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The Report of the Chapter of Obninsk City Administration on the Administration Activity in 2011

     On February, 7th, 2012. Dear deputies of Obninsk city Assembly! In 2011 Obninsk celebrated the 55 anniversary. Many bright and remembered events for city have passed in anniversary year. Elections of deputies in the State Duma were the major event in a political life. Updating of streets, houses and schools, construction of new sports complexes took place in Obninsk. Housing construction, reconstruction of an old engineering infrastructure were carried out by fast rates. The new kindergarten is opened after major overhaul of a building.

Shortly about the basic economic parameters of the city in 2011.

There are 105.3 thousand people in the city today. An increasing - nearby 600 person. More than 1100 children were born in the city for year. Almost 2.5 thousand enterprises and the organizations carry out financial and economic activity. Their proceeds from realization of the goods, production, works, and services have exceeded almost on 12 % in 2011 to a level of 2010, and are equal almost 84 billion roubles. The profit of the enterprises and the organizations is equal 2.6 billion roubles. 52.4 thousand people work at the enterprises. The scientific and innovative enterprises of Obninsk still define the scientific status of the city. In 2011 the volume of scientific and technical works in the city has made 8.6 billion roubles. Investments into a fixed capital per 2011 have made 8.2 billion roubles; these are 105 % from a level of 2010.  Monthly average wages of workers of all enterprises and the organizations of the city in 2011 have reached 23,358 roubles that are on 11.4 % above a level of 2010. On the developed average level of wages, Obninsk is included into "the lead" group of scientific cities, having come nearer to Dubna and Korolyov. Obninsk, the first scientific city of Russia, keeps an in the lead role on social and economic indices, quality of a life. The research-and-production complex of Obninsk consisting of 35 leading organizations and the enterprises of the city, confirms the status of scientific city with a greater stock. There are 27 % of the city workers at the city research-and-production enterprises.   In Obninsk a rate of unemployment is less than 0.5 %, it is the lowest parameter in the Kaluga area and among all scientific cities of the country.  Investments into a fixed capital counting upon 1 person in Obninsk make almost 25 thousand roubles on 1 inhabitant that exceeds parameters of other scientific cities of Russia a minimum in 2 times, on separate cities up to 10 times. Our city has the good budget. On one inhabitant of Obninsk 24.4 thousand roubles of budgetary funds of city is necessary. On this parameter we concede only to Dubna.  Obninsk advances all scientific cities on a level of charges on formation and housing municipal services counting upon one inhabitant. On each inhabitant of our city not less than 12.2 thousand roubles of social expenses annually is necessary. It is also one of the highest values among scientific cities.  Obninsk is a city of high enterprise activity. On number of small enterprises counting upon 10 thousand people we borrow first place among scientific cities and on equal we compete to Moscow and St.-Petersburg.  In 2011 the first competition among the innovative enterprises on the right of business activity in the Zone of innovative development on Red Dawns Street has been organized. On January, 27th, 2012 two more competitions took place. Financing at a rate of 220 million roubles has been directed on the city arrangement. From them 78 million roubles was directed on repair of roads, and motor transport parking. The 59 thousand sq. m. of roads and sidewalks was repaired in total this year.  Light exposure of the city in 2011 has made more than 83 %: streets - 96 %, prodrivings in court yard - 60 %. The fence of the City Park territory is executed.  The big attention is given to ecological culture of the population. For a year 258 actions on the cleaning of territories were lead. During Days of Protection against ecological danger, 2 thousand organizations and the enterprises of the city has been involved in sanitary cleaning. More than 22 thousand person has worked on these actions. Questions of ecological safety rise even more often. Oral and written references of city dwellers with complaints to deterioration of ecological conditions have been received by the city administration. As a result of the enterprise checks the infringements of the legislation from the separate enterprises are revealed. In 2011 the city clearing constructions has been damaged. Municipal enterprise "Water canal" takes measures on elimination of deviations in regular work of the city clearing constructions.

Gathering, export and recycling of waste.

Annually from city 300 thousand cube meters of firm household waste (~60 thousand tons) is taken out nearby. Works on construction of a garbage switchyard by capacity 50 - 100 thousand tons a year are completed.  The total area of habitation to the beginning of 2011 is equal to 2.4 million sq. m. or more than 23 sq. m. on one person. There are 1200 apartment houses, from which 589 - apartment houses and 611 - individual apartment houses in the city.

The maintenance of an available housing.

In 2011, 26 million roubles from means of the city budget were spent at major overhaul of the city housing. Repair of 18 apartment houses is financed due to means of Fund of Assistance to Municipal Services for the sum almost 27 million roubles, due to the city budget - 12 million roubles, due to the citizens - 2.0 million roubles. In current year the works on inhabitance major overhauls will be continued.  For last four years the 88 apartment houses (15 % from total number of the city apartment houses) in 2011 - 18 houses, in 2010 - 21 houses, in 2009 - 43 houses, in 2008 - 6 houses were repaired due to Fund of Assistance to Municipal Services. During the autumn-winter period of 2011-2012 more than 114 million roubles was spent for preparation of the city housing operation.   Obninsk water drain constructions were extended and reconstructed. About 450 million roubles from which only in 2011 - nearby 300 million roubles has already been spent. Construction of the city main faecal collector is performs in parallel. Electric distributive station "Peace" is reconstructed.

