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THE REPORT by Nikolay E. Shubin, Chief of Obninsk's city administration "RESULTS of SOCIO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT of OBNINSK at 2005"

FOR the INFORMATION:   Nikolay E. Shubin was born in 1949. Has ended the Voronezh institute of technology. The inventor of USSR. The professor. The candidate of engineering science, doctor of chemical sciences. The member of government of the Russian Union of the industrialists and businessmen. In 1993 has received the international certificate on management and marketing of the British council. Owns the English language. In 1995-2002 y.y. - vice-president of government of Republic Northern Osetia - Alania on economic questions. Since February, 2002 - director of Kaluga government department of regional development, then - minister of an industry, science and small business of Kaluga region.


Taking into account the small enterprises volume of industrial production in 2005 is estimated more than in 4 bill. roubles. The further growth of an industry of city will be caused by arrival of the new investors. The administration of city, acting in a role of the customer, finishes construction of an infrastructure of a municipal industrial zone: in 2005 the construction of a water pipe and gas networks was conducted. A factory on manufacture of building systems from easy metal constructions "VENTALL" began output in territory of a municipal industrial zone by first. Due to this in 2005 "VENTALL" has reached a volume of manufacture in 100 mill. dollars, and in three years will leave on a mark 300 mill. dollars (9 bill. roubles) also becomes the largest manufacturer not only Kaluga area, but also Russia. In 2005 150 new workplaces are created. In 2006. Factory of the electronic equipment "Kraftway" manufacture of computers and electronic equipment, "Hemofarm Concern" manufacture of medicinal forms, Information-Process Center "Home Credit and Finance Bank" for processing the information from all regions of Russian Federation will be conducted in 2006. In 2005 the first turn of a factory "Alnas-electron" is handed over in operation, the factory of aluminium structures "REALIT" has opened. With introduction of these and other new enterprises planned volume of capacities of industrial manufacture in 2006 will make more than 6 bill. roubles also will increase practically in 2 times to a level of 2004. By the end of 2006 at these enterprises will be created about 1500 new workplaces with a high level of wages. Parameters in sphere of construction in 2005 have been much more than the previous year. Amount of works executed by own forces of the enterprises and organizations, as a whole on city has made 1367 mill. roubles (gain - 24.9 %). In 2005 9 multiform houses by the general area 38.8 thousand sq. м on 539 apartments and 13 individual apartment houses by the general area 2.8 thousand sq.m. had been entered into operation. 10-year recession of construction is overcome. In 2006 expected volume of input of habitation - 40 thousand sq. м, maybe it to increase of this figure up to 58 thousand sq.m. Construction of habitation basically was conducted at the expense of private means: of 100 meters of habitation, built in city, of 96 meters are under construction on means of the population.

Please download Java(tm). The policy of housing construction in city also provides granting and opportunity of construction of habitation for the socially unprotected layers of the population. One of ways of improvement of conditions of residing of the city dwellers is the resettlement from wooden houses to new multi-storey houses at the expense of the private investments. In 2005 in borders of  Belkinskaya and Lenin streets the multiform apartment house is already incorporated. 284 families from 27 houses will move to new apartments from Komsomolskaya and Park streets. Resettlement 84 families from 8 houses also will be carried out from Chehov and Glinka streets. The program of housing crediting construction of habitation works in city. Within the framework of the program "The Habitation on credit" 27 families were improved with the housing conditions in 2005, 29 families will receive apartments in 2006. One more major object for cities  - maternity house. For end of the maternity house reconstruction the building under the initiative of administration is handed on municipality balance. Already in the beginning of this year on maternity house reconstruction is planned to direct 9.2 mill. roubles, and total amount of financing in 2006 will make more than 43 mill roubles. At the expense of means of the urban budget the works on construction of main networks 51-a area are finished: a gas pipeline of high pressure, the storm water drain, the gas supply substation,  networks of electro supply are handed over. The joint work with government of area has supplied commissioning the crosspiece of water pipe in area "Technology" (2 kms), that has allowed city to receive additional volume of water. Finally this task will be solved in 2006. The financing is provided from the federal budget. By the way, due to work of administration in 2006 means from the federal budget has grown more than in 2 times and will make 136 mill. roubles.

