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The Report of the Chapter of Obninsk Administration on Activity for 2010

  2/17/2011 Dear deputies of City Assembly! Dear inhabitants of Obninsk!

2010 was year of new structure elections of Obninsk Assembly and destination of the City Administration Chapter. For this period, we managed to provide the coordinated work of representative and executive authority. Joint efforts we could accept measures of normative character necessary, in my opinion, to keep forward development of our city.

Visit to Obninsk Dmitry Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation, can be named the main political and historical event of the last year without exaggeration. It was the first visit of the head of the State to our city for all time of its existence. In my opinion, it has given a new impulse to economic development of Obninsk as center of a science and innovations, university city and as places of the Russian and foreign investor attraction.

In May of the last year I have determined the basic directions of work, problem questions, have put problems under their decision. Many problems have been revealed because of dialogue with the townspeople at the enterprises, meetings, at personal reception. In 2010 1429 references has arrived in City Administration that is on 536 more, than for 2009. All the references of citizens have been examined, 1803 orders have been given on them.

In the report, I shall pay attention to those basic questions that were solved in current year. In the beginning, I shall note some important points of social and economic city development in 2010.

For the year, the population has increased on 175 people and has 105.8 thousand people. It is important to note, that for 2010 1186 children was born, and that is on 69 kids more than the level of 2009. Number borrowed at the city enterprises and the organizations is made hardly more than 51 thousand person. The level of official unemployment is 0.5 %; it remains to one of the lowest not only in the Kaluga region, but also in the Russian Federation. Despite of incomplete congestion of the separate enterprises, it was possible to avoid their stop.

Industrial outputs has made without small 22 bill rubles, an index of physical volume - 120 % to the level of 2009. In September 2010, the large Korean confectionery enterprise of Open Company лLotte KF Russ Kaluga╗ is put into works. In 2011, this company will start a batch production and more than 300 people will work here.

The monthly average wages on all city enterprises and organizations have exceeded 21 thousand rubles, growth on 10.0 % by last year. Thus, the real wages of Obninsk inhabitants not only have decreased, and even have a little increased.

The volume of investments into a fixed capital has made 5.2 billion rubles that is comparable to an actual level of 2008 when the volume of investments was maximal for last 6 years. Investments went on expansion and reconstruction of operating manufactures, including construction of new industrial and social objects. In the present time, 171 objects are at a stage of construction, without taking into account individual apartment houses.

Obninsk has still kept high authority of the First scientific city of Russia. In the past year has taken place 10-years anniversary of the assignment this high rank to our city. In sphere лa science and scientific service╗ each fifth inhabitant has borrowed at the city enterprises and organizations today: about 11 thousand person.

On results of 2010, the volume of scientific and technical works in the city institutes has practically reached 7 billion rubles that has exceeded the level of 2009 on 4.0 %. The science and scientific service remain strategic reference points of the city development, the primary factors determining mentality face of the scientific city. Reception of the premium of the Russian Federation Government by collective of enterprise "Technology" should be named the most significant achievement of this city economy sphere.

The city habitation construction has been preceded. For the year 5 multiroom premises with 516 flats more than 29 thousand sq. m and 29 individual premises the area 8 thousand sq. m have been put into operation. The general fund of the entered premises has made nearby 37 thousand sq. m. How it has affected at the decision of housing problem in the city? In 2010, 27 families have received premises from a municipal available housing under contracts of social hiring. 12 ones have received the state housing certificates on premise purchase within the limits of the program лPerformance of the State Obligations on Maintenance the Citizens Established by the Federal Legislation╗. According to the program лMaintenance of young families with premises╗ in 2010 14 families have solved the housing question, from them 4 - the large families which have received social payments on premise purchase for a total sum of 11 million rubles, from which 20 % - the city budget means.

In the year of the Great Victory 65 anniversary over the President of the Russian Federation Decree лAbout Maintenance with premises for veterans of Great Domestic War╗ two houses were put into operation. 79 veterans lived in Obninsk, have lodged in them, 8 person have got due to budgetary funds premises in the secondary market and 1 has received an apartment in the house for veterans of Great Domestic war in Kaluga. 4.5 million rubles on indemnification of percent under credits лThe Premises on Credit for 2007-2016╗ is directed to 40 participants of the program from the city budget.

For the further decision of premise problem, the municipal program лMaintenance with Premises of Young Families on 2011 - 2015╗ is approved. The decision on carrying out in 2011 new program лPremise Credit on 2007 - 2016╗ is accepted.

27 individual premises of veterans, widows, workers for the sum more than 3 million rubles have been repaired on conditions of joint financing from regional and city budgets.

Also for 2010, 17 flats of the Second World War veterans for the sum of 950 thousand rubles were repaired. The address help on the given kind of services has been given in volume 3 million rubles for 2011.

In 2011 the equipment of foot and transport communications, sidewalks for access of invalids on carriages to objects of a social infrastructure is provided.

In 2010, 52 persons have passed improvement in sanatorium "Signal", 36 people have passed rehabilitation based on the orthopedic enterprise, 120 person equipped apartments with means of rehabilitation. More than 7 thousand dwellers have been provided by medical products under preferential recipes. In 2010 97.5 million rubles has been spent for these purposes, 36 million rubles of them was made with means of the city budget.

лObninsk Passenger Motor Transportation Enterprise╗ transports in a year more than 12 million passengers, preferential categories make 87 % of them. Within last 3 years, cost of the social ticket for pensioners on an old age remains constant and makes 150 rubles.

More than 32 thousand townspeople are included in information base of Management of social protection, as the citizens carried to preferential categories. In 2010 Management of social protection had been distributed means for the social help rendering at a volume of 316 million rubles, that on a quarter above the level of 2009.

Now some words about culture. Wide spectrum of entertainments is offered to each townspeople. 68 collectives and amateur associations with number of 2418 participants operate.

Pupils and participants of creative collectives of city became winners of competitions, festivals, including both Russian, and international. 70 actions focused on a youth audience, have been lead.

In Obninsk, people love sports, and number engaged in sports grows up to 22 thousand person, or more than 20 % of the city population.         

For maintenance of comfortable residing the premise repair is spent due to means of fund of assistance to reforming of housing and communal services. In 2010 with participation of Fund 21 premises is repaired. For these works 43.9 million rubles is spent. It is necessary to note, for last three years with participation of Fund 70 premises are repaired in the city that makes 12 % from total premises of the city. The operation works are annually spent to autumn-winter period. There are repair works of engineering networks and property here.

This year 55 years anniversary of the city will be celebrated, but engineering communications of city have fulfilled about the same term. Before city the problem on replacement and reconstruction of operating systems heat and water supply, water removal has risen sharply. One of problems is the necessity of Northern water pipe repairing. In 2010, more than 950 meters of pipes were replaced with the sum nearby 10 million rubles.

For last decades loading on clearing constructions has considerably increased. Last yearТs they work on a limit of the opportunities. To solve this acute problem City Administration in the summer of 2010 has accepted the investment program on development of system of water removal and sewage treatment for the period 2011-2015. The extra charge approved by this decision to the tariff is directed on financing of modern clearing constructions and decisions of an environmental problem for.

In September 2010 the municipal contract on end of works on reconstruction of clearing constructions, for the sum almost 700 million rubles was concluded. In 2010 financing in the sum - without small 221 million rubles was given, including: means of the federal target program "Dwelling" - more than 96 million rubles, means of the city budget - 125 million rubles. For 2010, the sum of the mastered means has made 189 million rubles. In total on the given object since 2007 nearby 322 million rubles were mastered.

It was much made for improvement of light exposure of the city territories. Reconstruction of illumination was executed on the city streets.

The special attention had been given to an accomplishment of the city. Obninsk always maintained high standards, aspired to both inhabitants and visitors of city here always was comfortably, and cozy. On road repair works and adjoining territory 68.5 million rubles was directed. 68 thousand sq. m of roads is repaired.

At the road cloth repair, the newest technologies and materials were applied.

More than 11 thousand sq. m of tiles has been laid. There are begun works on the device of ecological parking here. These works will be continued in 2011. We have already provided in the budget 3 million rubles on ecological parking. If the initiative will find support at the townspeople - we shall add still.

It is many censures from driversТ causesТ so-called Northern entrance to the city. For today, the project on repair of crossing through federal line М-3 "Ukraine" is prepared.

One more problem is expansion of Southern entrance. An available tunnel does not cope with loading of transport. We plan to make one more "puncture" under a railroad tracks to organize some more lanes. Simultaneously with this, we begin works on designing complex reconstruction of auto station territory.

In 2010 350 trees and 1100 bushes have been landed. 174.9 thousand flowers have been grown up and landed.

Within a year 81 dump of dust has been liquidated.

In 2010 within the limits of the regional Program of additional anti-recessionary actions in Obninsk public works on cleaning large forests in the city territory and squares have been continued. For a burial place of household waste the specialized techniques was bought by the City Administration. Its use has allowed avoiding fires on range in the last summer, despite of abnormal heat. Now with support of the city budget the works on waste stations are spent. A completion date on installation and start-adjustment - April 2011.

During from November until December, 2010 in the city territory 20 advertising boards have been dismantled. Besides the City Public Prosecutor Office has submitted 128 claims to city court about dismantle of the advertising designs breaking effective law standards. On New Year's holidays in city, лWinter Light Fountain╗ has been opened.

This winter the record amount of snow has dropped out. By estimations of weather forecasters, it is twice more, than in the past. We have involved all available techniques - about 40 machines. Nevertheless, they were obviously insufficient. The big cars for export of snow were in addition involved. It has been already exported out more than 17 thousand cubic meter. Almost it has been as much taken out for all winter period of the last year.

The City Administration pays special attention to transport service of the population. In 2010, the park of municipal motor transport was filled up - due to means of the city budget - four buses are got. Work of fixed-route taxis caused many censures of inhabitants. Because of persevering work of Administration, the amount of fixed-route taxis has been reduced with 640 up to 380 that have allowed to remove appreciably intensity on roads and to improve safety of traffic. In August 2010, the open competition among businesspersons on the right to transport passengers on city routes is lead. Simultaneously with this, the measures of administrative influence had been taken to unfair carriers, a line of claims in court prepares. Now four new routes, including under numerous requests of the townspeople around of 38 micro district are in addition organized. It will allow the veterans living in the new house, to reach in a polyclinic, social objects and shops.

One of dynamically developing spheres of ability to the city live is the sphere of service. Though budget means is not allocated for it, but the city is interested in the further development of the consumer market. For year nine new objects of trade, including the trading-entertaining complex largest in the Kaluga region лTriumph - Plaza╗ are built. Considering wishes of the townspeople, the City Administration together with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kaluga region regularly, 2 times a month, will organize agricultural fairs in which participate up to 70 Kaluga commodity producers.

Now in the city territory no more than 10 booths realizing beer, drinks, tobacco products work. All of them will be dismantled after contracts within 2011-2012. In the booths installed recently realization of articles of food of the first necessity - bakery products, dairy products, fruit-and-vegetable production, meat products, sausage products, etc. is made

To provide safety to Obninsk inhabitants, in the city budget has been put financing police and development of video system observation. Already today, it works somewhere. Works on communication network and dispatching center are now conducted.

Practically all the set forth above actions have been executed at financing from the city budget. For 2010 the city budget is executed under incomes in volume 2 billion 422 million rubles. Concerning 2009, the gain has made more than 12 %. Own incomes of the city budget (tax and not tax) have made 65 % from a total sum of incomes. Tax revenues have provided 80 % of own incomes. Incomes from the property using which is being the municipal property, and incomes of the municipal ground using have provided almost 15 % of own incomes. The city budget under charges is executed in volume 2 billion 441 million rubles. Rate of growth to the level of 2009 has made about 110 %. On financing of social sphere, 62 % from total amount of charges are directed.

The share of target charges, i.e. charges under city target, federal and regional target programs, has made 21 % from total amount of charges. Capital charges, including charges on major overhauls, have made 527 million rubles, that are more 1/5 cumulative charges of the city budget.

During the budget performance, the city municipal debt was full paid off.

The decisions of problems that before us stand, including problems of innovative development, demand not only significant financial assets, but also the decision of territorial development. The platform on street Red Dawn for new manufactures is now equipped. Due to means of the federal budget within the limits of the basic directions of Obninsk development as Russian scientific city the construction of an engineering infrastructure on this platform that has received the definition - Zone of Innovative Development has proceeded. In 2010 here without small 49 million rubles is mastered on civil and erection works on building and construction of networks. In total, now, in the project it is already enclosed nearby 80 million rubles. Besides road that will unload Kurchatov Street, the storm water drain, the water pipe is already constructed here, renewing of the city heat supply has been made, the equipment for transformer substation is bought. This year the further construction of engineering systems is planned. However, it is rather small free territory for the city development. The free areas for accommodation of manufactures or for realization of any other investment projects are not present more.

Now Obninsk occupies the area of 4297 hectares. In 2007, agreements on joint development of the territories adjoining to Obninsk have been concluded. In case of the city border expansion, 11 thousand hectares of the ground will be attached to the city territory. In 2010 according to the concluded municipal contract, there is development of the project УUpdating of the general plan "Obninsk City". Expansion of the city borders will enable to involve new large investors for maintenance of the further the city development. The new territories attached to the city, will allow placing the large companies. With investors, intensive negotiations are already carried on.

Fiscal year became key in sphere of development of the international cooperation and attraction of investments. It first of all the various pharmaceutical companies. In the long term, we plan to create high-grade configuration biotechnological and pharmaceutical clusters.

In 2009 in region new strategy of development - innovative economy has been accepted. The important place in this strategy is allocated to our city, as to the basic source of innovations in the territory. In 2010 for the first time has been organized Obninsk innovative forum on which pressing questions and problems of innovative city development were discussed most. In this year the decision on carrying out on May 19-20th The Second Obninsk Innovative Forum is accepted.

Big help in the Forum organization we expect from Agency of Innovative Development which has been created by the Government of the Kaluga region for coordination of innovative development in the region territory. The Agency of Innovative Development will work in the long term by a principle of one window. Theoretically, the Agency will assist businesspersons from zero. That is, besides financing to assist in reception of certificates, licenses, patents and in search of partners for realization of projects.

I wish to thank everyone who supports to us. First, the Governor and the Government of the Kaluga region, Obninsk City Assembly, the city dwellers, heads of the enterprises and the organizations, businesspersons. Our teamwork will make the city more comfortable and more attractive to residing at it. All the questions arising on our way, we can solve only together.



   12/18/2010   Price for the real estate in 2010 practically has not changed and in the near future will strongly not be transformed. The average price of a "secondary" square in Obninsk - 57.5-60 thousand rbl. It is expensive to the majority of inhabitants. In new buildings cost of apartments traditionally below. The 51-meter one-room apartments in new houses were offered in the beginning of year for 2.4 - 2.5 million rbl., as much they cost and now. It is less 50 thousand rbl. for sq. meter. We shall consider thus, that the meter in the big apartment costs noticeably less. However, it concerns the prices of available habitation. The common practice in Obninsk - to sell yet not constructed apartments at a stage of a foundation ditch, because in this case cost considerably below, up to 45 thousand rbl. for a square.

In 2010, there was a decrease in hypothecary credits. The lowest rate in лKaluga Hypothecary Corporation╗ - 10.8 % annual. Moreover, insurance payments too cost money. Decrease in rates has not led to increase of demand for habitation. Conditions of crediting remain heavy for the majority of people.                                              (



   12/18/2010   Under forecasts of administration, building branch in Obninsk will start to leave crisis by 2012. It is known, that crisis has most sharply affected building branch, both as a whole in the country, and in Obninsk, in particular. Volumes of civil work in city in comparison with the last year have decreased on 7.5%. It is not catastrophic, but it is indicative.

Shopping-entertaining center "Triumph-Plaza" was opened for visitors on December 18. There are more than 60 thousand sq. meters in it, and it is more, than all habitation constructed in city this year. "Triumph" was under construction long, its opening was carried some times. Nevertheless, the city has waited. The similar huge shopping center in Kaluga region is not present. However, it is amusing enough near to huge "Triumph" the tiny shop of auto units, cafe "Lagoon", and club л040╗) - as a tow near to the ocean liner looks. Still - it is close at the shopping center entrance it has appeared petrol refueling. Such neighborhoods look unsafe.

If "Triumph" managed to go through crisis, for example, trading complex "April" declared area 13.8 thousand sq.m. had not been finished. The construction is not visible there more than one and a half years, and, by that building woods there dismantled, in the near future the work would not renew. However, this year there was some revival on other long-term construction - л Krasnorutskikh Tennis Academy╗ near to "Eureka", this building at last had a roof.

Volumes of habitation input in operation in comparison with 2009 have increased in 1.5 times! Housing construction - the good indicator of well-being of middle class. When it feels confidently, houses grow as mushrooms - investments in the real estate always were considered as the most reliable means of the money savings. Now, similar, market conditions favor to construction of habitation. In Obninsk for 2010, it is put into operation nine houses on 804 apartments by a total area 47.9 sq. m, and individual houses a total area 6.6 thousand sq.m. If to consider, that an average cottage is 100-200 sq. m, 30-60 houses will turn out. In total it is constructed for 2010 54. 5 thousand sq. m of habitation. It is quite comparable to the best years of building branch of Obninsk when 60 thousand sq.m. was finished.

Now about prospect. In Obninsk development plan made by the city administration, it is specified, that under individual building лthe ground areas on which more 600 thousand sq. m is planned to construct are allocated ╗. It is nearby 4 thousand cottages! Means, the city suburbs will start to get a one-storied kind. However, with what speed it is not clearly. As to multi-storey building, until 2013 50-60 thousand sq. m is planned to build. It is 10-12 houses per year.

On estimations in 2011 some decrease in building rates is expected, the index of physical volume of all civil work as a whole on city is estimated at a level of 92.2%. Moreover, since 2012 growth - approximately on one percent per year is planned.




   12/18/2010   Spirit of the place

10 years ago, Obninsk became the first scientific city of Russia. It is necessary to recollect First Atomic Power Station, experimental reactors on fast neutrons, nuclear power installations for space vehicles. However, these victories, alas, in the past. Moreover, the hope for the future, for the state support of scientific researches consists in a new title.

However, for last decade as the centre of science Obninsk has never thundered all over the country. Each our institute has modern development of which the country can be proud. New materials of which make airplanes of the fifth generation, and system of the warning of tsunami, and radio pharmacological preparations, all you will not list Е But, probably, the system of values has exchanged, and more often Kaluga region is not mentioned in connection with scientific achievements, and with industrial jerk, construction of industrial parks and automobile cluster.

In Obninsk, the cluster shortly will appear too - biopharmaceutical. At us, accommodation of the large enterprises, which are releasing modern medicines, is planned. Plus to this in following year promise to continue the federal project of techno park "Obninsk" in which is planned to place pharmacological and other innovative enterprises. In addition, in the city the municipal zone of innovative development is under construction. According the idea, the most advanced enterprises that in the future should make glory of the city there should be placed. To push process, in Obninsk the regional Agency of Innovative Development is created. In the near future about Obninsk will speak as about the innovative center of Russia.

Dialogue and Internet

Nothing so has changed for 10 years, as dialogue and the Internet, technologies and communication. They have got accustomed among us and have simplified a life. Today the mobile phone is at everyone. In each apartment, there is a computer, which has changed our dialogue and leisure.

Through the Internet much managed old friends, school and institute comrades to be to found. In general, the Internet has opened wide horizons before those who wish to communicate not simply, and to speak and state the ideas. With the advent of every possible forums and blogs, it became easier to express the opinion. Everyone can start an own page and speak everything to be necessary, - about politics, about economy, about private life.


Elections several times in a year have left in the past. People have ceased to vote for governors, mayors. Innovations have not stirred up the population. People show indifference to elective process, despite of that quality of your life depends on results. Obninsk the first has appeared from elections of mayor. The city became a platform of the political experiment, and it was in 2004. Mass actions against a cancelling of elections it was not observed, and experiment began to introduce on all country.

The built vertical of authority in many respects copies the Soviet system when the head lowered instructions below. History with the glass plant arrival to Obninsk is that confirmation.

On the other hand, the vertical of authority gradually squeezes out from a life legal nihilism, characteristic for 90. The life has a stable shade - people began to receive the white salary, to take credits, to give birth to children.

The politics has changed public consciousness: people no wait for the blessings from the state, expecting first themselves. The vivid example - the room turn has died.

This year in Obninsk two houses for the veterans were constructed, the essential help appears to the young families, to the reserved military men Е


10 years ago, we bought in shops and tents. Now we buy in super shops.

Today in city the private agreement operates: лDikcy╗ - shop of an economy class, and УHouse for the HouseФ - for those whom purse is thicker.

One more vivid example of new time - occurrence of large shopping centers. УTriumph PlazaФ is opened. People here not only buy, but also have a rest with family or friends. People can even nothing purchase, and all the day spends in walk from one shop to another.


10 years of XXI century have reduced distances up to a limit. First for Obninsk, the car has ceased to be means of luxury, and became - means of transportation. Each Obninsk family has the car. Therefore, the townspeople now are very mobile. In target Obninsk, families go to the Moscow cinemas and the entertaining centers, for products we too go to capital. In addition, not because in Obninsk sausages are not present, that it is cheaper. The summer residence in 30 kilometers from city is normally, on four wheels to reach not the problem. A problem now with parking lots. Cars have not simply ceased to contain courtyard. л Iron horses ╗ have crept on lawns, children's playgrounds, sidewalks, to part in narrow domestic prodrivings - inconveniently.

The picture and with public transport has absolutely exchanged. Ten years ago across Obninsk buses went. They catastrophically did not suffice. Into the bus, it to be no enter. Now, if we within a minute do not leave from a stop we start to be irritated. In addition, fixed-route taxies run on city streets as continuous stream, and their drivers not too burden themselves with rules. Especially lazy inhabitants can go by a taxi today. Call to the dispatcher, cause the car and leave to an entrance.

Work and rest

The general rule 10 years ago - it is worked since morning till the night, and the salary detain for a month, on half a year Е Or at all it will not be paid. The labor contract is not present, means, to swing the rights is useless Е The salary was detained and at the large state enterprises.

Now time is another. People at registration for work began to pay attention to the legal side of question; the labor contract is already norm, instead of exception. In addition, regular payments of the salary is already usual rule, it is simple so should to be. In a society have returned to understanding of that except for material stimulus, is both moral - letters of thanks and letters for good work. Workplaces are more, than able-bodied inhabitants are. The city provides with work all to district and numerous visitors from Central Asia.

The understanding has come also what to work overtime if there is no severe industrial necessity in it, is indecent - means, the person is not able to organize working hours competently.

In another way has come a rest. Holiday in length in a month for the qualified employee now a rarity. First, it is difficult for enterprise to let off him for such long term, and secondly, to him it is more favorable - possible to get out twice for a year on a beach, to Anapa, Antalia or Hurgada: standard duration of round - 14 days. Corporate entertainments have become fashionable also. The campaign all department in bowling, restaurant or on shish kebabs happens sometimes in a year.


The most visible change in sphere of education became Uniform Graduation Examination. The innovation has caused weight of discontent in parents, pupils and teachers. Soon examination became obligatory in all country, and it has appeared, that Obninsk children have already got used to this form of certification and show very quite good results.

One more problem, which for these ten years has risen very sharply, is an age of personnel teaching staff. All these years, young teachers in schools either did not come at all, or were not late for a long time. Only this year has pleased with shift in this direction - in city schools 16 young experts have come!

Way of life

10 years ago, the inhabitant ate approximately those: лBush's Legs╗ and fried potato, on holidays - mayonnaise salads. Today our table has cardinally changed - less fat and fried ones. We have seriously reflected on a healthy meal - in a diet has appeared more vegetables, fruit, meat and a fish. The food-processing industry too has reacted to change of flavoring preferences: store shelves are forced by special production - every possible yoghurts and cheeses with the lowered contents of fat. In addition, at many city restaurants now near to the name of a dish the number of calories, which in it contain flaunts.

 (ng-region # 49 (886) from 12/17/2010


City of Small Business?

   12/8/2010   Obninsk can be named not scientific city and city of small business more likely, if to judge under proceeds from different kinds of activity.
Recently economic complex of administration has finished analytical work. Expected results of Obninsk activity in current year are described in it. The forecast of social and economic city development for three next years is given. A line of "record" figures is resulted. For example, everyone the fifth city working is borrowed in science. It is 10.8 thousand people. What volumes of scientific manufacture are there? In total, so to say, expression. On year results, they will make 6.8 billion rbl. Considerable sum. However, it is three times less, than the city industry gives. Moreover, if to compare to the enterprises of small business, which provides half of the city proceeds, the balance isn't at all in favor of science. Small business gives 34.5 (!) billion rbl. In 2013, predictably, volumes of scientific manufacture will make 7.8 billion. Industrial production will provide almost 31 billion incomes that are practically already in four times more, than science. Small business will provide in six times(!) more in comparison with it profitableness - 47.3 billion.

However if to look at problem deeper, absolutely other accents appear. There are different small enterprises here. There are those who are engaged in trade or construction here. And there are innovative companies, which work above introduction of scientific development here. And Obninsk wants, that such firms was as much as possible. Small business for city economy becomes the main source of incomes. Authorities need to reckon with it.                             (


Winter Fountain

   12/7/2010   Opening of the fountain was accompanied by statements of sponsors, and also Alexander Avdeev, Mayor of Obninsk. For children amusing competitions have been arranged, the buffet with hot tea, pies and nonalcoholic mulled wine has been organized for all comers.                (


Everyone Citizen of Kaluga Region Can Communicate Far Off with Authorities in 5 Years

   11/22/2010   The nearest 5 years the Program of "electronic government" structure creation is accepted in the region. By 2015, according to requirements of the federal legislation, to such form of dialogue - "person-authorities" municipalities should pass all without exception. The main goal of the program Ц it to facilitate the access to the state services for the population.

The price of the question is 761 million rubles.                                                                    (


New Athletic Platform with an Artificial Covering

   11/12/2010   The total sum given for construction of the platform from the city budget, including expenses for a protection and illumination has made 4.2 million rubles. The new platform has the marking and the equipment for command games, and during wintertime, the skating ring will be made here.                              (


Construction of 38-th Obninsk Microdistrict Will Be Finished in One And A Half Year

   11/12/2010   The 17-storeyed house to the Kurchatov Street, 74 address has been put in operation. At full speed, there are works on an accomplishment of territory: sidewalks, paths, platforms for rest, games are under construction. лPEAK-WEST╗ Company conducts construction of 38-th micro district.


   11/9/2010   In northern part of Old Park where attractions settled down earlier, the new children's playground is constructed. The platform construction costed 3.21 million rbl. Money are received for a victory over competition "Most well arranged city of Russia" in 2008.                  (


The Design Documentation of Glass Empties Factory Has Passed Examination

   10.31.2010   This fact has proved to be true at session of the temporary public commission on glass factory construction: the state experts check up 72 volumes of calculations and substantiations, and the project is agreed.

