsk city on 2007 - 2010". In total 34 families have improved the living conditions through social payments for last two years.

The city target program "Apartment on credit for 2007-2016" has started. These are 13 medical worker families (38 %), 19 education worker families (56 %), 1 culture and social protection worker family. 18 families have already solved the housing question.

Under the cooperation agreement between Kaluga region Government, Obninsk Administration and Borovsk area Administration, Firm Corporation "Russian Real Estate" Obninsk city young families will be offered not less than 100 apartment houses with small number floors in micro district "Olympic Village" under the social price. 13 families have concluded contracts about purchase of habitation under the social price.

The decision of these questions extremely important for our city because a quarter of the townspeople - young people to be our future. We shall make everything that from a kindergarten to release from school and institute the questions of health, a feed, formation, sports and culture of rising generation to be solved.

Preschool education and formation Please download Java(tm).

We have managed to open 8 additional groups on 160 places. 2.9 million rubles has been given from the city budget.

As a whole 1136 children have acted in the kindergartens past year.

We are proud our teachers to work: at city schools and colleges 967 graduates, 54 of them were awarded by gold and silver medals.

It is much made on repair and equipment of educational establishments: 52.5 million rubles was spent for repair, 14.3 million rubles was done on furniture, the educational technological, medical equipment.

The opportunity of rest at summertime has been given to eighty percent of schoolchildren.

In all city educational establishments for all pupil a hot feed was organized, on what 13.2 million rubles was spent (21.1 % more than last year).

Certainly, there is a teacher as the main figure in the decision of all these problems. Therefore, so important, that since September, 1st, 2008 municipal general educational establishments send to new system of a payment. The wages of pedagogical workers have increased and have on the average made 13970 rubles (at 2007 - 10316 rubles, at 2006-6451 ruble). I think, these changes - the fair attitude to complex work of our teachers.


The last year has appeared is rather rich on victories over the Russian sports. The deserved master of sports Nikolay Skvortsov and the master of sports of the international class Sergey Fesikov, Obninsk pupil became heroes of the championship which has come to the end in the Croatian city of Rijeka of the Europe on short water swimming. Our sportsmen have got a number of national and two world records. It is enough to tell, that Nikolay Skvortsova's record is a first world record in the swimming, belonging Russia for last 6 years. On results of the last sports season 7 Obninsk sportsmen are going to protect honor of the country on Olympiad in London at 2012.

Victories of our sportsmen - result of long and persistent work on formation among the population of a healthy way of life, attraction of youth to regular playing sports.

Number of the townspeople who is going in for sports, makes 19 % from an aggregate number of the population (against 17.2 % at 2006). Without strengthening a material resources of a victory over sports today are impossible.

At 2008 from the city budget more than 100 million rubles for repair, the maintenance of sports base and carrying out of competitions was given.

At 2008 (on October, 31st) major overhaul of the closed swimming pool is completed. Financing of major overhaul was spent due to means of the regional budget (20 million rubles) and the city budget (20 million rubles).


The culture is major direction of the city development. The last year is noted by a number of good achievements of creative collectives.

"Museum of Obninsk City History" has executed repair of premises, has mounted the equipment and has opened constantly operating exposition "Obninsk History - City of a Science" from means of the city budget.

"Culture House of IPPE" was accepted on the city balance on the basis of which municipal establishment "Culture House of IPPE" in which all amateur collectives and activity directions of activity are kept.

In total there are 63 collectives of amateur performances in the establishments of culture. 23 collectives have got the rank "national".

At 2008, on the average the wages also are increased by 40.8 % to art workers. This one more obligation executed by municipality at 2008.

Thus, 46 % of budgetary funds are spent for education, sports, culture development.

On social protection of the population 12.8 % of the city budget was gone.

210.4 million rubles has been directed on social support of the population through Obninsk Management of social protection. 25 million rubles more has been directed to the enterprises directly from the regional budget. The total sum directed to support on habitation payment and municipal services has made 122 million rubles. Monthly on the average on 46 thousand person used indemnifications on payment of habitation and municipal services.

