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The session of town-planning Council was held on Tuesday, January 29, 2008, in Administration building. According to sessionТs plan the Council members have considered the project of City business centre number 1 zone layout.

January 30, 2008.             In the beginning of the session Olga Oshvarina, assistant of the main architect has presented the documents and decisions, on the basis of which the project of City business center number 1 zone was developed. Tatiana Misyureva, architect of workshop "Obninsk Arc Project" in detail has told about the project.

The project of the City business center number 1 zone was executed on the basis before the authorized plan. The designated territories with already existing buildings and ground are specified on this plan.

In the description of the project the circuit functional territory zoning of the future city center was submitted to the Council members, where the color blocks showed zones of inhabited building, foot zone, a business zone and the places of engineering network linings are schematically specified.

The common area of the zone makes 1 14. 3 hec. Housing fund area - 71 370 sq.m. Population, which will live at this micro area, is supposed, will make more than 2 000 men. Also in the plan the underground parking on 730 machines and ground parking for 92 automobiles are incorporated. Was separately marked, that the projected parking does not cross the engineering communications.

The transport movement in a zone number 1 will be organized on already working highways, and the foot zone   will pass along the Marx prospectus on the basic parkway.

The central foot zone similar to Manage area in Moscow will be organized directly ahead of multifunctional shopping center. In its underground part will be located 200 local parking. One more underground parking place directly under a building of the multifunctional center on 285 machines also is projected.

The separate question considered changes in the plan, on the basis of which the micro area was projected. So, for example, office and bank center was shared into two separately worth buildings. Workings today building standards forbid placing bank at the office center. The inhabited file was projected without changes.

Also within the framework of the Council Pete Redler, the chief of design organization has reported on the developed circuit of engineering networks. The heat supply system agree to the plan will be laid on forward front of the number 1 zone, and then the pipes will miss under each inhabited complex. For maintenance of micro area power supply, according to specifications, it is allocated 14 Bwatt. Also 4 electrical stations on 2 Bwatt everyone is planned to build. For telephone lines of micro area it is supposed to supply with telephone numbers roughly 1 550 subscribers. In work on maintenance of fire safety of high apartment houses the installation of the fire equipment, and also maintenance by system of the notification of the people about a fire is stipulated.

During discussion of the project there were some disagreements on division of office and bank center into two buildings. However, according to Olga Ashvarina, the main architect of city the necessity of entering of these changes was dictated by working building norms and rules.

In view of the stated remarks, the project of City business center number 1 zone was recommended to removal for public hearings.                         (Press-service of City Administration)


January 29, 2008. In Obninsk Administration the meeting of the urban self-management representatives with the chiefs of the enterprises which are carrying out passenger transportations on the city in a mode of a routing taxi, gained competition and signed the contracts with City Administration was held.

In meeting took part Nikolay Shubin, the chapter of Administration, Juriy Gorlentsoff, the assistant of the chapter on architecture, construction and transport, Vladislav Shapsha, the business manager, Victor Efremenkoff, the senior state inspector of Obninsk representation of State road supervision management on the Kaluga area of a Federal service on supervision in sphere of transport. Alexander Silujanov, Vladimir Savin, Leonid Katuhin represented the Obninsk Assembly deputies.

It was the next meeting of the authority representatives drivers after the situation, when routing taxi do not send on a line and have stopped transportation of the passengers. To the chiefs of the transport enterprises, won in competition, once again have reminded what to stop performance of the municipal contracts in the unilateral order is inadmissible. Any changes should be made out by the additional agreement on the basis of the carried out economic analysis. As has noted Nikolay Shubin the chiefs of the transport enterprises, signed contracts, have received not only right, but also duty. The basis for obligatory increase of a fare is not present. The chapter of Administration has emphasized, that the occurred events with so-called "strike" of the drivers anything good neither city, nor townspeople, and itself drivers have not brought. For City Administration reliability of its partners is important, it is going to build the relation with those chiefs, who operates the enterprise and property, and is able to organize work.

Repairing urban roads, the authority thus promotes increase of profitability and quality of passenger transportations. The works on improvement of light exposure of roads, the area reconstruction and pavilions at bus stops are coming. All this will promote also development of urban passenger transportations.

The chiefs of the transport enterprises have expressed regrets concerning recent failure of passenger transportations and have confirmed the intention to work with City Administration. The help on prompting about in passenger routing transportations of the townspeople will render militia and Management of State road supervision.

In conclusion of meeting the representatives of authorities and drivers have agreed, that all arising questions are necessary for deciding through cooperation and performance of the accepted obligations.                               (Press-service of City Administration)


01.25.08. At polyclinic number 1 the automatic system of registration record to the doctors is established. This system includes 10 automatic workplaces for the registrars and database about the insured inhabitants of the Kaluga region. The record is made under the policy of assurance. For the patients having the right on extraordinary service, the separate window is allocated.     (Look newspaper "Obninsk" № 9 (2911) from 01.26.08)


Obninsk Administration together with the Ministry of construction and municipal services examine the investment offers on reconstruction of firm household wastes range near Timashovo country. The working range in Borovsk region territory is entered into operation at 1986. For its expansion and creation of the second turn the ground area about 13,1 hec. to northeast from Timashovo country is purchased. At 2007 this ground was transferred in a category of industrial grounds. At 2007 for improvement of ecological conditions the contract about delivery to range of a ground that will create isolation is made. The measures against self-ignition of the wastes are accepted: fire-machine and pump equipment are bought. The damaged fence is restored.