In Obninsk the average urban wage level is above the average of regional meaning on 1080 roubles and it has made on October 1 8292 roubles. On results 9 months of 2005  Obninsk are occupied with the fourth place on the size of a monthly average payment in the Kaluga area, though on results of 2004 it was seventh.

Since January 1, 2005 the level of municipal house service payment by the consumers is entered 100 %. Tariffs for municipal house services raise also. The increase of cost of these services for the townspeople is carried out with simultaneous application of measures of social protection of the citizens as granting indemnifications on payment of habitation and municipal services. Almost 2 thousand families receive the grants for payment of housing and municipal services for the sum 19.3 mill. roubles.

Within the framework of the reforming concept at municipal house services of city the private companies are attracted. Now 37 % of housing funds of city serve four private companies, 63 % - two municipal enterprises.

In 2005 the municipal enterprises of city have supplied steady work for warm, electricity and water supply of housing fund and have come in a winter season of 2006. Many elements of the engineering equipment system of housing fund already have developed normative terms, physically and morally have become outdated and require replacement. Actually on many houses it is necessary to be engaged in restoration of housing fund.

In 2005 47.5 thousand sq. m of urban roads and 49.2 thousand sq. m inside quarter roads is repaired and reconstructed . On these purposes 30.9 mill. roubles are directed, from which 5 mill. roubles - regional means. In comparison with 2004 volume of the executed road-repair work has increased in 4.5 times. In the budget of this year on overhaul of roads is incorporated 25.4 mill. roubles, is planned to repair 63,4 thousand sq. m.

The decision on organization of complex repairs both accomplishment of separate houses and complexes of houses with their territory are accepted. So, in 2005 large amount of works on repair of houses and accomplishment of micro area № 6 old part of city for the sum 4 mill. roubles are executed.

On results of 2005 Obninsk there was by the winner of regional competition on a rank " a most comfortable city of the Kaluga area ". The premium at a rate of 1.5 mill. roubles will be directed on an accomplishment of city, including on purchase of engineering for the mechanized cleaning. The Program of an accomplishment of city on 2006 - 2010 practically is ready.

The annual taxation in territory of city in all levels of the budgets in 2005 has made more than 1.6 bill. roubles. The total sum of the own incomes of the urban budget, including tax and not tax receipts, has made 457 mill. roubles (104 % to the specified plan), and general incomes of the budget - 841 mill. roubles. Total amount of the urban budget charges will make 839 mill. roubles. The significant growth of receipts has taken place on not tax payments. It is a rent payment for ground and rent for municipal uninhabited premises.

As a result of support of government and governor of the Kaluga area the additional financing in volume more than 36 mill. roubles are received. These means were directed on free-of-charge holiday of medicinal means, repair of roads and inside quarter roads, on education, additional feed of the pupils, and support of urban transport.

The forecast of 2006: the own incomes of the urban budget will make 615 mill. roubles (gain 34,6 % to a level of 2005). A total sum of the incomes - 1 bill. 72 mill. roubles.  (Is more detailed in the newspaper of "Obninsk" № 5 (2547) from 2006.01.17 etc.)



Program of development of Obninsk as scientific city is completed. The Obninsk administration has refused to continue financing. Obninsk will receive support of the regional centre. Almost 24 mil. roubles is stipulated in the regional budget of 2006 on support of an innovating activity within the framework of the regional target program "Development of an innovating activity in the Kaluga area on 2005 - 2010 yy." The pulse to the further development of an innovating direction in region was given with realization of the program of development of Obninsk as scientific city.   As the head of department on a science and innovating policy of the ministry of economic development of area I. V. Dayneko has informed, the means of the regional budget are stipulated both on support of the separate innovating projects, and on development of an innovating infrastructure of area as a whole. On innovating projects on realization of priority directions of socio economic development of area are supposed to be spent means in volume 5 mil. roubles. 6,3 mil. roubles will be directed on organization of the business - incubators, innovating-technological centres, technoparks from the regional budget. 4 mil. roubles was incorporated on creation of an engineering infrastructure for technical-inculcating zone. "In spite of the fact that Obninsk has not received support from federal government on creation the technical-inculcating zone, potential at cities is got", - makes comments I. V. Dayneko, - "Obninsk's project of the technical-inculcating zone is well worked, has received from the experts a high estimation and has conceded only to Zelenograd." This year fundamental directions of a science are financed for the first time. In the regional budget on these purposes is allocated 8 mil. roubles and 8 mil. roubles the Russian fund of basic researches gives.