Employees of Management of population social protection with this huge volume of work have consulted, though there were both complaints, and remarks.

Payments to physical persons have made 113 million rubles.

Addressees of various kinds of payments and social benefits for 2008 were - more than 22 thousand person. Obninsk Administration Management of population social protection led this huge work: there are more than 35 kinds various grants and social payments. On 12/31/2008 the debts on payments of social benefits for various categories of citizens in Obninsk does not exist. All kind of grants are paid to citizens in due time and in full.

"The Fund of Obninsk Population Social Support” has rendered social material support to Obninsk needy citizens and the persons who have gone in a difficult vital situation more than on 12 million rubles that is three times more than at 2007. Address material aid was received by 4975 families.

System work on rendering the address help (food, medicines) to needy citizens is spent.

I would like us to express all words of gratitude to those heads of the enterprises and establishments who render such support necessary for our inhabitants.

All these measures of social and address support of the population have the special importance at current year.

And certainly, in a zone of special attention there are problems of public health services.

For 2008 for preferential medicinal maintenance of the townspeople from budgets of all levels 110.7 million rubles has been given, including: 68.3 million rubles (61 %) - from federal and regional budgets, 42.4 million rubles (39 %) - from the city budget.

For preservation of Clinical hospital № 8 medical workers the Administration Chapter Decision establishes the municipal extra charge to the basic salaries to all personnel from 30 % up to 100 % (2007 - 20 %).

From the local budget on Clinical hospital № 8 financing the significant sum at a rate of 51.1 million rubles (2007 – 33.5 million rubles) is directed. Now the average wages of the doctor make 22.1 thousand rubles, the average medical worker – 13.9 thousand rubles.

Parental centre has begun work after reconstruction.

With municipality support the medical equipment and transport, the equipment for computer registry for a total sum 10.4 million rubles are purchased, the repair made in stomatologic polyclinic, building for ambulance.

Huge work on health service of the townspeople is spent by collective of Clinical Hospital № 8, the headed V.V.Navolokin, and the Russian medical center headed by academician A.F.Tsyb.

Housing and communal services

The local budget is the basic source of financing housing and communal services.

But, only last years the city began to finance significant means for major overhaul of an available housing. 50.8 million rubles - is more, than is ever spent for repair of an available housing and engineering communications: 74.2 million rubles was enclosed in the construction of a faecal collector.

Dobrin water pipe construction is completed. Today there are no problems with potable water in the city.

There is a reconstruction of clearing constructions here.

The heating period 2008-2009 passes in a normal mode, without large emergencies and mass switching-off of consumers.

Reform of housing and communal services

Not at once our inhabitants have accepted offers at the choice of the operating organizations, but by the end of year a share of apartment houses in which proprietors of premises have chosen and realize one of management ways has increased and now makes 100 %, including:

·            Direct management of proprietors in an apartment house – 0.9 %;

·            Management of habitation proprietor’s company – 6.2 %;

·            Management of the operating organization – 92.9 %.

Let's note this fact as very important result owing to which for today in the city 12 operating organizations offer services on the apartment house management, from them 11 - private and 1 - municipal; 7 operating organizations have passed voluntary accreditation.

At 2008 Obninsk at Region support has received financing at a rate of 5.4 million rubles due to Fund of Assistance to Reforming of Housing and Communal Services on carrying out of major overhaul of six apartment houses. From the local budget on these purposes 2.5 million rubles has been given.

From fourth quarter 2008 and on present time the work on formation of the second application for financial support from Fund of assistance to reforming housing and municipal services is conducted.

As a result of the city Administration work with proprietors of premises 46 reports of general meetings on participation in the municipal address program are prepared. On carrying out of major overhaul People plan to receive 95 million rubles from Fund of assistance at 2009.

About an accomplishment

188 million rubles has been directed from the city budget on the city accomplishment. The city is put into the order.


All city roads are covered with asphalt and concrete. 129.2 thousand sq m of roads on 98.2 million rubles is repaired.