420 tons of the glass will be issued at the factory per day; it will be cooked from two furnaces. The basic raw material - glass granules - will be bought in Ukraine and to be delivered by railway transportation in tight packing, the dust will be excluded. Besides sand and cretaceous materials will be brought up also by rail. By calculations, there are 6-8 cars of raw material per day in aggregate there. In addition, some units of motor transport: 6-8 cars per day. From the ecology influence point of view, in opinion of state examination, there is all within the limits of norm here. Anyway, the lead calculations executed for 12 points, which are at different heights (from 2 up to 47) and in different places (in inhabited sector on Kurchatova Street, and in a zone of a bread-baking complex and milk-making complex) show it.

The experts were charged that the project corresponds to norms and harm from work of the factory will not be to the city.             Is more detailed in "NG-region" # 42 (879) from 10.29.10.


Construction of Clearing Units

   10.29.2010   Inhabitants of Obninsk should pay 47 rubles for repair of clearing units; works on object have already begun. Capital construction is carried out on three platforms at once. The general contractor - Open Company "Peliscor" builds the industrial case. This company is based in Siberia, in Omsk city. It has won competition on construction and reconstruction of clearing units in Obninsk.

Capacity blocks and administrative household complex is under construction with subcontractor companies, who are engaged in these works. All the listed objects form new - the second technological line. Its construction will clear 40 thousand cube meters of water per day in addition. The technological line working now, has the same power.
The second line, according to the plan, will be constructed in 2012. The existing line of clearing should be reconstructed by September, 2013. A total cost of the project - more than 700 million rubles.                              


The Decision of Obninsk Administration about the Long-Term Target Program лReconstruction of Roads and Auto Station Buildings for 2010-2013╗.

   11.26.2010   The purposes of the Program: development of a modern and effective highway system; a safety of traffic and unloading Railway and Moscow Streets; improvement of passenger transportation quality.
Stages and terms of Program realization for 2010-2013: I stage - 2010-2011 y.y. - design works; II stage - 2011-2012 y.y. - a tunnel construction, auto station building reconstruction; III stage - 2012-2013 y.y. - the road and accomplishment construction.
Volumes and sources of the Program financing. The total amount of the Program financing is made with 155 500 thousand rbl., of them on years due to means of the local budget: 2010 - 500 thousand rbl.; 2011 - 5000 thousand rbl.; 2012 - 100 000 thousand rbl.; 2013 - 50 000 thousand rbl.                  


The Delegation from Chinese Twin-City Myanyan of Sichuan Province Has Visited Obninsk

   10/14/2010   Visitors have attended Obninsk Administration, a versatile polyclinic "Center of Rehabilitation" and park "Belkino".
Alexander Avdeev, the head of Administration, has presented first scientific town of Russia, has told to visitors about last achievements in the field of social and economic development of city, successful experience of the international cooperation, plans and prospects of development of Obninsk science and economy.
During dialogue with the chief negotiator vice-mayor of Myanyan city madam Van Tsyan, Alexander Avdeev has noted that Obninsk already has positive examples of successful international cooperation and accommodation of the enterprises of the foreign companies and has expressed hope, that twin-cities in the future can realize joint projects.
Madam Van Tsyan, vice-mayor of Myanyan city, the chief negotiator, in turn informed participants of a meeting on Myanyan city, which by the present moment is practically, restored after earthquake of 2008 carried away lives more than 30 000 inhabitants.
Modern Myanyan represents a megacity the area of the order 100 thousand sq. km with the population more than 1 million people. With nine areas adjoining to city, Myanyan is more than 5 million people in total. Having almost two-thousand-year history, basic modern development of Myanyan city has began in 1986 when developing of scientific and hi-tech directions have started.
There are 18 state institutes and 12 universities, and about 50 large enterprises work in Myanyan now.
During conversation, Mrs. Van Tsyan has suggested to continue cooperation with Obninsk in the field of medicine. To one of such projects can become construction of the Chinese Medicine Center in Obninsk, and the second - ophthalmologic clinic in Myanyan. The sides can exchange the staff for successful realization of both projects; spend special training seminars, as in the homeland, and in a twin-city. Besides Chinese side has suggested accepting Obninsk students in Chinese Medicine Institute on training.
In reply to the stated offers Alexander Avdeev has expressed confidence, that cooperation between Myanyan and Obninsk will not be limited only to ophthalmology and the Chinese national medicine, and will develop and in other spheres of economy and business that will serve the further strengthening Russian-Chinese attitudes.


Olga Ashvarina Leaves a Post of Obninsk Main Architect


   10/12/2010 Olga Ashvarina, the main architect of Obninsk leaves the post. Eight years Olga Vladimirovna was responsible for everything that occurred in Obninsk construction.
Today the Obninsk department of architecture is the organization in which highly skilled, competent experts work. There are fine conditions in the collective. Many experts work here long years.


Anatoly Artamonov's, Governor of Region, Working Meeting in Obninsk with Li Yun Hor, Ambassador of Republic Korea in Russia

   10/8/2010   At a meeting was a question of bilateral cooperation in sphere of Korean investment attraction into Kaluga region economy.


In Territory of Obninsk Municipal Industrial Zone Opening Kaluga Laser Innovative Technological Center Took Place

   9/29/2010   The given center is the fifth noncommercial enterprise created within the limits of realization of the joint Russian-German project on creation of the regional laser center network in Russia. For today, there are five such objects in Russia: in Moscow, in St.-Petersburg, in Yekaterinburg, in Taganrog, and now in Obninsk.

The Kaluga laser innovative technical center is founded as noncommercial partnership based on Obninsk Company "RASTER-TECHNOLOGY". Now the center is completely equipped by the modern equipment for laser welding of metal and nonmetallic materials and active works with the enterprises of Kaluga region on modernization of manufactures and standing by of laser technical equipment and technologies, and also preparations of qualified personnel.
 In the greeting to participants of solemn ceremony Ruslan Zalivatski, minister of Kaluga regional development has noted, that creation of such center especially actually as support and development of laser technologies is one of priority directions in work on innovative development of our region. He also has thanked Evgenie Kulbatski, the head of noncommercial partnership лKaluga Laser Innovative Technological Center╗ for support and has named the new laser center as one more vivid example of successful Russian-German cooperation.

Klaus Novitski, the head of an administrative department of Hanover Laser Center has named the advantages received by Kaluga region from given object. Besides the center will bring the big contribution to modernization of economy, it will create new workplaces, and will increase competitiveness of Kaluga region in relation to other regions.
 In the end of opening ceremony, guests have cut a symbolical red tape, that, the works of new innovative enterprise having started in Kaluga region.                                                                             


Signing of the Investment Agreement with Russian Pharmaceutical лNiarmedic Plus╗ Company

   9/14/2010   Anatoly Artamonov, the Governor of Kaluga region, Maxim Akimov, the assistant to the Governor of Kaluga region, Ruslan Zalivatski, Minister of economic development of Kaluga region, Alexander Avdeev, the Head of Obninsk Administration, Gennady Novoseltsev, the Head of Bohrovsk area Administration, Vladimir Popov, the General Director of Open Society лCorporation of Kaluga region development╗ and Vladimir Nesterenko, the General Director of Open Company лNiarmedic Plus╗ have participated in ceremony of the Agreement signing. According to the project, near to Obninsk manufacture of a full cycle, which will let out pharmaceutical preparations, will be created. Operation of the new enterprise is supposed in 2 years. The common budget of the project has been 1.1 billion rbl. Manufacture will settle down on 15 000 sq. m. It will give approximately 170 new workplaces.                                                                                                          (


Money to small business

   9/14/2010    Obninsk Administration reminds that within the limits of the target program лState Support of Small and Average business for 2010╗ grants on creation of own business regarding indemnification of the expenses connected with purchase in 2010 of computers can be given for businessmen starting, the industrial and agricultural equipment, payment in 2010 of a rent for using real estate.
 As grants are given on others of actions, including:
 - on indemnification of the expenses connected with technological connection to an electric facilities with power from 16 up to 500 kw;
 - on indemnification of the expenses connected with payment of percent under credits.                                                                              


Opening in Obninsk the first confectionery factory of South-Korean Lotte Confectionery Ltd. Corporation, a part of South-Korean Lotte Group Holding

   9/13/2010   Anatoly Artamonov, the governor of Kaluga region, Yan Hoh Li, the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Republic Korea in Russia, Mr. Oh Chol, the General Director of лLotte confectionery Russ╗ and other visitors have participated in opening. The factory will be placed in territory of Obninsk, becomes the first object of this South-Korean Company in Russia. The planned volume of confectionery product manufacture - up to 440 tons per year. The amount of workplaces for Obninsk inhabitants will make more than 300. Investments into construction have made more than 100 million dollars. According to the Company, at the first stage the cookies glazed by chocolate УChocє-PieФ will be made at new factory, the monthly volume of manufacture will be made nearby with 162 thousand boxes. Later new industrial lines that will allow expanding assortment of released chocolate production in territory of the Russian Federation will be started.

"In territory of region other South-Korean firms, Samsung and LG with which we find common language are already placed,Ф - Anatoly Artamonov has told, - "we want, that all businessmen of South Korea who wishes to enclose investments, have come to Kaluga region."

According to the plenipotentiary ambassador of South Korea in Russia, opening of a confectionery factory has coincided with the 20 anniversary of new relations between two countries. He has expressed gratitude to all those who promoted construction and commissioning of new manufacture.                                                                                                             (;                    


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For the students, post-graduate students and young scientists

The report by doctor of engineering science V. V. Alexeev(Russia) on IAEA session

"The summary of the sodium coolant technology development in application to LMFBRs"

Click here to receive RAR archive (494 Kb)



The publications

"The calculational modeling of impurity mass transfer in NPP circuits with liquid metal coolant"

Click here to receive RAR archive (545 Kb)

  "The theoretical and calculation analysis of oxide formation process on steel in lead coolant"



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Press Release Hi-Tech

In Russian

Source:   RL34234  &  New Era Inc.

Managing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Policy Implications of Expanding Global Access to Nuclear Power

Mary Beth Nikitin, Coordinator
Analyst in Nonproliferation
Anthony Andrews
Specialist in Energy and Energy Infrastructure Policy
Mark Holt
Specialist in Energy Policy
March 5, 2010

Renewed interest in expanding the role of nuclear power in meeting world energy demand has also led to increased concerns about limiting the spread of nuclear weapons-relevant technology. Most of this concern focuses on the nuclear fuel cycle, which includes facilities that can be used to make fuel for nuclear reactors or materials for weapons.
After languishing for several decades, nuclear power in the United States appears poised for new growth, with license applications announced for up to 30 new commercial reactors. Two new U.S. uranium enrichment plants are currently under development in anticipation of an increased demand for nuclear fuel. However, no U.S. facilities are currently planned for reprocessing spent nuclear fuelЧthe separation of uranium and plutonium to make new fuel. Other countries provide commercial reprocessing services and, with several notable exceptions, have kept their commercial and weapons fuel cycles separate.
To reduce the likelihood that nuclear fuel cycle facilities could be used for weapons programs, several proposals have been made in recent years to discourage additional countries from developing uranium enrichment and reprocessing capability. Because a major justification for such facilities is to ensure fuel supplies for a nationТs nuclear power plants, proposals to discourage fuel cycle facilities have focused on various alternative ways to guarantee supplies of nuclear fuel. These ideas have ranged from guaranteed access to foreign fuel cycle facilities to the establishment of nuclear fuel stockpiles, or Уbanks,Ф under international control. Under the Bush Administration, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) considered nuclear power to be Уthe only proven technology that can provide abundant supplies of base-load electricity reliably and without air pollution or emissions of greenhouse gases.Ф1 (1 U.S. Department of Energy, УThe Global Nuclear Energy Partnership,Ф Factsheet 06-GA50506-01) The National Energy Policy Development Group recommended in 2001 that President Bush Уsupport the expansion of nuclear energy in the United States as a major component of our national energy policy.Ф About the same time, DOE created the Generation IV International Forum to collaborate with 10 other states in investigating Уinnovative nuclear energy system concepts for meeting future energy challenges.Ф Congress has since appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars to support several programs related to the development of new nuclear power plants in the United States, including the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative and Generation IV. In passing the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Congress created new federal incentives for nuclear power plant construction. In February 2006, the Secretary of Energy announced the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) as part of President BushТs Advanced Energy Initiative.
GNEP has continued as an international forum under the Obama Administration, but the Bush AdministrationТs plans for constructing nuclear fuel reprocessing and recycling facilities in the United States have been halted. Instead, the Obama Administration is supporting fundamental research on a variety of potential waste management technologies.
Concerns about the nuclear fuel cycle have been increased by several high-profile cases of subversion of ostensibly commercial uranium enrichment and reprocessing technologies for military purposes. In 2003 and 2004, it became evident that Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan had sold sensitive technology and equipment related to uranium enrichmentЧa process that can be used to make fuel for nuclear power and research reactors, or to make fissile material for nuclear weaponsЧto states such as Libya, Iran, and North Korea. Although PakistanТs leaders maintain they did not acquiesce in or abet KhanТs activities, Pakistan remains outside the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) and the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Iran has been a direct recipient of Pakistani enrichment technology.2 (2 See also CRS Report RL34248, PakistanТs Nuclear Weapons: Proliferation and Security Issues, by Paul K. Kerr and Mary Beth Nikitin.)
The Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) found in 2005 that IranТs breach of its safeguards obligations constituted noncompliance with its safeguards agreement, and referred the case to the United Nations Security Council in February 2006. Despite repeated calls by the U.N. Security Council for Iran to halt enrichment and reprocessingrelated activities, and imposition of sanctions, Iran continues to develop its enrichment capability.3 (3 УSecurity Council, in Presidential Statement, Underlines Importance of IranТs Re-Establishing Full, Sustained Suspension of Uranium Enrichment Activities,Ф March 29, 2006, at , and U.N. Security Council Resolution 1737 (2006) ) Iran insists on its inalienable right to develop peaceful uses of nuclear energy, pursuant to Article IV of the NPT. Interpretations of this right have varied over time.4 (4 Most observers point to the obligation in Article IV that such pursuit must be consistent with a stateТs obligations under Articles II and II of the treaty. Article II refers to a stateТs obligation to foreswear nuclear weapons development and Article III refers to a stateТs obligation to undertake safeguards Уfor the exclusive purpose of verification of the fulfillment of its obligationsФ under the treaty.) IAEA Director General Mohamed El Baradei has not disputed this inalienable right and, by and large, neither have U.S. government officials. However, the case of Iran raises perhaps the most critical question in this decade for strengthening the nuclear nonproliferation regime: How can access to sensitive fuel cycle activities (which could be used to produce fissile material for weapons) be circumscribed without further alienating non-nuclear-weapon states in the NPT?
Leaders of the international nuclear nonproliferation regime have suggested ways of reining in the diffusion of such inherently dual-use technology, primarily through the creation of incentives not to enrich uranium or separate plutonium. The international community is in the process of evaluating those proposals and may decide upon a mix of approaches.
Most of the proposals are not new, but rather variations of those developed 30 or more years ago.5 (5 See timeline of fuel cycle proposals, available at .) In the 1970s, efforts to limit or manage the spread of nuclear fuel cycle technologies for nonproliferation reasons foundered for technical and political reasons, but many states were nevertheless deterred from enrichment and reprocessing simply by the high technical and financial costs of developing sensitive nuclear technologies, as well as by a slump in the nuclear market. Several developments may now make efforts to limit access to the nuclear fuel cycle more feasible and timely: a growing concern about the spread of enrichment technology (specifically via the A.Q. Khan black market network, as well as IranТs efforts); a growing consensus that the world must seek alternatives to polluting fossil fuels; and optimism about new nuclear technologies that may offer more proliferation-resistant systems. Central to the debate is developing proposals attractive enough to compel states to forgo what they see as their inalienable right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.
At the same time, there is debate on how to improve the IAEA safeguards system and its means of detecting diversion of nuclear material to a weapons program in the face of a worldwide nuclear power expansion.
This report is intended to provide Members and congressional staff with the background needed to understand the current debate over proposed strategies to redesign the global nuclear fuel cycle. It begins with a look at the motivating factors underlying the resurgent interest in nuclear power, the nuclear power industryТs current state of affairs, and the interdependence of the various stages of the nuclear fuel cycle.


World Wide Nuclear Power Plants Operating, Under Construction, and Planned, 2010




Full text the report for Congress "Managing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Policy Implications of Expanding Global Access to Nuclear Power" look here:  (Click English page)


Publicity Boards Will Not Be in Obninsk

   9/13/2010   Within 2011 from streets old publicity boards will be removed, on their place there will be modern hi-tech advertising designs. Struggle against the old outdoor advertising is conducted already now. Now instructions are given out to owners of 11 illegally installed boards within the limits of a federal highway. Four of them need to be removed under the court decision and they will be removed in the near future. For other seven boards owners have been given time until September 30. If they havenТt removed in time, these proceedings they will wait too.

Besides in the near future under the order of militia of 50 publicity boards which are being along highways and roads of city and mismatching safety will be removed.                                                                      (

House warming

   9/13/2010   Heads of an instrument factory has handed over keys from new buildings in Olympic village to the workers. Six young families and five young experts have celebrated house warming. It is already the second collective house warming on the account. The first has been noted in October of the last year - then six families and six workers of the factory have received keys.

New buildings build capitally - of concrete blocks, which are covered with a red brick.

Following house warming "Signal" has planned for spring of the next year when the third house will be completely ready. In total for young experts the factory has spent for three-house construction and furnishing more than 70 million rubles.


There Will Be Modern Ecological Parking

   8/31/2010   Lyubov Street is among the streets, which are a subject of repair this year. Except for restoration of asphalt covering here the first in city parking places of new type - ecological parking will be organized. At their manufacturing concrete element platforms for parking cars, allow to combine with a green lawn. Application of new technology in Obninsk will enable to increase parking zones, keeping the green environment thus important for city. Works in the Lyubov Street have already begun. Term of their ending - first half of September, 2010.

For the first half-year 2010 contracts with civil engineering firms are concluded, also road works for the sum of 11 million 49 thousand rubles executed. 5 million rubles for development of the design documentation of the bridge through Repinka is given from the city budget.



   08.08.2010   (Interview to the correspondent of "Obninsk" newspaper before Day of Builder)

- Whether does it be possible to tell, that the building branch leaves crisis as which it felt during two years?

- Business has been improved, but the branch has not reached pre-crisis parameters. Over 22 thousand square meters of habitation has been put into operation from the beginning of year, including 17 thousand ones on multi-storey construction. 15 individual apartment houses are constructed. For the first half-year of the last year 5 thousand square meters of habitation has been constructed at all, before last one - 11 thousand, and all for these two years of 62 thousand square meters of habitation has been constructed. Rates of construction will increase.

- How much the contribution to these results of the Obninsk building companies is great?

- For today the basic builders in the city are "Peak-West", working in northern part of 38-th micro district, лSMU-2╗ (it builds an apartment house on Lyubogo Street and an inhabited complex on Shatski Street) and лSMU Mos Reg Build╗ ( it builds an apartment houses on a crossroads of Belkinskaya Street and Lenin Prospectus, in the Komsomol Street).

They get up the housing construction on the generated platforms; the ground under construction is received according to the existing legislation. Obninsk лSMU-2╗ has successively a contract on construction of four multi-storey houses in Shatskiy Street a total area over 20 thousand square meters that will provide them with its work for some years.

The nonresident building companies willingly involve adjacent firms of our city. Therefore, "Peak-West" and УSMU Mos Reg BuildФ give front of works to the Obninsk organizations "Heat- Service", УFurtune-95Ф, УEnergy Center MontageФ УWiring ServiceФ and another. At building of 55-th micro district contract organizations will be involved also.

At the same time, it is necessary to tell, that many our companies should search for work outside the city.

- Whether will the construction of УNorthen-2Ф micro district in present limits be stopped or it steps for a belt line to Kabisino?

 - In 38-th micro district over 75 thousand square meters of habitation has been planned to construct, meanwhile more than 23 thousand ones are put in operation. There is big front of works at the builder. However, it cannot already "step" for limits of the allocated zone because in this place gas of a high pressure passes.

- On supervision of our readers, realization of loudly declared destroy of shabby habitation program practically has stopped. Why?

- Resettlement of inhabitants from УbarФ houses №№ 1, 3, 5 and 7 along the Komsomol Street in the 12-storeyed house constructed by Open Company УSMU Mos Reg BuildФ on the free ground area ends. Documents on the destroy of two shabby houses prepare. Significant terms of the project realization are connected with arising questions on procedure of resettlement.

The further building of "old" city on a place of destroyed wooden houses should be carried out according to the given territory project. The insufficient area of territory for realization of the investment project according to conditions of the prisoner in 2004 of the contract according to which the investor gives 12 percent of a total area of the constructed apartments under resettlement, causes difficulties in planning.

The project of Komsomol Street and Park Street has been presented to City Administration and preliminary considered by the commission on building and ground questions, architectural advice. Now the project is finished and prepares for consideration on city town-planning advice and discussion at public hearings according to the current legislation.

Resettlement of Peace village inhabitants from УbarФ houses did not take place for other reasons. Capital УTroposФ company (S.Kuznetsov - general director) has begun construction of 17-storeyed apartment houses on 135 apartments for resettlement.

However, in infringement of conditions of the investment contract the construction is stopped from July 2008. The Kaluga region arbitration court under the claim of City Administration has made a decision on returning the ground area. A question on its granting to other building organization according to the current legislation is being solved. There is a hope, that the construction will be renewed.

- Whether can you clear destiny of УMedical TownФ micro district, was built several years ago gone bankrupt company УSocial InitiativeФ? What prospect at others planned, but meanwhile not constructed micro districts?

- The building project of an inhabited complex УGreen IslandФ (former УMedical TownФ micro district) which customer today is the firm УWorthy InhabitanceФ, has received the positive conclusion of state expert appraisal.

The designing of 55-th micro district is conducted according to the project. Construction of the first apartment houses will be began here in 2010 - 2011.

In an inhabited УZaytsevoФ complex three multiroom houses are put in operation, designing of the fourth one is conducted. Its construction will be begun this year.

Besides, in Belkino settlement on the ground area in 44.2 hectares (it enters into Obninsk city feature) firm лEcodolie Obninsk╗ will construct inhabited area with a kindergarten on 60 places, objects of trade, public catering, consumer services, sports constructions. Cottages will be constructed in residential area лZarovrazie╗.

- Does it be possible to consider what objects "long under construction"?

- Unfortunately, there are "long under construction" objects in Obninsk. It is a trading complex along Red Dawn Street, which is built by УNartechФ firm. The delay of construction, according to the general director, is connected with that the financial collaborate - Open Society лAlpha Bank╗ to have broken obligations on crediting. УNartechФ now negotiates with other financial structures, but it is obvious, that the construction of shopping center will not be completed this year.

The sports center лTennis Krasnorutski Academy╗ is under construction unfairly long, (it is located in 2-nd public city centre). Under the request of the builder, the decision on stage-by-stage construction of object was accepted. However, terms will not be executed.

- City authorities, as is known, pay the big attention to construction of the city infrastructure objects. What is already made, and what will be made in the near future?

- Especially I wish to note the begun works on designing and construction of a sports complex on Lenin Prospectus. There will be two sports pools, a universal hall with an artificial ice, various exercise rooms. Input of object in operation is planned for the end of 2011 year. The Great value is given to erection of an office-business centre "Pearls" on crossing of Lenin Prospectus and World Street, preparation for input of shopping_center entertaining by the area of 60 thousand sq. meters on Marx Prospectus.

Expansion and reconstruction of Obninsk clearing equipment (cost of - 710 million rubles) proceeds.

The decision of Obninsk Assembly # 03-07 from 06.22.2010. The investment program of "Water canal" firm on development of system of assignment and sewage treatment of Obninsk for the period of 2011-2015 is approved.

Firm "MostovikФ has constructed a part of the city main fecal collector. On construction of Zhukov water-fence having the major value for development of city, engineering-geological and engineering-ecological researches are executed; drilling chinks is spent.

Besides the project of an innovative development zone along Red Dawn Street is realized, the road from "Technology" up to a factory "Mark-4" is laid, the distributive item is constructed, and the equipment to it is partially bought. From "Mark-4" up to a dairy factory, it is necessary to repair a site of existing road, the storm water drain to lay, external illumination to execute, transformer substations and prodrivings to them to construct. Competition for these works will be leaded this year.

- Who, in your opinion, can be named pioneers of building branch?

- In many Obninsk building organizations fine experts, the present organizers today work. Among those who brings the greatest contribution to the city construction are V.F.Dementev and V.A.Novikov, representatives "PEAK-WEST", N.M.Vasilev and G.M.Kabova - лNSS╗, D.A.Adamson, the general director of лSMU-2╗, N.P.Kuleshov and A.V.Shishlyannikov, heads of лRussian House╗, V.M.Nemchenko, лDialogue Build╗, V.P.Khomich, лStroy Montage╗. This list may be continued.

I wish to thank all Obninsk builders for their professionalism, the responsibility, creative work for the blessing of native city and to wish them a sound health, success in all affairs, optimism and new professional achievements! There is most honorable trade, than trade is the builder.

(The newspaper "Obninsk" # 96 (3340) from 08.07.10)


Solemn Opening of a New Athletic Field of Modern Type

   07/26/2010   Olga Kopyshenkova, minister of sports, tourism and youth policy of the Kaluga region, Tatyana Popova, the assistant to the chapter of Obninsk Administration on social questions and other officials have congratulated on this event of the meeting participants.

She has marked, that realization of the given project became possible owing to support of the regional Government, which has given means for this purpose from the regional budget.
 Association of municipal and regional budgets has allowed constructing an athletic field equipped by the modern sports equipment in Obninsk. As Raise Maslevskaya, the principal # 6 school has told the teachers of the educational schools located nearby will spend here lessons of physical culture, and then the platform becomes accessible to sports employment of inhabitants of micro district. On behalf of pupils and teachers, Raise Maslevskaya has thanked representatives of regional and city authority for constant care of development of a sports making city life.                      


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"NEW  ERA"  Inc.  News

World market: computers, satellite TV, home security, discount telecom services. Engineering of the Big systems, installation, arrangement, automation, programming on C++.          BEST COMPUTERS. WORLDWIDE DELIVERY. To look prices, views and orders CLICK HERE!!!                   BEST e-BUSINESS. From your registration to THE BANK ACCOUNT ALL IS FREE. AFFILIATES WANTED!!!

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For the students, post-graduate students and young scientists

The report by doctor of engineering science V. V. Alexeev(Russia) on IAEA session

"The summary of the sodium coolant technology development in application to LMFBRs"

Click here to receive RAR archive (494 Kb)



The publications

"The calculational modeling of impurity mass transfer in NPP circuits with liquid metal coolant"

Click here to receive RAR archive (545 Kb)

  "The theoretical and calculation analysis of oxide formation process on steel in lead coolant"



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Press Release Hi-Tech                                 In Russian                              Source: & New Era Inc.