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Development of the fundamental principles of sodium technology for high pure silicon production from phosphate production process wastes


1. A fundamental scientific problem on which decision the project is directed.

 In connection with growth of world manufacture of solar elements the need for manufacture of polycrystalline silicon grows. The need for silicon essentially exceeds opportunities of manufacture (In 2010 more than 30000 tons can be required, while the development of manufacture Si is predicted up to 8000 t).

We offer essentially new technology with sodium for high-quality silicon production from phosphate production process wastes (Na2SiF6, H2SiF6). Thus the restoration of silicon with subsequent its precipitation on substratum is made in one ecologically clean low temperature process, and cost of production is below of world quotations.

Upon termination of fundamental research works is planned the designing, manufacturing of laboratory installation with productivity up to 0.1 kg of silicon per day and realizations of a trial cycle of manufacture of silicon on a skilled sample of installation.

 2. A concrete fundamental task within the framework of a problem, on which decision the project is directed.

 The technology makes great progress in silicon production because it is poorly power-intensive by virtue of low temperature process, and the silicon turns out high pure from impurity. The task is on a joint efforts of physics, sodium technology and chemical technologies. The basic problem consists in sodium removing from silicon besieged on a substratum. It is necessary also to solve a fundamental task on physical chemistry and kinetics of processes, cleaning of sodium from fluorides and other impurity and their transformation into a commodity product.

 3. Offered methods and approaches (with an estimation of a degree of novelty; the general plan of works for all term of performance of the project, purpose of required means).

 We offer essentially new technology of silicon production consisting in use of the closed technological contour; in which melting substitute (sodium etc.) circulates, and silicon raw material (Na2SiF6, К2SiF6, etc.) continuously moves. The silicon is besieged on a substratum, and the firm product (NaF etc.) is separated from the substitute in a circulating contour and is used.

2006 y. - development of calculative and experimental bases of interaction in researched systems.

2007 y. - design and manufacturing of a working site, reception of fundamental constants of interaction in systems, realization of trial experiments.

2008 y. - designing and manufacturing of a skilled sample of installation for production up to 0.1 kg of silicon per day.

The required means are necessary for development of fundamental bases of silicon production technology, designing, adjustment, equipment of laboratory installations, realizations of a trial cycle of manufacture of silicon on a skilled sample of installation. It makes about 1 million dollars.

 4. Expected results at the end of the first 12 months of work under the project above.

 The thermodynamic accounts of equilibrium reagent conditions will be carried out. A technique and computer program for silicon carrying on a substratum, designing and manufacturing of a working site for silicon precipitation on a substratum and monosiline production will be developed. The originality of the task decision consists in completion and application of calculative and experimental methods of mass transfer research in liquid metal coolant circuit of atomic power stations to problems of chemical technology.

 5. Modern condition of researches in the given area of a science, comparison of expected results with a world level, purpose of offered development, its characteristic and advantage before existing analogues (including, developed within the framework of the programs according to the Appendix

 Widespread nowadays restoration of silicon dioxide (SiО2) by heated carbonate results in pollution of silicon by silicon carbide and other impurity and does not give a required degree of cleanliness. This way demands the large expenses of energy.

The monosiline production by means of thermal decomposition of Na2SiF6 with emitting of toxical SiF4, which is restored by calcium hydride, more expensive way than offered one.

On offered sodium circuit technology from Na2SiF6 simultaneously and the high-quality silicon (The contents of impurity is lower, than in monocrystal silicon ГОСТ 19658-81) is made in ecologically pure low temperature process, and silicon is besieged on a substratum, and the deposits of wastes are destroyed. In the "know-how" of silicon production technology, used today, from initial raw material up to the dust on a substratum some high-temperature processes are to be necessarily carried out. The cost price of production we offer is below the world quotations. The basic characteristics: maximal temperature of process -150-400 оС, there are no fluorine consisting gases (first variant), cleanliness of silicon > 99.9 %. The content of oxygen in silicon is supposed at a level 10-4- 10-5% of mass (on existing technology more than 0. 001 %).