The program of Obninsk complex socio economic development accepted at 2007 stipulates 7 mil rubles on the second turn range construction. The construction is planned on 2008. Obninsk Administration has charged the experts to make an estimation of the arrived investment offers and waits new ones.       (Look newspaper "Obninsk" № 9 (2911) from 01.26.08)


Now at the business - incubator, which is located in Pyatkin travel, the repair work is finished. The City Administration has announced the competition on selection of small innovating enterprises for accommodation them on the business Ц incubator areas. In a near future furniture and necessary equipment will be established here. After the repair and reconstruction of premises ending it is supposed about 25 small innovating enterprises, on the basis of which will be created about 100 workplaces, will be placed on these business-incubator areas. By the end of the incubating period the successful enterprises can be placed in Tech ParkТs territory (Red Dawns Street) or will begin construction of own industrial and office premises at Tech Park "Obninsk".                   (Site


Nikolay Shubin, the chapter of Obninsk Administration is awarded by the international premium "Gold Star", honourable title "Mayor of Year" and award of "Honour". The awards are received from Fund "Kremlin" at support of the president and the government of Russian Federation (see newspaper "Obninsk" №№ 5-6 (2907-2908) from 01.19.08)


January 16-17, 2008   routing taxi did not work on routes of city. According to the director of firm "Geokon" A. Davidenko and from the words of the drivers their strike is caused by a worsening financial position and pressure from those who does not have right to work on routes.

January 17, 2008 in urban administration the extended meeting has passed, to which the supervising state structures and chiefs of the enterprises were invited. The chief of regional management of state road supervision, the management of the executive urban authority, and the deputies of urban Assembly were present at meeting. The conditions recently past competition on the right of work on urban routes to perform have been underlined at meeting. The contracts have been made, the roads and stop pavilions have been repaired, and the passports of routes have been given. However the City Administration will not interfere in internal activity of the enterprises. Is decided the control from the militia and the management of road supervision to strengthen.    (see newspaper "Obninsk" №№ 5-6 (2907-2908) from 01.19.08)


The 17-floor house has been built; the 12-floor house is under construction.

On New Year eve the 17-floor house has been built, its address is Lenin st., 201. The firm УMosoblstroyФ is the customer and investor of construction. 96 apartments of the improved layout have been built in the house. The independent usage by heating and waterpipe is stipulated in the house, the engineering decisions are executed under the modern European standards.

There is by a complete course a construction "Zero cycle" for 12-floor house is under construction along the Komsomolskay Street. The firm УMosoblstroyФ is the customer and investor of construction. The end of the building and delivery of a house in operation is planned at 3d quarter of 2008.     (see newspaper "Obninsk" №№ 5-6 (2907-2908) from 01.19.08)


The city dwellers' complaint concerning a delay of an inhabited complex construction лGreen Island╗ (see newspaper "Obninsk" № 172 (2899) from 12.25.07)  

A. Y. Kokoref, the representative of citizen initiative group:

The investors worry about a delay of an inhabited complex construction лGreen Island╗. We are not going to arrange manifestation on protection of the rights, but the intensity grows. Anybody from us does not want to be deceived at the second time.

A. P. Terehoff, the general director of firm лInvestment Building Company лGood Habitation╗:

About today the firm лGood Habitation╗ has not received the sanction to construction, though has made everything to not disappoint the people. The firm лGood Habitation╗ has undertaken default of the previous civil financial company лSocial Initiative╗ before the investors. But at realization of the plans there were serious difficulties. The sanction to construction is given after granting the necessary documentation on electrical and thermal energy, water and gas consumption. That project of the future micro area has changed cardinally at the expense of density increasing of the buildings, volumes of the consumption became other too. In connection with designing of Obninsk business center (zone II), which structure will enter and лGreen Island╗, the absence of sufficient capacities on urban boiler-house has arisen necessity of additional local gas boiler-house erection in view of all center needs. The project of boiler-house still is not present, and the urban Administration has entrusted its construction to the firm - investor "Promstroykompleks" led by Y. Dorogaykin. It turns out, that now activity of the company лGood Habitation╗ depends on, as far as operatively and competently investor will prepare the documentation.

We constantly direct the letters to urban Administration with the request to speed up distribution of specifications. The date of reception of the documentation constantly varies. Now name January 2008. There is an impression, that anybody, except for us, the cares about injured already once people do not excite. After distribution of specifications at January 2008 on heat and acceptance of an architectural layout plan, the construction beginning is removed for spring of 2008.

P. A Rozief, the director of firm "Medbiopharm":

The company лGood Habitation╗ has stopped payment of лSocial Initiative╗ duties, in the beginning it was done actively. Was paid of 30 millions rubles, and applications has been arrived for the sum of 122 million rubles. But, as A. P. Terehof expressed, лin September the situation has hung in air╗, the investor has decided to stop payments. лWe have received commercial risk: the vast sum is spent, and definiteness with construction is not present. We would like to construct micro area and money to give back up to last kopeck╗. The investors wishing to construct habitation on new free market prices, there was approximately 20 %, and others want to receive money back.


 The answer of Vice-Mayor For Architecture, Construction, Public Transportation and Communication    (see newspaper "Obninsk" № 172 (2899) from 25.12.07)

The City Administration will supply a technical part of the future inhabited complex. As to the relations of the investors and new building investor, it is not included into the competence of urban authorities. The ground area for new construction is a private property. The necessary specifications for construction of micro area were given to the previous building investor, but in present variant there is an increase of loadings on all engineering resources. In this connection at meeting in urban Administration, in which the representatives of the firm лGood Habitation╗ took part also, the decision on construction of local boiler-house for the object heating in zone II (лGreen Island╗ is accepted into their number) was made. The official information on possible granting of the ground area by the common area of 15000 sq. m. for the boiler-house construction was in the newspaper "Obninsk" from 09.15.2007 years. The applications from firm лGood Habitation╗ has not arrived, the builder of boiler-house has been nominated as firm "Promstroykompleks". A planned termination date of boiler-house construction Ц 3d quarters of 2008.