With a view of unloading from supervise and truck transport of the central city part the road along Belkinskaya Street is constructed and put in operation. The volume of expenses has made 17 million rubles.

The technology of a special polymeric grid stacking which raises durability of an asphalt covering in some times is introduced in this road.

City was rewarded with a special prize "For active work on improvement of the roads and traffic organization".

It would be desirable to note, that last years the city takes serious measures on the improvement of illumination.

From the city budget 21.8 million rubles has been directed on service and reconstruction of external illumination, 8.9 million rubles - from them on reconstruction of electric networks at 2008.

446 illumination units on the city streets and squares were repaid. The problems put at the beginning of year on the city illumination are executed. But as a whole this work is not completed, we shall continue it this year.


Public transport is one of the most popular themes among the population! Therefore transport always was on special attention of the City Administration.

Now the bus park has got 77 buses, from them 10 new LiAZ mark buses are bought at 2007. At 2008 5 new buses for the sum 11 million rubles are bought.

The Obninsk transport agency provides flights to 14 city and 9 suburban routes. All flights in city and suburban routes are carried out with granting the right of preferential travel under uniform social tickets, and also with granting the right of free-of-charge travel for separate categories of citizens under the decision of Obninsk City Assembly. More than 30 thousand persons use the right of preferential travel by a municipal transportation. For 2008 the transport agency has executed on city routes 125.6 thousand flights, on suburban routes – 25.6 thousand flights. By the way, we managed, that on 9 fixed-route taxi routes also transported preferential categories of the population (veterans free of charge).

City majeure circumstance department, the law and order

At 2008 on Obninsk City territory extreme situations did not arise.

95 persons have been rescued, 141 persons have got the first medical aid, and 854 times other help has been rendered.

The quantity of fires in city has decreased and has got 52 cases against 73 at 2007. The material damage has decreased in comparison with the last year almost in 2 times.

Since 2008 the City Uniform Duty Dispatching Service created on the basis of Crisis Situation Control Centre has started to work.

At 2008 on City territory 2492 crimes against 2847 crimes at 2007 are registered. Decrease has got 355 cases.

The general investigation of the crimes has got 51.9 % (at 2007 46.4 %).

Public formations participate in protection of a public order - voluntary national teams, the private security enterprises.

Science and innovative development

In new economic conditions the innovation are Obninsk's main advantage in the competitive struggle, the mortgage of steady city development.

On the way of science and innovation development we are helped many new friends and allies. An operational government experience, the city self-management, the organizations of a scientific and industrial complex have received a high estimation on the organization of talented youth work, manufacture of scientific region potential, preparation of new generation of scientific employees and engineering and technical workers for scientific manufacture.

We have to be proud. Owing to efforts of the scientific organization heads, scientific community, professorial and teaching structure in city the innovative environment stimulating young scientists is created. Among winners of prestigious All-Russian Competition of Youth Research Projects in the field of power "Energy of a Youth" three young scientists from IPPE. They were given the grant at an amount of 500 thousand rubles.

At grant competition of the Russian Federation President for support of young Russian scientists - candidates of sciences and their supervisors of studies the winners in "Medicine" direction became four employees of the Medical Center.

At competition of the Kaluga region Government and the Russian Fund of Basic Researches, from 45 projects recognized by winners, 34 projects (more than 75 %) are presented by Obninsk scientists. The scientific and research, educational organizations of city at 2008 lead 47 scientific schools, meetings, conferences and seminars in which above 4000 persons have taken part from.

Development of knowledge is impossible without a modern engineering infrastructure. We in the city have a chance to make it at essentially new technological level, with use of the high technologies.

Innovating in regional power of nuclear station with a reactor of IV generation with lead and bismuth coolant, developed by scientists will enable increase the city energy, northern areas of Kaluga region. Especially important that the high technology created in Obninsk, has got support of Open Society "Russian Machines", Kaluga region Government, State Corporation "RusAtom" and can become an example of rather effective private and state partnership. In city there was Leading Physics-Chemical Institute. Aleksey Alyakin, its head is measured to realize the arrogant project which will develop nuclear medicine, technology of materials, and the maximum profile formation, will solve social problems, including housing questions.