At casual sodium may be poured out from tight installation in an air atmosphere but it does not flare up spontaneously at temperature below 250оС. At lower temperature of course the process of silicon technological production is not dangerous on fire.

 6. Available at collective the scientific method has touched under the offered project: the received earlier results (with an estimation of a degree of originality), developed methods (with an estimation of a degree of novelty).

 The first original results of calculative and experimental researches on sodium technology of silicon restoration and its precipitation on a substratum are received. The circuit technology of silicon production is offered for the first time. The low temperature and closed cycle of restoration of silicon and its precipitation on a substratum characterize it.

The results were submitted on 26-th Mendeleyev congress on common and applied chemistry in St. Petersburg in May 1998 г, scientific conference Problems of technology and heat hydraulics of liquid metal coolant in October, 30 November, 3 2000 y. in Obninsk, in the reports of Institute of Physics and Power Engineering. The patent RU №2181104 from 03.02.2000 on a method of silicon production is received.

 7. Characteristic of patent ability of the basic technical decisions offered in the project.

 On a method of silicon production the patent RU №2181104 from 03.02.2000 is received. The legal owner of the patent is Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk.

The opportunity of deep cleaning of liquid metal from impurity is proved in patents № 719650, 764538, 913835, 1285989, 1483698 etc.;

The opportunity of formation the coverings on a substratum from melted liquid metal is protected by patents № 295755, 263491.

The technologies of hermetic sealing of contours with melted liquid metal are protected by patents № 901637, 1045698, 1277693, 1302796, 1408892, 1482312, 1519290 etc.;

The results of researches, offered the authors, also can be patented.

 8. Offered stage of research. Applicability of planned project results, probable complexities of the further result realization of the project, prospect of the market. Conformity of the offered decisions to tasks formulated in the Federal target programs, programs according to the Appendix. (

 Up to a stage of silicon manufacture the technology requires completion, in particular on the stage of removal sodium from silicon besieged on a substrate, the uniformity of its distribution on a substratum, etc. After the decision of these problems the development to deeper cleaning of silicon from sodium and silicon differential drawing on a substrate can begin, that will allow to manufacture of microcircuits.

The second variant of silicon manufacture has passed an initial estimation. The opportunity of large-scale monosiline manufacture at the cost price about 50 $/kg is shown. The decision of a question of recycling NaF will allow lowering the cost price of the basic product.

The demand for silicon is not limited. At the present moment the numerous offers on cooperation in manufacture of silicon in large scales (purchase in the basic) has been received.

 9. The probable price of a created laboratory prototype in hard currency equivalent (figures, without blanks, points and commas)

 1000000 $$

 10. The collective experience on realization of research results. The list of similar the collective projects concerning the offered project most close.

 The executors possess the experience of development and operation at large-sized installations with liquid metals and maintenance of a high degree of cleanliness on impurity.

Pledge of the successful decision of the put tasks is use of long-term scientist, engineer and worker experience, participating organizations engaging in creation of atomic power installations with the sodium coolant for power fast neutron installations.

 11. The list of the equipment and materials available at collective for performance of the project.

 For the decision of the put tasks there is capital equipment:

(1) Premises admitting realization of researches, which are not dangerous on fire and explosion;

(2) Stands with compulsory circulation of liquid metal, system of cleaning and control of impurity in sodium;

(3) Chemical, X-rays, nuclear-physical, metal-graphic, weight-spectral analysis, infra-red spectrum installations;

(4) Laboratory installations for research of interaction parameters of liquid and firm materials;

The total cost of the available equipment exceeds 1 mill. $.

 12. The list of the pledge for this project.

 For the decision of the put tasks there is capital pledge:

Contract on joint efforts for concessionaires.

Send e-mail to administration of New Era if you wish invest the project Development of the fundamental principles of sodium technology for high pure silicon production from phosphate production process wastes



December, 23, 2005. The urban assembly has accepted the budget of city for 2006. The profitable part is planned at a rate of 1 bill. 71 mill. 644 thousand roubles. An expenses part - 1 bill. 99 mill 4 thousand roubles. The deficiency should not exceed 27,717 mill roubles. The charges will increase by 25%. For social sphere is planned to spend 599,5 mill roubles, it is 54,5% of all current and capital charges. From them 42% will be spent for education. The charges on public safety will increase: in 1,5 times on financing of A Urban Department of Internal Businesses, on 84 % on financing of Management on A Civil Defense and Extreme Situations. In A Housing-Municipal Services the charges by capital expenses are increased, but are reduced on current.    (Is more detailed in the newspaper of "Obninsk" № 179 (2542) etc.)