Besides heat supplying, the future micro area has problems on removal of water wastes. It is necessary to construct station of the water drain and collector. However this theme does not rise by the chiefs of the firm лGood Habitation╗. The construction of these objects will be conducted with the firm - investor "Stroyepoteka" too.

The absence of reserves on heat is not an obstacle for an inhabited complex designing. The management of the company could operatively be engaged in this work. All necessary specifications, except for specifications on heat, were given 06.04.2007. It is necessary to note and that fact, that 11.01.2007 at session of Obninsk Administration were given the answers on the investorsТ claim. The people, as follows from the protocol of meeting, are satisfied heard. Now project of public city center (the zone II) passes a stage with the designers of the engineering communications. It will be submitted to Obninsk Town-planning Council at one of these days. The specifications on heat supplying of micro area will be given to firm лGood Habitation╗ at January 2008.


In Obninsk Administration the session of town-planning Council was held, the complex building of 55th micro area and public center zone number 2 were considered.

December 21, 2007.             Firm лArchitecture of Business Groups╗ has offered the concept on complex 55th micro area building. The micro area according as the project will be built up with high density. There will be high-altitude houses along the basic streets, and the wood will not be cut down inside micro area.

In 55th micro area 5 types of apartment houses will be constructed. Each type will be individually developed. As a result 248 thousand sq. m. will be built for 8 000 men of habitation. Besides apartment houses two children's gardens on 250 places everyone and school on 800 pupils will be constructed. Along two entrances to city from the Northern Streett and Belkino country the basic groups of houses will be constructed. For automobile parking the underground parking will be constructed. Besides it is supposed, that the inhabitants of micro area will be served with the earlier projected multilevel parking place on 480 machines. In a northeast part of micro area the trade complex by the common area of 5 000 sq. m. with parking place on 150 machines will be constructed.

After discussion of the project the decision was accepted to ratify the concept of building in view of all stated remarks and to begin development of the project.

By the second question town-planning Council has considered the project of the public city center zone number 2. The city center will be constructed on the Marks prospectus with an exit in a park zone and further to the Prove River. In the city center zone number 2 are supposed high density. The population, which will live at this part of city, roughly will be made by 7 644 men, 185 thousand sq. m. of habitation will be constructed for them. There will be also two children's gardens on 150 places everyone in this zone. Besides Ice Palace on 1 200 places, stadium on 6 000 places and shopping center by the common area about 1 000 sq. m. with parking place on 400 automobiles will be constructed here. The construction of new boiler-house and reconstruction of a gas pipeline from Gagarin Street up to Krivskiy settlement is supposed. The communication networks, gas and thermal communications, structure for clearing storm drains, highways, and another will be constructed. The total cost of installation of all networks will make 1 999 639 000 rubles.

On results of discussion have been decided to ratify the project of city center zone number 2.                 (Press-service of City Administration)



Vladimir Putin the president of Russian Federation has directed the congratulatory telegram in connection with opening youthful sports school of Olympic reserve by Larissa Latinina to Anatoliy Artamonov the governor of Kaluga region. In the telegram, in particular, is spoken: лI congratulate the inhabitants of Obninsk with opening of youthful sports school of Olympic reserve by Larissa Latinina. Construction of such large sports complex named in honor of outstanding Russian sportswoman, - extraordinary event for your city, for all Kaluga region. It is important, that this center has got with the advanced equipment, is open not only for the professional sportsmen. In its halls each day hundred inhabitants and visitors of Obninsk will join physical culture and healthy image of life. I wish to you successes and all kindest. Vladimir Putin╗.     (Nika TV 30/11/2007)


In Obninsk today has opened new parental center and school of sports gymnastics by Larissa Latinina.

Larissa Latinina - Deserved foreman of USSR sports, nine-multiple Olympic champion: лI regularly came here, when all was in a stage of construction. That has seen now, it is simple a fantasy. They are good people╗. With pride Larissa Latinina demonstrates to Dmitriy Medvedev vice-premier of Russia a favorite child. It is enclosed 120 mill rubles in this complex. Now at disposal of the gymnasts there are the large sports hall with the German equipment, spacious changing rooms and hotel block there. It is not yet all. The territory on construction versatile sport complex is already allocated in Obninsk. The price of a question Ц is 500 mill rubles. Dmitriy Medvedev - first vice-president of Russian Federation Government: лThat I have seen in the Kaluga region, admires╗. The champions become not all but someone. Anatoliy Artamonov - governor of the Kaluga region: л700 children will be engaged here in such perfect kind of sports. They never will be the bad people ╗. The youth opens the solemn ceremony. The first large competition will pass here in December 2007 Ц The Cup of the Governor on sports gymnastics.       (Nika TV 29/11/2007)