From this year the federal target program лNuclear Power Technologies of New Generation for The Period 2010-2015 And on Prospect Till 2020╗ operates in Russia. Its lion's share is devoted to fast reactors and the closed fuel cycle. Vladimir Putin, Prime minister has named the program primary goal: it is a realization of competitive advantage in creation of as much as possible effective and harmless atomic power stations.

The idea of fast reactors and the closed nuclear fuel cycle has appeared at the beginning of a nuclear era. The United States, the USSR, France, the Great Britain, Germany, Japan in different years undertook creation of "fast" atomic engineering, but no one has reached desirable result. Nevertheless, Russia today possesses the most successful in the world experience in this area. Whether we on its basis can create a technological commercial product so necessary for modernization of a national economy, or we shall concede superiority of India and to China which fast rates realize similar programs? How to use opening opportunities of the state support for preservation and consolidations of leadership in the development connected with fast reactors?

From Fermi to "Super phoenix"

From this year the new federal target program, directly concerning the state corporation "Russ Atom", - лNuclear Power Technologies of New Generation for The Period 2010-2015 And on Prospect Till 2020╗ operates in Russia.. Its lion's share is devoted to fast reactors and the closed fuel cycle. In January at session of the government Vladimir Putin, Prime minister has named the program primary goal: it is a realization of competitive advantage in creation of more effective and harmless atomic power stations.

Nobel winner Enriko Fermi was first who has paid attention to potential of the expanded plutonium reproduction in a spectrum of fast reactor neutrons. Plutonium is formed more than is burnt down during such type reactor work. Plutonium is synthesized at interaction of neutrons with uranium-238, an isotope that remains practically untouched in reactors on thermal neutrons. It also is the basic advantage of fast reactors: they allow using uranium-238 which stocks is considered is practically unlimited. It is almost in 100 times more, than uranium-235 on which atomic power stations today work. But the similar technology requires an infrastructure of the closed fuel cycle, factories on processing the fulfilled nuclear fuel, capable to restore plutonium out from burnt fuel are necessary first of all.

All developed countries, engaged in atomic engineering, were interested in fast reactors. Long time Americans were in the lead. Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Italy had own "fast" programs. Among Europeans, further all the Frenchmen who have started up an experimental reactor "Phoenix", and then power fast reactor "Super phoenix" 1.2 thousand MWt. (electrical power) have promoted.

By the end of 80th basic technologies of fast reactors and the closed nuclear fuel cycle have been developed, it was necessary to make only one-step up to commercialization. However, interest to them withered on eyes, and there were objective reasons to that.

Englishmen were first who have found at their borders rich deposits of natural gas and have doubted expediency of large-scale development of atomic engineering and they have refused the direction. In America a role of the malicious genius of peace atom Уnon-distributersФ have played - politicians and the experts combating uncontrollable distribution worldwide of "sensitive" nuclear materials and technologies. After Indian nuclear weapon test in 1974 the USA government has found any use of the fulfilled nuclear fuel technology and plutonium in the peace purposes too dangerous, and the program of the closed nuclear fuel cycle has appeared completely curtailed. The Frenchmen should be offended much more. By the moment of "Super phoenix" start-up in France, they have finished atomic station park, state energetic has been directed on atom almost on 80%, it was thermal reactors. There was not needs for new powers at the country, and fast reactors have appeared unnecessary. It has been solved, that fast reactors will have to wait the hour - that period when service life of thermal reactors will end. There were also other deterrents. Many countries have understood, that sodium - the best coolant for fast installations. However, it was found out that the technology is hardly difficult. In the Great Britain in blocks leaks of sodium were observed, in France accepted in the project of "Super phoenix" of a safety measure for the reference with sodium "have killed" economy of the reactor, having made it is unreasonable - three times more expensive. Finishing impact Chernobyl has put: the attitude to atom after failure was replaced with the extremely negative. Many states have declared full aversion of nuclear power, and, certainly, in these conditions the fast reactors and the closed nuclear fuel cycle have appeared not at affairs.

Stagnation was prolonged prior to the beginning of 21 centuries when many countries have understood, that their plans on intensive development will demand substantial growth of the charge of organic fuel. Nuclear technologies would solve a problem of power supply of steady world development and growth of well-being states.

Today fast reactors and the closed nuclear fuel cycle present on the agenda practically in all countries with the developed atomic engineering. However, there are different interpretations concerning when to pass to the closed fuel cycle. France, the USA, Japan do not require essential increase in manufacture of the electric power and consequently are ready, to build fast installations on replacement existing, thermal since 2040-2050. They have time that during first half of century to develop "ideal" technologies of the fourth generation. India and China, on the contrary, only have started mass construction of the atomic power station, and fast reactors are necessary to them urgently - here and now.

The Russian Experience

In the USSR Alexander Lejpunsky became the pioneer of fast reactor idea. He has been assured, that scale development of branch is possible only on this technological base. Step by step, the scientist proved practicability of this program. Actively have begun to develop fast reactors in the country in 50th years and to 80-th has reached impressive results: first-ever power reactor BN-350 (Kazakhstan) worked for us, BN-600 (the Beloyarsk atomic power station) was started up for us.

There were problems on our reactors BN-350 and BN-600 in the beginning too, however technical measures were found for their decision. Today BN-600 corresponds to the highest safety requirements. When in the West, similar projects have stopped, BN-600 continued to show excellent operational characteristics.

In the beginning of 80th years, the program of construction of small series BN-800 has been accepted. After it occurrence not only four new reactors, but also creation of a factory on metal-oxides fuel manufacture for fast reactors and processing of the fulfilled nuclear fuel from thermal reactors for restoration of plutonium was meant. In the future, the complex was planned to add with a factory for the fast reactor fulfilled nuclear fuel processing. Creation of industrial technology and transition to intensive development of fast reactors referred to as an ultimate goal.

Those years we, unlike the main competitors - the Frenchmen, concentrated efforts to sodium technologies, having mastered them in perfection, but thus lagged behind on the fuel cycle. In France metal-oxides loadings were made for "Super phoenix" reactor and the operations on processing the fulfilled nuclear fuel were carried out at a commercial level. BN-600 reactor worked, basically, on uranium fuel, but has bypassed the French analogues on the basic operational parameters, and also cost more cheaply.

In many aspects, the strategy of development of this segment of domestic nuclear branch depends on what political problem will be put by the country leaders. If to be guided mainly by a home market we could take a position the western countries, that is pass to fast reactors in process of thermal ones dying off. However, if УRuss AtomФ one should solve problems of export, make it not raw, but hi-tech, if Russia wishes to go out from dependence on лan oil needle╗ the answer is obvious. In this case, it is necessary to develop fast reactors and the closed nuclear fuel cycle already today and to borrow for the present free niches in the world markets - for example, now we sell two BN-800 reactors to China.

The УRuss AtomФ Fast Future

Last decade in Russia orientation to internal consumption prevailed that assumed presence of time for creation and operational development of new technologies. So was born found the place in the state program лNuclear Power Technologies of New Generation╗ the concept of УBrestФ lead reactor which is calculated on far prospect and demands significant material and non-material expenses. The project of a reactor with lead-bismuth coolant, caused interest not only at the state, but also at private business is more advanced. For it УRuss AtomФ one with лEuro Sib Power╗ has created УAKMA-EngineeringФ joint venture to construct skilled installation of the first power reactor of such type Ц SVBR-100 (LBFR-100 Ц in English). The understanding of gradually luggage grows which has been saved up on the sodium direction, has come. It is possible to receive feedback literally in some years. There are demands on sodium reactors in India and China, and we already managed with China to enter into the agreement on delivery of two BN-800 blocks. Result of interaction of two tendencies - the orientation to internal and external consumption, far prospect and todays - became the program variant accepted by the government including all three kinds of fast reactors: sodium, lead and lead-bismuth. Head blocks are planned on everyone by 2020. For experimental installations, the state has undertaken to pay both designing, and construction (for SVBR - in partnership with private business). For BN-1200 budgetary money are given only for the project. It will be build with УRuss Power AtomФ means attraction that de facto will be recognition of the commercial status of the device.

Precisely same dilemma - a choice between long - and urgent prospects, faces to founders of fast reactor fuel and methods of the fulfilled nuclear fuel processing. Here again, as well as in nuclear reactor technologies, we shall try to extract simultaneously both a titmouse, and a crane. The state program will deal with "Crane" generally. A lot of attention will be given to the directions, promising having dug, - to dry methods of processing, nitride fuel and so on. However, in parallel the program does not forget about "titmouse" - well studied and repeatedly checked up all over the world tablet metal-oxide fuel. Additional support to technologies of the fuel cycle ready to commercialization will be rendered with the program on nuclear radiating safety in which traditional water methods of the fulfilled nuclear fuel processing are included.

Besides fuel and coolant, the constructional materials are necessary to a reactor. The business is better with sodium BN reactors. The saved up experience allows guaranteeing achievement of design parameters under construction of BN-800 with using of steels checked up at BN-600 operation. Naturally, experts bring some additives in their structure, the modified samples are tested in BN-600, and any problems here are not expected. For BN-1200 while it is supposed to continue evolutionary movement and to not depart from steel #450 that has proved the reliability. As to lead and lead-bismuth reactors for them still it is necessary to execute the big volume of researches.

About Economy and Philosophy

A question on economy of the closed nuclear fuel cycle of fast reactors causes many disputes. There is an opinion, that the closed cycle in practice will appear much more expensive, than opened thermal one. Skeptics quite often refer to negative experience of "Super phoenix", whose cost has three times surpassed cost of serial PWR unit the same power. However, it is incorrectly to make use of unfortunate experience of the Frenchmen as an example.

How did this reactor be projected and constructed? First of all, in a mode of competition of two systems - dispute with the USSR. For French experts the conditions have been created all: they took and spent so much, how many wanted, that should affect the final cost. Moreover, the government aspired to make political show of "Super phoenix", to transform it into the all-European project. Attempt has failed. The non-competent bureaucratic structure was formed, coordination of actions between suppliers was broke, and discrepancies of standards in the various European countries were opened and so on. All this deals as a result has turned back prompt rise in price of the reactor.

Very few people remembers, but right after "Super phoenix" end in France the program on development of a complex of measures for radical depreciation of construction of fast reactors has started. For a following European fast reactor - EFR, it was offered to reduce volumes of concrete, metal, labor work and many other things. As a result, from the received estimations follows that the first EFR block will appear only on 30% more expensive, than the serial PWR block. The difference on capital expenses between last block of small series EFR and serial PWR would make only 10%.

In Russia as it was already marked, the economy of reactors is much better, than in France. Our BN-600 at once has turned out only on 40% more expensive than serial WWR-1000 (compare this result to the French triple excess). BN-800, for example, on metal consumption and specific volumes of concrete differs from WWR-1000 a little. It is reached due to scrupulous work of designers above configuration. In BN-1200 project there is a problem or to be made even on capital expenses to thermal reactors, or to try even to lower this parameter.

Another matter - a question of a fuel component of the closed nuclear fuel cycle. Cost of processing and manufacturing of fuel depends both on the chosen technology, and from scale. For France where to factories on processing only from the local atomic power stations up to 1 thousand tons of fulfilled nuclear fuel is delivered, this is economic. In Russia at the beginning, the process can appear unduly expensive. The economy will appear only when fast reactors will be a lot, even within the limits of a small series.

At the end, it is impossible to bypass philosophy question. Whether does it be possible to consider the "fast" power, the closed fuel cycle with fast reactors the panacea, capable to consult with all troubles of nuclear branch? To provide with its resources, to destroy waste? No, it is impossible. In the same way, as panacea any technology cannot serve. Even manufacture of the electric power with annihilation method will have industrial wastes, and even at such way though and theoretically, but there is a limit on resource base: it will work until matter and antimatter will not terminate yet.

It is not necessary to idealize systems; thoughtless propagation has property to turn around against those who have started it. It is necessary to describe objectively benefits from transition to new technologies. The closed nuclear fuel cycle will have fission products, and, hence, for them storehouses for 200-300 years will be required. However, the closed fuel cycle will allow withdrawing from waste the most long-living and most dangerous materials from the point of view of possible distribution - uranium and plutonium. Moreover, to return them in the fuel cycle for further use and reception of profit.

The closed fuel cycle will allow eliminating in due course from atomic engineering one of the most difficult stages - extraction of uranium. For the closed nuclear fuel cycle the uranium mines are not necessary, the problem of dead rocks, uranium wastes, and, actually, uranium saturation will disappear. At last, the closed fuel cycle will give greater flexibility at the reference with radioactive waste. At the fulfilled nuclear fuel processing, we have an opportunity to allocate various nuclides and to choose ways of the optimum reference separately with each kind. For example, plutonium recycling in fast power reactors together with uranium for expansion of a raw-material base of atomic engineering, redirecting in special zones of these reactors or in reactor-burners the long-living an alpha-active neptunium and americium to minimize a level of long-term radioactive toxicity of nuclear waste.

The state program лNuclear Power Technologies of New Generation╗ are opened with a way to nuclear branch of the future. Certainly, problems are not simple. Certainly, the program, offering лto swing on million╗, expects results at once in three directions of fast reactors, in three directions of fuel for fast reactors, in three directions of processing of the fulfilled nuclear fuel. лRuss Atom╗ will have soon to be defined, place priorities within the limits of the prepared project. All the same, when - "when" instead of "if" - it will be executed, our country by the right will strengthen the positions among world leaders of atomic engineering. Moreover, not one only power.

Vladimir Kagramanyan, for "Russ Atom Country"


The New Technological Platform Is Directed on the Decision of Prime Questions in Maintenance of Innovative Break in Nuclear Branch

The closed nuclear fuel cycle with reactor installations on fast neutrons should become a basis of new atomic engineering. The closed nuclear fuel cycle will allow overcoming resource restrictions of the modern nuclear power, which is focused on consumption of uranium 235 only, and will provide the problem decision of the fulfilled nuclear fuel accumulation. The theory of the program of the closed nuclear cycle consists in the following. The first step assumes burning on power units with hard water reactors PHWR of natural uranium 238 with the subsequent allocation from the irradiated nuclear fuel of plutonium 239. Hard water reactors are more preferable than light water ones from the point of view of an operating time of plutonium from natural uranium.

The received plutonium is supposed to be used as nuclear fuel at the second step - for energy blocks with fast reactors. Oxide fuel will be applied at first, after it will be replaced with metal - at first uranium-plutonium, and then thorium.

Mass loading of thorium in fast power reactors is planned to begin when the total established electric power produced by them would reach 200 billion Wt - by 2050. It will allow starting an operating time of uranium 233, which will be the basic fuel of power reactors at the third step of the program.

The key requirement in practical development of the New Technological Platform is development and demonstration complex and economically effective industrial power technologies. The creation of the New Technological Platform provides development of sodium technologies in reactor engineering, first of all, in a direction of optimization of technical and economic characteristics of the atomic power station on the basis of this type of a reactor (decrease in capital expenses for a construction, perfection of the equipment and processes of its manufacturing, application of new information technologies). The nearest yearТs creation of technology metal-oxide fuel for BN (Fast Neutrons) reactors will be completed.

Please download Java(tm). In the field of "heavy-metal" direction it is supposed based on existing reserves (technologies on lead-bismuth and lead) creation the breaking reactor technologies, described a high level of natural safety under condition of an acceptability of economic parameters. The major requirement for transition to the New Technological Platform - formation of effective short circuit of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, including development and introduction of industrial technology of processing fulfilled nuclear fuel both thermal, and fast reactors, and also development and realization of the scheme of economically comprehensible reference with Radioactive Waste at stages of controllable storage and final isolation.

At the same time the USA and Japan, despite of sufficient technological opportunities, are guided by the postponed introduction of the New Technological Platform, the terms of serial construction of fast reactors and developments of accompanying technologies are transferred for 2025. In particular, the USA has made a decision to stop all works within the limits of GNEP initiative. Japan has corrected own program of development of the New Technological Platform in 2006. France also considers commercial development of fast reactors in long-term prospect, planning up to 2025 only creation of the prototype fast sodium reactor Astrid with metal-oxide fuel. For today, India has the largest program on development of reactors on fast neutrons: during with 2011 for 2020 input 2.5 billion Wt fast sodium reactors of own development is planned. However now India does not have necessary experience of development and operation. China plans the beginning of serial construction of fast reactors before 2025. However now for this purpose China does not have necessary scientifically technological and personnel reserve. Comparison of launching sites of Russia and foreign countries in the field of the New Technological Platform based on the Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle shows Russian objective leadership on a level of development of perspective nuclear technologies in the field of their experimental and commercial use.

2/3/2010 the Russian Government has approved the federal target program "Nuclear Power Technologies of New Generation for The Period 2010-2015 And on Prospect Till 2020" which should become a basis of resource maintenance for transition of nuclear branch to the New Technological Platform. Priority directions within the limits of the Federal Target Program - formation of innovative basis of the future atomic engineering, including creation of the Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle as key nuclear power technologies of the fourth generation, a construction skilled-demonstration reactor installations, development of new generation fuel "know-how" and not water methods of its processing, creation of the experimental base providing a scientific priority of Russia in the field of nuclear researches.

Besides it, the Federal Target Program includes initiatives on research of new ways of nuclear energy using. The decision of the given question entails modernization of experimental and bench base of researches and development, reception of new scientific knowledge in the field of properties of substance in extreme conditions (heats, pressure, and radiation), development of technologies of direct transformation of a nuclear energy in electric and laser radiation, researches in the field of operated thermonuclear synthesis.

It is obvious, that the problem in formation of the New Technological Platform of the atomic engineering, facing to branch, is not catching up, and the advancing initiative from the point of view of development of nuclear technologies in the world. The new Technological Platform is directed on the decision of prime questions in maintenance of innovative break in nuclear branch due to development of an available scientifically technological reserve and inflow of investments.

Formation of the new technological platform will allow modernizing the research and industrial enterprises of branch in intermediate term prospect, to develop personnel potential, to create preconditions of steady development, and in long-term prospect - to hold in the lead positions of Russia in the world markets of nuclear technologies.

Tatyana Ignatyeva, the employee of New Era Ltd.




Session of Kaluga Region Government with Andrew SomersТs, President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Participation And Representatives of Russian And American Business

   7/12/2010   Participants have summed up investment development of Kaluga region for last years and have exchanged opinions concerning support of business and formation of region image.

In reports it was marked, that arrival of investors has provided rise of Kaluga region economy: as a result of activity of again created enterprises having much higher (in 3.8 times) labor productivity, in it to year the income of the regional budget has made 150% to a level of the last year.

The history of new industrial development of Kaluga region has begun with Obninsk where the municipal industrial zone - the first industrial park in which such large companies as лHome Credit And Finance Bank╗, лKraft way╗, лHemo pharm╗ and others successfully work has been constructed.

By the present moment in Kaluga region territory six industrial parks are created, to each the communications necessary for construction of the enterprises are brought. Owing to such policy in the field of automobile and biopharmaceutical clusters with participation of the companies of a world level were generated. By last estimation of Kaluga Region Commercial and Industrial Chamber "Samsung" Company, which has started the works in industrial park "Vorsino" is the leader of the regional industry.                                  (


   7/11/2010   On crossing of streets of Marx and Lenin goes repair of a road cloth. Movement is carried out only on one strip with restriction of speed. Be cautious!


The Market of Habitation Ч Tendencies And Forecasts

   07/11/2010   Many of Obninsk inhabitants - millionaires. On that simple basis, that they are proprietors of habitation, and even extremely modest one-room apartment in the city costs not less than 1.7 million rbl. The question of the square meter price is actual almost for everyone.

The prices in the market of secondary habitation.

The prices in Obninsk secondary habitation market in 2010 were stabilized. If fluctuations happen, 1-2% a month. The price situation of the last year was defined by crisis. From January until October 2009, on official data, the prices have fallen to 20.4%. There was a jump of the prices for old 1-2 room apartments, in some cases on 15%. Habitation that in September cost 1.5 million rbl, in November-December experts began to ask 1.7 million. Experts have explained that jump of the prices by decreasing in interest rates in Savings Bank on housing credits. People have gone to the bank behind extra means and have a little warmed up demand that at once has affected the price. However, after New Year's holidays demand was stabilized, and the prices - too. On the average, they now make 60-65 thousand rbl. for square meter.

The paradox consists that the prices are stable at significant excess of the offer over demand. The quantity of sellers of habitation repeatedly exceeds number of buyers. Like under all classical laws of the market in this case the price should fall, and it costs. Realtors advice to not numerous buyers to bargain safely - usually if the person needs to sell an apartment urgently, it will concede 10-12 %. However, it is in the event that the seller hurries up with sale. The majority does not hasten - people do not wish to concede, in their opinion, cheap.

 The market now practically dead. It is few sales. The basic transaction in the market of secondary habitation two years is sale and purchase with the purpose of improvement of living conditions. The most widespread step as experts speak, - sale of one-room apartment and simultaneous purchase two-room one by means of the credit issued in the Savings Bank. Exchange chains at which there is such transaction, in opinion of the realtors, now overwhelming majority. That from an average one-room apartment to get over in two-room one, it is necessary to have nearby 400-700 thousand rbl. It is the sum, which the working family with an average prosperity can quite save up for 4-7 years. Or the credit to be taken for 10 years under 15% annual. As for exchanging two-room apartment on three-rooms one, the situation becomes complicated - the price difference in this case exceeds 1 million rbl. Moreover, such transactions in Obninsk as realtors speak, practically is not present. лPure╗ sale in the market of secondary habitation when the person exposes an apartment not with the purpose of improvement of living conditions, too actually is absent.

The prices in the market of primary habitation.

The situation in Obninsk primary habitation market is diametrically differs. Very sharp revival of the market is observed. Transactions consist almost in pre-crisis volume, and many builders think of the price rising. Moreover, such picture is characteristic practically for all segments of the Obninsk market of primary habitation. As indirect acknowledgement of the building market growth is the sphere of building material manufacture, which is loaded by serving orders. On one of last administrative sessions there was a question, whether building industry would keep up the good work with volumes - it has sounded in communication with construction of the house for veterans for which deadlines are appointed extremely. The answer was assured Ц it would dot.

 However, we shall return to purchase of the real estate in the primary market. Here there is one feature, which is looked as a little bit paradoxical, but inspires, as now it is accepted to speak, the constrained optimism. The matter is that people willingly enter on a zero stage of construction while the constructed habitation hasnТt been bought up. It speaks lower by for a square a stage of the base - a so-called payment for risk. One year ago, the experts unanimously spoke that this economy was unjustified, today such applications would not hear any more. The matter is that in crisis year many experts simply did not advise to get into construction at a zero stage. Nobody could predict how long the falling will be prolonged and whether the object will turn to long-term construction. The care won. Today the situation has radically been changed, and people are ready to wait all building cycle if it gives economy.

 The economy is essential. At a stage of a foundation ditch the square meter in the multi-storey house manages on the average about 45 thousand. The finished apartment costs 51-58 thousand. That is quite really to keep 0.5 million and more. It is the average salary of the region inhabitant for about two years.

 How will the prices lead itself in the further? Many builders have started to think of their increasing. Actually, builders already for a long time declared they couldnТt remain at a former level if to consider growth of cost of power resources and separate building materials. However, till recent times of all this remains at a level of theoretical constructions. Today the theory starts to acquire practice.

 Across Russia the prices for habitation are on the sly, grow as a whole. The certain role here, in opinion of experts, played a pent-up demand of the population: long time people waited, when the market will reach a bottom. Now these expectations are not present, and many speak that the bottom point is already passed. Credits become more accessible, the Central Bank constantly reduces the rate of refinancing, and it is inevitably reflected in cost and ease of credit resource reception. For Obninsk the federal programs play also certain role; the same two houses where apartments for veterans are paid with the state, allow builders to feel much more freely.

 Today the builders have found strong ground under feet. Practically all has been asked a question: a competition in the building market of Obninsk is very rigid, how you will struggle for clients and where they will go. To buy town house, one-room apartment in the multi-storey house or, perhaps, elite habitation? Calculation goes on whom? The answer was unanimous: there is a buyer in each segment. Someone counts on an economic small house, someone - on a greater apartment, and someone - and on a country house. Demand grows. Moreover, under it there is an offer.

Aleksey Sobachkin, №21 "NG-region"


In Kaluga Region, Anybody Nobody Interferes To Be Engaged in Business

   6/11/2010   Anatoly Artamonov, the governor of region has answered a question of one of journalists on a situation around of a glass factory construction in scientific city.

- Inhabitants of Obninsk are right, that have lifted this problem. People have the right to know, from the ecological point of view this or that manufacture will be how much harmful.

Considering that, the building company until now has not presented the project on the coordination neither to administration of city, nor in the government of region, Obninsk Administration has made the correct decision on a stop of construction.

According to the company, its executives, admitted the construction beginning without sanctions, have been dismissed.

Construction is stopped about one month back, and in this connection, it is strange to observe proceeding protest actions.

I studied a question, including opinions of experts in occasion of the works building. Earlier in the given place, even closer to city, the building combine, which was more harmful manufacture, than the planned glass factory, worked. It did not cause questions in anybody since the industrial zone has been planned.
 The glass factory is designed as modern manufacture where, by the way, more than half from 550 workplaces assume intellectual work. It could unload the whole train, which is filled daily with those who has not found to itself employment in scientific city and now goes for work to Moscow.

In the near future the next session of Obninsk development advice as scientific city, where many questions will be discussed takes place.

Why the first radiological center does not be constructed in Obninsk? It is why that Obninsk has not wanted. I have spent many forces for proving that it is necessary, and the open collective letter has come to my address against its construction.
 Other example. We spoke that it is necessary to expand borders of the city for its development, and heads of the next areas agreed it. The former Obninsk management has declared, that it is not necessary, that the city should develop in existing borders. However, the habitation could not be built already here.

Today reaction of investors to this history, including - those who could place modern scientific manufactures in Obninsk, the extremely negative. On a background of this situation, it is complex to convince someone from them to come there with investments.

Compare, as Obninsk 15 years ago looked, how it looks now. It has occurred not by itself. It became possible owing to additional budgetary incomes. The incomes have been increased because new manufactures have earned, the industrial zone has appeared, whence now the basic share of receipts in the city budget comes. The real economy does not work - accomplishments, repair of roads, construction of social objects will not be. It should be understood all.

We in our region profess a principle: business should develop freely. If it does not break laws - in time pays taxes and salaries, does not bear in itself ecological threat nobody should limit it. It is known, that the effective authority should accept 95 percent of allowing statutory acts and only 5 percent - prohibitive. We try to go on this way, and we shall realize further our obvious advantage: in the Kaluga region, anybody nobody interferes to be engaged in business. It is a unique real way of development of region.                                                                   (


Resource of Development

   6/11/2010    Whether suffices Obninsk of electricity, water and heat? It is possible to speak long about innovative development of scientific city economy but if under these brilliant plans a necessary engineering infrastructure "not enclose", they will not come true. For development of housing construction, for the new enterprises additional resource capacities Ц water, heat and electricity are necessary. Whether infrastructural resources suffice now to Obninsk. Whether they increase in the near future. We shall try to understand it.