December, 16, 2005 The factory "REALIT" from 100 % by the foreign capital is open. Number of the workers - 330 men. Is located in territory of former house building combine. In the reconstructed cases the modern Italian equipment is established.


The president of Republic Serbia has visited Obninsk

     2005.11.14 Boris Tardich, the president of Republic Serbia has visited Russia with three-day time visit. During the visit he has visited a factory of the international pharmaceutical company "Hemofarm Concern" being built in Obninsk, which head office is in the Serbian city Vrshats. The basic activity "Hemofarm Concern" - manufacture of medicinal means with use of modern technologies.

     The investment contract about construction of the Serbian pharmaceutical factory in an industrial zone of Obninsk was signed in the beginning of 2004. A total sum of the investments - 25 millions Є. The Serbian experts conduct the factory. The closing -up is planned for the second quarter of 2006. The capacity of a factory at an initial stage will make of 45 millions packings of medicines. At the enterprise will work about 200 men.    (Is more detailed in the newspaper of "Obninsk" № 157-158, from 2005.11.17)



     10.30.2005      New building of a factory "VENTALL" is constructed in a municipal industrial zone of Obninsk and is in 3 times more, than basic manufacture. The common area of the industrial building together with technological warehouses is equal of 37 thousand sq. meters. The first turn of manufacture was started in June, though the civil work and accomplishment of territory was gone till November 2005. The completely computer aided equipment for a new factory was ordered in the American company "Franklin". The automated line on clearing and painting of metal was made in common by the Finnish and German companies. The unique complex of the equipment make new manufacture by best in Europe, and may be in the world. Under the contract with Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Power on the basis of this institute the preparation of group of the students - designers under the special program was conducted for new manufacture.



        On September, 12, 2005 manufacture of the teletransmitter A-108 domestic development began on Obninsk's factory "Signal" . The device provides qualitative relaying of a television signal in the chosen channel of a meter range. The order for serial manufacture of television transmitters of various capacity has made the Russian federal enterprise "The Russian television and broadcasting networks".       (Look "Rush hour" №28 (337) from 16.09.05)


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 Монтаж     Наладка     Автоматика     Компьютеры     Программирование на С++     Бухгалтерский и налоговый учёт      Электронный бизнес          World market: computers, satellite TV, home security, discount telecom services. Engineering of the Big systems, installation, arrangement, automation, programming on C++.          BEST COMPUTERS. WORLDWIDE DELIVERY. To look prices, views and orders CLICK HERE!!!                   BEST e-BUSINESS. From your registration to THE BANK ACCOUNT ALL IS FREE. AFFILIATES WANTED!!!

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Nuclear station constructed in Obninsk in territory of Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, by name of A. Laypunskiy, the status "Monument of A Science and Engineering" is given. This event has passed within the framework of realization of the scientific program "Monuments of A Science and Engineering in Museums of Russia", which includes set of measures on revealing, ranging and certification of museum objects. The program is realized since 1992 by a Polytechnical museum as head in Russia by a museum of a technical structure, on the basis of which, Expert Council is organized, where the conducting experts in the field of a history of a science and engineering, museum business on problems of engineering enter.

     The nuclear station constructed in Obninsk in territory of Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, has opened era of peaceful using of atomic energy and is pride of Russian and world science. Its start-up of June 27, 1954 - outstanding event, recognized at a world level, in a history of mankind. The complex of buildings, concerning station, structures and devices documents both specified event, and priority of Russia in development of the theory and practice of nuclear energy peaceful using. Being unique in the memorial attitude, the complex is connected to activity of outstanding scientific and scientific - engineering collectives. Thus, the stop the station's reactor and conclusion it from operation have created an objective basis for preservation of a complex as historic-memorial object connected to a history of a world science and engineering. Therefore on behalf of Association of scientific and technical museums of the Russian committee of the International Council of museums on the basis of expert estimations the decision is accepted to give nuclear station out the special certificate allowing to qualify it as a complex monument of a science and engineering and wider - as a monument of a history and culture of our country. Within the framework of a question about preservation of the station the decision is accepted to develop the program of creation of museums in territory of the station deduced from operation with the purpose of creation on this base of a technical museum of branch submission. In this connection, the Polytechnical museum has expressed readiness in rendering necessary assistance in completion and realization of the future museum concept.