Dmitriy Medvedev has visited Obninsk

Dmitriy Medvedev has arrived in Obninsk on November 29, 2007. First vice-premier have been told and shown, as the program on improvement of health of the newborn and young mums is carried in region out. Obninsk parental center begins to work at 1964. The current cosmetic repairs were carried out repeatedly till 2002. The decision on completely reconstructing a building was accepted 5 years back. It was enclosed more than 110 millions rubles in total. The building has received the new equipment and new branches together with new shape. The problem of sanitary processing of maternity premises and halls after sorts is solved also. The new project has provided cycle process: the birth has been accepted, the hall has been processed, and next future mum goes in other room. Therefore the personnel have 2-3 days in a stock to make all necessary actions. In Obninsk parental center annually there is almost one thousand babies, but it is capable to accept in 1,5 times more. Its services will use and future mums from Maloyaroslavets, Zukov and Borovsk regions. лAn Example of Obninsk - the example for all Russia╗, - so Dmitriy Medvedev believes. He once again has returned to this theme on the meeting. Vice-premier has called government of the region to not stop on achieved and to go on a way of the mother and child health protection. There are patrimonial certificates as the main theme of meeting there. Such program of the help to the young mums works in Russia already some years. Its task - healthy children birth and the population health strengthening. There is an economic component at the program. The patrimonial certificates have allowed increasing well-being of the medical workers. And competitive environment has been occurred even. Government of Russia has got 16,6 billion rubles for the program of the patrimonial certificates in 2008. The next two years - till 17 billions rubles for each one. The problem of new equipment; necessity of introduction of new technologies continues to remain urgent. Anatoliy Artamonov has noted this theme has got doubtless importance not only for Obninsk, but also for all northern areas of the region.        (Nika TV 29/11/2007)


The Business Incubator Government informs about competition on companies selection.

November 29, 2007     1. The Business Incubator of the Obninsk Center of a Science and Technologies announces about small business competition for granting on favorable terms and the right of rent and service reception on support of business and technologies till 3 years.

2. The competition will be carried out in maintenance the performance of the regional target programs лState Support and Development of Small Business in the Kaluga Region for 2007-2009 Years╗, лDevelopment of Innovating Activity in the Kaluga Region for 2005-2010 Years╗ and urban target program лAssistance to Development of Small Business in Obninsk City for 2007-2009 Years╗. The competition will be carried out at support of the Kaluga Region Government and Obninsk Administration.

3. Industrial and office premises connected to a necessary engineering infrastructure and the communications are given in rent. Office premises are equipped with necessary furniture, telephone and access in the Internet. The rent payment will make: per the first year - 40 %, in second - 60 %, in third - 100 % from the rent payment established for uninhabited premises. The companies will pay from 20 up to 50 % of received service cost.

Reception of the applications and distribution of the competitive documentation:

The address: Obninsk, Gorky street, 4. Ph.: +7 484 399 5644. Poplavskaya Helen Vladimirovna.

To receive the competitive documentation on e-mail or to set questions on competition:

Ph.: +7 484 396 5384. E-mail: Alferov Yuri Borisovich.

4. Date started of reception of the applications - November 28, 2007, last day of reception of the applications - December 27, 2007. The applications are accepted on working days from 15 o'clock till 17 o'clock.

Rule about competition (.rtf 263 Kb)



The City Administration Department of innovating development invites organizations and interested persons to take part in French - Russian program лThe Innovating Enterprise - Russia╗.

November 22, 2007     The program will be carried out by French Ministry of foreign businesses. Russian managers of the small innovating enterprises can become its participants. The visiting France for scientific - technological cooperation is within the program framework. The program is carried out with participation of Fund of assistance to development of the small forms of the enterprises in scientific and technical sphere at support Government of Russian Federation and Federal agency on a science and innovating.

France pays and reserves transport, rooms in hotels for one representative under one project for the term of no more than 10 days according to a limit of the charges in 175 thousand rubles.

The application for participation in the French - Russian program is necessary for sending in Fund of assistance to development of the small forms of the enterprises in scientific and technical sphere in an electronic kind to the address not later December 28, 2007. The form of the application and all necessary information on the Program can be found out on a site of Fund or on contact telephones: +7 (495) 231-19-01, +7 (495) 730-81-28. The contact telephone in Obninsk Administration: +7 484 396 2811.




2007.11.22       The city has got 10 new LiAZ-5256 buses for urban routes. The purchase is made on means of the urban budget - 20 millions roubles.

On ceremony of the buses transfer were present: Valeriy Loginov the Assistant of Kaluga region Governor, Gennagiy Artemiev the Vice-president of Kaluga region Legislative Assembly, Nikolay Shubin Chapter of Obninsk City Administration, Jury Gorlentsoff vice-major on construction and transport, deputies of Obninsk Urban Assembly.

Nikolay Shubin has told, that passenger transportations - one of paramount tasks solved today by urban authority. Increase of the buses park on the basic urban routes it, first of all, care of our veterans, for which the buses are the basic means of movement on city. The new buses will appear on the routes 2, 3, 4, and 9.

Valeriy Loginov the Assistant of Kaluga region Governor has emphasized, the problem decision for example the transport problem to have been solved in Obninsk, evidently testifies a reality of authority plan performance on the people life improvement.      (pics from


In municipal territory лObninsk City╗ the subroutines лMaintenance by habitation of young families╗ and лMaintenance by habitation of the citizens according to the federal target program лDwelling╗ for 2002-2010 years╗ are realized

According to the federal target program лMaintenance the habitation of young families╗ is authorized the municipal target program лMaintenance by habitation of young families in Obninsk City on 2007 Ц 2010╗, the annual financing at a rate of 10 mill. rubles are determined for the grants. The young families constantly living in city of Obninsk, with the following conditions can receive the grant:

╖      age of the spouses less than 30 years;

╖      the young family   requires habitation;

╖      the young family should have the sufficient incomes or other money resources for payment over the grant.