лIt is not the secret, that in the north of the Kaluga region some deficiency of the electric power exists╗, - Alexander Chernov, the chief of Obninsk engineering infrastructure department speaks. Now Obninsk consumes 400-450 MWt of electricity, at present this quantity is enough. Applications for connection is available on 100 MWt. Whether suppliers of energy could supply these inquiries. Alexander Chernov is assured, that it is quite solved problem. First, лKaluga Energy╗ under the investment program spends reconstruction of all substations in territory of city, equipping with their new transformers. Secondly, in Obninsk construction of two gas turbine power stations, by total power of 70 MWt is planned. The equipment of one, which will supply the future enterprises of Obninsk Techno Park, is already bought. Another one is decided to construct near to "Heat Supply" firm - for maintenance first of all household needs of city, in fact the buildings in scientific city becomes more and more every year. Both stations except for electricity are focused on manufacture of thermal energy. Construction of the large enterprises in Vorsino industrial zone should not increase deficiency of electricity - they are supplied from lines of the Federal network company, and it does not affect in any way work of local networks. As Alexander Chernov speaks, the payment for connection to electric networks recently has considerably increased. If the enterprise wishes to receive capacities on 1 MWt 14 million rubles is necessary to pay for it. лIt forces businessmen to do real applications, to not request more, than it is necessary, that in turn allows the power companies to plan work on reconstruction of the infrastructure, - Alexander Chernov makes comments. - For example when the municipal industrial zone was under construction, the enterprises there located, asked 14 MWt, and such opportunity to them have given, is real they now consume 4 MWt. However, then it was not required to pay for connection, works were carried out on the given out specifications╗.


In near future conditions on connection to networks of a water pipe will be changed - instead of free-of-charge it becomes paid. лNow we do not have right to take money from builders on infrastructure perfection, for example, on construction of a faecal collector or reconstruction of city clearing constructions, - Alexander Chernov makes comments, - introduction of the payment for connection to systems of water supply and water removal will partially solve problems of financing of these actions╗.

Obninsk consumes now nearby 60 thousand cubic meter of water per day from a city water pipe. The basic consumer - apartment houses. Some large enterprises have the independent water supply and from "Water Canal" do not depend. Power of available chinks has enough for connection of Obninsk techno park enterprises (7.5 thousand cubic meter per day) and innovative development zones (0.5 thousand) to the water pipe. In a year-two in city huge residential УZaovrazieФ area should start to build - and then water will not suffice for all here. Therefore, the opportunity of Zhukov water pipe construction with chinks at village Strelkovka is now discussed. The price of the question is huge - nearby 2 billion ruble. The project has been developed in 1987, now it is necessary to correct it - some lands on which should pass 25-kilometer water pipe, have appeared in a private property, and the line should be changed.

The reconnoitered capacity of water layers in Strelkovka area is huge. Zhukov water pipe is able to submit 60-80 thousand cube meters of water per day. лEven in view of perspective construction it is not necessary to us so much, - Alexander Chernov makes comments. - Therefore we offer to Zhukov and Borovsk regions testing deficiency of water to build a water pipe in common╗.
 This offer should be most interesting for Vorsino industrial zone - there are enterprises to which a lot of water is required there, in particular - to a metal works. That fact, Zhukov water pipe will be sometime constructed, does not cause doubts - the further Obninsk development simply is impossible without it. Now design works of water pipe line on the right Protva coast with transition to the left coast at Bolotskoe village are finished. However, there is a simple way how to reduce potential deficiency of water.
 As Alexander Chernov considers, it is enough to establish the counter in each apartment - and volumes of water consumption considerably will decrease.

The more water is consumed, the more loading on clearing constructions. This problem now is solved in a complex. Almost each inhabitant knows, that now there is a scale reconstruction of city clearing constructions here - about it was wrote much enough. There the silt evaporation shop has started to work. It will allow in a year-two completely to refuse from fetid silt cards - huge baths, in which a deposit was drying up. In new shop, drying occurs quickly, the dry deposit is bricketed - and fertilizer is ready. In the long term, the using of new technologies will allow to lift capacity of city clearing constructions. Local clearing constructions will be under construction also in the city. Such are stipulated, for example, for УZaovrazieФ and УEcodolieФ areas.

At once, there is a question, where do the cleared waters leak and what is the degree of their clearing supposed? Alexander Chernov assures that on new type water clearing the water output is those, that it is possible to water a kitchen garden. Finally, the cleared water leaks in Protva above the city beach. There is no other decision here at present.

One more serious business, which is now carried out, - construction of a new faecal collector, simply speaking, a 9-kilometer sewer pipe, which will pass under the ground through the city. The old collector is already unreliable. It is ready about 1 km of the collector.

Gas and heat

Obninsk annually burns 220 million cubes of gas, and applications on additional 120 million cubic meters already are now submitted, 77.5 million from which are required for УZaovrazieФ. Problems with submission of such quantity of gas are not present - it is enough in the country. There is a problem with transportation that is gas pipes. It is solved now too. To 226 km of Obninsk gas pipes is required to add about 15 km that is planned to make in immediate prospects. With heat, there is such situation here. Power of boiler-house warming the city is 467 BKal per hour. It is enough quite now, but the reserve on a case of serious failure is not present. High deterioration of the equipment and heating systems sets thinking of it. Experts have counted, that reserve on 87 BKal per hour thermal power is necessary for Obninsk. This problem can be solved due to two gas turbine power stations of which it was a question above, their total thermal capacity 85 BKal per hour. Serious repair of old and linings of new heating systems are required - these works are included into the investment "Heat Supply" program. лWe see, how the city develops - how many the electric power, waters, gas, heat is necessary for it. The supplying organizations know that too, - Alexander Chernov speaks. - I shall not tell that problems have been already solved. But they are being solved ╗.                                                                                                                          (


In Addition, There Are Many-Many Meters Here...

   6/11/2010   Construction of two cottage settlements is begun in city, construction of several multi-storey quarters will soon be begun.

Housing construction in Obninsk did not stop even in crisis, and now city begins the next building boom. At least, some civil engineering firms or have already begun, or shortly are going to begin realization of large projects. First about cottage settlements. Along road to Krivskoy, near to Belkin, construction of two cottage settlements is begun now. Hardly closer to city - with the conditional name УBorisoglebskyФ, and through road Ц УEcodolyeФ.

УBorisoglebskyФ - the small settlement on 47 houses, is a component of the future big area of Obninsk УZaovrazieФ. Now spadework is constructed here, and as have been told to us in firm лNew City╗ which will build settlement, the sanction to construction will receive in the beginning of summer. To finish construction is planned by the end of 2011.

УEcodolyeФ area is much bigger, it is settlement on 400-450 houses where nearby 2 thousand person will live. Deforestation has begun in the past year that has caused indignation of ecologists. Then, one year ago, neither in the mayoralty, nor in most УEcodolyeФ to us has not been given the expert opinion that the wood can be destroyed.

By the way, whole wood under settlement have not cut down - some trees have remained. The site under УEcodolyeФ is approximately equal Guryanovski wood - more than 40 hectares.

In УEcodolyeФ work is carried out now - time roads have been made and building materials have been brought. The bases of several cottages are already incorporated though the firm has now the sanction only on the spadework, but on building. Exclusively after registration of all allowing documentation, it is possible to build. In УEcodolyeФ, as well as in "Borisoglebsk", shops, nurseries and athletic fields are stipulated. Both in that and in other settlement will be established modern local clearing constructions.

Now about multi-storey construction. In 2007 at presence of the governor лFirst Stone╗ of лSolar Valley╗ micro district, which УSU-155Ф company positioning as one the largest civil engineering firm of Russia was going to construct, was laid. Now there is other proprietor at this site and construction will be conduct "Skeleton" company from Naro-Fominsk. лSolar Valley╗ is located in "Eureka" area.

According to Olga Ashvarina, "Skeleton" now prepares the documents for state expert appraisal. It means that construction of houses in this micro district will begin not early than next year. Building some multi-storey houses, a total area nearby 70 thousand sq. meters, plus a social infrastructure in the form of shops, points of a public catering and a kindergarten are planned there. Nearby to лSolar Valley╗ one more micro district of multi-storey houses лWorthy Habitation╗ is planned. It is that area, which лSocial Initiative╗ started to build.

As Olga Ashvarina speaks, the project of building has passed examination, and the firm can receive the sanction to construction. Quite probably, that лWorthy Habitation╗ will be under construction already this year. A total area of planned micro district is 112 thousand sq. meters of habitation plus a kindergarten. The largest builder in Obninsk, "PEAK-WEST" Company, finishes two houses in 38-th micro district this year, and this area of city will be completely architecturally generated. In July, according to Valery Novikov, the representative of firm, construction of two 10-storeyed, 5-access houses in 55-th micro district will begin. Uniqueness of these houses will be that they will be supplied with independent boiler-houses on a roof. In the further plans - constructing there about two tens houses, a kindergarten and school.

лMos Reg Build╗ in УZaytsevoФ micro district finishes construction of the house and in a month-other will start construction of one more 17-storeyed tower. Multi-storey building in УZaovrazieФ, where by perspective estimations 30-50 thousand person will live, will begin yet soon. лIt is necessary to solve all questions with engineering infrastructure maintenance, - Olga Ashvarina explains, - heating systems, waterpipe, clearing constructions, etc.; works on a lining of networks are coming serious╗.                                                                                                             (


The Equipment for Obninsk Power Station Is Delivered

   6/11/2010   The equipment for gas turbine station is delivered to a warehouse in Obninsk. Electric capacity of station will make 20.8 МВт, thermal capacity - 49.88 BCal/hour.

As the station capital equipment will be used in work:

- The turbine of лGeneral Electric╗ Company (type of the turbine - LM2500 DLE) on a pressure 10.5 кВ in full factory readiness;

- A boiler with a chimney;

- Two reserve heating boiler;

- Item of gas preparation with compressor station;

- Gas distributive item;

- The high-voltage transformer 10.5/110 кВ;

- Auxiliaries.

Lead in October 2009-manufacture test has shown conformity of the turbine to design characteristics. As fuel, one of ecologically purest kinds of natural gas will be used. Besides, at work of station the effective noise isolation corresponding all norms of the current legislation will be provided.

The positive conclusion on construction of power station has been received as a result of an independent expert appraisal lead by the noncommercial investment ecological organization лPower Carbon Fund╗.

It is especially necessary to note, that the sold scheme of station construction financing do not influence to a level of the tariff for electric energy, that is expenses on commissioning will not lead to any additional growth of tariffs.

The station will enable to include of new consumers, will allow solving questions of maintenance with thermal and electric energy techno park "Obninsk", and consumers of Kabitsyno area.                                                   (


The Problem of Transport Parking near Polyclinic Is Solved

   6/11/2010   For the parking problem decision has been offered for giving two dozen places on parking, that in World Street - all the same, in the afternoon it practically is empty. On the plan, the idea with the parking works so: in the afternoon on the released area machines of those who goes to the polyclinic are free of charge put, and for the night a gate will be locked, and those who has remained, or has risen as on usual parking, will pay for "spending the night".

Necessary works have been lead to this Monday - the territory is marked, the gate is opened, columns terminators are put. Already now, cars are left on this parking, but many drivers simply do not know, that there it is possible to put free of charge the machine - and leave machines on an old habit along road.

With the advent of traffic sign drivers is thought will start to use new parking places.

   Now for transport bringing visitors of hospital, parking on 34 places on crossing of Lenin prospectus and World Street, which from 6 o'clock until 22 o'clock works in a free-of-charge mode is equipped. Since June 14, parking of transport on road along sidewalk near clinical hospital # 8 will be forbidden, and movement inside of medical small town will change on one direction: entrance on this territory is resolved only near militia school building, and departure - near a children's polyclinic building.                                                                           (,


City Budget Updating

    6/11/2010   City budget updating, offered by City Administration, has been connected first with increase in incomes of city at 211 million rubles. Only for June 1, super scheduled incomes of city have made about 59 million.

In this connection, the Administration has made offers on increase in an account part of the budget. So, about 23 million will be spent for purchase and installation of counters in the budgetary works, 15 million to already given 15 ones will be transferred on repair domestic roads and one and a half million accordingly - on installation of protections at schools ## 3, 6, 7 and 9. About seven millions will be given on repair work of a kindergarten on Komsomol Street.

The Obninsk Administration has suggested deputies to plan one million rubles for own needs, namely on purchase of program license maintenance.                                                                (


Behind Clouds

   06.11.10   Russia becomes the first country in the world where are measured to create grandiose system of monitoring behind a condition of the top layers of an atmosphere. The impressive part of this system is created in Obninsk "Typhoon" Company.

40 more years have been thought up a simple way of tracking speed and direction of a wind, and turbulence - at heights of 80-105 km.
 Every minute fine stones, leaving at combustion a bright shone trace interfere in a terrestrial atmosphere from space. Locators possible mark transformation of a meteoric trace, to trace how it varies under influence of a wind, and then to calculate speed and a direction of an air stream and its turbulence.

Now "Typhoon" Company developed a meteoric radar station of new generation. This device will surpass considerably the predecessors on accuracy of measurements.

In 2011, it is planned to create a pre-production model of station. Further - In different points of the country, seven modern stations will be established and united in a uniform network with the uniform information center.

The network from several optical locators will be created. Their problem - to watch a condition of lower atmospheric layer - stratospheres (up to 80 km).

New optical locators now have also been developed in "Typhoon" Company, they differ the raised accuracy of temperature, pressure, density, quantities of ozone, aerosols and other parameter measurements.

In total in the country more than ten various networks on supervision over the top atmosphere are created. All network stations are planned to make as much as possible automated, even distance operated that influence of the human factor on measurements to reduce to a minimum.

The similar branched out network of monitoring of the top layers anywhere in the world is not present. So, scale supervision was not planned by any more the country. Uniform information centre where dataflow goes from all-observant stations, will settle down in Obninsk, in territory "Typhoon" Company, the place is already allocated for it.

By plans, all networks should begin work in 2015, and the schedule of works, despite of crisis, is maintained. Financing though is reduced, nevertheless, now money for designing of stations suffices. In 4 years, starts of meteorological rockets will renew. It will be MR-30 new two-level rocket, capable to rise on heights more than 300 km.

The development of the scientific equipment for a new rocket is charged to Obninsk "Typhoon" Company.

MR-30 rocket will start from range in settlement Tiksi on Taymyr in space. It has been started to build in 90th years: launching pads, warehouses, systems of power supply. All this because of shortage of money should be preserved. Now work has renewed.

The first start of MR-30 rocket is appointed to 2011. Our scientists are going to conduct the control over a condition of the top layers of an atmosphere not only ground means, locators and rockets, but also space. In 2011-2015 some satellites, which begin to watch quantity of ozone in an atmosphere, will start. "Typhoon" Company the task to develop and make the corresponding equipment is given. The federal target program has given Obninsk institute many works; there think neither of reductions, nor about reduction of the salary. The average salary of those who works under this program, - 25 thousand ruble.

Nikolay Skaldin                        (


Long-Term Construction

   5/26/2010   Not all of constructions in Obninsk have continued work after crisis - the same ones stand. Building branch as the most sensitive barometer of economy has reacted to crisis very sharply. Certainly, volumes of construction for the present not those, but nevertheless, housing and civil construction goes ahead.
Leading builders of habitation in scientific city - "PEAK-WEST" and "MosGegBild" - even in crisis did not stop the work though the periods of work delay happened and at them. Delay has concerned also the largest Obninsk building site - a trading-entertaining complex "Triumph-Palace". Originally, its opening was planned for the beginning of 2009. The opening of the biggest building of civil purpose as the area 55 thousand sq. m. was sometimes transferred. Now it has already been in a high degree of readiness. "The Russian House" company management, which possesses "Triumph-Palace", speaks that the opening of the first turn of a complex will occur in second half of this year.

However not all building giants managed to overcome heavy consequences of the end of 2008. On several building city sites, the activity is not visible already more than year. One of them - is located on Red Dawn Street near to railway station. It was informed, that "April" shopping-entertaining center would open there, more than 13 thousand sq.m. Firm "Nartech" answers for construction. Originally, the "April" trading-entertaining complex opening was planned in 2009. Now, probably, in the best case it will occur not early than 2011 - if construction really лwill renew in the near future╗.
One more "frozen" building site - "Krasnorutsky's Tennis Academy" sports complex near to "Eureka" is not completed building from a dark red brick it is well visible from Lenin's prospectus. Its construction has stopped in the autumn of the last year. As Vladimir Krasnorutsky, the deserved trainer of Russia has told, "main reason - lack of means at the investor".
The negotiations with builders of residential area, which will settle down beside, are now carried on for a joint lining of communications. "Tennis Academy" - one of the most "long-playing" projects in Obninsk. The decision on its construction was accepted in 2002! The project of a building was ready in 2004, the base has been started in 2007. The construction is conducted exclusively on private money. No attempts to achieve budgetary financing have gone right.                                                                                                      


About the Plan of the City Entrance Reconstruction

   5/20/2010   New state company "Rus Auto Road" several months ago has been created, and the government of the Russian Federation already approves the program of its work. In it the reconstruction of all Kiev highway - from Moscow up to border with Ukraine is stipulated. The highway will reconstruct in some stages. So, for example, at the first stage - till 2015 - the site up to 173-rd km of highway will be reconstructed; in the further - till 2020 - with 173-rd km to 311-th km. Construction of southern entrance to Obninsk, most likely, will be included in this scale reconstruction also, the regional ministry has acted with such petition.

The most interesting, that to 2020th year there is the plan to make the Kiev highway paid.

In the ministry of a road have explained: the question that the Kiev highway in the future becomes paid is already solved.

Certainly, many questions appear here. First, not clearly, whether the Kiev road will become paid лon pieces╗ - or it happens, when it will be reconstructed completely. For Obninsk it matters: "our" site of road gets repair first.

Secondly, the federal law exists, on which to do road paid it is possible only in the event that there is another - free-of-charge. We shall admit, from Moscow up to Obninsk it is possible to pass not only on the Kiev road, but also on Warsaw. How to reach Kaluga from Obninsk? If only detours through country sites Е

Victory Stasevich, Уng-regionФ #19


Without Transport To Not Reach the Garden Sites

   5/20/2010    Those inhabitants who have their garden sites near to villages Vashutino and Gorodnya, have received an unpleasant surprise - a bus route have closed absolutely.

 People are compelled to throw the sites because it became impossible to reach them. There are beds with a potato and carrots, instead of a place for shish kebabs in the summer residence for many pensioners. For poor inhabitants the kitchen garden site is the serious help and in many cases vital necessity. The walk on foot some kilometers up to the garden site is not on forces everyone and it is not surprising, that people is revolted by the created position. Therefore, batch of letters with the requirement to adjust bus service goes to all instances.

In the beginning of April, the commission has studied the region roads and has come to conclusion that on two sites bus movement is impossible.

The project of expansion of the road is now carried out, and repair work will soon begin.

Alexey Sobarkin,  Уng-regionФ #19


The First Obninsk Innovative Forum

   5/14/2010   Organizers of this action on which questions of the Russian and regional innovative policy were discussed, the Kaluga region Government, Obninsk Administration have acted. Politicians, scientific, sociologists, and representatives of the scientific enterprises and corporations, including УRusAtomФ and УRusNanoФ have taken part in work of the forum.

Participants and visitors of the forum were welcomed by Maxim Akimov, the assistant to the Kaluga region Governor, Maxim Sherejkin, the assistant to the Kaluga region Governor on innovations and Victor Baburin, Chairman of the Kaluga region Legislative Assembly. On their opinion, the role of Obninsk was emphasized as the most significant center of innovative development of the Kaluga region. Under plans of the regional Government, in the long term does Obninsk should become the All-Russia platform for promotion of innovative projects.

As Maxim Sherejkin, the assistant to the Kaluga region Governor innovations has told, innovative strategy of the Kaluga region consists of 12 projects connected in basic with Obninsk city. Here finally it is planned to create a platform for a transfer of technologies.

With the report Alexander Avdeev, acting chapter of Obninsk Administration has acted. Summing up successful 10-years development of Obninsk as scientific city, it has noted, that by the present moment the city positions itself as one of strong points of innovative economy of Russia. However, it not the occasion to stop on reached: the authority and the public should be defined with a choice of model of perspective development of Obninsk in view of already clusters generated. According to Alexander Avdeev, the actual and strategically attractive variant can become creation of agglomeration that does not exclude use of elements of other models Ц Obninsk development as target and University City.

Within the forum limits there official press conference in which have taken part Maxim Akimov, the assistant to the Kaluga region Governor, Alexander Avdeev, acting chapter of Obninsk Administration, Dmitry Krinitsky, director of department on interaction with federal and regional authorities of УRusNanoФ State corporation, Sergey Polyakov, the general director of Assistance Fund to development of small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere and Yan Ryazantsev, director of investments and examinations department of УRussian Venchur CompanyФ Open Society has passed.

In an opening address it has been noted, that the Forum has collected more than 650 participants among whom there are representatives of such countries as Finland, Germany and Slovakia.                                                 (


The First Obninsk Innovative Forum

   5/14/2010   Organizers of this action on which questions of the Russian and regional innovative policy were discussed, the Kaluga region Government, Obninsk Administration have acted. Politicians, scientific, sociologists, and representatives of the scientific enterprises and corporations, including УRusAtomФ and УRusNanoФ have taken part in work of the forum.

Participants and visitors of the forum were welcomed by Maxim Akimov, the assistant to the Kaluga region Governor, Maxim Sherejkin, the assistant to the Kaluga region Governor on innovations and Victor Baburin, Chairman of the Kaluga region Legislative Assembly. On their opinion, the role of Obninsk was emphasized as the most significant center of innovative development of the Kaluga region. Under plans of the regional Government, in the long term does Obninsk should become the All-Russia platform for promotion of innovative projects.

As Maxim Sherejkin, the assistant to the Kaluga region Governor innovations has told, innovative strategy of the Kaluga region consists of 12 projects connected in basic with Obninsk city. Here finally it is planned to create a platform for a transfer of technologies.

With the report Alexander Avdeev, acting chapter of Obninsk Administration has acted. Summing up successful 10-years development of Obninsk as scientific city, it has noted, that by the present moment the city positions itself as one of strong points of innovative economy of Russia. However, it not the occasion to stop on reached: the authority and the public should be defined with a choice of model of perspective development of Obninsk in view of already clusters generated. According to Alexander Avdeev, the actual and strategically attractive variant can become creation of agglomeration that does not exclude use of elements of other models Ц Obninsk development as target and University City.

Within the forum limits there official press conference in which have taken part Maxim Akimov, the assistant to the Kaluga region Governor, Alexander Avdeev, acting chapter of Obninsk Administration, Dmitry Krinitsky, director of department on interaction with federal and regional authorities of УRusNanoФ State corporation, Sergey Polyakov, the general director of Assistance Fund to development of small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere and Yan Ryazantsev, director of investments and examinations department of УRussian Venchur CompanyФ Open Society has passed.

In an opening address it has been noted, that the Forum has collected more than 650 participants among whom there are representatives of such countries as Finland, Germany and Slovakia.                                                 (


10 Years from the Date of Assignment to Obninsk of the Scientific City Status

   5/6/2010   Our intellectual resources, the successes reached in the field of basic researches, innovative activity, always served and are serving to the interests of Russia, its progress and prosperity. 

For last decade, Obninsk has confirmed the importance as the centre of science. The spectrum of the scientific researches spent in our city, is wide and covers practically all directions of scientific knowledge. High innovative technologies are developed and take root in our city. 

The project of a municipal industrial zone creation where hi-tech modern manufactures are placed will be being realized. The project of creation a municipal zone of innovative development for small and average business is being realized on Red Dawn Street.

The Obninsk innovative forum will open on May 13. Its carrying out is dated for the 10 anniversary of the scientific city. More than six hundred the Russian and foreign participants will take part in the Obninsk innovative forum, and we are assured, that these events will give a new impulse for the further social and economic development of Obninsk for the good of all city dwellers!




2010 - 2015 AND ON PROSPECT TILL 2020╗



On February, 3rd, 2010

# 50


     The government of the Russian Federation decides:

     1. The federal target program "Nuclear Power Technologies of New Generation for the Period 2010 - 2015 and on Prospect until 2020 " to approve.

     2. To the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation at the federal budget project formation for corresponding year and the scheduled period to include specified in item 1 of the present Decision the Program in the list of the federal target programs which are a subject financing due to means of the federal budget.


Chair of the Russian Federation Government                                                  V. Putin


The federal target program "Nuclear Power Technologies of New Generation for the Period 2010 - 2015 and on Prospect till 2020" LOAD HERE! (Sorry, in Russian only)


лThe Center of Innovations╗

   5/6/2010   Obninsk - the first scientific city of Russia. What is лscientific city╗ and what it differs from other cities - not everyone will answer, there from the date of the president decree signing about the status many years have passed. The majority, most likely, will tell only about additional financing from the federal budget.

Let's remind the townspeople an essence of a question by means of Oksana Valerie Koval, Cand.Econ.Sci, the expert in the field of innovative activity management.

- In what in general does the idea of the similar status consist?

- The general definition is given with clause 1 of the Federal law лAbout the Status of Scientific City of the Russian Federation╗ # 70 from 1999. The Russian Federation scientific city is the city having high scientific and technical potential, with great research-and-production complex, which is a basis of the city. The scientific city is the organization set which is carrying out scientific, technical, innovative activity, experimental development, tests, a professional training according to the state priorities and directions of science, technologies and technics development. Thus, the cities which have received the similar status, are the strategic centers of territorial scientific and technical and innovative activity, manufacture of scientific production and, certainly, professional trainings of high qualification. The centers of all new and the best. World experience shows, that at the effective government the scientific cities have opportunities of advancing development due to innovative activity. By the way, it is the important factor of economic growth and improvement of the population life quality, as for today in economy of the developed countries extensive reserves (due to a quantitative gain of all kinds of resources) developments are practically settled.

For today in Russia fourteen cities similar to ours is totaled. The largest scientific city (on a population) is Biisk - 222 thousand people. Obninsk by the given criterion - the fourth on size, and settlement Koltsovo in Novosibirsk region - the smallest scientific city. Ten thousand people live and work in it. However, population is not defining parameter! Judge, the same Koltsovo is focused on basic researches in the field of virology, microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnologies and ecologies, and, accordingly, on a professional training in these areas. In general, each scientific city has an original specialization, in fact directions of scientific, technical and innovative activity, experimental development, education and the professional trainings, being priority for the given city, and the program of development affirm simultaneously with assignment of the status.