At September, 2008 Medical Institute in structure of Obninsk State Technical University of Atomic Engineering has opened. One more part for formation in city innovative medical and biological cluster which important part should become the Federal Center of Hi-Tech Medicine which opportunity of creation we to have been declared in Kaluga region Government is created. There are other projects of the city leading scientific organizations on turn in the city.

Work above creation of techno park in sphere of high technologies will proceed. The design and budget documentation of engineering networks and the objects of an infrastructure are developed; the work with investors is conducted. It is extremely important, that the Government of the Russian Federation has supported efforts of region and business, having provided duly and full financing of techno park construction. Investments in the innovations, the engineering infrastructure - is a real way of achievement of new, high purposes.

Realization on Obninsk territory of federal value large projects on innovation technologies directions of development is impossible without participation of Region. And today, working above the major projects, we count on teamwork and support of Artamonov Anatoly Dmitrievicha, our Governor.

Problems of 2009

At 2009 we do not change the strategic purposes of the city development. And as Mr. Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation has told "any crises should not interfere in the agenda. We can something correct, and we shall be obliged to make it". Ahead one more year of the persistent work. And our main tasks should become:

·            Maintenance of social guarantees for city dwellers;

·            Preservation of workplaces, maintenance of stability on a labor market;

·            Support of real sector of economy, small business, and innovations in all spheres of the city life;

·            Realization of the program of major overhaul of apartment houses, development of the city engineering infrastructure;

·            Increase of the city management efficiency. Maintenance of the debugged and purposeful work at all levels of executive authority;

·            Consolidation of all city efforts for Obninsk development.

We actively supported, and we shall support a policy of the President, the Government and Kaluga region Governor and at 2009 we shall do the utmost for preservation of stability, the city development for the blessing of its all inhabitants.

Thanks for attention!             (


Obninsk solves a problem of shabby and emergency habitation

   On February, 3rd, 2009 solemn ceremony of introduction in operation of the first apartment house for resettlement of the townspeople from shabby habitation in Komsomol Street took place. Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga region Governor, Alexander Bolkhovitin, the minister of construction and housing and communal services, Nikolay Shubin, the Chapter of Obninsk Administration and Vladimir Vikulin, the Chapter of local self-management have taken part in action.

During solemn ceremony of opening Victor Shardin, the head of the company-builder «SMU MosRegBuild» has acquainted participants of action with the plan of house construction within the limits of spent work on resettlement from shabby habitation. The project of building has been developed by Anatoly Korenkov, Obninsk architect. Victor Shardin has promised that all houses built by its company will be modern, comfortable and convenient for residing.

Nikolay Shubin, the chapter of Obninsk Administration has in turn thanked the company-builder for the huge done work, the competent approach and the responsible attitude to the sold project and to people.

Anatoly Artamonov, Governor has noted that in Obninsk so important work on resettlement of citizens from shabby habitation has begun and yields real fruits. It has thanked heads of city and representatives of the company-builder for the shown attention to the decision of so serious social problem and has wished the further successes in realization of similar projects.

Also within the limits of action symbolical keys from new apartments have been given out to several families. Heads of region and city, and also visitors have closely examined some apartments and have congratulated the future tenants on the future house warming.