In 2007 33 young families have received the certificates on the right to receive the grant for means of the federal, regional and local budgets. The list of young families on reception of the grant in   2008 (69 young families are in the list) is generated; the list is directed to Administration of the Kaluga area for the statement. Is formed   the list of young families on reception of the grant in 2009.

Under the program лMaintenance by habitation of categories of the citizens established by the federal legislation╗ the following citizens can receive the grant for purchase of habitation at the expense of means of the federal budget:

╖      the citizens dismissed from a military service, rising on the housing account in City Administration up to 01.01.2005;

╖      the citizens, injured of radiating failures and accidents, rising on the housing account in City Administration up to 01.01.2005;

╖      the citizens recognized compelled refugees, included in the lists compelled refugees and consisting on   the registration account;

╖      the citizens who have gone away from areas of Far North.    

Reception of the applications on participation in the program, the formation of the list and distribution of the state housing certificates carries out a housing department of Administration of city.

L. Mironova, manager by a housing department



2007-11-10 The coordination council session on realization of THE PRIORITY NATIONAL PROJECT: "ACCESSIBLE And COMFORTABLE HABITATION - TO CITIZENS of RUSSIA" was held in Obninsk House of the Scientists at the governor of the Kaluga region. The deputy minister of construction and municipal services of region N. V. Polejzaev has informed, that at 2007 in the Kaluga region is planned to construct 426.7 thousand sq. м of habitation (the last year is handed over 264.8 thousand sq. м). For 10 months of the current year already is built 244.142 thousand sq. м (that makes 144.14 % to the similar period of the last year and 57.22 % to the plan of the current year).

The plan for Obninsk at 2007 provides 60 thousand sq. м; for 10 months already is built 31.7 thousand sq. м (117.12 % to the similar period of the last year and 52.89 % to the annual plan).

N. E. Shubin the chapter of Obninsk administration has named other figures:

The plan for Obninsk at 2007 - 66 thousand sq. m of habitation in multiroom houses and about 3 thousand sq. m - in individual ones. At 2008 - 80 thousand sq. m of the inhabited area, at 2009 - 100 thousand sq. m.

According to the developed General plan of Obninsk City, the territories for inhabited building in the future are determined: City public and business centre (area of habitation about 170 thousand sq. m), 55th microarea (251 thousand sq. m), the ground area about 52 hec. for individual inhabited building (area of habitation about 70 thousand sq. m) near Belkino village and microarea "Zaovrajzie" - about 100 hec. - for inhabited building. In total about 1mill. sq. m. At Borovsk territory near Kabitsino village will be constructed 200 thousand sq. m of inhabited building, including at 2008 - 50 thousand sq. m.

For realization of the program of housing construction it is required to construct objects of a municipal infrastructure of city.

The expansion and reconstruction of the City water drain clearing structures is required. This object is included in the List of objects for the state needs financed from the expense of a state capital investment, and at 2007 the financing from all sources makes 53.3 mill. roubles. In total it is necessary 710 mill. roubles. The project will be executed till 2010. After reconstruction the existing clearing structures can accept drains of public city centre, 55th microarea, the dot building objects and Techno ParkТs objects (platform №1).

The removal of dirtiness drains is the second urgent City problem. The designing both construction of a new collector and reconstruction of old one will cost 650 mill. roubles.

The growth of urban construction will increase power needs. Maintenance of growing City power needs will demand the reconstruction of electrical substations "Peaceful" and "Belkino". There is a replacement of two transformers on substation "Okrujznaya" at the local budget means now, that will allow supplying a municipal industrial zone and northern part of city.

At 2007 on urban boiler-house "Heat Supply" the boiler №11 (productivity 100 GCal/hour) will be entered into operation, that will allow supplying with a heat the objects and apartment houses, which will be constructed in 2007-2009 years.

Russian Electricity Supplying Company accepted the decision on construction in Obninsk gas installation for heat supplying by capacity of 20 MWatt and 16 GCal/hour. The ground area under construction is made out. Energy will direct on Mishkovo Techno Zone objects, Techno Park (platform №1), and the liberated resources to direct to the City consumers.

The second turn of the project about the range firm household wastes is developed which has passed of the coordination and ecological examination. Its realization costs about 250 mill. roubles.

On the territory of municipal formation лObninsk City╗ is allocated the ground area about 4.3 hec. for construction of volumetric - modular building factory by productivity 100 000 sq. m of habitation per one year (420 sq. m in change). The project will cost 20 mill. EUR, the civil work will begin at 2007, and finish to 3 quarters of 2008.

The realization of the microarea УZaovrajzieФ project is begun. This project has passed selection within the framework of the Federal target program "Dwelling" for 2002-2010 years that will enable to attract federal means for microarea development.

There are no engineering networks on the ground area under the microarea УZaovrajzieФ construction. For the decision of clearing sewer drains the agreement on cooperation between the ministry of construction of the Kaluga area, Obninsk City administration and investors is made. According to this agreement the firm лRussian House╗ will carry out preparatory works on designing new local clearing structures of the water drain. The ground area about 22 hec. is chosen.

For the microarea УZaovrajzieФ construction the gas supplying organization demands to execute a number of civil and erection works and to receive specifications from the firm "Mostrasgas", thus the delivery of required gas is probable after gas supplying reconstruction on УBelkinoФ station. The electrosupply of new microarea is impossible without construction of new substation and reconstruction of substation "Peaceful".

During session the messages of the representatives about a course of works under the concrete projects (38th, 55th microareas, "Zaovrajzie" etc.) were heard.       (More in details look in the newspaper "Obninsk" № 151 (2878) from 2007.11.15)


2007.10.02.  The joint session of Municipal house-building councils лObninsk City╗ and лBorovsk Area╗ was held. The perspective construction plans of Borovsk territory nearby of Obninsk City were discussed.