- That is, it turns out, what does the status give, and how much require?

Really, the status has required to constant advance. At the same time and the State does not forget about the obligations. According to the legislation, the State supports the scientific cities in the form of additional charges. Since 2005, volumes of budgetary financing of scientific cities grew high rates enough (more than 20% per year) and only in 2009 - owing to world crisis - small decrease (4.1%) has occurred. It is necessary to consider, that the general increase is connected with growth of quantity of "the innovation centersФ. In recalculation on each scientific city, the sum has grown not so noticeably.

- And how does a distribution of means do? Fifty-fifty or on the direction importance?

- The size of the finance, given to scientific city, is defined proceeding from number of its resident population. Biisk is on the first place on size of the finance on development and support of a social, engineering and innovative infrastructure of scientific city - 295670 thousand rubles in 2009. Obninsk in this list costs on the third place, and here on a parameter of volume of budgetary financing per one inhabitant our city is on the eighth place from fourteen. Therefore, for example, in 2009 on each Obninsk inhabitant was given nearby 1.3 thousand rbl. of scientific money.

- To be scientific city is in a greater degree pride or "headache".

It is a new opportunity. Historically Obninsk has been created and developed as scientific city. The greater share of intelligence always lived in it. Not only (doctors and candidates of sciences), but also professional engineers, scientists, top skill workers are here today. Hence, the city does not have other way, except for innovative development and scientific manufacture. As they say, лknowledge requires╗.

S.Ananishin.                                                                             The newspaper "Obninsk" № 55 (3299) from 06.05.10


лWe Shall Hope for Judiciousness╗

   5/6/2010   Ten years ago Obninsk the first has received the status of scientific city, probably, first because the idea has been actively supported by all townspeople. On a referendum in 1995, the townspeople have supported that scientific "face" was kept at us, and the concept developed by a talented command of scientists and managers, has lain down on a fertile field. Today each townspeople has the right to ask a question: and what has the status of scientific city given to us?

A. Prosvirkina was vice-mayor on a science and the deputy director of the "Scientific city" program during the most responsible time: the starting five years Program execution of Obninsk development as scientific city by results of which the federal authority judged viability of experiment. She has been talked on the set theme.

-Alla Garvrilovna, the cities of science and until 2000 actively tried to define the destiny in new political and economic system. To movement it is fifteen years, but Obninsk the first "has hoisted the colors", has developed ideology of city with scientific potential and has convinced the government of Russia that the science Ц is not the StateТs child, and its exclusive resource of development. What has Obninsk won because of these huge efforts?

-Before everything, popularity and prestige which until now bring to us dividends - enhanced attention of investors and authorities. However, we in general have survived owing to this status. Federal money has gone to us. Under the Program, we have received one and a half billion rubles, on those times - the sum considerable. What we on them have made?

Thanks developers of the Program that it has been competently built: it is precisely painted in separate directions. Owing to it we have made the most important, that was not possible to another: contrary to incidents of the legislation, science has been supported. First, grants on support of scientific projects through the Russian Fund of Fundamental Researches. It is regional Fund. The federal budget gives 2 million rubles, regional - 2 million too. We add from cityТs means 2 million to which the Federation and region give still on 2. That is the competitive fund turns out at a rate of 8 million rubles. From them ObninskТs scientists take away, as a rule, not less than 80%. - we contrary to many circumstances have constructed the second and have distributed without turn of free of charge 40 apartments to young scientists. The third - the centers of science on Obninsk development - the centers of composite materials, radio pharmaceutical preparations have been supported. Further - we had a competition of grants to the presented students, post-graduate students and young teachers, those who were engaged in scientific researches. Nine scientifically educational laboratories in cityТs institutes have been founded, where students after the third rate also were engaged in scientific researches and mastered trades under direction of scientists. I cannot tell, that it is enough from the point of a science support view, but for that moment - it is essential if to consider that fact, that under the operated budgetary legislation the scientific money could be put mainly (if not exclusively) in a municipal and social infrastructure.

Unfortunately, should tell, that almost it today is not present anything (except for the habitation, got young scientists). Even competition of grants is not present for two years. In addition, business is not in money absence. For some reason within the limits of the same legislations, Koltsovo scientific city allocates the grants to young scientist, but we cannot. Dubna builds municipal habitation for young scientists, and we speak about the Ice Palace...

However, we shall return to the status and federal financing have given city what. Obninsk for 10 years has not gone through any municipal accident. We have repaired boilers of heating, have entered new one. New water supply is constructed. It is very important, as all other high matters turn pale, when municipal failures happen. For transport agency on scientific money the 20 new buses have bought, two from them - "Lux" class. We equipped two chambers of intensive therapy, it has managed costly. Computers for schools, which were not earlier, have been bought; on computer technics saturation have exceeded the Russian parameter.

That is in the status of scientific city we had an opportunity in a complex to solve its problems when the majority of institutes and the enterprises have been given to themselves, and own incomes sufficed city only on лholes╗. For ten years, the profitable part of the budget has grown in 10 times, but during that moment, the Program of scientific city has appeared for us really a lifebuoy ring.

From the point of an innovative infrastructure view, we had everything, except for venchure fund: patent service, engineering, consulting, the exhibition center and another, we the first have created business-incubator, Techno Park and a municipal industrial zone. In occasion of an industrial zone, there were many conversations, discussions. It is the most cost project, and much would like to enclose this money in a science. However, first, we Уhave been connected" by the budgetary legislation, and secondly, the Program approved by the president in which all of money have been painted in directions. Now it is clear, that we have made correctly, having enclosed such means in an industrial zone. We have enabled to develop to the enterprises, "having planted" them on a ready engineering infrastructure. In addition, the industrial zone already gives feedback, fills up the city budget. A question in other: whether was correctly it maintained then. First have placed the innovative enterprises on competition (including 5 by Obninsk). Further with investors have been concluded the contract of the ground rent for 49 years with the right of the subsequent repayment, and already the tenant starts to concede the rights to another. As a result, there are enterprises, which do not coincide at all with priority directions of our scientific city development.

It would-be wanted to ask, whether could Obninsk receive from the status more, but it seems to me, other theme here arises: about problems and the further destiny of scientific cities of Russia in general.

-Yes, not all is made, as it would be desirable, but for all that experience that exists, for example, in France, Finland, China, necessary to recognize fairly: we can use a little from their development. Because we work within our Russian economy limits, our legislation and our attitude to these questions. We have spent a lot of time for the coordination of positions at a level and cities, and the federal government. Everyone had a representation how to develop to the scientific city, and the true. In addition, realities have appeared such that more than 80% of financing has left to the same лsocial sphere╗. If once again to pass the same way, maybe, much would make in another way... However, as they say, the business went off. Today I am disturbed frankly by that is done now concerning scientific cities and in general concerning innovative development (and it has been proclaimed national idea!). At a level of the State - virtual representation about national innovative system. Where is it? Speak about the concept of the country development - 2020. However, somebody can explain plainly, what should be on an output?

Now, when so many years have passed, it became clear, that top managers who wish to receive fast money set the fashion in the government. However, science - not that sphere, it cannot be started up on auction where survive, excuse, "weeds".

There were centers of science, there was a movement, and there was an ideology of innovative development and representation that it is necessary to do. However, what has turned out? The program - for 5 years, money - for 5 years, and further - give result. However even in the developed economy of the West with precisely certain legislative attitudes, feedback comes not earlier, than in 7 years. Much depends on starting conditions. In addition, at us now of scientific cities creation all country was in debts, scientific institutes hardly survived. When have seen, that feedback from scientific cities not fast, other ideas began to appear. First - about privatization of the state centers of science property, but it has been quickly crushed. There were special economic zones: high rhetoric, competitions, promises... Where are these zones? Then techno parks, business incubators have gone. Now here Skolkovo - super center of innovation development. However, the concept of innovative development with more or less clear reference points and precisely formulated concept is not certain yet, that such innovations, it is next fetish. Again, academician A.N.Sasikyan, director of the International Center of Nuclear Researches has correctly noticed: yes, Skolkovo - probably, the prospect, but what for thus to destroy old? Let's create system where there is a place for Skolkovo, to both scientific cities, and other points of growth. While these points of growth are lonely, never it will turn out the system approach and worthy result. In addition, the statement is connected by that above the scientific cities quite real threat to their existence has hung in general. The Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Russian Federation has presented the project of the new Law on the status of scientific city to the State Duma, and it bears in itself many problems. Criteria of the status assignment become very strongly tougher. For example, the scientific industrial complex of city on number working should make not less than 15% of the population. Alternatively: in it should be not less than 20% scientists лwithout part-time workers and contracts╗. To such criteria, there can correspond at the best the academicals towns, but the law speaks about a research-and-production complex. There cannot be a scientific city without the manufacture based on own development.

Procedure of the scientific cities financing remains former: on a population, instead of on the project importance. An innovative infrastructure is offered to finance only first three years, and then - on competition. At meeting on a bill have been made a complaint: scientific cities have spent all for an innovative infrastructure from 0.1 up to 9% (at Obninsk, by the way, almost 18 %). It is a little. So in fact you, the ministries, solve, that is innovative structure, how I already spoke, the concept of innovations is not formulated even.

The number of the bases for deprivation of the scientific city status has increased. Have suggested giving the status termless, but each 10 years it will have to confirm. Thanks our "guardian angel" Sudarenkov, he has acted and has told: the status to give not less than for 25 years, and it is not necessary any acknowledgement. If there will be a program, give though each five years to correct it according to changes in the legislation.

The Union of Scientific Cities has presented the alternative bill but, similar, business will not soon reach it. However, the year in connection with the project of Skolkovo center creation the scientific cities financing has three times reduced up to 500 million rubles to all 14 cities.

Situation is for us disturbing. Earlier The City Scientific Technical Advice was engaged in the scientific city development strategy. And now? There is also an internal threat of the status loss. We are building sleeping areas. Who will in them live? Scientists? No. We lose conformity to the status by criterion of number of scientific employees. Occurrence of the new enterprises that are not having the attitudes to the basic directions of scientific city development to it conducts. Yes, incomes of the budget need to be increased, but due to manufacture of innovative products, instead of sweets. Connection of northern territories to Obninsk - the next threat to the status. In addition, it is objectively.

Time changes much. However, I think that points of growth, sources of innovations on which are going to build new economy, were and will be the scientific cities. It is good, that they possess the certain stability. We shall hope for good ideas of those who today undertake to solve their destiny. In addition, the city remains clever and arrogant.

Interview were conducted by E.Chasovitina,  the newspaper "Obninsk" № 55 (3299) from 06.05.10


Visit of President Medvedev to Obninsk



 President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev accompanied by representative delegation has visited Obninsk. Having landed by the helicopter on parking place "Search", the head of the state has taken a minibus and accompanied by militia has directed to institute of medical radiology. Dmitry Medvedev has been shown last development of Obninsk scientists in the field of nuclear medicine. The president has been shown the hi-tech equipment for treatment of various kinds of the tumors, developed by experts of the center. Besides Anatoly Tsyb, director of the center has told to Dmitry Medvedev about the newest methods of treatment applied in the center. The academician has noted that now some percent of cancer patients in Russia can receive all necessary help. Therefore, it is necessary to increase number of installations for beam therapy. However, in this business the help of the state is required. The president has promised that this question will be considered.

The president communicated with Obninsk scientists and has discussed with a management of region questions of construction in scientific city of the new center of nuclear medicine.


At this time to a factory on manufacture of computers лKraft way╗, located in a municipal industrial zone, high-ranking officials of the country gathered. One behind one Sergey Ivanov, Anatoly Chubays's trains, Alvira Nabiullina, Alexey Kudrin, Herman Gref, Sergey Kirienko, Sergey Sobyanin, Vladislav Surkov, Prokhorov and Vekcelberg oligarchs and other officials approached. Maxim Sherejkin, the assistant to governor welcomed visitors.

The president with small delay has arrived on a factory accompanied by Anatoly Artamonov. On a porch, Alexander Avdeev met him. Before meeting, the head of the State has familiarized with Obninsk factory, in particular, last development of computer techniques have been shown to him. Development of the factory has caused genuine interest of the president. Dmitry Anatolevich has been given an opportunity to test the new program on him.                                                                      (


Report On Execution of City Budget for 1 Quarter 2010

   04.27.10   The report on execution of City budget for the first quarter 2010 is approved under incomes in the sum 498 537 006 ruble 58 kopeck, under charges in the sum 442 690 116 ruble 70 kopeck, with excess of incomes over charges in the sum 55 846 889 ruble 88 kopeck. The sources of City budget financing deficiency for the first quarter 2010 are approved also.

Approved by City Administration the report on execution of the budget for the first quarter 2010 with an explanatory note is directed to Obninsk City Assembly and Control City Assembly.

Incomes (archive HERE, 25 Kb)

Charges (archive HERE, 25 Kb)

Sources (archive HERE, 25 Kb)



Word and Business

   04.27.10    Everyone speaks about necessities of City innovative development, in practice authority promotes construction of the most usual factories in Obninsk.

For last year Obninsk "have made happy" with two large industrial enterprises, both of them being in a stage of construction, they are a confectionery factory and a glass empty factory. Both have been planted" in Obninsk with the most active assistance of regional authorities.

However, not any investment project is innovative. Accommodation in Obninsk the ordinary industrial enterprises do not look in opinion of the townspeople of what it is possible to be proud. УNew factories wash away base of scientific city, - Leonid Katukhin, an active member of УTIRФ movement speaks, the general director of УInno InvestФ company, - the status of scientific city is given, if not less than 15 % working are borrowed in a science, and occurrence of usual factories contradicts the status of scientific cityФ.

On the one hand, like everyone would support Obninsk innovative development, for accommodation in city of the scientific manufactures which are letting out essentially new production, based on own development. Under the innovative enterprises even techno park has been given which four years ago has been included in the federal program and has received corresponding financing. However, money had to be necessary returned - them have not been mastered.
 In Techno Park, construction of any enterprise is not begun until now. Moreover, the destiny of this project is not clear until now. In parallel, it has been decided to create a municipal zone of innovative development on Red Dawns Street. There have been lead road, have been noted the ground areas, that, certainly, is remarkable.
 However, as Leonid Katukhin speaks, requirements to residents until now up to the end are not certain: УI do not exclude probability that in this zone where concessionary terms of accommodation are offered will appear small confectionery and glass empty factories. Any enterprise at desire can be declared "innovative" - in fact the precise criteria specified in the legislation, is not presentФ.

However, there is also other party of a medal. First, accommodation of any new enterprise gives tax revenues in treasury. From the same glass empty factory, under forecasts, 25 million ruble per year will "drip" in the city budget - and they on road do not roll. Secondly, wishing to place the innovative enterprises in Obninsk are not densely tons.

Vladimir Savin, as City Assembly Chairman speaks, turns on places in a zone of innovative development on Red Dawns Street is not observed.
 УAnd whence it to be! - Deputy Alla Prosvirkina analyzes the situation. - Innovations are born, basically, in the scientific environment. Moreover, the science for a long time has put in a coffin and has slammed a cover. Now we pick up that remains from Soviet times. I do see neither nation-wide, nor the local concept of innovative development which could give a push to occurrence of the new enterprises corresponding to the status of scientific cityФ.

Leonid Katukhin does not agree with such point of view: УSome the innovative enterprises have been opened for last years in Obninsk. For example, УOmitexФ, the only one in the country makes installations on disinfecting medical waste. In addition УAero FilterФ which lets out essentially new filters for the atomic power station. And this number can be continuedФ.

In the future, the situation can exchange. Anatoly Artamonov, the Governor of Kaluga region has declared that in the following five years of his board the innovative development of region becomes a priority direction. In addition, Obninsk becomes capital of innovations. It is necessary to wait only when words will start to turn to business.                                                                                               (


Competition Within the Limits of the Regional Target Program

   04.15.10 Department of innovative development of Obninsk Administration brings to the notice of the organizations, that the Ministry of economic development of Kaluga region with a view of maintenance of favorable conditions for small and average innovative business, an increasing in manufacture of innovative production and an increasing of its competitiveness, declares competition on subsidizing of percent payment under credits.

The competition is spent within the limits of the regional target program лDevelopment of Innovative Activity in Kaluga Region for 2005-2010╗.

Details look on this site УIn RussianФ page.                                      (


The government refuses a greater part of scientific cities

   04.14.10   On Monday in Dubna has passed special seminar meeting of the State Duma Committee on a science and scientific technologies лTerritories of Innovative Development as the Locomotive of Modernization of Economy of Russia: Normative Legal Maintenance╗.
 The long name opened a simple essence - considered laws, on changes in the Federal Law лAbout the Status of Scientific City╗.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education have offered the edition of laws in this sphere. What the government offers? Tons of essential changes. Here are only some of them.

Scientific cities will be obliged to confirm the status each 10 years. Further - City Scientific Technical Advice will be made over to institution of local government. The representatives of Federation and Federation subject is offered to be entered there too.

лThe absurd situation is created, - Alla Prosvirkina, the deputy of Obninsk City Assembly who participated in the meeting makes comments. - entering City Scientific Technical Advice in structure of city authority, we shall break the law on local self-management. For today, the municipality does not distribute the authority to scientific sector. Therefore it is not clear, how our new initiative can work╗.

Also in the offered law, one word is not spoken about financing scientific cities. However, criteria become tougher.

Besides, on a background of sharply varying criteria the number of bases for deprivation of scientific cities of the special status grows also. Alla Prosvirkina marks, that the offered criteria can become лthe graceful form of liquidation of scientific cities╗, especially if to take in attention prompt changing of laws.
 лLet's simply track history, - Alla Gavrilovna continues, - all over again, in 2000, it has been started to appropriate statuses of scientific cities. In some years, it has been started talking about special economic zones. Then it has been thought up from all troubles - business incubators and techno parks. Today all sights look aside Silicon valleys in Skolkovo. Moreover, each such transition demands serious financing.
 Therefore, all scientific cities together requested 1.5 billion ruble of Federation. They have received only 500 million. However, in лa pure field╗ Skolkovo will have been invested 4.5 billion. As a result, the impression is made, that authorities want exclusively fast feedback. However, a science is long money. Not only interests of the State and legislative base turn out, but also priority directions of a science development╗.

The government wants to supervise, as scientific cities spend the means given to them. However, the control is useful, when it is effective. How such balance should be achieved?

Representatives of scientific cities speak about necessity of a program financing method restoration. When appropriated status of scientific city had been given to Obninsk, financing went according to its development program. The Lion's share of means was given to an infrastructure. And if to speak about a scientific part, money were allocated for grants, competition of grants were arranged, educational laboratories were created and even 40 apartments for young scientists have been constructed.
 However, the program has ended, and financing was exhausted. Therefore, we have lost an opportunity to put means in development, so important for scientific territories. To a word, in a new variant of the law money goes on the infrastructure, and on its innovative component - exclusively on condition of the competition.

In Michael Kuznetsova's opinion, executive director of Russian Union of scientific city development, it is necessary to correct programs, instead of considering on the status questions. In addition, he has emphasized that for scientific cities it is important not innovative, but scientific, technological manufacture. It will promote development of cities. To the end of the session, the participants of the seminar have received the project of the decision in which offers of the government have been written down.

It turns out; the point in destiny of scientific cities is already put? лVery much we hope, that such will not occur, - Prosvirkina makes comments. - As our offers will be considered in the State Duma. Besides us to have been promised working group creation and more carefully working on a question. While it is not known finally as the situation will turn. As well as it is not known, whether the deputies of State Duma will have time to consider laws before the termination of their powers╗.                                                                                  (



            4/7/2010 № 450 About distribution of the means received from the state corporation - Fund of assistance to reforming of a housing municipal services and means of the local budget between apartment houses for carrying out of major overhaul.  LOAD HERE (archive 15 КБ in Russian)


3/30/2010 № 406  About delivery of specifications on connection to networks of engineering technical maintenance  LOAD HERE (archive 34 КБ in Russian)


лAge IsnТt a Handicap for Network╗

   04.12.10   On Friday, April 9 in Obninsk Igor Schegolev, Minister of Communications and mass communications of Russian Federation has held session лSpace and Telecommunications╗ the Commissions on modernization and technological development of Russian economy at the President of Russian Federation.

Anatoly Artamonov, the governor of Kaluga region, Nikolay Shubin, the Chapter of Obninsk Administration, Vaagn Martirisyan, the director of Open Society "Center TelecomФ have taken part in meeting.

Some program technical decisions for application in communication networks of Russian Federation have been considered, and efficiency of the project лReplacement of The Out-of-date Analog Stations by Modern Program Switchboards╗ is considered.

Directly before of session participants have been acquainted with work of the Center of sales and servicing of the Open Society enterprise "Center TelecomФ in Obninsk. Realization of the special program лAge IsnТt a Handicap for Network╗ within the limits of which the townspeople who have reached pension age, pass group training to work with a computer and in Internet network, has caused special interest. Now in Obninsk there is first such group training.                                                             (


Why a Pure Field Has Been Preferred To Obninsk

   03.24.10   Obninsk has lost the most scale innovative project of modern Russia. Not Obninsk, not Dubna and not Tomsk have being named The City of Sun, but Skolkovo. The center on development and коммерциализации new technology commercialization and in a simple way Ц a domestic Silicon Valley Ц has been planned to build there.

The status of a special economic zone has not been given to Obninsk. The nuclear medical center wonТt be built in Obninsk, but in Dimitrovgrad - Vladimir Putin, prime minister is literally one of these days has confirmed, that 13.6 billion ruble will be given in present year for that. The City of Sun - the most scale innovative project of modern Russia "was closed" for us now. Only in 2011, the State will enclose 10 billion in it, and private investments - "Alpha-groups", "Onaxim", "Lukoil" and other scale structures are going to participate in the project. In total cost of the project as was counted will pull on one bill ruble.

Under mass media messages the realization of the project consist in a construction of offices and the research centers, laboratories with the newest equipment and a building of apartment houses for experts. About 40 thousand person is planned to arrange there. 370 hectares of the ground near to Skolkovo village, Odintsovski area, Moscow region on Minsk highway are allocated under the City of Sun. It is absolutely near to us. As on 370 hectares it is possible to find room for new scientific city and to create there 40 thousand workplaces (not including habitation and objects of social structure), it is not very clear yet. However, it is a theme for separate discussion.

Now the question is formulated differently: than Obninsk has appeared bad one and Skolkovo has differed so favorable one.                                                                 (


Experiment on Stimulation of a Car Industry

     03.22.10      It is possible the old domestic or foreign car made until 2000 to hand over on special item, to receive for it the certificate in cost of 50 thousand rubles and to use it for purchase of the new car made in Russia.

The enterprises, which will accept vehicles on recycling, at present are passing accreditation in Minpromtorg.
 Trading organizations in Obninsk which are engaged in sale of cars with repayment of the certificate, are:

Rantect Motors Open Company (2, Municipal travel, Obninsk, Kaluga region, (48439 5-70-07). Marks: Chevrolet and Opel;

Open Company "TECHNOPOLIS", (25A, Kiev highway, Obninsk, Kaluga region, (48439 4-47-00, 9-70-69). TAGAZ.

Within the program limits spent in Kaluga region, the vehicle should be complete at its delivery in item of disassembly, its age should exceed 10 years, the full weight should be no more than 3.5 tons, and it should be in the property of last owner not less than one year.
 Obninsk motorists, knowing about the beginning of this action, have shown the big interest to it. Some tens person have already addressed with questions by phone. More detailed information concerning recycling cars can be received by phone of "hot lineФ in the ministry of economic development of Kaluga region 8(4842) 778-705. The full list of dealers of Kaluga region and the list of recycling items are placed also on a site of authorities of Kaluga region.                                                                                               


60 Million Euro - In a Factory of Empties in Obninsk

   04.21.10    The working group on construction problems of a glass container factory in Obninsk industrial zone under Vladimir Savin's presidency, the chapter of City self-management during working discussion of the project has revealed the following:

Basic elements of the planned factory are two furnaces. On one, the colorless glass will be prepared for bottles and banks used in the food-processing industry, on the second furnace the color glass will be prepared, basically, for breweries. As raw material the ready concentrate from quartz sand, chock and calcium soda will be used. Raw material delivery will do by rail 6-8 cars in day. Fuel: gas and electric heating. Export of production by motor transport (60 %) and by rail. Use of heavy metals for reception of crystal is not stipulated.

Further, during session it was found out, that construction has begun at absence of the ready project. The project has just being developed. It is unreal to finish construction by November 2010.

The decision on the necessity of the given factory for Obninsk and its final project to be working once again is accepted.

(More in detail in the newspaper "Obninsk" №№ 50-51 (3294-3295) from 24.04.10)

17.03.10   On March 12th ceremony of a symbolical bookmark took place in Mishkovo, industrial suburb of Obninsk Уfirst stoneФ for construction of a factory on manufacture of glass container. УSclo Stroy-TurnovФ Company from Republic Czechia will have being solved this scale project. The volume of investments into this project makes 60 million euro. Number of the personnel for constructed factory is equal to 550 people - such quantity of qualified worker places is important for the decision of social questions.

Planned input of the factory in operation - IV quarter 2010. That is, in November of current year the enterprise already will start to give first glass production. Productivity of the factory will make 420 tons of glass per day - that is, the order 400 million units of container. Two furnaces is planned to construct on which cooking of colorless and color glasses will be made, and development of the most glass container will be made on the modern technological and productive equipment made by one the leading European companies on manufacture of forming machines - by firm УSclo Stroy-TurnovФ from Czech Republic which, actually, has risked on million investments.
 Based on five technological lines it will be issued usual and facilitated - on 30 % easier - glass container in capacity from 200 grams up to 5 liters. By the way, for today in Russia only two factories have hardware for release of the facilitated container.                                               


The Veteran House Will Be Completed In Time

   03.17.10   For this purpose the municipality incurs credit guarantees. Obninsk City Assembly of the fifth convocation has finished the work on the major note - last session has been devoted to the decision of social problems. On the last Tuesday in the summons of the session, only one question was considered. It has been connected with the priority federal project - construction of the house for veterans of Great Domestic war on Shatskogo Street.
 The Builder promised to hand over the 14-storeyed house by April 2010. For today building and installation works are finished, engineering networks are brought. Within this month, internal works will end. Our veterans will move to apartments where the builders will have made a job on pure floors, wallpapers, will have established electric plates, toilet bowls and baths.

There are 63 apartments (40 Ц ObninskТs inhabitants will receive, 23 - inhabitants of nearby areas) in this house in total. The apartment area from 36 sq.m. and more. Cost of 1 sq.m. - 42 thousand rubles. The builder - company "PEAK-WEST".

It is cozy enough and already warmly in every flat. One of these days, the veterans of construction have visited this building. The habitation was pleasant to them. What new settlers will tell Ц time will show. Wait, when they will receive, it remains not long.                                              (


System of Climate Monitoring - To Olympic Games Of 2014

   03.17.10   In Obninsk enterprise "Typhoon" the system of monitoring behind a condition of an environment in Sochi - especially to Olympic Games of 2014 is created.