About quality of rendered housing municipal services.

Tariff growth for housing-and-municipal services has been sustained, as acts demanded.

Social support of the citizens.

In 2011, 373 million roubles (on 18 % above a level of 2010) were spent for grants to various addressees. All payments are done without delays. In 2011, 24776 people have received indemnification for payment of habitation and municipal services. More than 177 million roubles were spent for it. The apartments are repaired due to the city budget for the sum 1.6 million roubles for 27 veterans of Great Domestic War.

Public health services.

Due to means of the city budget medical workers received extra salary to basic salary at the rate of 58 million roubles (in 2010 - 48 million roubles). Extra salary to the basic salary was equal to 45 %. Obninsk - unique region city where such extra charges have been kept!  In 2011, 24 medical workers received monetary indemnification for their habitation employment. The sum of payments has made 1.8 million roubles.


Preschool and school education is a sphere of special attention of the city administration. The 41 % from all charges of the city budget has been directed. There are 4495 pupils in the groups of full day and 489 children visit groups of short-term stay.  The new order of children recording in preschool gardens that operates from December, 2010 has allowed parents to make an application in an electronic kind at any time. By the end of 2011 in turn on a place in preschool gardens there are - 647 children, from which 151 child - children in the age of till 3th years. In 2011, the 10343 pupils it was trained at 15 municipal schools and 5 not state educational organizations that is more on 456 in comparison with 2010.  In 2010-2011 educational year 332 graduates have finished 11-12 class. Estimations at examinations in Obninsk are above than at other region schools.  Strengthening of pupils health is one of priority directions in work of city educational system. In 2011 daily breakfasts for all pupils of city and dinners for children from having many children and needy families (1250 person) for a total sum more than 34 million roubles are paid from city and regional budgets. Since September, 1st, 2011 increase of the teacher salary is made almost on 41 %. As a result, the average wages of teachers by the end of 2011 have made 24702 roubles. In 2010 the monthly average wages of the teacher made less than 15 thousand roubles. The average wages of teachers in preschool organizations in 2011 have made 15394 roubles, against 12130 roubles in 2010. Last year 66951 sq. m. of habitation was built in the city (in 2010 - 37229 sq. m.), so:

- 6 apartment houses with the area of 52 thousand sq. m. and 852 apartments,

- 84 individual inhabited houses with the area of 15 thousand sq. m.

The housing policy.

By the end 2011 the 2441 person required improvement of living conditions. In total for 2011 118 families have improved the living conditions.

The city budget.

The city budget was executed under incomes in volume 2 billion 840 million roubles. In comparison with 2010 the volume of incomes has increased more than for 17 % or on 418 million roubles. The budget was socially focused - about 64 % from total amount of charges is directed on financing of social sphere. Charges on education - 41 %, 1 billion 187 million roubles have made the most part in budgetary charges. On housing and communal services it was directed 536 million roubles (18.5 %). The 34 % of federal budgetary funds, regional and municipal ones were spent for target programs. In other scientific cities only 2 % - 5 % of budgetary funds are spent for target programs. In 2012 it is planned to finish this figure to 80 %.

The municipal order.

The administration has paid works for city at a rate of 761 million roubles. Executors stole up at the tenders (390, from which 307 - electronic auctions). The economy at a rate of 77 million roubles is received. The income of property sale in 2011 has made 140.9 million roubles. In 2011 the owners of the real estate redeemed of 28 ground areas a total volume of 40.5 hectares. It was received almost 38 million roubles. The rent in 2011 was received for uninhabited premises in the sum hardly less than 90 million roubles; the rent of the ground areas was received in the sum of 103 million roubles.

 Plans for 2012.

 This year realization of the investment project on development of the innovative zone on Red Dawns Street will be finished.   In 2012 due to the city budgetary funds in this innovative development zone the water pipe will be connected to an operating network, electric transformer substations will be constructed, the roads to them will be build, the water drain will be laid, etc. Within 2012 competition on nesting in this zone will be proceeding. According to the current legislation in 2012 it is planned to expand city borders. The area of the city will increase in 1.8 times. This decision is coordinated with the nearby areas.  Growth of city is impossible without expansion and reconstruction of an existing engineering infrastructure. In 2012 the works on expansion and reconstruction of clearing constructions is planned to continue. Financing at a rate of more 300 million rbl. is planned. The reconstruction of an electro power plant "Peace" will be done for reliability. In 2012 these works will be finished.  In 2012 not less than 65 thousand sq. m. of habitation is planned to commission.  Certainly, repairs of roads, construction of parking, and an ornament of city will be continued. By May, 9th, 2012 the changed City Park will be opened. In 2012 new kindergartens will be constructed, old premises of kindergartens are reconstructed and repaired.  Sports complex with a swimming pool and a covered skating rink with an artificial ice is planned to finish on I quarter 2012. The majority of the listed problems and actions will be executed by financing from the city budget by a program-target method that will allow providing the control and more effective expenditure of budgetary funds.


I thank you for attention!



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