The creation of 7 residential areas with few-story buildings for 17610 inhabitants, area of multi-story buildings nearby Balabanovo, the continuation of Obninsk industrial zone to Balabanovo direction is stipulated. The perspective development of Techno Park, creation of green territories, uniform system of transport flows on the basic highways of Obninsk, Balabanovo and Ermolino with departure on a federal highway of лMoscow Ц Kiev╗ is stipulated too. The bus and trolleybus service is planned.

Igor Gorski the chief of the regional project лThe House Of My Family╗ has told about the plan of the individual construction in Kabitsino area for 6500 inhabitants. This settlement will have the independent communications: the water supply from chinks; water drain - in local clearing structures; gas - from built networks in a municipal KabitsinoТs zone; heat Ц from the individual thermal installations working on gas; electric supply from own generator station. In the settlement is planned to construct 2 schools, 2-3 children's gardens, medical establishments, sports platforms, enterprise of trade and household service, and other objects of an infrastructure.

The offered projects will enter by a component the technical project for development of the new general plan of Obninsk construction. (More in details look in the newspaper "Obninsk" # 134 (2861) from 2007.10.09)


The apartment house № 16 along the Kaluga Street is handed over in operation. Families - participants of the regional mortgage program, construct 40 % of apartments in it. The general contractor "SMU-2 Ltd." under a management of A. A. Adamson built this house. The custom manager - "Obninsk Agency of Housing Crediting" (Director A. V. Ogrizkov).


Obninsk department of Gas Energy Bank realizes the investment civil-engineering design of inhabited micro area in Kabitsino together with two other partners. For territory by the area of 100 hectares during two and a half of years is planned to construct two thousand houses, preschool and medical establishments, objects of sports and cultural purpose, some office premises for small business.

For today six town houses are ready on 50 %, to hand over them plan in 1.5 months. Everyone town house consists from five sections, and each section represents the two-storied two-room house. The apartments will have separate entrances and a small site of ground nearby. The supply of heat and hot water is carried out under the project from the individual gas boiler. Area of a separate apartment - 80 square meters plus a balcony. As the investor assumes, cost of an apartment will make about three millions rubles. If to a settlement the road, promised by the governor will be constructed, it is possible to be got in two and a half million rubles.   (More in details look in the newspaper "Obninsk" № 125 (2852) from 07.09.20)




2007.11.22       The city has got 10 new LiAZ-5256 buses for urban routes. The purchase is made on means of the urban budget - 20 millions roubles.



Recently in Obninsk Administration intensively discussed the question on the current problems and prospects of reliable power supply of Obninsk, first of all heat supply. There are problems in connection with City growth and the infrastructure development there. Their decision demands modernization of the urban heat net, creation of the new heat generating capacities on urban boiler-house or on new platforms. There is a civil-engineering design of nuclear installation УRUTAФ, capable to give 70 MWatt of heat for cities, not consuming gramme scarce and continuing quickly to rise in price of gas in Obninsk IPPEТs territory.

The idea of using the УRUTAФ installation for Obninsk heat supplying as the pilot project quality with its subsequent duplicating for urban objects of the country was reported to G. Graf, the chapter of Mineconomrazvitie during his visiting of Obninsk in the summer of 2003. In 2004 RusAtom has charged "Atom Energy Project" to work accommodation of the head block of УRUTAФ installation on Obninsk IPPEТs territory and to determine the technical and economic characteristics of this project. Result of work became the technical and economic report, which has shown, that the head block of installation УRUTAФ costs 930 mill. roubles in the prices of 2004, the duration of construction - 2,5 years. At cost of heat as 440 roubles/GCalorie, which is below tariff for heat in Obninsk now, the covering time of the project is 11 years at term of operation 60 years.

RusAtom does not solve the question on financing of УRUTAФ project and construction in Obninsk till now, because heat supply is not a priority task for RusAtom but electricity one. As against electric power industry it precisely is not registered in its perspective plans and programs.     (More in details look in the newspaper "Obninsk" № 138 (2865) from 2007.10.18)




On the basis of Obninsk administration decision, General plan of Obninsk city I have decided:

1. To prepare the documentation project on the building of Obninsk city centre territory (Zone 1 - territory along inhabited formations of microarea 51-A from crossing Marx street and Gagarin street up to crossing Marx street and Lenin street) according to the General plan of Obninsk city from 1971 and Concept of Obninsk city centre building, authorized by the decision of Obninsk administration from 09.20.2006 # 893 AT THE EXPENSE OF MEANS OF THE INTERESTED PERSONS ON THE BASIS OF THE CONTRACT, MADE WITH THEM.

2. Architecture and town-planning Obninsk administration management to prepare the technical documentation of the project development on a lay-out of Obninsk city centre (Zone 1).

The present decision inures from the date of official publication.

By Juriy P. GORLENTSOFF, Vice-Mayor For Architecture, Construction, Public Transportation and Communication




On the basis of Obninsk administration decision, General plan of Obninsk city I have decided:

1. To prepare the documentation project on the building of Obninsk city residential area Уza ovrajzieФ according to the General plan of Obninsk city from 1971 and Concept of Obninsk city centre building, authorized by the decision of Obninsk administration from 09.20.2006 # 893 AT THE EXPENSE OF MEANS OF THE INTERESTED PERSONS ON THE BASIS OF THE CONTRACT, MADE WITH THEM.