The international Olympic committee has obliged the countries accepting Games, to conduct the obligatory control over a condition of air, water and ground in region of carrying out of competitions. Therefore, right after Russia has acquired the right to carrying out Olimpic-2014, the program on ecological support has been developed in government.

System of monitoring of an environment is its component, and Obninsk "Typhoon" which wide experienced in this business has been engaged in its charge. Institute "Typhoon", for example, participates in the federal program УRadiating safety of RussiaФ - all the atomic power stations of the country are supplied by the systems of the meteorological control developed in Obninsk. On the one hand, there are no large industrial productions in Sochi region, and therefore it is not necessary to worry for safety of an environment. On the other hand, Olympic objects are under construction nearby at УWestern CaucasusФ reserve, which has the status of territory of the world natural heritage of UNESCO. Considerable attention of the ecological international public to that now occurs in Sochi. The grandiose construction, which rates will accrue there during each month, has been made. It is clear, that is a serious loading, and it is necessary to minimize lays down on an environment. The control is necessary - it is necessary to know, how the structure of air, waters and ground varies.

In "Typhoon" system of the environment ground control, including some elements, are already developed. Its body - stationary automatic posts of supervision over air, water and ground. There are boxes with the equipment, which many data fixes and transfers automatically there. In total, it is planned to establish eight such posts (six under the control of air and two of water). Mobile stations, which can be developed in necessary area, are added to stationary posts also.

However, not any analysis can be made automatically. Experts should sample it sometimes per day for complex analysis manually; this analysis will be spent in chemical analytical laboratory. All stream of the received information as Sergey Sarychev speaks, flows to Obninsk - in the information analytical center "Typhoon". Here recommendations is planned to give out to federal authorities in case of deterioration of ecological conditions. The first stationary stations of tracking in Sochi will be established in May of this year, and completely all system should earn in 2011. It will function and after Olympic Games - because it is interesting to watch, how the environment of the Sochi region will transfer not only preparation for action, but also competitions. All system of the ecological control over Sochi will cost roughly 150 million ruble.                                                            (


Start of Installation for Improvement of Water Supply

   3/12/2010    Under the request of inhabitants, the Obninsk Administration has organized purchase and installation of three units for improvement of water supply. They need for top floors of houses #20, #34 and #80 on Marx's prospectus. The total sum of expenses is equal 1 million 400 thousand rubles from the city budget.

The installations work in an automatic mode, independently adjusts a pressure in the house supplying water system that provides water delivering to the top floors at any time.

There were Nikolay Shubin, the chapter of Administration, employees of municipal economy at start of the installations. The townspeople have expressed gratitude to the Chapter of Administration for attention and the operative decision of a household problem which within twenty years gave inconvenience to tenants of the 9-storeyed house at o'clock of the raised loading to system of water supply.                                                    (


In a Laser Sight of Innovations

   3/10/2010   The Delegation of the European Commission, which has arrived to Obninsk on March 2, has first been familiarizing with achievements of laser technologies of Obninsk enterprise "RASTER-TECHNOLOGY". Experts of this enterprise have organized association УObninsk - Territory of Innovative DevelopmentФ.

Madam Elis Vu and Mr. Kimmo Khalme have arrived to Obninsk within the limits of the visit schedule to Russia, including meetings in the Ministry of Trade and Industries, Federal Agency of a Science and Innovations, Corporation "RusNano" and Fund of Assistance to Development of Small Forms of the Enterprises in Scientific and Technical Sphere.
 Company "RASTER-TECHNOLOGY" just is the small innovative enterprise. Visitors wished to be convinced, that Obninsk is ready to cooperation of Russia and the Europe in innovative sphere.

Evgenie Kulbatsky, the chapter of the enterprise has especially emphasized the creative approach or market sight from Kaluga region government, together with Administration of Kaluga and Obninsk cities.

In connection with that introduction and use of laser technologies belongs to priority problems of area, the project of the regional laser center has appeared especially actual. Kaluga region and Obninsk Administrations showed greater interest and active participation in creation of Kaluga Innovative Technological Center. The company "RASTER-TECHNOLOGY" has acted as the basic industrial partner of the project.

This very day the delegation of the European Commission has met Maxim Sherejkin, the new vice-governor of the Kaluga region on innovative development, which summarized a result of the meeting: УThis meeting has enabled us to see prospects of partnership with the Europe in innovative sphere - these prospects the most encouragingФ.

Members of delegation have very highly estimated an investment climate of the Kaluga region, as for Obninsk, by their estimation, is completely ready to partnership with the Europe. As Mr. Kimmo Khalme was figuratively expressed, the city represents territory of innovative development with ideally debugged infrastructural "skeleton".                                                              (


On March 4 in Obninsk Gymnasium the Presentation of New Research Center Has Passed

   3/5/2010   The Research center that cost is three million rubles, supplied by the advanced equipment for educational laboratories, including scanning zond microscope, has been bought to Obninsk by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Kaluga region due to means of the regional budget. As Maxim Dulinov, the head of this ministry has being on presentation has noted only such two centers - in Kaluga and in Obninsk have been constructed now.

More in detail about nano technologies to participants of action among whom there were heads of city schools and pupils, Nikolay Shubin, Doctor of Chemistry, the Chapter of Administration in lecture лNano Technologies in Modern Materiality╗ has told.

With opportunities zond microscope working both in nuclear and in a tunnel modes, the representatives of the scientific and pedagogical public were acquainted by Alexander Sukharev, director of the gymnasium. He has noted, that the given equipment is intended for individual use and will be maintained within the limits of the city program of support of the presented children, who interested by physics, chemistry and other exact sciences. Such approach will allow bringing up new generation of scientists, since school age.

Nikolay Shubin, the Chapter of Administration has thanked regional authority for support in modernization of city schools owing to which the high level of their technological base is reached.
 Recently in each school the complete set of gauges for use in studying such subjects as biology, physics, and chemistry has acted. According to Anatoly Geraskin, the Head of Management of the General Education 14 digital cabinets will be equipped for Obninsk in the future.


The Russian Fund of Basic Researches together with research structures of Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the Great Britain and the USA spends competition of 2011 research projects  in software application sphere researches

   2/25/2010   The researches can participate in competition on application of the software for modelling sphere of global problems УInterdisciplinary Program on Application Software towards Exascale Computing for Global Scale IssuesФ (competition лG8_а╗).

Preliminary and full applications in an electronic kind move in German research community (DFG), acting the coordinator of the program (


FGUPs - Whose Are They?

   02.20.2010   FGUPs are the federal state unitary enterprises. They are created to solve strategic state problems or protect the Russian state and the Russians, or create the decent existence (it largely) to the Russians. FGUPs belong to Russian State, and to us, taxpayers. Therefore, each Russian has got one of hundred million shares (on a rough estimate) in property expression. Further the law of great and infinitesimal numbers plays. If each Russian neglects this fine share, УPsheeekФ will turn outЕ If each Russian thriftily concerns to such small share something will can get and leave up. The State has appropriated to these enterprises the status unitary that means operated by the qualified top-managers on behalf of the state; donТt deal with registrations of these fine shares in the property to each Russian in heap of FGUPs.  ThatТs all!

However, who begins to load in a century of market economy itself such problems. It does not Cherkizon market where one has worked and has left. Profit to receive possible, but to yourself and to workers - here the experts are necessary. Moreover, to yourself, to workers, and the strategic problem to solve - here only country sharpness is not enough. One tax to property, do you to know how many it is? This is not a counter on two square meters that the girl has got in the shop.

For today majority of FGUPs belongs to nobody. There are decade uncompleted buildings, the ruin in constructed ones behind a curtain of the state privacy.

Nevertheless, the most surprising that the most part of process participants have driven for good foreign cars.

Because they have been received the beggarly salary in several FGUPs at once.

Well, also what? DonТt envy!

V. Ignatyev, director of "New Era Ltd."


FGUPs - Whose Are They?

   2/18/2010 лNew Sreda╗. Peter Schedrovitsky, the vice-president of УRusAtomФ State Corporation at ObninskТs meeting has declared that Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE) will be reformed. Will this reforming be radical or local?
 Rachkov. Not only IPPE will be reformed. All УRusAtomФ scientific complexes will be reformed. This is a part of the general process.
 Why such decision is accepted right now? More recently, the Government accepted the federal target program лNuclear power technologies of new generation╗. It is the federal program which was carefully studied not one year and which is accepted literally one of these days. In its realization, the serious role is allocated to IPPE institute.
 Why IPPE? Because a core of this program becomes formation of a new technological platform based on the closed nuclear cycle with fast reactors. IPPE - the main leader in development of fast reactors - both with sodium and with lead and bismuth coolants. IPPE should incur function of a scientific management of this part of the Federal program.
 Naturally, for its performance a certain internal reorganization is required. It cannot be named radical, but it will be thorough enough. IPPE has got the nice past, the steady present and great future. From stability to pass to development, organizational changes are necessary for us also. Not breaking thus of that environment which operates solitarily.

The collective should be aimed at the strategic purpose - effectively to solve those problems now. There is no time for the swing. The occurrence in a circle of new problems, which are set with the Program, will be fast enough. In parallel, during the decision of this problem we should solve another, connected with the basic - already named. On IPPEТs basis can be generated the Center of Nuclear Technologies. In an ideal, it will be the international center. The Problem is under force to institute, and we shall solve it. I wish to emphasize, that nobody gives such high rank "from above". We should work so that the role of the supervisor of studies of the above-stated program has been recognized for IPPE.

лNew Sreda╗. How this reorganization will mention fundamental science? In institute speak, that its share will be decreased.
 Rachkov. Destiny of IPPE Ц the destiny of all УRusAtomФ scientific complexes. At us target financing for scientific development of civil purpose was not allocated for a long. With arrival in УRusAtomФ, a new management there is a revival of all fields of activity. In particular, realization of the atomic power stations construction program with thermal reactors has begun.
 The federal target program лNuclear and Radiating Safety╗ is carried out. As well as that about which we spoke right at the beginning, they were formed for a long time. Their time has come to be carried out. As to fundamental science, I shall tell: the hearings about its reduction or curtailing are strongly exaggerated. However, it is necessary to understand, that the institute has been aimed at large programs of applied character. Basic researches were conducted so far as they were necessary to branch.
 лNew Sreda╗. During many years, it was a question of IPPE prospects, and they had been drawning in iridescent tones. Now we again speak about prospects, but this conversation already passes in a practical plane. Specific targets are being designated. Here there is a question: who will solve them? The Youth is not torn in institute; patriarchs have approached to critical age feature.
 Rachkov. We need fast and qualitative updating the staff - researchers and developers. Today there are a lot of teachers, even schools. In addition, there are not enough pupils here. The federal program provides essential change of such position. I even would tell so - the basic purpose of the Program I see in that during its realization we had a new generation of scientists and experts, which could incur that scale of works which was designated for itself by our branch.

- Valery Ivanovich, the nice last majority connect with start-up of the First in the World Atomic Power Station, which has brought world popularity to IPPE.

- The future of atomic engineering nevertheless is connected with fast reactors and the closed nuclear fuel cycle. IPPEТs merit is in development of atomic technologies on fast neutrons.

- What do you think about creation of a museum on the base of First Atomic Power Station?

- The museum will be obligatory. This work is under my personal control.

- We shall pass from the past to the present. You have named its steady. What does give the stability to IPPE?

- Owing to work of administration operated up to me led by Anatoly Vasilevich Zrodnikov I find, that the enterprise is in a steady financial condition. Certainly, there are also problems here. They are at all institutes of УRusAtomФ scientific complex. We shall solve them, including, and on the basis of that base which has got to me from Anatoly Vasilevich. I am grateful to him, that during very difficult time for the Russian science he has kept IPPEТs facilities in a decent kind.

- So, there is a base to the big future. Where is it?

- Today it is connected, first of all, with realization of the new Federal Target Program лNuclear Power Technologies of New Generation╗. The question is not so much in financing - it rather small, how many in realization of IPPE arrogant plans to become the supervisor of studies of that part of the program which is connected with the closed nuclear fuel cycle with fast reactors. The scientific management means, that we shall incur functions of coordination of these works. IPPE should become the spiritual leader of "fast" direction.

A number of other organizations have wanted to work for this role also; therefore, we are expected with rigid competitive struggle.

Then we should undertake a following problem which anywhere is not declared yet, - a problem of formation on IPPE basis the center of the fast nuclear technologies, it is desirable, the international center.

- Who will embody these arrogant plans if to consider, what middle age of key experts comes nearer to pension?

- The personnel problem to us should be solved first. Moreover, I would tell, that the most important problem of the Federal Target Program л Nuclear Power Technologies of New Generation╗ is a revival of former powerful personnel potential of branch for the decision of large-scale problems, which will be necessarily put before us with the country in some years. In addition, we should be ready in the personnel attitude. If to count only on a present contingent, we shall make nothing. Problems too large, and, not only on volume, but on time aspect: in the nearest 5-7- not more that 10 years we can put in pawn bases of this process only. In addition, here those who will come in branch and whom we are obliged to lead behind ourselves, those already will really solve problems of formation of large-scale atomic engineering on the basis of the closed fuel cycle with fast reactors.

- In what measure is it supposed to use Institute of Atomic Power base for a professional training?

- In the most significant measure. The matter is that in parallel with formation of the international center on fast reactors in Obninsk the large medical center connected with nuclear physics, and the big educational center will be created. In this educational center, we shall prepare for experts who would provide to us functioning and the center fast nuclear technology, and the large medical radiological center. This scale program we shall solve together with Institute of Atomic Power. Therefore, I count already in it to year work on formation of the educational center to put on a strong basis.

- Whether will IPPE participate in creation of the medical center?

- The medical center created in Obninsk - not usual: its nuclear specialization is closely connected with IPPE activity. In particular, isotopes for medical application can be made only on atomic installations, bunches of particles for treatment of patients too can be received only on installations with which IPPE works. On the one hand, we shall directly participate in creation of such installations, with another - to train the future physicians to work on these installations. Moreover, our management on Ordynka recommended me to appoint the special assistant under these problems. Actually, I have already appointed it. He is Peter Nikiforovich Martynov, my assistant on innovative development. He will be engaged, including, and nuclear medical subjects. More precisely, already is engaged.

- What perspective directions by way of innovations do you see in IPPE?

- First of all, those directions which are at IPPE, but they are not present at other organizations. For example, IPPE - one of leaders in the field of creation of the various sort and purpose filters. Just Peter Nikiforovich Martynov heads this direction in institute and he is the recognized authority on the country. To development on IPPEТs filters, there is big interest as all of them are based on nano technologies.

Should not calm down traditional works for IPPE on manufacture of isotopes. It is necessary to expand manufacture of isotope production, first, for medicine, and for other spheres. Such perspective direction as creation of monocrystals is not excluded. It is the necessary technology demanded in the market. We shall look, what else development can be used, what IPPEТs potential is available and meanwhile is not demanded. I hope, that with Peter NikiforovichТs arrival we "shall shake" an innovative direction seriously. Here it is necessary to begin and do.

- Modernization of experimental base is a key question, especially for the decision of basic our problem - creation of the closed nuclear fuel cycle with fast reactors. In this connection for us, the problem of a construction in IPPEТs territory of a research reactor on fast neutrons is extremely important. Today on this project two applicants - IPPE and Institute of Reactors in Dimitrovgrad were designated. I hope, that in fruitful competitive struggle we all the same shall prove, that for many reasons it is necessary to do installation here, in IPPE. First, without it we cannot create that international center about which I spoke. Alternatively, it will be much cut down.

The problem of modernization of experimental base has become outdated. As a whole IPPEТs role in maintenance of branch with experimental base is very great. In addition, it would be desirable, that this role still was for a long time kept.

- Does the question on construction in Obninsk research fast lead and bismuth reactor be already solved?

- I think, yes. However, I consider that necessary it to be built not on IPPEТs platform. Categorically. First, it is an industrial target, which will be allocated by the proprietor in his separate territory. Secondly, what for does scientific institute have to have as loading an industrial target? We this place better protect for the fast research reactor. Industrial fast lead and bismuth reactor at the positive decision on its construction in Obninsk will be placed on KarpovТs platform, and for IPPE remains function of scientific support. This for us is very important.

- Whether will be to city an advantage of fast lead and bismuth reactor construction?

- Necessarily. Fast reactor has got 100 megawatt of electric energy, so, plus to them - still practically 300 megawatt thermal. It will solve all problems of the city on power supply. Moreover, it is a question not only of scales of the city: I think the reactor will work on whole region.

The lead and bismuth reactor is the development of IPPE, it has left from IPPE. However, it will not be IPPEТs object. IPPEТs role should be in other: we should do the utmost, that IPPE will have got the second breath - have won a role of the supervisor of studies of a large megaproject лClosed Fuel Cycle with Reactors on Fast Neutrons╗ and have begun formation of the fast nuclear power technologies center. Then, owing to this project, we can make IPPE as large international center. All flags will be on a visit to us because now such project is not present at anybody in the world. Moreover, for Obninsk this will have enormous value.

Talked Nonna Black, Elena Kolotilina, press-service of IPPE


Some results of 2009

   2/4/2010   City Assembly has highly estimated Nikolay Shubin's annual report, the Chapter of Administration.

Singularity of the report consists not only in summarizing though they were significant. Shubin has defined the main city problems for current year. Among them, he has named rather arrogant - for example, teamwork above new hi-tech projects with RusAtom, RusNano, RusTechnology and Federal Medical and Biologic Agency. Thus any of social level does not decrease, all obligations, despite of crisis, should be executed.

From the very beginning Nikolay Shubin has declared, that all problems which the administration put to itself, including assignments of the governor, are executed: лSocial and economic development of Obninsk city can be characterized as steady, positive╗. However, the beginning of 2009 was disturbing. лAt the end of 2008 tax revenues in the budget decreased, but it managed to be overcome, - Shubin has told, - and incomes of the budget have grown on 10.9 % in comparison with 2008. We have carried out of all budgetary obligations to citizens╗.

Especially Mayor has noted, that Administration daily was engaged in incomes of the budget, the work with large tax bearers was conducted individually: л32 sessions have been lead, 233 heads of the city organizations have reported in work. Result: the debts under taxes and tax collections in the sum more than 24 million rubles, more than 7 million rubles are received on a rent╗. Sale and tenancy of municipal property became one of incomes. More than 17 hectares of the city ground and seven objects of the real estate have been sold for 2009. For example, at December "Furniture" shop in Old city has been sold for 15 million ruble. лEconomy on purchases of the goods, works and services for 2009 has made 100.6 million ruble, and for 2008 - 16.3 million ruble. - Shubin has told. It became possible owing to the electronic tenders╗.

Crisis, in Nikolay Shubin's opinion, was not strongly reflected in Obninsk. As he said, the initial pessimistic forecast about decrease in manufacture on 20 % at 2009 has not come true: лThe volume of manufacture has remained at a level of 2008╗. In Kaluga region the industry and construction, on official data, have fallen to 14 %. Moreover, the crisis has not prevented to opening at us the new enterprises. In Obninsk, the factory on manufacture of front plates LTM has started to work. At 2010 Lotte confectionery factory will start to work. Thus Obninsk confidently goes as scientifically city rate, that is the share of workers at the enterprises of a research-and-production complex exceeds a quarter from an aggregate number working, and under the federal legislation it should be not less than 15 %. The volume of the scientific and technical and industrial works executed by institutes of city, at 2009 was equal to 6.2 billion rubles, it exceeds the level of 2008 on 17.3 %. The municipality supports the scientific enterprises: more than 40 million rubles at 2009 are spent for a zone of innovative development on Red Dawn Street.

Nikolay Shubin spoke about unemployment. He has told, лThere is no crisis on a labor market╗. Mass lay-offs in city are not present; the rate of unemployment is equal 0.79 %. In ShubinТs opinion, the situation has been corrected by public works. 2566 person has been borrowed on them; 41 million ruble has been paid to them. The average salary has increased in city for 6.2 %, now it is equal 17.775 thousand ruble. This is almost on 5 thousand ruble above a regional level.

Nevertheless, crisis has not passed. Investments were reduced about 5.28 billion ruble at 2008 up to 3.85 billion at 2009. Construction in City has decreased actually twice - there is no such significant falling in one other branch of economy. Nikolay Shubin has noted that it is the all-Russian tendency.

Then Mayor has passed from economy to social policy. лCharges on social sphere are equal 58.2 %. It means that the budget remains socially focused. Wages and all municipal extra charges were paid without a delay╗. The quantity of places in kindergartens is under special attention of Administration. Within the year, additional four groups have opened; it has a little lowered intensity. Nevertheless, the turn though was reduced, but 350 person makes. лWe shall return buildings under preschool establishments. Moreover, the turn can increase╗. In Obninsk - the highest level of secondary education in Kaluga region: лMean score on Russian in city above regional on 3.3 items, on the mathematician - on 2.1. 84 % of graduates have acted in high schools, 2/3 from them study on budgetary places╗.

About public health services Shubin has told, that лCity much does for health services╗-municipal extra charges make 45 % from the salary of physicians, the salary of the doctor has reached 22 thousand rubles. лWe have completely solved questions of medicines. 25.2 million rubles are directed on free-of-charge medicines╗. Inoculations against flu are supervised by Administration and have made 117 % from the plan.

The housing municipal services also are under the control. In total at 2009, 43 houses have been capitally repaired for the sum 103.4 million, from them 8 million are means of the city budget. The application for major overhaul is submitted for 19 apartment houses at 2010. лWe have managed to organize work of the thermal, water, gas enterprises of city so that failures were not. Emergencies did not arise╗. Construction of faecal collector and reconstruction of clearing units are conducted-365 million rubles is already spent. Much made on improvement of light exposure of the city; it is finished to 81.6 % from the specification. лWe are assured, that for 4-5 years we shall finally solve a problem of light exposure╗, - Mayor has told. In the near future all prodrivings in courtyards and quarters will be repaired.

 лCity dwellers have noticed decrease in quantity of fixed-route taxis with 619 up to 380╗, - Mayor has told. Movement on railroad areas is changed. Three new buses have bought for city; the regularity of bus flights is equal 97 %.



New Life

   2/5/2010 The youngest area of Obninsk - Olympic village starts to live. This area - the first experience for our city mass low floor buildings. What for low floor building the future, repeated by analysts: the city infrastructure is accessible to inhabitants also, and they can daily enjoy advantages of village. The life of the first settlements passes not without problems.

The life behind city even if water, light, the water drain is in the house, differs from city, especially in the beginning. To a word, Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga region governor spoke: лPeople who have decided to live in settlements, should understand, that much should be made own hands╗.


 The civil engineering firm лSberStroyInvest╗ promised to finish the construction and the accomplishment by 2010. However, it was necessary to collide with huge quantity of problems. Especially hard, it was this winter. In fierce January frosts, even inhabitants of city apartments hardly experienced a cold. In addition, in Olympic village the problem with communications till now is not solved. When behind a window Ц 20̊ C, in the house only plus 11.

 Now in the area, electric thermal supply - in houses electric boilers are. The electric power for heating does not suffice.

To live in a cold at low submission of the electric power is impossible. Therefore have been bought and free-of-charge given to people heating devices.

 However, the main thing - approaches to the logic end the gasification of area. The gas from Obninsk up to Kabitsino - is already constructed in main. лObninskGorGas╗ has declared that it is ready to start-up of gas. Now it is necessary to stretch a pipe up to the Most Olympic village. There was literally pair hundred meters. All these works will end in February, and the problem will be solved.

 Locked up

 Before New Year, on December 29 from the area people as usual, have left on fixed-route taxi. However to come back there was nothing Ц the fixed-route taxi has not arrived to the appointed hour. The firm has broken the contract and has refused transportations. Money for construction of road is, but it will borrow half a year.

Recently inhabitants and firm "SberStroyInvest" send to the common decision: now they will pay together for passenger transportations up to an official route лObninsk-Olympic village╗.

 In a neighborТs way

 There are still problems. Inhabitants are dissatisfied with quality of water - the maintenance of iron exceeds norm in 1.7 times. The decision on designing installation for good water reception is already accepted. Water in Olympic village will be better, than in Obninsk.

 After the decision of problems with communications, it is necessary to borrow in construction of children's playgrounds. People wait for the organization of medical assistant's item.

We fight making Olympic village comfortable area for residing. The project лOlympic village╗ still very young one. Will pass very few time, and the life will be adjusted ╗.

Svetlana Veprikova      (ng-region №4)



   1/28/2010. To the end of December, 2009 deputies of the State Duma have held a session on problems of scientific cities in Troitsk city situated near of Moscow. The legislation on a science and innovations was discussed. At the session organized with "Uniform Russia", the representatives of the Russian Sciences Academy, the chapters of Protvino, Putchino, Dubna, Troitsk scientific cities, employees of federal and regional departments. M. L. Sherejkin, Assistant to Chapter of Obninsk Administration on economy and A. Sorokin, First Vice-President of Obninsk Scientific and Technical Advice, Chief of IPPE department told about Obninsk experience.

A. Sorokin - a member of State Duma working group concerning the legislation on scientific cities. At the session, Alexander Pavlovich has acted with the report on scientific city problems and ways of their decision on example of Obninsk. He has especially noted the preparation and fastening of the staff for the research-and-production complexes of scientific cities. In Obninsk the system of professional training for science, since a school bench is created. Conferences for pupils "Youth. Science. Culture.", Physic technical School, Obninsk State Technical University - Institute of Atomic Engineering (IATE), scientific laboratories and faculties IATE in scientific research institutes - all this creates the continuous educational chain, called to involve youth in science from school. However, Obninsk unique educational system tests the same problems because of legislative base absence - there is no State support, there is no target financing of a scientifically educational complex.

The second problem Ц the absence of the state order for a research-and-production complex of scientific city. There is no mechanism of formation and financing, though this problem is no new: State does not give enough attention to research-and-production complexes. As a result, the scientific part in them is gradually washed away, and scientific cities turn to usual ones. On Obninsk example, this process is visible distinctly. Obninsk obviously wins on the device: pure streets, repaired roads on which new buses go. The industrial zone feeds the city budget, the base of Techno Park are pawned. What is done to connect the basic resource, which "Intelligence of Scientific City" refers to?

The scientific city should work and earn money. If it is not present, the scientific city - usual one. The law on scientific cities gives nothing in this plan: 150 million rubles of the investments, received by Obninsk as scientific city, go for needs of municipal economy. The law on scientific cities should stimulate development of the centers of innovative activity.

In Obninsk, the session of Advice on the industrial policy is decided hold at January 2010.                                                              ("Obninsk" № 5 (3249) from 01/21/10)


New Director at Old Problems

   1/28/2010    In Institute of Physics Power Engineering (IPPE) - Valery Rachkov, new general director has been presented.