Press - service of Institute of Physics and Power Engineering



     The factory on manufacture of building materials on new technology "BAMTEC" is open. The given technology is used at construction of buildings and structures, motorways, bridges, tunnels by a monolithic way. In its basis - economic way of designing, manufacturing and stacking of the fixture of the large area for ferro-concrete blockings and plates of the base with any support. The complete layers of the fixture in the assembled kind are delivered to a building site from a factory. The application of armirovanal units of the various sizes considerably saves the charge of the fixture up to 40 % and time of installation up to 90 %, and also reduces cost of the construction. The factory is designed for release up to 45 tons of production in change. (Look "Obninsk" № 96 (2459) from 28.07.05)


The creation of bio technological and pharmaceutical Tech Park in Obninsk became the basic theme of the extended session of Council on innovation policy at the Ministry of an industry, science and small business of Kaluga region. The theme has determined also place of session - experimental sector of a Medical Scientific Radiating Center  of the Russian Academy of medical sciences (MSRC RAMS), for which territory the Tech Park is planned to place in the future. There are industrial shops of the Obninsk Research-and-production enterprise "Medbiopharm" on the basis of own bio and pharm technology here. The equipment used by Medbiopharm is basically domestic manufacture, including Kaluga firm "Raston". The project of creation bio technological and pharmaceutical Tech Park in Obninsk was represented at session by the director of Medbiopharm Р. A. Roziev. He has noted, that the biotechnologies are recognized by a strategic direction of scientific and technical progress in the world and are a major component of innovating model in economy development. At the same time, Russia in many respects has lost the positions in the given branch: it depends from import on insulin almost 100 %, on antibiotics - more than 90 %, manufacture of many vitamins, ferments and other necessary preparations practically is stopped. Recently government of Russia, Council of Federation, State Duma, understanding importance of the given direction, undertakes a line of actions with the purpose of an exit from the usual situation. Organization of the Tech Parks - one of real steps in this direction, and Obninsk - most suitable city for accommodation bio technological and pharmaceutical Tech Park. There are all conditions for this purpose in Obninsk: presence of the Federal Research Center - MSRC RAMS and, simultaneously, commercial research-and-production enterprise "Medbiopharm", already more than six years ensuring development and output of new production on the market. Besides it, in Obninsk unique personnel potential is concentrated, there is an advanced market of consulting services, stable contacts to conducting centers of science of the country and foreign countries. By creation of maximum favorable conditions Tech Park will concentrate on one territory advanced technologies and will attract the investments under them. In this case it is possible to supply a complete complex of services placed on Tech Parks territory for manufactures - from the special equipment to realization of medical and biological research and support in progress of the projects on the market. Bio technological and pharmaceutical Tech Park in Obninsk it is not necessary to create from zero - basis for accommodation of manufactures in it already exists. In territory of experimental sector of MSRC RAMS there are cases of well-equipped research laboratories, vivarium. The highly skilled personnel work in these laboratories. Here beside the industrial shops of Medbiopharm, having successful experience of development both arrangement of the bio technological and pharmaceutical projects and traditionally cooperating with MSRC RAMS, settle down. Besides Medbiopharm adjusts the mutual relation with a number of other centers of science of the country, with the foreign financial partners. "It is not simple manufacture bringing profit, has told the chapter of city administration N. E. Shubin, - and manufacture ensuring new methods of treatment, which at the end serves to improvement of quality of life of the people". With already available basis the creation of Tech Park requires not so much means - about 3 mill. roubles. (Is more detailed in the newspaper of "Obninsk" № 39 (2402) from 03.31.05.)


The photos of Obninsk are given by Alexander Malygin, the employee of The Institute of Physics and Power Engineering


 Obninsk, Kaluga region, Russia;

Tel. +7-484-395-9115; e-mail: Tatiana

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