2. Architecture and town-planning Obninsk administration management to prepare the technical documentation of the project development on a lay-out of Obninsk city residential area Уza ovrajzieФ.

The present decision inures from the date of official publication.

By N. Shubin, chapter of City Administration




On the basis of Obninsk administration decision, General plan of Obninsk city I have decided:

1. To prepare the documentation project on the building of Obninsk city residential area УShatskiy st.Ф according to Concept of Obninsk city centre building, authorized by the decision of Obninsk administration from 03.12.2007 # 01-40  AT THE EXPENSE OF MEANS OF THE INTERESTED PERSONS ON THE BASIS OF THE CONTRACT, MADE WITH THEM.

2. Architecture and town-planning Obninsk administration management to prepare the technical documentation of the project development on a lay-out of Obninsk city residential area УShatskiy st.Ф

The present decision inures from the date of official publication.

By N. Shubin, chapter of City Administration




Management of the Austrian companies "Unger" visited Obninsk for study, choice of investment platforms and definition of the investment projects from June 19 till June 20. The members of the delegation have met Nikolay Shubin, the Chapter of Obninsk Administration.

In May of this year, when Kaluga region Governor in structure of an official delegation of the Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited Austria, the Agreement on cooperation between firm "Unger International" and Government of the Kaluga region was signed. The purpose of the given agreement is the realization of the investment project on construction of hotels, habitation, offices, shopping centers with volume of the investments about 250 millions EUR.

In Austrian delegation - Yuzef Unger, president of the company "Unger Steel", Berhard Lampreht, manager of "Unger International", Angela Portnova, sales manager of "Unger Steel" and the chiefs of the firms - partners of the company.

Nikolay Shubin, the chapter of Obninsk Administration has told to the visitors about city, has characterized its economic, educational and personnel potential. The special attention he has given to prospects of a municipal industrial zone, Techno Park "Obninsk", zones of inhabited building and the construction of sports structures, that has caused interest the investor. In the long term company could become the participant of construction of habitation and modern, European type hotel in the City. As in the future the City center is planned to construct at once some sports structures and in such place there will be obviously comfortable hotel.



The Supervisory Council of Techno Park "Obninsk" has approved eight new projects for accommodation in its territory:

╖  The Company лBerlin - Hemi Group╗ - a release of medical preparations 19 names, manufacture volume is about 75 million packings or 2 billion tablets per one year;

╖  The Joint Russian-French Enterprise УRADICOФ - equipment and special software for Russ Atom orders;

╖  The Enterprise "Tesey" - thermal-electric converters manufacture;

╖  The Factory of Food Equipment "Raston" - equipment for manufacturing food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical production, and also processing of milk, vegetables, fruit;

╖  "The Obninsk Center of Science and Technologies" - system engineering of safety and equipment, realization of research and skilled - design works;

╖   The Enterprise "The Converse - Filter" - equipment for food both process industry and agriculture;

╖   The Enterprise "Obninsk Thermal - Electric Company" - serial manufacture of gauges and systems of safety, converters of a thermal energy in electrical;

╖   The Enterprise "Cytoplast" - the development and manufacturing of multi-storey panels for aviation, vessel and motor industry, furniture manufacture, construction and agriculture.

Volume of the declared investments with the account before authorized will make of 5 billions rubles, 2300 new workplaces with the average salary 20 - 40 thousand rubles will be created. Output after the end of construction and the beginning of the enterprises on design capacity to 2010 year will make about 15 billions rubles.

There are 26 applications on participation in the Techno Park in total.

In the federal budget more than 1,5 billions rubles are planned to creation of Techno Park in Obninsk at 2008 - 2010 years.

(More in detail look the newspaper "The Obninsk Bulletin" # 45 (176) from 07.06.28)



Since January 2007 till June, 2008 the company "Dominion - M" will execute the construction of new five-floor shopping-entertaining center in residential area of city on Red Dawns Street. Beside there are railways, automobile and bus stations are located there, and that will ensure the large number of visitors.

The project provides parking for the vehicles on 334 places. On the first floor the modern grocery supermarket for average and above the average class visitors will be constructed. On the second floor - trade gallery with the goods for the women from Russian and world manufacturers, cafe, restaurant and fast food zone. On the third floor Ц there is similar gallery with the goods for the men there. On the fourth floor - trade gallery with the children's goods, entertaining center for children, children's cafe. On the fifth floor the office premises and administrative zone of shopping center will be placed. At an underground level the restaurant, disco and bar will be placed. Between floors the comfortable passenger and goods lifts are stipulated.

The common area of the center will make more than 13 thousand sq. m. The investments planned in the project, will make $ 19,2 millions own company's resources. Compensation term of the project is 7 - 8 years.



17-floor house has been built on crossing Lenin st. and Belkinskay st. The house is constructed by SMU УMosoblstroyФ. The comfort in the house is supplied with application of new technologies in a municipal infrastructure of a house. In the house there is a special room - panel, all communication system whence copes. In the house hot water as a coolant from the centralized urban system heats up cold water circulating on the second contour, closed within the limits of the house, and the water, heated up to necessary temperature, moves in apartments, remaining drinking. The gauges allow adjusting temperature depending on weather conditions.

These engineering decisions are applied in our city for the first time. The constructed house becomes the center for preparation of the experts in the field of high household technologies.                    (Look newspaper "The Obninsk Bulletin" № 33 (164) from 07.05.17)




In Obninsk the investment project on building micro area 55/38 is prepared. The project of new ground area building is offered to carry out in 2 stages: 1st turn - common habitation area of 97.4 thousand sq. m. and 2nd turn Ц 197.6 thousand sq. m. The ground areas by the common area about 38 hectare are allocated under inhabited building in Obninsk now.