He is a Doctor of sciences, the professor, the author of 150 scientific works and 2 monographies. Valery Ivanovich Rachkov headed department of scientific policy in УRusAtomФ State Corporation. He began the labor activity in IPPE.
 After Moscow Physical Engineering Institute (MPEI) at 1971, he has been accepted as the engineer to laboratory number 100 and he has worked in the institute for 15 years. Here he became managing laboratory; here he has protected the master's dissertation, and doctor's one - already in Moscow.
 He began the work with defensive subjects: was engaged in projects of nuclear submarines of special purpose, and is more concrete - research works on liquid coolant technology for nuclear transport reactors. It was one of the institute mainstreams.

Valery Ivanovich speaks, that the branch in the strategic plans prefers IPPE as a centre of science for nuclear technologies. He has named terms of the program - until 2020 and means - 120 billion rbl.

By the way, employees of IPPE have concerned to these events cool enough. Already it is many years to the institute has been predicted the tempting successive future. The first gleam of hope for revival has flashed at May 2000 - Obninsk has been appropriated the status of scientific city. IPPE should become a leader of nuclear technologies as the innovative rate has been done to Obninsk - the native land of fast reactors.
 There did fantastic projects even were to create under critical reactor Ц the dream of all world nuclear science and power. Besides unusual conditions for research experiments, it would burn transuranium elements - highly active waste that is formed on the atomic power stations. Therefore, it was spoken from high tribunes. However, Е greater money is necessary very much.

Then again, not time the word "fantastic" flashed. In particular, Herman Gref, former minister enthusiastically has responded about RUTA reactor, which can be built a stone's throw away from inhabited quarters.
 Moreover, the most sensational - not only IPPE for, but for the city Ц УRusAtomФ said about the construction of an industrial reactor capacity 100 MWt in Obninsk. Soon crisis has happened, and Oleg Deripaska, УRusAtomФ financier clamped by credits, taken in foreign banks, itself has been compelled to rise in turn behind State support.

What waits for IPPE? In the institute, many consider this question irrelevant. The problem of atomic engineering development gets the increasing acuteness. The State Corporation is going to build two reactors - research and commercial. A question - where will be what.
 Obninsk has competitors, in particular, Dimitrovgrad.

As people speak in УRusAtomФ, Rachkov comes in IPPE with the Federal target program УNuclear power technologies of new generationФ. Their basis is made with perspective liquid metal coolant fast reactors: lead-bismuth, lead, sodium. Around of them the Powerful organizations are connected with these projects. Evgenie Adamov, former minister, Jury Dragunov, the known figure in scientific circles, УBase elementФ, Deripaska's corporation and the very large design offices - one in Podolsk, another in Nizhni Novgorod. The general strategic management is concentrated in RachkovТs hands. Therefore, he comes back to what began - to liquid metal coolants - only at other, innovative technological level.
 People speak, that Valery Ivanovich as it is strange, prefers an experimental reactor. As more favourable in the financial attitude.

 Anatoly Vasilevich Zrodnikov, the former general director, remaining in a post of the institute science supervisor, too comes back to what began. The transformation of nuclear energy in laser is scientific interest of his youth. These are basic researches with practical prospect: super-power laser systems for development of many new technologies, such as thermonuclear synthesis.



Promotion of City Assembly Candidates Has Ended. 91 Candidates Go On 30 Deputy Places

   1/28/2010   On the last elections at 2005 168 candidates were, this time competition is much less - three persons on one place. However, the competition will be serious: first, there are many people with the deserved reputation here.

Among them, practically all (except for 3-4 person) are operating City Assembly deputies, which differed professionalism and the serious approach to work. Known public men and businesspersons will make the competition. Secondly, parties have made forward the candidates who are measured to support. During pre-election campaign probably small local aggravation of political strike may be.

The Obninsk selective commission has already begun registration of City Assembly candidates. By February 6, the commission should check up correctness and completeness of documents. Usually, on Obninsk elections the unexpectedness does not happen. Most likely, everyone will be registered.

Feature became those who put forward itself not so much in comparison with 2005. The majority of candidates were grouped on parties and social movements. The greatest command at лUniform Russia╗: the party in power has put forward 30 candidates, among which many known persons - Vladimir Navolokin, the chief of Clinical hospital # 8, Valentine Rodionov, the Chief of "Signal" factory, Vladimir Savin, director of the Trading House "Signal", Nikolay Skvortsov, the well-known swimmer and others are equal on number of places in City Assembly. Recently лUniform Russia╗ has signed the cooperation agreement with social movement лObninsk Ц the territory of innovative development"."Obninsk Ц the territory of innovative developmentФ has put forward eight candidates. Most known of them successfully work in the deputy case is Evgenie Pashin and Leonid Katukhin, and Lion Berezner, director of УPhita-PharmaФ drugstores. Actually, УUniform Russia" and "Obninsk Ц the territory of innovative developmentФ go on elections in the union - between the groups there are no ideological and political divergences.

About other parties. Communists have lost the leader - Nina Illarionova. She has passed to УFair RussiaФ which exposes on elections 8 person. Among them - Lyudmila Shapiro, the former head of "Union of The Right ForcesФ.

Communists put forward 13 people. Alla Prosvirkina, the present deputy and Victor Butuzov, the secretary of City Communist Party of the Russian Federation committee are most known from them. To communist Rem Kovalenko is 74 years old, but they having also a 20-years candidate. 

Seven candidates also apply for mandates from Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. Vyacheslav Gonyukov heads them. The significant part of members of this party works in the small company - a driving school УAvanta PlusФ.

Among those who has put forward itself is Tatyana Kotlyar (on elections in regional Legislative Assembly she heads the regional list of УAppleФ party), Ivan Dajneko, former vice-mayor on economy, Sergey Pasynkov, the businessperson.

At 2005, about third of population has come to vote, it is a city record for local elections. Now Уthe thresholdФ is turned off, this percent does not play any role. If though one person will come to vote, elections recognize taken place. However, for local authorities the percent is important - it shows a level of loyalty, trust and love of the population to authority. To put it briefly, regional authorities donТt like the low interest.


What Are The Innovations?

     1/28/2010    Leonid Katukhin: УThe Innovation is essentially new technologies, ideas - all which, on what our city are really capable.Ф

When the person argues on what does not understand, it is not terrible in the way you argue, sitting on a bench before the house.
 Workers of the information should be more cautious. Many townspeople traditionally trust them and even sometimes quote, using as argument in disputes. Journalists still had authority.

Recently I read that installation of the account devices by the serving company do the house neither much nor a little - by лterritory of innovative development". What is such - an innovation?

Leonid Katukhin, Chairman of Committee on Economic Policy, a member of лObninsk - territory of innovative development╗ organization answers:

лAn innovation Ц new product in the field of techniques, technologies, the organizations of work or the management, based on use of science achievements and the best practices, providing qualitative increase of industrial system efficiency or quality of production╗.
 The term "innovation" misleads many. Here it is used in a broad sense. The most simple example - in due time sale of the goods by installments became mighty stimulus for development of economy. Because it was the innovation - it did not have analogues! Obninsk shop, having begun suddenly to trade by installments, the innovative enterprise does not become. The innovation is that you have thought up and have introduced first-ever, instead of in the country, area or city.
 Occurrence in the new house of the Internet can be perceived as "novelty", but in any way an innovation therefore as similar service is given to consumers in tens countries and thousand cities.

The government has proclaimed a rate on development of innovations. It is enough fertile soil - both for advertising, and for the practical work, capable to lift prestige of the first scientific city.
 In лObninsk - territory of innovative development╗ organization have chosen work, instead of advertising. The majority of лObninsk - territory of innovative development╗ members - workers of the innovative enterprises creating not having analogues production and technologies.

In my opinion, there is a discredit of useful idea. Yes not only ideas - the status of the first scientific city! That the formed person, reading the clause about city in which inhabitants consider system of the protection established in the house, as an innovation (the service which is not having analogues in the world can think!).

Innovation - that deduces in the lead positions on not in local scale. These are essentially new researches, technologies, production or ideas - all that, on what our city is capable.




    20.01.10  Recently Obninsk has appeared in focus of large state corporation attention: лRusAtom╗, лRusTechnology╗, and лRusNano╗. Moreover, it became a point of their geographical priorities. лRusAtom╗ measure to create a new technological platform of nuclear power based on IPPE, having emphasized on new generation reactor technologies. There is the technological program until 2020 in total amount of 120 billion rbl.
 One more project, in which лRusAtom╗ also shows interest is already developed, is connected with construction of new Medical Nuclear Center - on a new platform, but with use of potential of Scientific Medical Radiating Centre. Creation of two nano- centers is planned - one leans on development of "Technology", another - on bio- technological development of the Obninsk companies. Therefore, at 2010 Obninsk has new very powerful resource for innovative development.

лRusNano╗ Corporation has declared competition on creation in the country so-called nano-- technological centers. Feature of such centers should become concentration of the process equipment and the developed technologies for the small innovative companies in one place. Them to be three in Russia at the first stage. Among the basic applicants Ц Moscow Physical Engineering Institute. Obninsk is going to submit the collective application (based on IPPE, "Technology", OSTC, лMedBioPharm╗ projects).
 We have strong contenders - St.-Petersburg, Tomsk and Belgorod. лRusNano╗ measure to realize practical manufacture of nano- production, which will be necessary to the market.
 The Decision will be accepted at 2010. If Obninsk becomes the winner, it will be the big success: the sum of financing makes up to billion roubles! On this money, the specialized equipment will be bought. This equipment will serve for realization of any other innovative projects born in City.

At following year, лMedBioPharm╗ will start to build Park of Active molecules - an innovative infrastructural complex, which will develop and will introduce new medicines.

ObninskТs molecules which today are registered, will pass clinical tests - anti-virus means and a protector for treatment of oncological patients. Designing and construction of a factory on donor blood manufacture is planned.
 Under orders of Federal Agency on struggle against drugs, it will be necessary to develop the test-system for definition of drugs. New drugs in saliva, instead of in urine as was earlier will allow defining the test-system quickly and qualitatively.

In following year in Obninsk is planned to commission some large objects - confectionery factory, shopping center entertaining on Marx Street, Techno Park on Red Dawn Street.

In an innovative development zone (on Red Dawn Street) will appear the modern Innovative exhibition center with pavilions on biomedicine, the nuclear and alternative power, new materials, ecology, business educational center. New, technological products can be advanced on the market only through constantly working exhibitions, specialized conferences and seminars. These innovation promotion tools are actively used abroad. Obninsk Trading Industrial Chamber supports Creation idea of such technological exhibition center.

Construction of the innovative development zone on Red Dawn Street, development of strategic directions is those flagman projects, which will allow us to increase City economic potential. On the other hand, the tendency is those, that ObninskТs charges grow, and federal financing lags behind arrogant those plans which are at our City.

At 2009, лNational Innovative System╗ project of лUniform Russia╗ party begins actively to develop. Today in the country, there are no enough innovations here, support of activity, despite of the big number of words about its importance to be while weak. It is necessary to solve this problem - only innovations can provide growth of national economy as a whole.
 Difficulties, substantially, are connected with the absence of system work on "the conveyor of innovations╗. There are separate projects, but there is no understanding, them to represent as a whole. The existing elements of innovative process have to be uniting and fill with their real maintenance. With this purpose лNational Innovative System╗ project is started.


Municipal Formation УCity District УObninsk CityФ

   2/25/2010   Obninsk is based on July 24, 1956 by the Government Decree. According to Decree of Russian Federation President from May, 6th, 2000 № 821 to Obninsk had been given the status of scientific town until December 31, 2024. Now the city occupies the area 43.0 sq. km.

On the beginning of 2009 year, the city population made 105.5 thousand people. A ratio of men and women: 45.8% to 54.2%. Middle age of the townspeople is 40.7 years. Age structure of the townspeople:

62.0% (65.4 thousand person) - at work-able age;

╖ 13.7% (14.4 thousand person) - is younger than work-able age;

╖ 24.3% (25.7 thousand person) - is more senior than work-able age.

The basic parameters of social and economic position of Obninsk in 2009, the estimation



2009 year

% to 2008 year

Scientific researches and development (the large and average enterprises), million rbl.

3 303
on 12.01.2009


Volume of an industrial output, million rbl.


96.0 *

Amount of works and services by the form activity "construction", million rbl.


53.2 *

Investments into a fixed capital, million rbl.


63.9 *

Turnover of retail trade, million rbl.


99.0 *

Nominal monthly average wages of one worker, rbl.



The monthly average size of pension, rbl.



Level of official unemployment as of the end of year, in % to economically active population


against 0.51%

* in the comparable prices




Relative density of Obninsk in Kaluga region in 2009

The basic parameters

Share of Obninsk in Kaluga region, %

The population


Scientific researches and development (the large and average enterprises)


Industrial production


Construction works


Turnover of retail trade


Volume of paid services to the population


Investments into a fixed capital



The population

The name

Unit of measure



11 months 2009

Mid-annual population

thousand person




Was born





Has died





Natural increase (loss) of the population





Has arrived





Has left





Mechanical increase in population





The general increase in population






Amount of the enterprises and the organizations. Employment of the population

The name

Unit of measure




Amount of the registered enterprises on the end of year




on 11.26.2009

The population borrowed in the city economy, (they are borrowed at the city enterprises and organizations

thousand person




Number of pensioners in the city (all age and categories) - all on the end of year

thousand person




The monthly average size of pension





Living wage for pensioners





Number of officially registered unemployeds on the end of year





Level of official unemployment on the end of year






Wages, contributions of the population in the city's banks

The name

Unit of measure



2009, estimation

Fund of a payment

Millions rbl.




Monthly average wages of 1 worker





Living wage for work-able population





The population contribution rests in banks and their branches located in the city territory in a rouble equivalent (on the end of year)

Millions rbl.



on 10.01.2009

Share of rouble contributions in a total sum





Share of currency contributions in a total sum







The name

Unit of measure



11 months 2009

Volume "scientific researches and development" on the large and average enterprises

Millions rbl.




Rate of growth by last year in the actual prices






The industry

The name

Unit of measure



2009, estimation

Volume of an industrial output and services of industrial character

Millions rbl.




Index of physical volume of industrial production as a whole on the city






Investments into a fixed capital. Construction

The name

Unit of measure



2009, estimation

Investments into a fixed capital due to all sources of financing

Millions rbl.




Index of physical volume





The amount of works, executed by the form activity "construction"

Millions rbl.




Index of physical volume






Housing construction

The name

Unit of measure




Commissioning of apartment houses, a total area

thousand sq. m.




Including: multiroom apartment houses

thousand sq. m.




Individual apartment houses

thousand sq. m.




Available housing of the city

Available housing of city on the end of year

thousand sq. m.



2,360.0 estimation

Security habitation per person

sq. m.



22.4 estimation

Number of the families consisting on the account for improvement of living conditions, consisting on the city administration account on the end of year






The consumer market

Volume of retail commodity circulation

Millions rbl.




In % by last year (in the comparable prices)





Turnover of public catering

Millions rbl.




In % by last year (in the comparable prices)





Volume of paid services to the population

Millions rbl.




In % by last year (in the comparable prices)






Preschool education. The general education

The name

Unit of measure

2007-08 academic year

2008-09 academic year

2009-10 academic year

Number of children in preschool establishments





Including: preschool children










Turn in kindergartens





Number of pupils at schools of city





Including: at municipal schools





In private schools






Social sphere

The name

Unit of measure




Amount of musical and art schools





Number of pupils in musical and art schools





Amount of libraries






Small Business - Support of City Economy

   2/25/2010   According to the Federal Law лAbout Development of Small and Average Business in Russian Federation╗ City Administration has spent system work on support of small and average business. For rendering support to the small and average enterprises in Obninsk the developed infrastructure is created including: 3 business-incubator, 2 centers of technology transfers, municipal fund of small business support, a number of the consulting companies, commercial and industrial chamber and other organizations and the enterprises. Today the city innovative infrastructure enterprises render services practically on all necessary spectrum, including business-planning, marketing, a transfer of technologies in real sector of economy, consulting services, services on sphere of protection and a commercial turnover of intellectual property, etc.

More than 2100 small and average enterprises work in the city. In 2009 22 thousand person 43.5% from the common employment at the enterprises and the city organizations worked at the small and average enterprises, the volume of proceeds has made 32.9 billion rubles or 55.2 % from city proceeds. Small business in city occupies more than 50% of the city economy in parameters of 2009.

Small and average business plays a significant role in the city economy. Now influence of crisis reduces positive tendencies of business development. Crisis, on the one hand, most of all influences the small companies, which do not have reserves. On the other hand, unlike big companies, the small and average enterprises behave in the market, and many fields of activity in which they are engaged more flexibly, are demanded and during crisis.

The crisis phenomena in small business cause decrease in volumes of turnover and investments into a fixed capital at the small and average enterprises. Small business in conditions of crisis has problems, which have financial character, namely:

╖ Absence of turnaround means;

╖ Absence of an easy approach to bank credit services;

╖ Risk of non-payments from counterparts;

╖ Reduction in demand for production;

╖ Decrease in rate of return and profitability of business.

Support of averages and small enterprises is a priority, its purpose - to use potential of business for creation of new workplaces.

To lower the crisis influence, to make small and average business stable, City Administration has carried out: comprehensive support of small and average business according to the Federal Law №209-FZ from 7/4/2007 лAbout Development of Small and Average Business in Russian Federation╗. The city target program лAssistance to Development of Small and Average Business in Obninsk City for 2007-2010╗ is the mechanism of this support realization.

The support fund of the small business, created by City Administration, renders within the limits of the Program action realization. There are 8850 thousand rubles in the Fund turnover. On 12/31/2009 Fund has financed 16 projects for the sum of 6,664 thousand rubles. In 2009 financial support had been given out to six subjects of enterprise activity at a rate of 2,800 thousand rubles.

There is assistance to participation in exhibitions, for example: УAkonФ Joint-Stock Company and УVyugaФ Company Ltd. have taken part in 6-th Kaluga Investment Forum. The 16 thousand rubles has been given from the local budget for preparation of the exhibition "Obninsk City".

The register of support addressees is conducted. On 01.01.2010 data about 151 subject of the business who have received various kinds of support: financial, property, consulting, - are brought in the register. The register, got financial support within the limits of City Target Program is conducted. Data about 25 subjects are brought. So, for example in 2009, financial support was rendered:

╖ The monetary loan at a rate of 1.0 million rubles for the mortgage project was given out to N. Popov, businessperson.

╖ УFaros PlusФ Company Ltd. and businessperson A. Smolnikova are given out loans on 500 thousand rubles for projects лMortgage of the Goods in Turnover╗.

Property support in 2009 is rendered to 25 subjects of small business. Everything, on 7/1/2009 the 287 contracts of uninhabited municipal premises had been rent, from them 268 - with subjects of small and average business are concluded.

Three training seminars for heads of small and average business enterprises with attraction of Kaluga region Ministry economic development experts are lead. More than 350 people have participated in seminar work.

Council on Development of Small Business is created at the head of City Administration. 3 sessions of the Council are lead concerning: лAbout a Social and Economic Situation in Obninsk╗, лSupport of Small Business in the Field of Preparation, Retraining and Improvements of Staff Professional Skill╗, лAbout Problems of Property Support Realization and About Rates of Ground Tax to 2010╗.

The management session of the Program лAssistance to Development of Small Business in Obninsk for the Period 2007-2010╗ on which priorities and volumes of financing from federal and regional budgets are certain, is held.

Thus, the work of City Administration and the measures directed on support of small and average business, have allowed reducing negative consequences of financial crisis to a minimum. It gives to hope that small business, having got stronger in uneasy conditions of market economy and in the further will be a reliable support of the city economy.                                                                     (


Techno park "Obninsk"

   2/25/2010   Techno park carries out the activity according to the State program лCreation in the Russian Federation of Techno parks in Sphere of High Technologies╗, approved by the Order of the Russian Federation Government № 328-р from March, 10th, 2006.

Accommodation of Techno Park in Obninsk has a number of the important advantages: the favorable geographical position, the developed transport infrastructure, high rates of growth, industrial and innovative potential, presence of high scientific and educational potential.

Specialization of techno park "Obninsk": biotechnologies, the pharmaceutics, new materials and nano- technologies, nuclear and radiating technologies, radiating medicine, IT-technologies.

The primary goals of techno park "Obninsk" for today are:

╖ To provide favorable conditions for development, installing of high technology production with the high-added cost in manufacture and world market.

╖ To create system of financial support of perspective innovative projects.

╖ To create the integrated complex of scientific, engineering, transport and social infrastructures of Techno park.

╖ To generate system of partner relations, to promote realization of innovative projects in Territory of Techno Park and to provide the authority support.

The project of techno park "Obninsk" is directed on development on Kaluga region territories of economy of innovative type, increase of investment appeal of region, stimulation and introduction to manufacture of the advanced scientific development.                                                  (


Municipal industrial zone

   2/25/2010   In positive changes of investment growth into economy of Obninsk last five years the project of creation of the Municipal Industrial Zone has played the leading part. Realization of the project has begun within the limits of the Program of City development as scientific city in 2001. Today almost 2000 workplaces are created at the enterprises of the Municipal industrial zone. Below the basic enterprises located in territory of the Municipal industrial zone are presented.


To open own manufacture in Russia and to become the Russian domestic manufacturer - dream of many large foreign pharmaceutical companies. "Hemopharm" has carried out this dream in 2006 when one of the best pharmaceutical factories in Russia on manufacture of firm medicinal forms - Open Company "Hemopharm" has been constructed in Obninsk.

Obninsk has been chosen for construction of the factory - city with the status of the scientific city, located in 100 km to a southwest from Moscow, in the Kaluga region possessing favorable economic and legal conditions for business dealing and protection of the capital. The international highway and railroad line Moscow-Kiev are near to Obninsk. The cargo airport is located near to city. All this too has influenced to a choice of the place.

In October 2007, the commission from German city of Darmstadt has arrived to Obninsk on the factory of Open Company "Hemopharm" to license the enterprise. On results of check, the factory has received лthe Certificate of Conformity of Manufacture to GMP Norms╗ which differently names лthe Certificate of the European Quality╗. This document has given new factory the right to export the medicines made in Obninsk in the countries of the European Union. 


Ruukki is the European supplier of components, systems and complex decisions from metal for construction and mechanical engineering. The company offers wide assortment of metal products and the services connected with them. Ruukki works in 27 countries of the world and its personnel is totaled by 11 800 person. In 2009, the trade turnover has made 2.0 billion euro. Shares are appreciated at Helsinki stock exchange NASDAQ OMX (Rautaruukki Corporation: RTRKS). For today company Ruukki in Russia have factories on manufacture building in Obninsk and Balabanovo, the service center in St.-Petersburg, and offices of sales in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and other large centers (Samara, Rostov-on-Don, and Yekaterinburg).

Home Credit

Open Company "Home Credit and Finance Bank" - one of leaders on the Russian market, works in the Russian market since 2002. In the Kaluga region, Bank лHome Credit╗ has begun work with 2006, having opened Representation in Obninsk. The majority of employees in Obninsk Representation - recent graduates and students of high schools and colleges of Obninsk and the Kaluga region who are interested in construction of professional career in the international financial company. The bank лHome Credit╗ during several years cooperates with Obninsk Administration and traditionally supports to city social initiatives.


LTM Company (Finland) has been founded in 1974 and has quickly won popularity as the manufacturer of high quality and reliable front materials. Within three decades, LTM Company has taken place from the small manufacturer of regional value up to the large company exporting production in the different countries of the world.

In April 2006 the advanced line in the Europe on drawing the decorative coverings, installed on the factory in Moscow region has been started. Today this enterprise releases plates CYNOP, CEMCOLOUR, CemColour Structure with decorative coverings of any color, possessing the increased fire resistance and moisture resistance.

In October 2008 unique in Russia УLTMФ Company factory on manufacture plates for external and internal furnish of buildings under trademark СEMBOARD, Aqua, Flamma, Ventus, located in Obninsk the Kaluga area was a part of holding. The factory is equipped by the newest European hi-tech equipment and works on the advanced technology flow on, releasing high-quality panels of high density of atmospheric drying.


The industrial-logistical complex erected from zero in Obninsk has no analogues in the country on scales and technical equipment and rises in one line with the best factories of the international leaders in the field of industrial hi-tech production. Production control is carried out by means of automatics of own development which fixes each operation with a product.

Getting by the automatics, Kraftway connects in a uniform chain all stages of life cycle of the product: its preliminary technological preparation at the skilled enterprise in Moscow, actually manufacture at the factory in Obninsk and the further guarantee support.

The automated warehouse terminal the area of 12 thousand sq.m. is a part of the industrial complex besides the industrial zone. From here, the technics with Kraftway mark sends to consumers to all corners of our country.

Input of the enterprise in a mode of commercial operation has allowed the company to reduce essentially industrial and logistical costs and to make Kraftway production even more competitive and attractive to users: the States, business and private persons.



Zone of Innovative Development

   2/25/2010   Since 2007 is conducted by Administration of Obninsk work on creation in Obninsk the Zone of Innovative Development which is planned to place for the areas of 18 hectares in area of street Red Зорь. This project will allow to create a basis for systematic and compact accommodation in Obninsk the small and average industrial innovative enterprises. For such enterprises on a competitive basis the small site of the municipal ground with the brought communications for construction and accommodation of small office and industrial premises(rooms) will be given. Accommodation of the enterprises is supposed on sites of 0,5 and 1 hectares. The engineering infrastructure of this platform will be constructed due to means of the city budget. The total volume of investments is estimated(appreciated) in 900 million roubles. The prospective density of building will make 40 %, and a total area - 72 thousand кв. Meters. The planned area of buildings and constructions - 216 thousand кв. Meters. On the allocated sites it is planned to place 13-14 new manufactures on which 1500 workplaces will be created.

Financing of the project of creation of the Zone of innovative development on street Red Зорь (one thousand roubles)

Actions on realization of the civil-engineering design




2010  (Forecast)

Development of design budget documentation





Civil and erection works on construction of an engineering infrastructure (road, illumination)





Development of the design-budget documentation on construction of an engineering infrastructure





Civil and erection works on construction of an engineering infrastructure







   02/25/2010   The president of Russia in the Decree has awarded Nikolay Shubin, the chapter of Obninsk Administration with a medal of the Award лFor merits before State╗ II degree.

The report of City Administration Chapter on City Administration Activity for 2009

Nikolay Shubin's performance, Administration Chapter of the city district "Obninsk City" on 2/2/2010

   Dear deputies of City Assembly!

Deals that we put to ourselves for 2009, assignments of Kaluga region governor are executed.

Social and economic Obninsk City development can be named steady, positive. City has carried out of all financial obligations for City dwellers. We have kept workplaces and have provided stability on labor market. In our economic policy, we have supported real sector of economy, business, and innovations in all urban spheres. Major overhaul of apartment houses, development of urban engineering infrastructure have been invested. Administration worked purposefully at all levels of authority.