   01.28.2009    Unfortunately, the innovative development support of the scientific enterprises practically has not promoted. What, for example, has occurred to Obninsk’s techno park? Its infrastructure and has not been created, because responsible persons did not manage to involve federal investments. To the enterprises which have wished to be placed there, have been suggested to redeem the ground under manufacture at the price of 50 euros per 1 sq. meter. Conditions have appeared too expensive, and investments risky because gas, water, heat to the techno park platform are not brought yet. The techno park as was a naked field at 2007, same remains and at 2009. Local innovative business is full of hopes that authorities, both local, and federal, will stretch a hand to them.                (More in details at the newspaper «New Sreda» № 1 (15) from 01.28.09)



   01.28.2009    11 City programs work in Obninsk, and only one - "antiterrorist" - has been executed past year full. The others – haven’t been done full. The program of the assistance to small business has the worst parameter. From given almost 15 million rbl. 30 % are mastered only. «Money are not spent because the part of actions has been financed from other sources», - Valentine Zinchenko, the chief of strategic planning, a science, higher education and innovative activity department explains. The program is under fulfilled still. What’s the matter?

One of principal causes has been named at last City assembling session. First, "economic" vice-mayor were absent in city some years, chiefs of financial and economic management twice varied. The first reason - in weak management, - Leonid Katukhin, the deputy of city Assembly, director of the Obninsk center of high technologies considers. - Secondly, the program’s weak in itself. Even because at its development stage there was no wide public discussion, and it is poorly connected with other City programs. The Techno Park at Red Dawns Street does not almost appear in it. Business-incubator activity has been insufficiently reflected. But there is a lot of trade in it - and at the same time there is no innovative business there».

At last assemblies session the deputies have approved the Program for 2007-2010 in a new redaction. «The program is necessary even because it helps to involve federal means, - Katukhin speaks. - Without it this money is only a dream. But business’s not only in it. Small business in Obninsk – is a real force. The enterprises are though not great, but together they seriously fill the City budget up, and their share constantly grows in the City’s incomes. Now the City does not have Advice on small business support. Earlier it was, but in due course its work has stopped. And so, that the history has not repeated, many active businessmen who become spokesmen of ideas of this layer should enter into it but the officials should not do so much.                    (More in details at the newspaper «New Sreda» № 1 (15) from 01.28.09)


Obninsk railway station reconstruction comes to the end

   01.28.2009   Realization of the investment project «Automatic payment system construction, the control and the account of travel passengers» will improve quality of the population service and will increase transportation profitability in the suburban railway.
The object'll be opened at February, 2009, the final accomplishment will be made by spring of this year.                      


On January, 23rd 2009 heads of Administration have visited the Bondarenko family - the participant of the municipal program «Habitation on credit»

    01.26.2009     Program «Habitation on credit» sets as the purpose rendering assistance to workers of budgetary sphere in the decision of housing problems due to means of the city budget. Owing to this Program for the last year 18 Obninsk families, including - 13 families of educational sphere have managed to improve the living conditions. In particular, the family of Marina Bondarenko, "Derzava" lyceum teacher recently has got a three-room apartment in the central part of city.

«We stood in a queue on improvement of living conditions almost 20 years, - M. Bondarenko has told to visitors. And only now, owing to City support, we have own the comfortable apartment».

Marina Bondarenko has thanked Nikolay Shubin, the Chapter of Administration for realization of very necessary program for the townspeople and has invited visitors to take part in symbolical house warming.



Some Intermediate Economic Results of Obninsk Development at 2008

   On preliminary data, the volume of investments into City economy will make more than 5.2 billion rubles (20% growth by 2007), industrial outputs - 11.6 billion rubles (+15% by 2007), volume of building work - 3.65 billion rubles, the average monthly salary - 16884 rubles (+29.7% by 2007), a sales volume through a retail network - 15.2 billion rubles (+40% by 2007. The townspeople actively buy complex home appliances, update furniture, and repair apartments.

On official data, there are 183 unemployed and 2051 vacancies from 187 enterprises in City on 12.01.2008.

There are 7 enterprises in territory municipal industrial zone settle down where work 1600 person today. Twelve scientific organizations of City have improved the economic parameters and have kept scientific potential.

The account part of the City budget at 2009 will make 1.8 billion rubles (the salary of state employees, privileges for 33% of the population, charges on housing and communal services).

The anti-crisis staff headed by the chapter of City Administration is created. Its problem - to stop attempts of artificial bankruptcies, dismissals of people, to not suppose possible gamble on a crisis theme.



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