Besides in conformity the developed general plan, determines territory (100 Hec) for housing building in a northwest direction (area "Beside Gully", rough area of perspective habitation 400 - 600 thousand sq. m.)

In a near future the ground area by the area 11 Hec at city business centre will be generated under housing building, where till 2011 will construct more than 100 thousand sq. m. of habitation.

In city the project on resettlement of the citizens from shabby habitation is realized, that will allow carrying out resettlement of the inhabitants from shabby habitation to new multi-storey houses at the expense of the private investments. The project Please download Java(tm). stipulates commissioning to five 17- storey apartment houses on crossing Lenina st. and Belkinskaya Street with term of delivery in operation of the first house at 2007, and fifth house - at 2010 year. 284 families from 27 houses on Komsomolskaya st. and Park Street will move to new apartments. After the shabby habitation destruction the construction of new habitation also is planned on the released ground areas. The complete reconstruction of old city engineering networks is supposed also at the expense of the private investors.

In connection with ending validity of the General Obninsk city plan of 1971 is developed new General plan (developer - "The Russian state institute of town-planning and investment development", Moscow), public hearings will pass in a near future. The Obninsk city became one of first in the Kaluga area, where УThe Rules of land tenure and building of municipal formationФ are accepted.

The realization of the housing construction program is considered in Obninsk together with the program of municipal infrastructure development.

It is reconstruction and expansion of clearing structures (the plan-budget documentation is authorized, the positive conclusion of Russian General State Experts is received). Budget cost makes 700 mil. roubles. The project is included to the List of the objects for state needs financed at the expense of a state capital investment at 2007. Volume of financing for the current year from regional Fund of municipal development will make 15.0 mil. roubles, from the federal budget Ц 16.3 mil. roubles, from the local budget Ц 22.0 mil. roubles. Besides the clearing structures are included in the list of Techno ParkТs objects (sum of federal financing for 2007 year - 85 mil. roubles). The task is put to construct object for 3 years, certainly, through area and federal ministries.

The work on Dobrin water pipe is finished, (the productivity will be increased from 13.3 up to 28.0 thousand a cube M./day).

Urgent city problem is the removal of excrement drains. The designing and construction of a new collector by a diameter of 1400 mm is necessary. The expenses will make 518 mil. roubles.

The growth urban, including, and housing construction conducts to increase the electrical source of energy. So, buildings micro area 55/38 will need construction of distributive substations with a lining to them of main cable lines. An estimated cost of works - 200 mil. roubles.

The project of the second turn of firm household dross range expansion is developed which has passed of  the coordination and ecological examination. ItТs cost - about 250 mil. roubles.

The municipal program on maintenance by habitation of young families is authorized and developed, in the budget of city for 2007 on these purposes is stipulated 10 mil. roubles. 37 young families are already included in the list of the participants of the program, it is expected to support 44 young families for one year. Since 2008 the construction of habitation for young scientific will renew at the expense of federal means on development of Obninsk as scientific city. It will be one or two-storey buildings.

Result of all these efforts is the planned significant growth of habitation construction in Obninsk. It is planned to construct 74.4 thousand sq. m. of habitation in 2007 year, more then 65 thousand sq. m. of habitation annually Ц next years (31.2 thousand sq. m. of habitation are entered in operation in 2006 year). For today 1 sq. m. of the inhabited area in Obninsk cost 38-42 thousand roubles. 1 sq. m. of habitation at the secondary market costs 45-56 thousand roubles.               (Look newspaper "Obninsk" ## 43-44 (2770-2771) from 03.31.07)



  • THE "TECHNOPARK" PROJECT (interaction with the managing "Techno park "Obninsk" company on its creation and development).

  • DEVELOPMENT of INDUSTRIAL PLATFORMS In A CITY BOUNDARIES (municipal techno zone, territory of economic development on Red Dawn street).

  • INCREASE of BUDGET SECURITY And OWN INCOMES of CITY (increase of a management efficiency by municipal property, realization of work on increase of the tax and not tax incomes).

  • CONSTRUCTION And RECONSTRUCTION of a MUNICIPAL INFRASTRUCTURE (construction and reconstruction of the water source, the clearing structures, the recycling of the household wastes and so on).


  • CONSTRUCTION And RECONSTRUCTION of SOCIAL OBJECTS (maternity house, the pool, ice palace, sport children and youthful school by L. Latininoy, etc.).

  • PERFECTION of ADMINISTRATION MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE (according to the Federal law № 131 and Charter of city).

  • INTERACTION With REGION GOVERNMENT And MANAGEMENT of the FUTURE MUNICIPAL FORMATIONS ON EXPANSION of CITY'S BORDERS (for the decision of habitation problems, attraction of the investments, integration of resources from northwest area of the region with the purpose of their more dynamical development).

  • DEVELOPMENT of INNOVATING STRATEGY (with updating of socio economic development program, development of small innovating business support, including search of resources on their realization).

  • INCREASE of CITY POPULATION LIFE QUALITY (accomplishment of territory, development and support of the cultural and social projects and initiatives, safety of residing).

  • MAINTENANCE of CITY POPULATION INFLOW (returning of the young experts working outside Obninsk, participation in the program of resettlement of the Russian population, development of city educational complex).


  • FORMATION of YOUNG HEALTHY GENERATION (development of physical culture and sports, introduction of a maternity house, realization of the program "Accessible cost habitation").



 Obninsk, Kaluga region, Russia;

Tel. +7-484-395-9115; e-mail: Tatiana


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