Today there are results, owing to teamwork of deputies and Administration, owing to support of the region Governor.

The budget

At 2009 City Administration was possible to overcome decrease in tax incomes, what has allowed to finish 2009 with the city incomes in the sum of 2 billion 161 million rubles. In comparison with 2008, the increase has made 10.9 %.

Own incomes have grown to 10.7 % (1 billion 462 million rubles or 67.7 % from all incomes). The city has carried out of all account obligations. The incomes of other levels of budgets were equaled to 699 million rubles. It is on 11.5 % more, than at 2008.

The main result: all budgetary obligations are executed. The budget under charges is executed in volume of 2 billion 218 million rubles. Growth to a level of 2008 has made 109.6 %.

The budget not only has provided social functions, it became the budget of development. Our budget has been focused on the result. Own investments in the form of capital charges, including charges on major overhauls, have made 580 million rubles, it is on 22.5 % more than at 2008. The weight of capital charges in total amount of charges has made 26.1 %.

Deficiency of the budget at 2009 is equal 57.4 million rubles. We have extinguished deficiency, have organized work on reception of additional incomes and have essentially saved on expenses from an account part of the budget.

I wish to thank dear deputies for teamwork. It has allowed entering into 2010 with the means guaranteeing steady financing in the beginning of year.

 The administration daily and individually worked with large payers of taxes and tax inspection.

The assignments of the Governor for 2009 contained 27 parameters on all parties of the city life.

Parameters, except for what crisis has influenced are executed all. For the first time for many years in Obninsk, a level of birth rate began to increase. Sadly, but the death rate is still high. It means, that a healthy way of life - a theme for our further work. Repair of roads, stacking sidewalk tiles, repair of engineering communications and an accomplishment of city are executed with excess of planned targets.

At 2009, the city became the winner of the Second All-Russia competition "Best municipal formation".

It does not mean that all well and perfectly in all control links. We know the lacks and we solve them.

The commission on budgetary and tax discipline sped up the work. The 32 sessions are lead, 233 heads have made the report on the work. Result: debts under taxes in the sum more than 24 million rubles, and on a rent - more than 7 million rubles - are extinguished.

The economy of budgetary funds at purchases of the goods, works and services at 2009 was equaled to 100.6 million rubles (per 2008 the economy of the budget was equaled 16.3 million rubles). Such increase in the budget became possible owing to the electronic tenders.

The management of municipal property was carried out productively.

Incomes of municipal property sale have increased for 111.3 %. At 2009 the 32 ground sites, on 17.1 hectares have been sold to proprietors of the objects. Means from the ground sale has been received for the sum 22.1 million rubles, from them in the city budget 17.9 million rubles. According to the Plan, the seven objects of municipal property have been sold to private investors. Incomes have made 43.1 million rubles, in view of the action sale. In particular, after many proceedings the property and the actions of "Anniversary" hotel have been sold.

There is beginning of the work on sale of the premises rented by business. On December the premise of the area 460 sq. m to the address of: Obninsk, Lenin street, 28 ("Furniture" Shop) has been sold at the price of 15.0 million rubles.

The sale of municipal property is a good income during crisis. The sale of municipal property at 2009 has made 17.4 % from incomes of the city budget; it is on 1.3 % more, than at 2008.

The basic source of incomes there are taxes, therefore manufacture, employment and the salary in the city are important for us.


The pessimistic forecast about decrease in manufacture on 20 % has not come true. The volume of manufacture has remained the same, as at 2008. In Kaluga region, the volume of manufacture was equaled to 86 % from last years. At separate branches, there was a decrease in manufacture: in manufacturing building materials, metal designs, rubber and plastic products. Lesser degree - in chemical manufacture, in manufacture of foodstuff.

The total volume of production, the executed works at 2009 is equal to 15 billion rubles.

Administration has worked hard for creation of new manufactures. Now "LTM" Open Company (manufacture of front plates) has begun work among the new enterprises, last enterprise in Municipal Industrial Zone. All enterprises of the Municipal Industrial Zone have made production on 2.7 billion rubles (18 % from the city volume).

At 2010, Korean "Lotte" confectionery factory will begin work. The annual increase to the city volume of industrial production will make 1.5 billion rubles.

For the information: the total amount of the scientific and technical and industrial works executed by the city institutes at 2009, is equaled to 6.2 billion rubles, it exceeds on 17.3 % a level of 2008.

In City, the scientific sector borrows in the lead position - 21.1 % from the general employment at the enterprises - 10.7 thousand people (9.2 thousand people are borrowed in City institutes and 1.5 thousand people - in small enterprises) from 50.7 thousand people.

City confidently keeps the status of the scientific city.

At 2009, the 42 organizations entered into a scientific complex of the city. The 25.4 % from working at the enterprises work there. Under the federal legislation, this share should be not less than 15 %. Cost of their funds should be not less than 50 % of the cost of all city funds, except for housing, municipal and social spheres. At 2009, the weight of funds of the research-and-production enterprises was equal to 62.5 %.

The share of these enterprises taken together profit (it is almost 60 billion rubles) is equal to 22 %.

The city does not render direct financial support to these enterprises, but improves their finance position. The State Centers of Science have 70 % a privilege under the ground tax. The three industrial enterprises have constructed the new manufactures in Municipal Industrial Zone.

City Administration advances innovative projects of the scientific enterprises at various government levels. In the city budget of 2010, we have put in pawn 5 million rubles on creation Nano- center together with RusAtom State Corporation.

Status of the city of science gives incomes in the city budget. At 2009 due to federal means 141 million rubles is received. These means are used on development of an engineering, social and innovative infrastructure.

More than 40 million rubles is spent for a zone of innovative development on Red Dawns Street where office and industrial premises are under construction.

We count, that this zone becomes the second large investment project sold in the city. Works above the project have begun at 2006. In this project, 54.6 million rubles are already enclosed.

For support of small innovative business, "Obninsk Business Incubator" is created. On April 23, 2009 after reconstruction and repair, the opening of new business-incubators took place. The 19 companies, on 123 workplaces are here.


Despite of the negative tendency in employment, the situation on a labor market cannot be named crisis. At reductions at the large enterprises, as a whole the balance of a supply and demand remains stable.

For decrease in intensity on labor market, The Decision of Obninsk City Administration "About the organization of public works in Obninsk at 2009" was accepted.

Almost 41 million rubles has been spent from means of the regional anti-recessionary program for indemnification of charges on payment of social activities.

The center of employment has concluded the agreements about joint activity with 20 organizations.

The 2566 person from 20 enterprises have taken part in public works. The greatest quantity of people was from "Signal" factory, "Natural product" factory, "New Building Systems" factory.

There are no mass lay-offs in the city. The rate of unemployment makes 0.79 %.

Wages, pension

The standard of townspeople well-being remains to the highest in Kaluga region. The wages - maximal on the value in region - make a basis of the townspeople incomes.

Average wages have exceeded a level of 2008 on 6.2 % and there were equal to 17,775 rubles. At the large enterprises, it is 21.0 thousand rubles, on small enterprises - 13.6 thousand rubles.

According to Pension Fund at 2009, the average monthly size of pension was equal to 5503 rubles, the increase at 24.8 % concerning 2008.

The consumer market

At growth of the wages on 6.2 %, the pensions on 24.8 %, increase in commodity turn is estimated in 11 %, volume of public catering in 9.5 %, volume of paid services in 20 %.

The six new trading enterprises have begun work at 2009, new premises after "Central Department Store" reconstruction, "House for the House" shop repair, and the six public catering enterprises have opened, and the 12 consumer services enterprises have begun work at 2009. Network operators of retail trade performed work.

The 540 sq. m trading areas per 1000 inhabitants, that is above norm on Kaluga region in 2.9 times.

Trade still has good dynamics. On this background, the old trading booths have been dismantled. Now 19 booths remain from 149.

Investments and construction

The financial crisis has mentioned investments and construction much more. At 2009, the volume of investments will make 3.85 billion rubles against 5.28 billion rubles at 2008. Actually, construction was reduced in 2 times (2.4 billion rubles against 4.0 billion rubles at 2008).

Within this year the 98 sanctions to construction were given out, the 310 objects were under construction in City territory.

The 87 objects are put in operation, including:

╖ 2 multiroom inhabited houses on 402 apartments;

╖ 41 individual apartment house;

╖ 28 civil objects;

╖ 16 linear objects.

In addition, such large objects are put in operation, as:

╖ Welness center in 51 micro district;

╖ Fitness-club of "City-club" Open Company in 32 micro district;

╖ The administrative case of "Rukki Rus" Open Company;

╖ An office building of "Huntsman-NMG" Joint-Stock Company on Kiev highway.

The construction of The Sports Entertaining Center on 55 thousand sq. m. in 51 micro district comes to the end.

Layout of "Belkino" low floor construction zone of 44.2 hectares is developed and approved.

The layout of "Zarovrazie" residential area is developed and approved. "Zarovrazie" project - assumes the complex building of Obninsk new area with all infrastructures: social, household and cultural parts. This project is realized in common by "Russian House" group and "MosStroyInvest - Kaluga" Joint-Stock Company. The total site area is equal about 114.6 hectares.

A lot of cars are the city problem: 250-255 cars per 1 thousand inhabitants. Today more than 12 thousand cars from almost 28 thousand ones are no provided by garages.

At 2009, two parking places on 340 places and multilevel parking (garages) on 254 places are put into operation.

At 2010, the construction of multi-storey parking in 55 micro district on 480 places and boxes in Kabitsino area on 90 places will be finished.

The construction of multi-storey parking on 650 places in 51 micro district; multipurpose garage complexes and multi-storey parking in Kabitsino are planned.

These all will exclude a parking of machines on lawns, in prodrivings.

Housing construction

The reduced demand from the population has negatively affected on the development of housing construction. Nevertheless, at 2009 the volume of the constructed habitation has been made more than 35 thousand sq. m. It is on 8.6 thousand sq. m. above the level of 2008. Weight of individual house construction - 27.7 %.

Administration tries to stimulate the demand in habitation market.

Within the limits of national project "Accessible and Comfortable Habitation - To Citizens of Russia" we take all measures for supplying of population with habitation. The 2624 persons stand in a queue as requiring. The 180 families for the year have improved the living conditions within the limits of various programs. It is in 2 times more, than at 2008 (97 families).

The program "Young Family Supplying with Habitation" for 2002-2010 is realized. The 18 families have got social support for a total sum of 14 million rubles, 53.4 % from them - means of the city.

Besides the right to buy individual apartment houses in Kabitsino area is given to young families under the preferential fixed price within the limits of the regional target program "Accessible Habitation in Kaluga Region for 2006-2010". At 2009, the six young families have bought houses in Kabitsino using of a social payment.

For two years within the limits of the municipal program "Habitation on Credit for 2007-2016" the 38 families have bought habitation, 4.1 million rubles are spent.

Living conditions of the citizens living in shabby and emergency houses are improved: the 40 families from four houses on Komsomol Street move to separate apartments in the new house.

The house construction for veterans of Great Domestic war on Shatsky Street is stood by. The 40 veterans have concluded agreements about the construction of one-room apartments and four ones have bought habitation in the market. Veterans will be lodged till May 9 of this year.

The charges on social sphere have made 1 billion 291 million rubles (58.2 % from charges of the budget). It means, that the budget is social focused. Wages and all municipal extra charges, which have grown in comparison with the last year, despite of crisis, in 1.2 times, were paid without a delay. Social payments are provided too.


We provide ones with places in preschool establishments. Within the year, four groups in kindergartens were open in addition. The 21 groups of short-term stay on 500 children work. The 4663 children are visiting the kindergartens. However, the turn in 350 places while exists. Major overhaul and even return of buildings for preschool organizations will be made. Really, at 2010 we shall borrow repair of a kindergarten on 80 places on Komsomol Street.

There is highest level of the general education in Obninsk, Kaluga region. Average score on Russian in the city above regional on 3.3 items; on mathematician it is on 2.1 points above. The 12 graduates have received hundred points. The 47 medalists are among graduates. The 84 % of graduates have acted in higher educational institutions, 2/3 from them study on budgetary places.

We have provided ALL schools with a hot food. For this purpose 19.2 million rubles has been spent, including from the regional budget 4.5 million rubles, from the city budget 14.7 million rubles.

We continued repair of educational organizations. From the city budget, 35.4 million rubles are directed on repair of educational institutions. From them 24.7 million rubles have been spent for school repairs, on the repairs of kindergartens - 10.7 million rubles.

There was an opportunity to repair the equipment of special cabinets: physicists, chemistry, and computer science.

All municipal educational establishments have been provided by complex safety system. For this purpose from means of the city budget 3.7 million rubles were spent.

Children summer holiday is organized better: 90 % of pupils had a rest in summer vacations.

For 2009 within the limits of "Education" project to 378 class teachers were paid 4.5 million rubles. The three teachers of the city, winners of competition have received encouragement at a rate of 100 thousand rubles everyone.

Culture and art. The youth policy

Obninsk keeps the informal status of "Cultural Capital" region. More than 2.2 thousand cultural mass actions have been lead, third from them for children till 14 years; more than 300 actions have been lead for veterans and pensioners. Half from them has been calculated to all ages, including youth, considering, that 2009 was Year of Youth.

More than 2200 townspeople actively prove, participating in amateur collectives (63).

This year 80 actions for youth has been lead (for comparison of 69 actions per 2008). Number of participants was equaled to 4000, spectators more than 30 thousand.

On December 2009, the decision of Administration about creation "Obninsk Youth City Centre" was accepted. The center will settle down on Marx 62, the staff now is formed, repair work are spent.

Physical training and sports

Propagation of a healthy life way, construction of sports objects, playing sports involve the increasing number of the townspeople. Today in physical training, more than 20.0 % from number of the townspeople is engaged. We, certainly, cannot stop here: we shall propagandize a healthy life way.

It is very important to achieve victories, results in sports. It is very important us to distract children from street.

At 2009, Obninsk was in the center of the Russian and international sports events. The 580 competitions by various kinds of sports have been lead. Among them: volleyball Ц Maximum League Championship of Russia, beach volleyball - Championship of Russia, All-Russia competitions on cross-country race, the international tournament on art gymnastics, the international tournament on chess and other kinds of sports.

Our young football players participated in 20 competitions of various levels and have borrowed 11 victorious cups. As a result, at regional competitions children became champions of Kaluga region in all age categories.

Obninsk is recognized by the most visited city of Moscow zone where football matches are spent.

Young sportsmen have reached greater successes in sports and art gymnastics.

Annually in the city the competition for children with the limited opportunities are spent. For development of winter kinds of sports 11 ice courtyards on school territories are organized, the city sports palace serves eight from them.

Ski lines and mountain-skiing complex have been prepared. From January till March, 2009 more than 30 thousand person has visited the city stadium.

It is result of our trainers and teachers work.

Social support of the population

Social support of the population, especially during economic difficulties, remains to priority in Administration activity. Huge loading lays down on Department of social protection through which about 50 kinds of various grants and social payments are appointed.

The means of 134 million rubles. (52.5 % from total amount of financing) have been directed to 40 enterprises giving privileges on payment of habitation and municipal services according to federal, the regional and local legislation.

The population very painfully reacts to delays in the payments, mistakes in calculations. Therefore, it would be desirable to report, that more than 121 million rubles (47.5 % from total amount of financing) are paid immediately. These are grants to the citizens having children, indemnifications on payment of habitation and municipal services, monetary payments instead of the lost privileges, material aid in various vital situations, social payments and various surcharges to pension.

Per 2009, we have lead huge work on reception of privileges. The database of preferential categories of the townspeople has been prepared. Since January 2010, accounts on payment of municipal services will be exposed in full.

During 2009 the 19662 persons have submitted necessary documents, 18138 documents are processed. Reception of documents has been organized in five items and spent in target and holidays. Is expected, else 1.5 thousand will submit the documents on reception of privileges.

From January 27, 2010 the payment of monetary indemnification are already begun.

Within the limits of the program "Accessible City╗, the payments of material aid in connection with anniversaries (birthday and anniversary of wedding) were made. Permits to elderly citizens in "Signal" sanatorium and to orthopedic, orthopedic enterprises stood out. The invalid apartments were equipped with technical means. The volume of means within the limits of the target program has made 8.1 million rubles.

Our businesspersons deserve special gratitude. Under our initiative in 36 city shops and fuel stations, the realization of food and automobile fuel with the extra charge of 10 % is made.

Production of bakery for the sum more than 140 thousand rubles is realized free of charge. The realization of "social" bread is organized and adjusted.

For 2009, "Fund of Social Support of Population" has assisted 4546 citizens for the sum 9 million 49 thousand rubles.

Structural division "Fund of Social Support of Population" - Rehabilitation Center for Children "Trust" - served 1836 person.

The municipal enterprise "Center of The Social Help to Family and Children "Mercy" for the year has accepted 175 minor children. The 10923 persons are served at all. From 5/1/2009 on the basis of Center, round-the-clock phone of the emergency help for children and families with children has started to function: 9-09-75. During work of phone at 2009, the references from 45 citizens have been received.

Public health services

The city cares of townspeople health services. Extra charges are paid to medical workers. The additives are equal of 45 % from the salary. The sum paid from the city budget to medical workers at 2009 is equal to 44.7 million rubles (at 2008 - 30.0 million rubles).

The salary of medical workers in comparison with 2008 has increased for 30 %. The doctor average salary is equal to 22 thousand rubles, the assistant medical personnel - 15 thousand rubles, the ancillary medical personnel - 10 thousand rubles.

We have completely solved the medicine problems. The 9572 townspeople have the right to preferential medicines. These are 9.1 % of the population.

For free-of-charge medicines is spent 25.2 million rubles. The 69 million rubles is spent in view of federal means.

"Health" - the national project. The number of workers of Clinical hospital has increased on 110 persons, including for 25 doctors. Monetary payments to the medical personnel of a primary part are carried out in due time and in full: 11.0 million rubles is paid to the ancillary medical personnel, 2.4 million rubles - to the first aid personnel.

The hospital has bought new unique equipment: computer tomography, the equipment of a magnetic nuclear resonance, 15 ambulances, including five - in the first help branch.

The 25.4 thousand inspections on AID-infection is lead.

Inoculations against flu have made 117 % from the plan. The vaccine against A(H1N1) flu is received on November. In the city, any death has not occurred because of this flu.

Additional prophylactic medical examination is executed on 100 %; the profound medical survey of harmful trade workers is executed on 105 %.

The help to women during pregnancy and sorts is carried out in full (for the sum of 15.5 million rubles).

Housing municipal services

There are 1124 inhabited houses in city. Multiroom apartment houses make 52 %. The 13 operating organizations offer services on management of them, from them 12 - private and one - municipal.

Charges of the budget on housing municipal sphere at 2009 have made 585 million rubles (26.4 % from a total sum of the budget).

The condition of an available housing is those, that it demands huge efforts from the city management and from each inhabitant.

Only for major overhaul from the city budget is spent 10.4 million rubles.

We have involved Assistance Fund means for major overhaul of 43 apartment houses (at 2008 the six apartment houses was repaired). They were 90.4 million rubles; and from the local budget 7.9 million rubles and 5 million rubles - means of proprietors. A total sum - 103.4 million rubles. These means have yielded good results:

╖ repair of facades for the sum of 16021.7 thousand rubles has been lead in 4 houses,

╖ repair of engineering systems for the sum of 48930.2 thousand rubles has been lead in 22 houses,

╖ repair of the roofs for the sum of 26212.8 thousand rubles has been lead in 23 houses,

╖ replacement of six lifts by the sum of 12275.3 thousand rubles has been lead in five houses.

At IV quarter, 2009 we have issued the third application for 19 apartment houses in the sum of 31 million rubles.

City Administration contains the cost growth of the supplying enterprises and, accordingly, reduces charges of the population on service payment.

At 2009, the payment for premises and for municipal services has made 120 % from level of 2008.

Thus, an average payment for standard 2-room apartment on area 54 sq. m on three persons in Obninsk stands below on 15 % - 29 %. The difference makes from 500 rubles up to 1100 rubles.

We have organized the work of enterprises providing with heat, water, gas so that failures in work were not. Major overhauls and reconstruction are lead under the schedule. Emergencies did not arise. Ones operatively reacted to references of the townspeople.

Due to stable financing the works are performed: revision and repair of heating systems, washing of heating ones, change of armature (latches, gates), change of the worn out pipes, repair entrances, basement and attic doors, repair of roofs, repair of socles, hermetic sealing of interpanel seams.

The faecal collector is under construction, clearing constructions are reconstructed.

 The 365 million rubles are spent, including federal, regional and city means.

At 2009 in construction of the faecal collector the 130.5 million rubles are spent, the 117.2 million rubles - in clearing constructions.

Today light exposure of the city is finished to 81.6 % from normative.

We cannot finish for 1 year all of work, but are assured, that for 4-5 years the main streets and domestic territories would be shined enough. The reconstruction of networks is spent with replacement of mercury lamps on sodium lamps to raise quality of illumination. In the past year, 190 fixtures are in addition constructed. In view of replacement by new economic lamps for a year of the 360 fixtures have been established. The reconstruction of illumination on Lenin Prospectus, Korolev Street on a site from Lyashenko Street up to Marx Prospectus.

Accomplishment. Roads. Gardening

The 194.1 million rubles have been spent. From them: on the road repair and construction - 124.4 million rubles; on reconstruction of electric networks - 7.65 million rubles; on the basic means - 5.4 million rubles. The 160 thousand sq. m of the roads have been repaired for the sum more than 119 million rubles.

For last years - 2005-2009 - about 75 % of the main city roads has been capitally repaired that has allowed to pass at 2009 to repair of quarter travels in 7 city micro districts(22, 27, 29, 32, 38, 40а, 52).

At 2009, public works have been organized on clearing the city rest zones from dust, bushes: on Aksenova Street, Bondarenko Sq., "Eternal Fire" memorial, territory behind school №4, in 27 micro district - Guryanov St., 5, 29 micro district Square, Moscow Street.

More than 100 subotnik has been leaded, in which more than 31 thousand person have taken part. The 84 illegal dumps have been liquidated. Landing of trees, bushes and colors was made; competitions on flower and landscape registration were spent.

The total area of green plantings in view of especially protected natural territories makes 1436 hectares or 33 % from all the city territories.

On March 2009, City Administration decision creates Commission on Green Planting Protection. The Commission must to solve the necessity of green plantings cutting down.

For 2009, the organizations and the enterprises have transferred into the city budget 3.25 million rubles for cutting down. This money is spent for purchase of a landing material.

We put a problem: City zones which many years were not cleaned and have been transferred to city in the started condition, to put in order, provide safety for townspeople rest.

At 2009, Obninsk has taken an honorable second place in "Most Arranged City of Russia for 2008" competition in the second category of cities.

The city has taken part in regional "Most Arranged Municipal Area" competition for 2009; results are brought at January 2010. The result - 1 place.


The 14 enterprises carry out passenger transportations in the city. Minibuses of "Gazelle" type serve the townspeople on nine city routes; city big buses supplement routes of movement.

Teamwork with transport inspection, tax inspection, militia, mass media, and public has given positive changes.

For the period before construction of new traffic intersection, the movement scheme of buses and fixed-route taxis on Railroad Square is reorganized. It has improved landing and landing of passengers, the traffic regulation, has provided the sanitary order. The transport rest is organized. Carriers without budget mean execute all listed works.

 The amount of fixed-route taxis is reduced from 619 up to 380.

The three buses are bought at 2009. A movement regularity of buses: on the city routes - 97 %, on suburban - 99 %. About 80 % of passengers are preferential categories. At 2009 the enterprise has transported 12548 thousand person, has executed 146088 flights.

City Department on Extreme Situations, the law and order

At 2009 Extreme situations was not in territory of the city. Rescuers left on 816 incidents.

The 68 person were rescued.

Since 2008, the uniform dispatching service functions on duty. The quantity of references in this service has increased in two times. Work is organized on the basis of mobile number "112".

╖ Video system of supervision in "Titanic" - "Iceberg" area (51 micro district) has been entered;

╖ Video system of supervision in Railroad Station has been entered;

╖ City voluntary security team has continued work.

The general solving of the crimes has made 53.4 % (at 2008 - 51.9 %).

The information under references of citizens

At 2009 the 893 references of citizens have acted.

The references concern municipal, housing and household problems: 24.4 % and 25.1 % accordingly. Besides the situation with social security and social protection still disturbs citizens: 17.4 % from the general number of references.

To solve all questions at once is not possible. The references of citizens (3678), especially collective, and also invalids and participants of Great Domestic war were considered on personal receptions and with departure a place. Such checks per 2009 have been lead 426 (or 47.7 %).

It is one more real step to City Administration and information availability.

Additional opportunity became page in Internet:

Problems of 2010

As Governor of region has told: "Working today, always to think of the future". We proceed from this principle at statement of problems for 2010. They the following:

╖ In conditions of economic instability, the performance of the city social obligations is especially priority

╖ In spite of the fact that it was possible to provide stability on labor market at 2009, at 2010 the problem of preservation of workplaces still will be priority

╖ Social habitation, additional places in kindergartens, modernization of the municipal infrastructure, and the program of energy savings - all these important projects demand significant budgetary investments. It is necessary for us to increase essentially incomes of the budget, at least to double, for development of social complex and housing municipal services. The budget of 2010 does not give us the answer to these questions. Nevertheless, 2010 can become very important at Obninsk participation in projects of federal scale. Our problem to join in realization of projects together with our strategic partners "RusAtom", "RusTechnology", "RusNano", "Federal Medical Biological Agency" State corporations. Obninsk is the partner for federal departments in realization of investment programs of federal scale. Creation of the center of nuclear medicine, realization of the research reactor project, creation Nano- center are those projects, which will define Obninsk development on long-term prospect

╖ To provide carrying out of the actions devoted to the 65 anniversary of Second World War Victory

╖ In the city accomplishment to finish major overhaul of roads and to repair domestic territories up to 30-40 % from total. The next 2011-2012 to finish an accomplishment of all domestic territories and repair all travels

╖ To construct electric power station capacity of 21 MWt (under "Techno park" project) due to what it will be contained growth of tariffs for the electric power and safety and reliability of the city supply is provided by electricity

╖ To continue repair of municipal housing sphere with a priority of works on construction of faecal collector, reconstruction and expansion of the city clearing constructions

╖ To realize the investment project on creation of innovation development zone, with engineering infrastructure for it to provide accommodation of innovative manufacture

╖ To carry out obligations on execution of the budget, including all charges on investments

╖ To provide financial, organizational and technical actions for decrease in criminality, especially teenage

╖ To address in Kaluga region legislative assembly the initiative message concerning the offensive policy on legislative basis against slot machines and Internet-clubs.

The most important: not own positive estimations, but opinion of our inhabitants, and all together, and each of them.

Only because of interaction with the deputy case, it was possible to reach accounting parameters and to not be afraid to incur such obligations.



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